Prayer Summary for June 26


We are hungry for more and more of You, Lord
Father, we worship You and lift up Your precious, mighty name
You are welcome in this place, and we magnify the name of Jesus today!
Holy Spirit, we want You to guide and direct every step we take
We will continue moving in the right way, Lord
No, we will not be detoured or held back in the name of Jesus
You are such a good, good Father
Thank You for the powerful love that You have given us, Lord
We ask that Your love would surround every believer today
Reveal Your love to those in need, for you are such a gracious and loving Father
Show us Your love to an even greater degree than ever before!
Declaring that Your love would shine bright through us
Give us an even greater revelation of Your love; we want to be a light in the darkness!
We want to be Your hands and Your feet in these last days
Father, we ask for opportunities to show Your love to the lost and to the broken
Thank You for the manifestation of Your precious Holy Spirit in our lives
Give us comfort, peace, and strength today, Lord
We look ahead and forward to all the things that are to come
You have called us to a plan and purpose and we call those things forth in Jesus’ name!
Thank You that we are overcomers in, by, and through the blood of Jesus
We believe by faith that we shall walk out the plan You have set before us
Glory, hallelujah!

The remainder of Morning Prayer was spent in praising and worshiping the Lord!

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