Prayer Summary for June 19


Thank You, Father, for Your precious presence
The beautiful name of Jesus brings comfort to us today
We are coming together to be the body and to be the Church
Holy Spirit, we ask You to lead, guide, and direct our steps
Thank You for Your great plan of redemption, Father
You did not leave anything out; You have provided us with everything we need
We will do the will and the plan of the Father in these last days
Yes, Lord, You have called us to these days and to these hours
Your Spirit is moving all across this nation for Your glory
Help us to see more clearly and to hear more clearly
Strengthen us of and by Your Spirit, O God!
You have called us with a specific call and purpose and we call it forth, Lord
We will be Your hands and Your feet, and we thank You for that privilege, Father


The following commentary to Ephesians 5:18 is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

Be Filled With the Spirit
Ephesians 5:18

The Spirit-filled life is not just a life endowed with the gifts of the Spirit in the Church. We must read this verse in context, where God puts the text on Spirit-filled life next to marriage, then raising of children, and finally, how to be a good employee. The Spirit-filled life is not meant only for church service but for every realm of life. The Spirit-filled life is not just someone who believes in tongues; many…need to learn how to speak with the Spirit’s guidance in English first.

The word, “filled” or pleroma, carries some very powerful definitions from the original language. The word means to man a ship with someone who is capable of steering it. The word means to put a qualified person in the driver’s seat. You can have a plane that is full of people, but it is when the pilot gets on board that it is now “filled.” It has the right man to steer the vessel. The Spirit-filled life has God in charge. Many look to a certain pastor or prophet for their life.

The word also means to furnish a house with possessions. The day you were saved, you were bought with a price, but it is the Holy Spirit who must furnish you. It is to take that which is empty and fill it up. He will furnish you with His gifts, His fruits, His enduement of power.

The word also means to cover the ground with fertile soil. It is to take normal ground and cover it with soil which can produce. It gives something potential that it would not have had before. The day the Holy Spirit comes into your life, He can do what you could never do for your life.

To be Spirit-filled means I am able to grow and move forward in my walk with Christ because the right Man is steering the vessel. It means the believer has a potential that he has never had before. It also means having gifts and furnishings available that you could never have afforded or have had. (TD)

Continued Praying…

You are everything to us, Lord
Father, we want You to lead, guide, and steer us in everything we do
Pilot us in the right direction, every day and in every way!
Thank You that the empowerment of the Holy Spirit would bring transformation
We will be conductors of Your presence, Father
Declaring that the body of Christ would show Your love to a lost and dying world
Our prayer is that we would be a light in the darkness, and we would help those in need
Help us navigate in these last days, that we would have a greater manifestation of You
We are looking to the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts in a new and a fresh way
Give us the words to speak, Father
Thank You that those words would bring about change and transformation
We hunger and thirst for more of You
There is more of You to be had, and there is more of You to be experienced
Touch us with Your presence—we need more of You!
Strengthen us by Your mercy and by Your grace
Help us, Lord, cause our eyes to see in a new and a fresh way
Give us words to pierce and penetrate the hearts of men, Father
Shape and mold us in a greater degree of Your glory
We are defined by Your Spirit, defined by Your Word, and defined by Your ways
No, we will not lean on our own understanding, but we will stand on the truth of Your Word
Help us seize every opportunity to show Your love, Lord
Our hearts are open to You and to Your Word, Father
We ask for a greater degree of compassion to rise up in the Church of the living God
Give us eyes to see and to know by Your Spirit that this is the way to go
No, we are not ashamed, but we will reach out to the lost and bring them into Your kingdom
We plead the blood of Jesus over those situations
Declaring that Your anointing would cover them today, Father
No, we will not cower in some corner, but we will walk confidently!
Thank You for supernatural change and transition in the Church
Calling for increase and change every day and in every way
We will reach out and seize every opportunity to bring in the lost
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear clearly that which You are speaking to us
Yes, we will stand up and take our place in the body of Christ
You have called us each with a specific plan and purpose and we call it forth, Father
Declaring for the body of Christ to unite as one in these last days
Clearing that up and clearing that out, moving out into the highways and the byways
Yes, we will stand up and take our place!
Thank You that we would have a greater influence in the workplace, Father
You have anointed Your body for such a time as this!
Give us ears to hear Your words, that we would speak change into those places
Our hearts are being moved, moved to pray, moved to a greater degree of glory
No, we will not walk as the world walks, but we are walking in a new and a fresh way
You are speaking words that will pierce and penetrate hearts, Lord
Those words are bringing about supernatural change!
Calling for peace where there is chaos!
Declaring for a great increase and a greater abundance there, Father
No, we will not tolerate those things any longer!
By Your mercy and by Your grace, we declare a greater move of Your Spirit!
Transition, change, and transformation of and by Your Spirit, O God
Calling for a greater unification of the body of Christ in these last days
Unified by Your love, unified by Your Word, and unified by Your Spirit!
Declaring that the Church would be a force of the living God
A force to be reckoned with, a force to be contended with, a force of love and of change
We are looking for that change, Father God
Calling for a greater joining together of the Church in these last days
More of Your Word and more of Your Spirit, O God
Supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit, Father
No longer passive and on the sideline, but breaking out and breaking through
There is some breaking up of territories and breaking up of boundary lines
We take authority over you, Satan, in the name of Jesus!
You will not have our cities; you will not have our government
No, you will not operate and we call you down in Jesus’ name!
We pray and plead the blood of the everlasting covenant over our leaders
Pleading the blood over our spiritual leaders and over our governmental leaders
Declaring the anointing of God to be upon them
Give them the strength of the Holy Spirit… protect and guide them, Father
We loose angels and ministering spirits to go, assist, accompany, and defend them
Grant unto them wisdom from the highest kingdom!
Deliver them from the snares of the enemy, Lord God
Speak to our leaders in the night season… surround them with godly counsel
Strengthen them in their inner man of and by Your Spirit, O God
We release a supply of love to those in need
There is power in the name of Jesus!
Open, open, open!
Divine operations of and by Your Spirit, Father
Coming up around the bend, making the turns, and taking the steps
We will attend to the fullness of it, we will attend to the greatness of it
Declaring that there is no division in the kingdom!
No, we will not have what the world serves, but we will have what the Spirit orders
You have fitly framed us together for Your glory
We will not back down or be discouraged but we will be steadfast and unmovable
You order our steps, and we will finish the race You have set before us
Glory be to God!
Father, make us one!
By the blood of Jesus, we are overcomers
Declaring that there would be no more strife or division in the body of Christ!
We take steps of faith this morning in and by the Spirit
Holy Spirit, we allow You to direct our steps and our prayers today!

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