Prayer Summary for June 12


The following excerpt is taken from The Prayer Life by Andrew Murray:

Andrew Murray:

We must not be satisfied with a feeble life, but must seek for an abundant life. We must surrender ourselves entirely, that the Spirit may take full possession of us.

We cannot too often repeat it—the abundant life is nothing less than Jesus having the full mastery over our entire being, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The great lesson for every prayer is—see to it, first of all, that you commit yourself to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and with entire dependence on Him, give Him the first place.

The Spirit desires to have full possession of my life. We pray for more of the Spirit and we pray well, if alongside this prayer we set the truth that the Spirit wants more of me. The Spirit would possess me entirely. Just as my soul has my whole body for its dwelling-place and service, so the Holy Spirit would have my body and soul as His dwelling place, entirely under His control.

Every child of God has received the Holy Spirit. If he uses the measure of the Holy Spirit which he has, with the definite purpose of being obedient to the utmost, then God can and will favor him with further manifestations of the Spirit’s power.

Many pray for the Spirit, that they may make use of Him and His power for their work. This is certainly wrong. It is He who must use you. Your relationship toward Him must be one of deep dependence and utter submission. The Spirit must have you entirely, and always, and in all things under His power.

Let us not be satisfied with anything less than hearty surrender to an undivided appropriation of the Spirit, as Leader and Lord of our lives. Nothing less will help us. Then, for the first time, we shall be able to say: “God hath made us able ministers of His Spirit.”

Christ belongs entirely to you. He longs to obtain full possession of you. He can and will possess you through the Holy Spirit.


Thank You, Lord
Declaring that the Church would move from one degree of glory to another
You have given us joy, peace, and strength for these last days
Victory is ours through the blood that was shed on the cross
We call for unity in the body of Christ today!
No weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in Jesus’ name
You are covering us with the anointing of the Holy Spirit
Yes, we will finish the race that You have set before us, Father
We come by the blood of Jesus, and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem
Calling for those things that are wrong to be made right!
Jerusalem is covered in the precious blood of Jesus
No, not one inch of soil shall be taken in the name of Jesus!
We plead the blood of Jesus over Paris
Praying for a major outpouring of Your Spirit in that city, Lord
Declaring that the blood of Jesus would cover every church that calls You, Lord
Covering each and every pastor, director, and leader with the blood of Jesus
Calling for increase there in Jesus’ name!
We cover those cities and those nations with the blood of Jesus today!
Pushing out and removing those hindrances in the name of Jesus
Yes, Lord, we cast down every lying and deceiving plan of the enemy
We step in, forth, and through those plans You have set before us, Lord
Declaring for more of Your Spirit and more of Your presence in these last days
It is a command from heaven to contend for more!
Moving out and into the new, pressing ahead for more of You
Pressed down and shaken together, men shall bring unto You

A word of the Lord came forth:

The Church is not a coward. The Church is pressing. We are endlessly contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. We are earnestly contending for it. We are those who are waiting, and pressing, for what God says belongs to the Church. We are not cowards. The Church is not blind. The Church can see, and we see by revelation the things that are coming. The Church is not catching up, the Church is already there and ushering what belongs to the body, in the name of Jesus. Father, I know that we are pressing on the upward way, new heights we are gaining every day. In the name of Jesus, we are pressing on, and we give You the glory. Father, we believe the time will come when men are slain in the streets and in the house of God. And they are crying out for You, and they are crying out for mercy. Father, the signs and the wonders that display Your glory and cause men to know that You are God and that deals with the affairs of men, we are calling out for those signs and wonders in the body of Christ, in the Church. Oh, Father, in the times and the seasons when all kinds of imaginations are brought to bear and all kinds of styles and new orders are brought to enticement, You have not changed. We are asking You, Father, that in our generation, You will display Your signs, wonders, diverse miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost according to Your will. In the name of Jesus, that it would please You to permit in our midst the special miracles that You perform by hands and by aprons. In the name of Jesus, we are calling upon You for them, we are crying out to You for them.

Continued Praying…

Father, we want to be a showcase of who You are
We are so hungry for more of You, Lord
Yes, we will dwell in the secret place of the Most High
Give us a greater revelation of that secret place, Father
It is not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit
We hold up our hands and ask You to lead us to Your will and plan
Open our eyes to see more clearly
Thank You, Father, that You are giving us everything we need to pass the test!
May we please You in every way, Lord
Father, we are longing for Your power—we long for fellowship with You
We long to tarry before You, Father
Yes, we will remain where You are and remain with You
No, we will not grow weary, Lord
Thank You for Your presence—thank You for the answer
You are ushering us into more and more of Your presence!
We are hungry for more of You!
To You be all the glory!

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