Prayer Summary for Friday, September 22, 2017

Pastor Ray shared…

There are two things I wanted to talk about. I was looking through some prophecies and things. I saw this from Friday, June 16 from in here. I did not remember this. It’s a prophecy about lighthouses. I want to read it to you. This is about building the church.

My houses and buildings shall not be built and erected by the hand of man, but they are built in the spirit realm, first by Me and by My power and through your believing prayers. Right now, your prayers are erecting and building these lighthouses for My glory, for My honor. The world says seeing is believing. But I say believing is seeing. You continue to pray and believe and lay that foundation in the realm of My Spirit. For the moment you begin to pray, saith the Lord, My hands have begun to build. Build lighthouses for My glory. As you pray, I’m erecting and building and I am the cornerstone of these houses. I am the cornerstone of the messages that go forth in these places. I am the cornerstone of the faith of the finances and of every need. I am the cornerstone of the harvest of these places, saith the Lord. So I call you to believe. I call you to pray. I call you to stand on My Word and lay the foundation in the realm of the spirit. And you shall see those things of the spirit manifest in the natural in a great and mighty way. And so shall my lighthouses shine with the brightness of My glory in these places. As you pray and believe, so shall you see signs and wonders and miracles. But it’s not by erecting through the hands of man but by My power and My Spirit, says the Lord, your God almighty. [end]

While reading this, I think we had been praying for the outreaches, that we had been praying for, the two different churches. One in the uptown area, the Loop. I’m not sure. Then also in Rogers. So there are two churches being planned. And plans are being made. I believe that, that day we were praying over those buildings and over the lighthouses they would be. That’s what I think. Let’s lift up Pastor Jim and Pastor Jamie.


We bring these two men before You, Father, and lift them and Your plan and pray over the buildings and places to come to pass. We lift them up and pray over all the plans, preparations, what You’ve called each of them to do. They have unique and different kinds of calls. We pray over the plans you’ve placed within these two young men. We lift these plans before You today and we pray that they shall come to pass and they shall be enabled to fulfill and do what You’ve called them to do. We stand in agreement with both of them for the uniqueness of their calls and the plans You’ve placed in their hearts for these “lighthouses” that will bring light south of here and light north of here.

There are things we don’t know to pray about so we’ll pray in the Holy Ghost concerning these outreaches…

Strength in Jesus’ name… We lift up the details that they would not become bogged down with the details, Lord, but they would be excited. Excited for the new things that are coming. We lift up every detail and every aspect and we cover those today, that they would not be concerned, that they would not be drawn away from the purpose in the name of Jesus Christ. I thank You that they are lifted, their minds are lifted today, lifted back to the purpose. Their spirits are engaged in the name of Jesus. They’re not distracted or distraught or turned aside in the name of Jesus Christ. I thank You that all those details come together. By Your grace and by Your hand. I thank You for Your perfect plan. In the name of Jesus, I know Father God, a man gets a plan in His mind but I thank You Father that Your plan comes to pass exactly the way you want it to be. We thank You. This is not a work of man, but a work of the Spirit. You build the church. We take hold together today with them and we stand with them that the vision You’ve placed in their hearts comes to pass in the name of Jesus.

We reject anything that would try to come against it
Open up in the name of Jesus, we command those buildings to open up, locations to open up
Of that which You have preordained, Father, I thank You that it opens up at the right time in the name of Jesus
You’ve reserved those buildings for this purpose… we call them in
We thank You… they have been prepared for the work of the Lord
Thank You for them
We clear out the pathway… we prepare for them
We call for favor, favor… the doors are open… divine favor
Yes words in utterance by the Spirit of God
Go into those places… they penetrate that resistance and push it away
The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church
Satan, you will not withhold that which God has prepared and ordained for us
As a matter of fact, He’s given us the whole earth
All the cities, all of Minnesota, all of this country… He has given it to us
It is ours and you will not have it… no part of it
We command you to release those things that you have been holding back from the body of Christ
You release those buildings and houses and finances
You take your hands off of our goods in the name of Jesus
The blood of Jesus is against you… you loose those people that you’ve been holding back from the church
Those that belong to our body… loose them… they are ours and we will not let them go
Yes, in the name… we are done as the body laying down and letting you walk all over us
In the name of Jesus, we draw a line today with the blood of Jesus
We declare you will not take one more soul from the body
Even those in the world will begin to cooperate with the plan of God
Even those that don’t have the mind of God…they will begin to cooperate with Your plan
You put those ideas into their minds and hearts in the name of Jesus
That they are compelled to do, to give, to supply, to work with us
The doors You have opened, no man can shut
There is a great cooperation that is coming now
You are bringing those people in… a great cooperation in the name of Jesus… they don’t know why but they want to help… they want to give… by the Spirit of God
These are good times for the body for the nation
These are good times for the Gospel of good news

Increasing in every way, every day… favor in every arena … prosperity… the anointing… the powerhouse… making a way… assistance… divine support… you have a mighty support system that is in place… it’s a Holy Ghost support system… Holy Ghost assistance… there are more with us than there are with the enemy… more by far and it’s ever increasing… angels, angels… working, working… eyes to see… we command money to begin to move… move! … new ways that are yet to come… we pull up the stakes and push out the boundaries… we pray for the five-five ministries… boldness… more and more churches to begin to pop up… they shall be lighthouses… all over the earth… we’re making a way by the power of the Holy Ghost… we’re clearing out areas and spaces and regions in Jesus name… no borders can hold us back.. the church is moving through … things must get out of the way… for the church is on the increase… not going down… but going up… strong in the Lord and in the power of His might… So we take new territories by faith… we take new arenas, buildings, and lands in the name of Jesus…

[right now there’s great rejoicing in the Lord… shouting and running!]

The Holy Ghost is moving!
We’re walking on it today… we’re possessing it today… contending…
[singing in the spirit]
Ha, ha, ha, ha…

Word came forth…

Sometimes things in the spirit become so real. The biggest thing that’s about to happen in Minneapolis and St. Paul is not the Super Bowl. The biggest thing is the supernatural flow of the Holy Ghost that’s about to move through these cities! And more souls will come in. They’ll rush in! And the West Bank, they shall come in too.

Continued praying…

Suddenly… suddenly… we embrace it… we expect it… and we’re calling for it… unity and one accord will be a result of that flow of the Holy Ghost… those that are out of line will get in line and they’ll be on time… restoration… and abundance… surprises one after the other… impossibilities and turnarounds… shifts and changes… Thank You, Lord…

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday someone talked to me about changes, or “suddenlies.” And they said in 1995 or 96, they would come to the Wednesday night services and there was gobs of empty seats and they could sit wherever they wanted. But from one Wednesday night to the next Wednesday night, they came when they normally came and there were no seats available. That’s in this church. And there were no announcements. But the announcement came by the Spirit and people began to show up and there were people lined up all the way down the aisles on both sides waiting to testify as to what God had done for them. There wasn’t enough time to hear all the testimonies.

I say that because we can be sitting here today and change can come suddenly by the power of the Holy Spirit. And everything will be different. Those that were divided up, separated for one reason or another will be brought back together again. Those that maybe left the body for one reason or another, they will be rejoined again. We’re declaring it this morning. These things that took place, not just like those things back then, but the things that are new in these days, they shall take place. And they come from heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit. All were expectant. We expect it! We receive it. When Barb started dancing and running, there was a high place that we touched in expectation. Not just for this church but for the body and beyond that, I don’t even know what all. Bigger and greater maybe than what we could ask or even think. We touched it. We receive it. It’s by faith we take it.

Barb shared…

This is what I heard the Holy Spirit say. “Stop pushing things off to the future. Stop pushing My promises out to the future. My promises are for today. Receive it today. See it manifested today.”

Pastor Ray shared…

Luke 11:9, “So I say to you, Ask. Keep on asking and it shall be given unto you. Seek and keep on seeking and you shall find. Knock and keep on knocking and the door shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks and keeps on asking receives. And he who seeks and keeps on seeking finds. And to him who knocks and keeps on knocking, the door shall be opened.”

That’s good news. We’re not to give up. Not quit.

Have you ever thought, “I’ve been going to the chapel and praying there for years.” We have been praying for years and we’ll keep on praying because increase has come. But more increase shall come. Every day in every way. Thank you for coming and bringing your supply.

Cindy shared…

As the body of Christ, we know how to seek and we know how to inquire, but God is saying, “Require.” Like Barb was saying, Now. Don’t put it off. “I require what Your promise has for me and I do it now, today.” And we practice that. Things are falling off as we go forward. But we don’t stop going forward. So we make a practice of going to God asking “This is what your promise says, Father, so I’m asking You, what does that look like in my life. I’m inquiring and I’m seeking You.” But then when He gives you that faith, you require it. Say, “This is mine. I’m not going forward without it. I require it.” He wants us to require.

Barb added…

Begin to see the possibilities… not the impossibilities. I don’t come to Thursday prayer unless Erika calls me… not on the phone, but by the Holy Ghost. Every time I get here, I go, “Did you ask the Holy Ghost to get me here?” She says, “Yes, I did.” So last Thursday, I drove my daughter to school. I thought, “I think I’m going to go to morning prayer.” And I wasn’t paying attention to the time. It takes me ten minutes exactly to get here on time from my house. I had five minutes. They start it right on time because it’s live streamed. So I said, “Lord, I have five minutes to get to church. You know it takes me ten.” So instead of thinking the impossibilities, I just drove out the driveway, driving a normal speed. I started thinking, “You know, Lord, You could translate me there.” I’ve heard of these stories and was recalling them and just talking to the Lord on the way. I’m driving along and all of a sudden, I realize I’m at this major intersection. There are 13 stoplights between my house and the church. There’s one major stoplight and I’m coming up to it and I realize it’s green. Then I realized I haven’t hit a red light since I left my house. I’m going, “What!” I wasn’t paying attention to it at all cuz I was just talking to the Lord about how He could get me there on time. Anyway, green light, green light all the way to the church. I got here on the dot! It is literally impossible. There was no traffic. I didn’t speed. I wasn’t paying attention and here I was at the church right on time. So stop looking at what’s impossible and start thinking about “Wow, God, there are so many ways you could make this happen.” Why not today! He’s God! He could do it in a split second.

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