Prayer Summary for July 24


Pastor Lynne shared about a Netflix series called The Crown – she shared a clip from the fifth episode.

She also had a vision about President Trump. In the vision she saw this in her heart.

She saw a map of the United States of America, it was on a paper, on a sheet, and it was rolled up in a scroll, and it was flying around like a magic carpet, and she believes that it was signifying the purpose of the United States. It had not gotten into its purpose yet. Then all of the sudden, President Trump reaches up and when it flies by, he grabbed it, the purpose. He grabbed the map and put it to his heart, when he put it to his heart it stayed there a moment. Then I saw the Father, He looked at President Trump and President Trump looked at Him, then he took the scroll and handed it to the Father.

Now I don’t know where we are right now in this progression of things, when he handed it to the Father, the Father took it to His bosom, and loved it. I think this is another outside picture of what God wants to do.

One of the things that I have read by Kim Clement is he had a prophecy about President Trump. In this prophecy, he said President Trump will be a born again, Spirit filled Christian. So you see here that this is a progression of a journey. This is a journey that we are on, and to get him to that place and flowing in the anointing. We need God almighty to move in a way that President Trump will acknowledge that anointing!


We worship You, Jesus
Oh, how we worship You, and we will not neglect Your presence, Lord
Blessed Lamb of God, how we worship You
We bow before You, we give You all the glory, honor, and praise
You are the only one worthy of our praise
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah to the Lamb of God
We come into Your presence and we look to You, for You satisfy our souls, and our hearts
You satisfy all of our being, because You alone are God
Father, we don’t even have the words of what You mean to us
It seems that tears would mean more than words!
We lift up Your wonderful name, Jesus
Lord, we magnify You and all that You are to us
Dear Lord, we are on this assignment for our nation
Restore and bring back to completion all that has been broken and stopped
We bring to You all that is afflicted, damaged, and lost
Thank You that You have opened the door of restoration for us, Father
Yes, we take back all that has been taken away from us
We are getting prayer back in schools; we are getting Pro-Life back in this nation!
Calling back the reversal of Roe vs Wade, Lord God
You have sent President Donald Trump and all of his constituents to lead this nation
Yes, You have called them for such a time at this, Father
You anointed him, You anointed his head, his heart, and his hands
We pay respect to the power of God that is on him, to lead and to guide him, Lord
Grant unto him, wisdom that is far above, wisdom that is hidden away and preserved for him
You have called him to lead this nation at this time and in these last hours
Nothing can stop it; nothing can stop it now in the name of Jesus!
Every supernatural door is being opened today!
We bind the spirit of strife and division, and we take authority over it!
Devil, in the name of Jesus, you shut your mouth and be silenced!
We shut the mouth of every lying and deceiving demon in Jesus’ name!
Calling for supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit, O God
Lifting up President Trump’s eyes to see, give him penetrating eyes
Give him eyes to see how to go around, how to go up and over, and how to go down under!
Eyes to see and pierce the veil, and go into the enemy’s camp
Show him the very slightest realm of darkness that is moving against our nation
Go out and move ahead of it, Father
Grant unto him wisdom from the highest power, Lord
Casting down worldly wisdom which is devilish, sensual, and fleshly!
You make him smarter, wiser, and he understands how to put things together
That which is reserved for him, pour it out upon him, Father
Give him knowledge and understanding for the purpose You have set before him
Devil, take your hand off this nation!
Stop now and desist in your maneuvers in the name of Jesus!
We call for every path to be clear, for every mountain to be brought low
Calling for every valley to be filled in, and brought up, every path is being made straight
Praying for those that surround President Trump to be in their positions
Give President Trump an anointing to see gifts in people
We ask You to bring all of those gifts forth, that they will worth together like the body of Christ
Grant him divine counsel from heaven, Lord
Those things that need to be shaken, shake them, Father
Those things that need to be turned, turn them in Jesus’ name!
They are turning around now, turning upside down, now is the time, and these are the hours
Revival, revival to the right, we confess it and declare it
We are entering into new days, entering into higher ways
Calling for one voice, the body is coming together, and we will continually contend for it
We water those prayers that have already been prayed
We are in agreement with that which was declared with those hands that were laid upon the President
We cover those prayers that were prayed over him, and we call them forth in Jesus’ name!
Yes, we believe that the anointing is working within that man
Calling those things forth, calling those things up!
Pleading the blood over the message from heaven over this nation
Declaring for this nation to be one nation, under God, indivisible!
Together, we are coming up and through
No, in the name of Jesus, you shut your mouth!
Pollute that confusion in Jesus name!
We apply the blood of Jesus over every step, every word, and over every decision
Cover and surround them, Lord
No, we are not stopping, but we are moving on over into the new
This country will not stop, but this nation will continually move forward
We contend for and lift up every leader according to Your Word, Father
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every leader that surrounds President Trump
Give those leaders wisdom; give them the right words to speak to him, Lord
We pray the blood covering over the Congress the Senate and all those in positions of authority
It will go well with us; it will go well with the church of the living God
Thank You for greater insight for President Trump concerning the nation of Israel
Give them a greater understanding concerning our connection with Israel
Open his eyes to see, his ears to hear, and his heart to know all that You have called him to do
Grant unto him specific answers now and solutions to situations, Lord
We move on over into the oval office, and by faith, we surround the man in Jesus’ name
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the plan now, Father
You have a plan for America; from the foundation of the earth, she will fulfill her plan and destiny
Praying that each and every one would take their place of authority in Christ Jesus
We intercede on his behalf, in the name that is above every other name, Jesus
Covering the White House with Your presence, the power of Your presence surrounds that place
Uncover and reveal those things that need to be revealed!
Leaks be rebuked and cut out in Jesus’ name… we hold the blood against those things, Lord
Calling for supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit, O God
Declaring for strength and joy from heaven today!
Change, change, change, God kind of changes!
Entering on in through those unchartered territories by faith, Father
We receive Your rain!
Restore each and every believer with healing, health, and wholeness
Those things are coming back together again, nothing missing and nothing broken
Grant unto us divine assistance and help from heaven today!
No, we will not back away or back off, but we will contend all the way through

Pastor Lynne shared something the Lord showed her…

He said, tongues is a bridge, tongues is a bridge that joins Me to another person or an event. Tongues make a road to reach Him with Jesus in the middle. So when we pray in other tongues rather than making prayer requests in our own language or our own thoughts, we are actually joined with Jesus. Our tongue, because it is the word of the Lord, because it is heaven’s language it joins us to the event, not just to God. When we pray and when we make a request of God, then He works. Tongues is a bridge, where I actually go to the event, Myself. So then what happens is there is a threefold cord. Me, The Father (Jesus), and the Holy Ghost. Through tongues, there is a bridge, it makes a bridge, and it puts me in the event, it is a translation tool. So what is happening right now, when you are praying for the President, you are going to him with the word of the Lord. We don’t always understand what the word is, but sometimes he helps us to know that.

The more we pray in that way, the more we develop that language with Him. It is our own personal bridge, our own personal language and it makes me love my language. That’s why I want to develop it more and more, because it puts me right in that room, right there, not just God, but me, it puts me there and the Holy Ghost, the threefold cord. So God is releasing power from heaven, but God is releasing power through me, hallelujah, resurrection power, the power that I was raised with in Christ Jesus is the power that the situation is being raised with.

So when we sing in tongues, what happens to us is, the angels go with us, because they love to sing. So when we sing in other tongues it activates Him.

Continued Praying…

Jesus, we worship You
Thank You, Lord, glory to God
Yes, we loose angels to those war zones in the name of Jesus
Open, open, open in these days
Glory to the most high God, for You are worthy to be praised
We honor and adore You, Lord
Hallelujah, bless the Lord!
Praise to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

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