Prayer Summary for Friday, October 28, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read this prayer that is in the back of Kenneth Hagin’s book, Tongues Beyond the Upper Room. It’s a prayer for the church. I wanted to go through it. It’s beautiful.

Kenneth E. Hagin’s Prayer on Behalf of the Church

Forgive us, O Lord. We’ve fallen and come so far short of the prayer life You intended us to have. We have settled for such a low grade of fellowship with You, until the things of the Spirit are so unreal to us, while mental and physical things are so very real and dominate us.

May we do just what the Bible commands us to do: Present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto You, which is our reasonable service. And may we not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds—until the things of the spirit become more real to us, and until Thou, O Father, become just as real in our spirits as the clothes we wear and the automobiles we drive.

Then we will move out into the realm of the Spirit to pray, for Thou art the Father of all spirits—but especially of our spirits, for we have been born again and are born of You. And Thou hast given to us a means of supernatural communication whereby our spirits can be in direct contact with the Father of spirits, for as Paul said, “If I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth.”

But we have taken so little advantage of this means of payer, and You have not been able to do what You wanted to do with us, and for us, and in us, and through us in the past. We weren’t ready. We weren’t in place.

Now we are ready to some extent, and You are able to move us forward. But may we not stop here, Lord. May we not be satisfied. May we be like Smith Wigglesworth of old who said, “I am satisfied only with the dissatisfaction that has to be satisfied again and again.”

May we move on from glory to glory. May we understand what You’re saying about these last days. May we through intercession and travail, give birth to that wave and to that move of God in the earth that You desire. May we understand what You are saying to our spirits.

We send the urgency of it. We sense the need of it. We sense the necessity of it.

May we respond unto it, O God, that Your holy will may be wrought in this hour and that we may rise up in faith and, in the power of the Spirit, be the giants in the earth You always intended us to be.

May we be sensitive to the Spirit. May we be sensitive to His touch when He arrests our attention. May we know what He wants. May we respond to His prompting that He may manifest Himself through us and demonstrate Himself among us through signs and wonders and through diverse miracles and distributions of the Holy Ghost.

May we respond in the crisis of the hour and in the crisis of the day. And so shall we be ready for whatever arises. We will flow with the Spirit, and out of our innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.

Then the dry places shall spring forth in beauty, and those who are thirsty shall find water to drink. The spiritually dead shall be raised and revived, and life shall be made manifest everywhere. And we shall rejoice and be glad and declare that You have done it. All praise and honor and glory will be given unto You, for You deserve it and You are worthy.

May we be so dead to the flesh, so dead to selfishness, but so yielded unto the Spirit as we do the works of righteousness and perform the works of God so that the acts of God are made manifest in us. For we are in the end times. We face the last days when armies shall gather at Armageddon.

That day will come. But there will also come a sweeping harvest that sweeps across the world and around the globe because we prayed—because we dared to stand in that place of prayer. We dared to stand in the gap, to make up the hedge, and to intercede for the land.

Thus, the work of God shall be accomplished, and that which the Lord desires for the last days shall come to pass. And the harvest shall be reaped, the angels shall rejoice, men shall be blessed and the glory of the Lord shall shine round about us brighter than the noonday sun. In the name of Jesus, amen. [end quote]

That is a classic prayer. We know the day is coming when there will be a sweeping harvest. It will sweep across the whole world, around the globe because people prayed. Because we dared to stand in the place of prayer.

Jerre led in worship…


We believe to be bright lights, to be used by heaven to bring that light
To different cities and places across this state and the United States
To break through some things that were locked up… that seemed to forever be that way
To witness it and walk in it and declare it
To be even more bright than we have ever been
To yield to the power from above… to be a witness
To show heaven’s way and plans
A continual moving and changing… moving and moving and entering into new places and realms
Taking the Master’s plans and revealing it
We lift up situations, Holy Spirit given meetings… divinely orchestrated connections
Being at the right place where we need to be
We line it up with God force
You initialize that thing
You bring it to completion
To show the way, reveal the steps
What we have we give, and give, and give
Heaven’s communication and ways
We will not be robbed… you step into your place… you come in, you come in… don’t hold back… walking away… get in the right way…
No! No more corruption! Get out! You get out!
We command every evil work to come down in Jesus’ name
Get out of the way… be removed, now in Jesus’ name!
Every blockage…
We’re rushing into that place, we’re rushing in by the Holy Ghost to stand in that gap and to make up the hedge
To hold back the darkness, to push it out of the way and let the light shine
Just push back the darkness in the name of Jesus
White, white, white… it’s white
Open up, open up… ha, ha!
No closed doors… no closed doors… every gate opened, opened, opened
Make a way through… there’s a way through…
Angels, angels! Released in Jesus’ name
Dispatched to every corner of this nation… Go! Go!
It’s going God’s way
Angels, angels, angels… oh the workers, the workers
In every kind… in that place… in Chicago… in the name…
We come against that hot bed of destruction and division
And we tell you in Jesus’ name that you will not continue in that place
We end the light and the life of God there today in Jesus’ name
And we command you to leave that place… get out!
We command that place to change and we command that light to be moved throughout that state
And that we be dispersed… Yes, Father God, we call that down in the name of Jesus
No more! You will have no more power in Jesus’ name
You have been defeated and we enforce it in Jesus’ name by the blood of Jesus Christ
Yes, all those cities throughout this nation that are being held in bondage by the enemy, in Jesus’ name, we hold the blood of Jesus against you
You will not hold those cities… you will not have those cities… today is the day of salvation for those cities
We declare freedom from the darkness, freedom from deception in Jesus’ name
You evil spirits, you leave in Jesus’ name
You bow in Jesus’ name
All power has been given to you… the enemy is defeated… we stand in that power and we declare that Your will shall be done in Jesus’ name
That the light and the life of God would be common, that there would not be an uncommonness to the experience of the Holy Ghost
But the anointing and the power would flow in this nation…
That we would walk in that place that Jesus Christ established this nation for
No more of the way down… it’s time to come up… it’s time to rise up… blood washed
Shake… You shake them… You shake up the political arena… You shake it up
You get everybody up… on the edge of their feet… shaking it up…

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