Prayer Summary for January 23


Father, we exalt You and lift You up
Jesus, we exalt You; Holy Spirit, we exalt You
We exalt the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
You are the great I am, the everlasting Father
You are the one who is and is to come!
We exalt You, we exalt and magnify You!
You are the high and holy one, Lord
Father, You are majestic in all of Your ways
You are beautiful, magnificent, holy and righteous, just and true!
We exalt You, we exalt You far above every name that can be named!
We exalt You far above every circumstance and situation!
You are the everlasting Father and the ever living God
We exalt Jesus, the head of the Church!
Be exalted in the Church of the living God, be exalted in the earth
Be exalted in our lives, be exalted!
Thank You, Father, for working in that way
Thank You for causing the Church to see and to know by Your Spirit
Our eyes are set on You, Father
There is no one like You!
Be exalted more and more and more!
Be exalted in our families, in our churches, and in our schools!
Be exalted in our government, and be exalted over this nation!
We declare that the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords would be exalted in this nation!
Exalted in a new way, exalted in a higher way, and exalted in a bolder way!
Be exalted from shore to shore and from border to border
Father, we thank You and we exalt You!
Yes, we step in line with that, in all of our thinking, in all of our perception, and in all of our belief system
Be exalted in all of our actions, and in all of our activities, Father!
Be seen and be glorified in this earth and in this nation!
No, we will not be moved by what we see; no, those things do not move us!
The only thing that moves us is You, Your Word, and Your Holy Spirit
Father, we will keep our eyes fixed and focused on You
We trust, lean on, and stay steadfast in Your love, Lord
Leaning all of ourselves on You, all of our belief, all of our love and all of our hope is in You
There is a shift taking place today, Father
A great and mighty shift taking place in the Church of the Living God
We thank You and praise You for it, that it is taking place all across this land!
Yes, in every pulpit, and in every church that names the name of Jesus!
There is a great momentum and a great shift taking place
A shift in our understanding, a shift in our revelation, a shift in our expression, and a shift in our actions, Father!
You are exalted in strength, exalted in utterance, and exalted in our prayers in a new and a fresh way
Be exalted in the participation of Your Church in the very fabric of this nation
Be seen, be glorified, and be exalted, O God!
Calling for a greater and greater and greater elevation of Your Spirit, Father
Be elevated, be exalted, and be lifted high!
There will be an even greater vocalization of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
Yes, Father, give them the words to speak, the words to declare, and the words to decree
Thank You for greater clarity in that regard!
We abide in You, and we go from that place with a great supply of the spirit of grace
Yes, we will and shall draw aside unto You, unto Your Word and unto Your Spirit
Give us eyes to see the signs and miracles You have set before us, Father
We draw our strength and our very life from You, Lord
Declaring by the blood of Jesus those ways that they would remain straight!
No, we will not get off course, but we will stay on the path You have set before us
Casting down and taking authority over those crooked ways of the enemy in the name of Jesus!
Those situations, those crooked plans, we put a blockage against them today!
In the name of Jesus, we apply that blood over the straight and right way for this nation!
We take authority and hold the blood against the influx of finances to support the crooked way!
Declaring for a stoppage there in Jesus’ name!
Exalting and magnifying You, Father
We will continue to do all that You have called us to do, Lord
Lifting up our voices to declare that Your will be done in these last days!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those situations, we hold the blood against division!
No, we hold back, push back, and annihilate those plans of the enemy with the blood of Jesus
Every crooked way be made straight today!
We take authority over you, foul spirit of chaos and anarchy
Stop, dissipate, and come to nothing in Jesus’ name!
We command you to cease from your operation and your maneuvers
Loosing angels and ministering spirits go work on behalf of the Church
Bring to naught those strategies and those plans of the enemy!
Stop, cease, and desist in the name of Jesus!
We speak peace, calm, and assurance in Jesus’ name!
Declaring for the peace of God to be around every situation
Continually shifting and moving in God’s will, God’s way, and God’s plan!
Calling for illumination and revelation concerning the assignments for the Church in these last days
Yes, we will stay stable in the things of God
Declaring that every detail and every facet will come to pass
Implicit obedience in the Church of the living God
Each and every one will fall in place and fall in line and move into their calling
We will occupy the land ordained by God!
No, we are not ashamed of the Gospel!
In the name of Jesus, we take authority over the spirit of fear!
Stop, cease, and desist your activities of intimidation in the Church!
Calling for alignment in the body of Christ today
Continually moving out and ahead by faith, contending, watching and declaring those things will come to pass!
We are overcomers in, by, and through the precious blood of Jesus!
Those things that need to be signed will be singed in Jesus’ name!
Things that need to be carried out shall be carried out
Every blockage shall be removed, every wrong political agenda be cast down!
We exalt You over this nation, Lord
Jesus is Lord in every state!
Every believer in the political arena will stand up for You
They will stand up and agree with Your will and Your plan for this nation!
Things are being changed and rearranged!
We exalt and magnify who You are Lord
Praying and believing for doors to be opened, that we would receive the fullness of Your plan, Father
Victory is ours in the name of Jesus!
Opportunities are being opened to every believer!
We ask for the fullness of Your will and Your plan over the United States of America
Declaring for an absolute turnaround in those cities that are not in agreement with Your plan
No weapon formed against us will prosper in the name of Jesus!
Some are being moved out and some are being moved in!
Spirit of refusal, be removed!
The Church is rising up in these last days!
By the power of the Holy Spirit, those words that were spoken shall come to pass!
Words of healing, words of restoration, and words of victory!
Nothing missing and nothing broken, each and every one is healed, healthy, and whole!
It is Your will, plan, and purpose that each and every person fulfill their destiny
We lift up Your name and glorify You, Lord
Where we have missed it, we repent and believe to do it Your way
Calling for a reset in America today!
We see those things by faith, and we call those things not as though they were!
Thank You for today, it is a new and blessed day
We will rejoice and be glad in it!
You have given us joy, peace, and strength to fulfill Your will and plan in this nation!

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