Prayer Summary for Friday, September 29, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

I read something about Israel. The US Ambassador, David Friedman, said Judea and Samaria are part of Israel. Period. People want to say they’re settlements but they’re part of Israel. They asked him about the embassy… that President Trump had said before when he was running “We’re going to move it.” He said it’s not a matter of moving it. It’s not a matter of “if” we are. We are. It’s just a matter of when, because we acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

I love it. I like for our country representative to stand up for these things. It’s good.

There are a couple of other things I wanted to go over. Yesterday I read something from Charles Finney and this is another report of something that took place during his ministry. This is F.F. Bosworth talking about Charles.

In Finney’s day, just an ordinary painter got saved, and, after reading the prayer promises in the Bible, resolved to pray for an outpouring of the Spirit upon a place, and hold on continually until he heard from heaven, and knew that he had prevailed with God. Then he would write in his memorandum book. “Today I was enabled to pray the prayer of faith for a revival at ____.” And put down the date. He would continue this until he had recorded the dates upon which he was able to prevail for thirty localities. He knew he had prayed through before he saw any of the results and in answer to this one man’s prayer down came the thirty revivals as he had recorded them in his memorandum book.

I love it. So everything he lifted before the Lord, he prayed continually for and then knew when he had prayed through. Then he’d put down that date.

Every boy and every girl can so abide in Jesus and have His Word so abide in them, that they can ask what they will, and Jesus says, “It shall be done.” John 15:7. A little boy in the state of Iowa was lying on his death bed and only had a short time to live. Revival services were in progress in the city in which he lived, and as members of the family returned from the meeting at night, he would ask them, “Was Charlie converted tonight?” “Yes,” they would say, “He was converted.” The next night he would ask, “Was Bob converted tonight?” And again they would reply, “Yes.” He continued doing this until he died, and they found a crumpled piece of paper under his pillow with the names of thirty-seven boys who had been saved during the revival through his prayers.

Don’t you love it? He’d write their names down. “Was he saved?” “Yes.” He goes on to say…

Let no one imagine that he has a deep Christian experience unless he loves to pray. All religion is superficial unless we make God’s cause our chief concern; unless we are exercised about the danger and doom of lost men, and put forth efforts for their salvation. I would rather teach an assembly to pray than to teach them all the rest of the Bible and leave them deficient on the line of prayer. The reaction of prayer and labor for the conversion of sinners, in blessings upon our own souls, is the best preparation we can have to meet Jesus at His coming to catch us away. I have seen even Catholic girls in our meetings in Dallas, Texas who were saved, baptized in the Spirit, and carried by the Spirit into a power in intercession and soul travail absolutely unknown to thousands of Christians who have not yet received the Holy Ghost. This is one of the chief reasons why I urge all converts to press on receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

He goes on a lot more about prayer. On Wednesday, there was a younger man. DJ knows about it. What else do you know about him? Come up here, please. Just explain that situation, how you brought him.


I was in the parking lot in St. Louis Park and I was about to leave and I saw somebody and I thought, “I know him from somewhere.” He’s a cook in the restaurant. He saw me and I waved at him. “You work in the restaurant?” Yes. He said, “What are you doing today?” Nothing much. He said, “Anything going on in the church?” I said, no. But I remembered you had prayer at 3:30. I said, “We have prayer at 3:30 if you want to go. But I have to stop a couple places.” He said, “I want to go.” So he went home and changed his clothes and came back and said, “I want to go with you.” I met you in the atrium and introduced him to Pastor Kelly. The next thing, Pastor Kelly started talking to Pastor Nick who shared about the funeral he did where he got 10 to 20 people saved. So he got up and said, “I want to get saved.” Then I got up and said to Pastor Kelly, “He wants to get saved.” The next thing you know, he was praying. The next day I met him again at the restaurant. I said to him, “Do you feel any different?” He said, “I feel like new.” He doesn’t know our “churchy talk” that we’re born again. But he said, “I feel new.” I delivered to him the Bible you gave me to give to him. So let’s see what happens next.

Pastor Ray…

He also asked to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. It was preordained. He said he felt drawn. In the middle of Pastor Nick talking about this funeral that he did at a graveside. All the people prayed to be saved. In the middle of him sharing that, he went through the whole salvation. He gave direction straight to this young man while he’s testifying about the funeral. While standing there, I thought. “Wow. He’s describing salvation to this man that just came and was never here before.” So his words which were a testimony about what happened to other people went directly into his heart. I just love that. He stood right up and said he wanted to be saved.

Pastor Nick prayed the salvation prayer with him. I guess we’re done. He wanted to get baptized in the Holy Ghost too! He told me, “Pray over him.” I didn’t even have to describe anything. Basically, I just laid hands on him and he started speaking in other tongues! I love it! You don’t expect to have a lot of unsaved people come to prayer, but maybe we should.

I wanted to pray for Abu. Cindy Courtois said he requested that we agree with him that his family could come.

Prayer for Abu’s family…

So in Jesus’ name, we come before You, Father, and we thank you for the privilege and honor of being a part of this young man coming to You and having that sense of freedom and a sense of life and light. He asked for prayer for his family, wife and children. Lord, You know where they are and You know what has to happen. We agree with Abu according to Matthew 18:18, 19 in Jesus’ name, we ask that things would line up for this family to be united. And that they too would receive Christ. We’re asking for his wife and praying for her salvation and for the assistance and direction and help to bring them together as a family again. We lift it before You, Father. We request it.


Lord, if there is any part of Your Word or words that have been spoken over us individually and words spoken over us as a church that we’ve let go or that we’ve put on a shelf or that we’ve not carried out in ways that You’ve called us or directed us to carry out, I pray in the name of Jesus, we put the blood of Jesus over these things that have already been spoken to us, about us on our behalf, directives.

Just right now, I saw like a dusting off. Like taking a brush and dusting off the debris

And words were spoken and directives were given. Wherever we’ve missed it, or not fulfilled it or carried it out, we repent.
Sorry, Lord. We repent.
Thank You for the covering of the blood and the power of that precious blood and the Holy Spirit that reveals and uncovers things that maybe we’ve let go
Maybe we put it on that shelf … maybe it wasn’t the right time for us, we thought
But I believe today, it’s time to take them all off the shelf
And do what He’s calling us to do
We receive direction, Lord, by faith
Thank You for Your will and purpose
We pray over Mac and Lynne… we stand with them and declare they shall do and walk out in victory every detail and direction you’ve called them to… that the vision you placed in them, “the” vision, for this ministry that it will come to pass
We command things that are in the way to get out of the way
We demolish them with the blood
We plead the blood against any form of division in Jesus’ name
We declare a clear pathway for this church
Where there is no way, You may a way
There’s a way for the two new ministries … we lift them up… we cover the steps… we pray the blood of Jesus over Pastor Jamey and Jim. For direction and revelation… the steps… arrangements and changes in direction… those things that need to be rearranged… openings… doors of opportunity concerning the commission, the call, the vision… ideas we haven’t even thought of yet… it shall be there… the finances shall be there… steps of increase… steps of momentum… we declare it shall pick up…

Timing… in your way… by the hand of God… we don’t lean on the hand of the flesh, but we rely on Your Spirit… for direction… for wisdom… answers, Father… direction…

Yeah, by the Spirit… Yes, Lord, thank You… clearing out the way… every low place, you come up and be smoothed out and leveled off in Jesus’ name… A cutting off and a cutting away… it’s a pairing and a pruning and a pruning by the Spirit of God… Removing those dead things from the… in the name… yes, so that it can grow, so they can grow, so it can flourish… demonstrations and moves of the Spirit there… cooperation… we reach out ahead… we cover, cover, cover… we circle around they plans and steps… for the new… we’re calling for the new…

We pull on the gifts… we partake of the anointing… those gifts that You’re bringing into this body, Lord God… we make a demand in the name of Jesus… we draw from that anointing upon that gift… that You would be able to manifest Yourself… in every service, Father… that Your people would experience the fullness of gifts… those anointings… the deliverance… No more of the same… no more of religion… but a move of the Holy Ghost… a flow of the anointing… a flow of the spirit of God… we come up from that stagnant place, Father God, and we take hold with Your Spirit, Lord… coming up… our eyes lifted from where we are… looking to those place that you have prepared for us to walk in as this church… such a high place, Lord… we need to access and step into… it’s time for us to walk in that place… time to take hold in the name of Jesus… we will not settle… it’s time for the extreme… demonstrations of Your Spirit… extreme provision… miracles… signs, wonders in the name of Jesus… the time is now… those works wrought by the hands of Your servants… be glorified and lifted up in Your body… come now… it’s time to wake up… to be shaken up… get up… open your eyes… begin to cooperate with the voice of the Spirit… begin to yield yourself to the anointing of God… open your mouth and let the holy ghost speak… let Him use your hands and feet… let Him move you… the right motivation… we thank You that the right motives… everything lines up to the right motives… Your blessing is upon Your plan… we hold all these ideas to Your plan… we bring all these ideas into that alignment with Your perfect plan… every idea coming in line… everywhere in the name of Jesus Christ… it’s Your operation and You’re in charge… we turn it all over to You… we put it in Your hands… insight… pouring out… it will be a continual march… platforms… we lift those platforms up… the Word goes from there… all the platforms… a great utterance… pastors that rise up and stand on the platform of the Holy Ghost and declare… souls will come in by the droves… increase of the lost… what is the high purpose… bring them out of that land and bring them into the new land… to be set free… obey His voice… obedience…

Let go, let go, let go of those things in the name of Jesus… let go! … let it go, let it go in the name of Jesus… I’m telling you, in the name of Jesus, you let that go!… now, in Jesus’ name… you listen! you respond… you yield to the spirit… you listen now, in Jesus’ name and you get that thing go… let it go in the name of Jesus… we compel you by the blood of Jesus to let that thing go… be free of it… not just for the sake of the gospel, but for the sake of your life… for the sake of your calling… we lift up every pastor, Father… we hold the blood of Jesus over them… whatever situation may be coming against them, that they are well able to overcome that thing today… we send support to them… we stand with them in victory over that thing… not one would be taken… not one would fall… not one would stumble… but each one would bring glory to the name of their Lord… complete surrender to the call… we’re not willing to let them go, Lord… we’re not willing to let them fall to the wayside… we hold them together arm and arm… the anointing and grace of God… we hold fast to them … we won’t let you go in Jesus’ name… stand strong… receive strength today in the name of Jesus… I command that weariness to go… discouragement to go… we speak life and strength to you… we speak wholeness to your families… today they see the strong arm of salvation of the Lord… illumination, Father… today, Father, a revelation of Your Spirit… seeing and knowing… yeah, yeah… a refreshing… oh yeah, the waters… burning with great desire… and joy… internal joy that brings about that strength… light… be healed, be whole, be restored in Jesus’ name… fear! You gotta go… leave in Jesus’ name… the sheep will know and respond to it… it will bring about great change… these bases of operation will increase… boldness and utterance… it’s a stirring… every ingredient just right… for the revival we’re calling for… the awakening…

Quit trying to reason it out… just yield over to the Holy Spirit… He has the way and He has the plan… all of the reasoning is going to get in the way… just yield on over… He knows exactly what is needed at the time… yield on over to Him… pastors! Yield to the Holy Spirit… lean on over into Him and quit trying to reason out … let Him do it… it’s time to step out of the way…. It’s time to loosen up on the reigns… so the Holy Ghost can go the way He wants to go… He’s number one… everything else falls below that… for the sake of revival… for the sake of the harvest… you must yield… yield in the name of Jesus… let loose… don’t draw back… don’t put on the brakes… let the holy ghost flow… you’ll see it’s so much easier… the joy and the peace that comes in that place of yielding to His grace… all that stress will be lifted away when you yield yourself and your church to the grace of God… it’s not your work… it’s His work… Father, thank You… You help those pastors… let that oppression be lifted… that heaviness be lifted… that responsibility they’ve taken on themselves… help them to be able to push that over onto You, Lord… to let it go… that You can have Your way… that You can use them… in a greater way they have seen… Father, we lift up Pastor Mac… the things You have shown him the things he has seen… in the past that have not yet come to fruition… the visions he saw this church moving in a way that it has not yet moved in… Father, we stand with him today that that comes to pass for this body… Pastor Mac and Lynne together that this body would move into that vision… that we would not miss what You’ve prepared for us… but we would step into it… we thank You, Father, that even tonight this body has moved over in the name of Jesus…

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