Prayer Summary for June 27


The following excerpt is taken from Come O Breath by James A Stewart:

The Wonder of God’s Tomorrow

Sanctify yourselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you – Joshua 3:5

Do you believe in wonders?

The tragedy today is that we have become so accustomed to the commonplace that we do not expect the supernatural to happen. But God said, “Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do WONDERS!” How amazing it is to see the mass of God’s people disbelieving in the God of the miraculous. To many dear saints today, Christianity and miracles are diametrical opposites. The very idea of believing in a supernatural God Who works wonders today is to them visionary, fanatical, and dangerous. Yet if these same “disbelievers” would sit down and think of their inheritance in Christ, they would surely believe in the supernatural. How can one be supernaturally born of the Holy Spirit and not believe in wonders? Paul tells the Romans that he is not ashamed of his gospel, for it is the “power of God” (Romans 1:16).

No one can deny that the supernatural is woven into the whole fabric of the Christian faith:

We have a supernatural Bible,
We have a supernatural Christ,
We have a supernatural Gospel,
We have a supernatural Person indwelling, guiding, and empowering the Church.

In seasons of Revival the miraculous always becomes the norm in the Christian experience. The higher the heights we ascend, and the nearer to God we are brought, the more we sense and witness His heavenly power. Study Church history and you will see that during mighty movements of the Holy Spirit, no matter the age, the country, or the redeemed people, the unusual is always manifest. The dullness and deadness of the ordinary Christian life and service always disappears.

Now, back to our text: “SANCTIFY YOURSELVES: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.” This clarion call of God was sounded throughout the camp of Israel on the eve of the memorial day when, after forty years of wilderness failure, they crossed over into the Promised Land. The law which underlies this command is an eternal one. Every mighty movement of the Holy Spirit is preceded by a preparation of heart among God’s people. God’s tomorrow of wonders waits for our today of sanctification. Upon us rests the responsibility of fixing the time of God’s display of power, for there is no delay with Him. “The might of His power is constant and unchanging, but His supernatural workings vary according to the receptiveness and obedience of the people of God.”

The message of the text is “GET READY FOR GOD TO WORK!” One of the most important things to observe in our Christian life and service is the condition attached to any blessing received. In the second Book of Kings, when the Children of Israel were in terror because of the impending battle against superior odds, God commanded them to dig ditches. “Make this valley full of ditches,” was the word of the Lord through Elijah (2 Kings 3:16). After they had made the ditches, the Lord caused the water to come and fill them. In like manner, when there is obedience on our part to the divine condition, there always follows the abundant blessing. Never forget that the depth of the ditch shows the measure of the expected blessing.


Father, we come before You with the precious holy blood of the Lamb
Holy Spirit, we welcome You in this place
We humble ourselves and come before You today, Father
Yes, Lord, we yearn for more of You, and for more of Your presence
We stand upon Your Word, and by the stripes of Jesus we declare healing in Jesus’ name!
Father, we lift up and pray over pastors
Calling forth healing in their bodies, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes
Declaring for healing internally and externally in the name of Jesus!
We demand and we command every symptom, every wrong demonic attack to be cast down!
Sickness, leave now in Jesus’ name!
Yes, Lord, we stand in agreement and declare no weapon formed against them shall prosper!
Grant unto them strength from heaven today!
We come against every evil report of the enemy, and we render it inoperative!
Thank You for Your anointing and for the power of the Holy Spirit, O God
Calling for life and not death, healing and not sickness in the name of Jesus!
We will fulfill God’s will, God’s purpose, and God’s plan for our lives!
Yes, we will be Your hands and Your feet, Father
Continually moving in the power of the Holy Spirit to do all that You have called us to do
Praying for a supernatural wonder, the wonders of God!
Calling for supernatural signs and wonders in these last days, Lord
We will be at the right place, at the right time in the name of Jesus!
Changed of and by Your Spirit, O God!
Declaring for healing and wholeness in the body of Christ in these last days
Thank You that no weapon formed against us shall or will prosper!
We lift up those that need healing, those that need changing and those that need re-arranging!
Hearts be whole, bodies be right!
Bodies, we declare that you will respond to the healing power of God!
Calling for every body part to function the way God has called you to function!
Minds be whole, ears be normal, eyes see, legs walk in the name of Jesus
Cancers get out and leave, the blood is against you!
Bodies be restored, blood pressure be stabilized, pancreases produce insulin that is right for the body!
Jesus, Your name is above every other name and we declare that name over bodies today!
Declaring that today is the day, and now is the time for healing!
Every attack of the enemy be derailed and stopped in Jesus’ name!
Respond to the Word, respond to the blood, and respond to the name that is above every other name, Jesus
Arms be normal, hands be right, pain you have no place in the body, so go and get out!
Insomnia get out, get away!
We call for a refreshing and a renewing
Feet be right and be normal, walk right!
Every body part be whole, healthy, restored and made right!
Today the body is one, today it is finished, and today the river is flowing
There is victory in the precious blood of Jesus, and Your blood is more than enough, Father
Declaring for abundance in every area of our lives, Lord
The river of God is overflowing and filling in every area
You are the God of more than enough; You are the God of overflowing!
Open our eyes open our hearts, and our hands are open and available!
Father, open up the blinded eyes, that they may see You, and the truth of Your Word
You have provided us with every gift we need to fulfill Your call and Your plan, Lord
Abundance of and by Your Spirit, O God
The river is flowing, and it is rising up among Your people, it is a river of life!
That river makes the blind to see, the lame to walk, and it opens the prison doors, and sets the captives free!
River of the Lord, break forth and bring healing to the nations, Lord
You are more than enough, and You cause rivers to flow in the deserts
No, nothing can stop this river of life from flowing!
It is a flood, a flood of God, a flood of His presence, a flood of His power, His Spirit and His Word
All You have ever done, You are doing it again!
All You have ever wanted to do, You are doing it now!
Now is the time, today is the day, and this is the hour of refreshing, Father
It is the time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord
You are more than enough, You are everything we need!
No, nothing can stop Your flow, it will continue to flow in the name of Jesus!

Continued Sharing…

The following is a prayer for our nation by Pastor Lynne Hammond:

Father, in the name of Jesus, and according to your Word, we pray for those in authority in our nation. We lift up President Donald Trump, his family, his staff and cabinet members. Let Your Word cling to them and let them not depart from your plan. Strengthen them with mighty power by your Spirit to stand against wickedness, lies and deception. Guide President Trump’s decisions; let Your light shine upon his path and show him the path of reversal for every evil way. Continually surround him with godly men and women who impart wise counsel to him. Cause the way of the wicked to be set to confusion and come to nothing. Deliver us from the traps and snares the enemy has laid for us, and let the wicked be caught in their own devises and be brought to shame.

We take authority over the plots and plans of the enemy against this nation. Let prideful and lying lips be silenced in Jesus’ name. Slanderers will not be established in America. We pray for our Congress, our Supreme Court, our Military leaders and our intelligence agencies. Let the wisdom that is from above reign in this nation and be constantly speaking to our leaders. We exercise the authority you have given us to tread down all the power of the enemy. We cast down and demolish imaginations and arguments that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, and we bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. We bind spirits of strife and division, civil wars and tumults, spirits of hostility, lawlessness and blasphemy, and fires from hell that have burned in our cities.

We speak grace and peace over America. We pray and believe for the voice of truth, salvation, revival and restoration to be proclaimed and heard across our land. Grant unto your servants everywhere that with all boldness we may speak your Word. We pray for a mighty outpouring of your Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles. We expect the wisdom of this world that is earthly, sensual and devilish to depart and vanish until Your, mighty work in America becomes a beacon of hope for all people everywhere. We expect the voice of rejoicing to be heard in our nation for your goodness, mercy and prosperity, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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