Prayer Summary for Friday, May 20, 2016

Morning Prayer was spent with individuals sharing out of their hearts which developed into an anointed “flow of the Spirit.” Following are some highlights.

Pastor Ray shared…

Sometimes during the day if you come in here [the chapel] and just walk through, there can be a scent in this room.

Barb shared…

I was listening to K. Blake talking about the scripture of Paul and how his shadow would heal people. People would put the sick out on the streets and Paul’s shadow would touch them and they would be healed. K. Blake started talking about how that shadow was probably not a physical shadow but the spirit that emanates from a person. If you remember, brother Hagin used to say when he would walk around that the power would go out about three to five feet from him. So when he would start to approach rows of people, they would start to fall out before he even got there. So Blake was talking about that and he compared it to fragrance. He said it would be like if you ever walked into Macy’s, Dayton’s, Nordstrom’s where they have perfume sprayers. It can get really fragrant. He said we’re like that, that when we go somewhere that we emanate. Wherever we go, it’s like we’re leaving that fragrance so whoever passes through next is actually walking in that anointing, that presence that we’re leaving behind.

And he also talked about John G. Lake when he was in Africa. He and his friend that was traveling with him were really tired. They were looking for a village where they could get some rest. They went to this one village and everywhere they would go people wanted hands laid on them. At this one village, there were 73 thousand people that showed up and here they’re trying to get some rest. So he said, “Look, we’re exhausted. We can’t lay hands on you all.” So they went to the center of the village where they had a post where they would tie the horses and they just laid their hands on the post and they let that anointing go into the post. And they told the people, “Whoever touches this post will be healed.” And 73 thousand people passed by touching that post and were healed. But we don’t even realize that when we go into Cub or Rainbow or whatever store that we’re actually leaving a trail of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Ray shared…

We’re bright too! That reminds me of a time in the prayer room of the other building where we had been praying for a few hours. At the time, I was still making sculptures and this lady was coming to pick something up. I went straight out of the prayer room into my car to get to my house to meet with her. When she knocked on the door, I opened it up and she went, “Oh! You are so bright!” She was serious! And she was not even a believer. She didn’t even know what she was saying. Later, we’d always be at the Uptown Art Fair. This lady showed up and called me the “God man.” So it’s not only the fragrance, but we’re bright too.

I just read this from brother Hagin’s book The Authority of the Believer. He talked about how Jesus appeared to him and spoke to him for about an hour and a half. While he was speaking, some kind of a little imp or something got in between him and Jesus. Jesus is still talking and he couldn’t hear what He was saying because of the imp was making noise: “yakkity, yakkity yak, yak, yak.” And a cloud came between them. He’s thinking, Why doesn’t Jesus do something about this? Nothing happened until he got the revelation to take the authority over this thing. Jesus told him “I couldn’t do anything unless you did it.” That threw him for a loop. What do you mean? After Jesus told him he couldn’t do anything about that imp, he didn’t understand it.

[excerpt from “The Authority of the Believer”]
Jesus replied, “Son, there is a lot in there that you don’t know.” He continued, “Not one single time in the New Testament is the Church ever told to pray that God the Father or Jesus would do anything against the devil. In fact, to do so is to waste your time. The believer is told to do something about the devil. The reason is because you have the authority to do it. The Church is not to pray to God the Father about the devil; the Church is to exercise the authority that belongs to it.

The New Testament tells believers themselves to do something about the devil. The least member of the body of Christ has just as much power over the devil as anyone else, and unless believers do something about the devil, nothing will be done in a lot of areas.”

We believe that certain people have power. No, Jesus said the least member of the Body of Christ has just as much power over the devil as anyone else; and when we start believing that, that’s when we’re going to get the job done.

Jesus continued, “I’ve done all I’m going to do about the devil until the angel comes down from heaven, takes the chain and binds him, and puts him into the bottomless pit (Rev. 20:1–3).” That came as a real shock to me.

“Now,” He said, “I’ll give you the four references that prove that. First of all, when I arose from the dead, I said, ‘All power [authority] is given unto me in heaven and in earth (Matt. 28:18). The word ‘power’ means ‘authority.’ But I immediately delegated My authority on earth to the Church, and I can work only through the Church, for I am the head of the Church. Your head cannot exercise any authority anywhere except through your body.”

The second reference Jesus gave me was Mark 16:15–18:

15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

He said, “The very first sign mentioned as following any believer—not any pastor or any evangelist—is that they shall cast out devils. That means that in my Name they shall exercise authority over the devil, because I have delegated My authority over the devil to the Church.” …

Believers have authority over the devil. They can break the power of the devil if he raises his head anywhere in their own life or the lives of their immediate family or loved ones. They have authority there. They’ll be free from the enemy because they’ve got the right to exercise their authority over him.

That doesn’t mean, however, that they’ll go down the street casting the devil out of everyone they meet. It primarily means they will exercise authority over the devil in their own lives.

You’re got to realize that you’ve got authority over your own household that you don’t have in my household. Spiritual authority is much like natural authority. For example, you don’t have authority over my money. You can’t tell me what to do with my money unless I give you permission to. You don’t have authority over my children.

You can make the devil desist in some of his maneuvers in somebody else’s life, but you can’t always cast him out, because you don’t have authority in that “household.” That’s one place we’ve missed it.

The next reference Jesus gave me was James 4:7: “… Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (the understood subject of this sentence is “you”).

The believer has to have authority over the devil, or the Bible wouldn’t tell him to do something about the devil. This scripture doesn’t say that the devil will flee from Jesus; it says he’ll flee from you!

Similarly, you don’t pray that Jesus will lay hands on the sick; you do it. Notice, too, that the hands are not in the head; the hands are in the Body: “they … shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” When you lay hands on the sick, you are exercising authority over the devil.

That authority is yours whether you feel like you’ve got it or not. Authority has nothing to do with feelings. But you must exercise it.

After that vision and after Jesus gave me that verse from James, my spirit told me the word “flee” was significant. I looked it up in the dictionary and found one of the shades of meanings was “to run from as if in terror.” The devil will run from you in terror! Then I knew why the demon in my vision had begun to whimper and cry—he was terrified. [end excerpt]

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I remember in that vision when brother Hagin finally took authority over the imp, he said he fell down like a bag filled with salt and he said not only “I resist you” but “leave.” So he took off. That is authority. We have the authority. Do we have to feel like we have the authority? No. We don’t have to feel it. I love that.

Jerre, why don’t you tell everyone about the anointing at Phil and Fern Halverson’s home. After Phil passed away, Fern would invite the staff over to her house and we’d all pray together in her home.

Jerre shared…

Fern would tell us to find a spot to pray and people found their spots. One time there wasn’t any place left upstairs so I walked downstairs and there was a place in the back of the lower level. It was pretty with baskets all along the ceiling. So I started to pray there. As soon as I started praying in the Holy Ghost, it was like, “Whooom!” I’ve had experiences in prayer but not this tremendous—“Whooom!” I was lost in the spirit. I received a word and it became engraved on the tablet of my heart. The Lord said, “You sow to the spirit, you will reap from the spirit.” When I was done, I went upstairs. Someone said, “Where did you pray, Jerre?” I said, “Downstairs.” I said, “Something is awesome there.” And I shared the word I received. Fern said, “You prayed right in front of Phil’s office. That door to your left was his office where he prayed constantly down there. That was his war room.” There was a fragrance. There was a power. There was an anointing. There was something special in that area.

Woman from group shared…

I want to share something. As you’re speaking, I’m thinking back to when I got saved. It was a neighbor friend of mine who travailed in prayer for me to come to know the Lord. She came and got me and took me to the church a few times. As a young mother, I gave my life to the Lord. But then she didn’t stop there. She was not an usher. She was not an elder. She was not anything but she was a prayerful woman. She just invited me. She said, “You know what, we could pray after work. We could pray for a half an hour at my house. If it’s comfortable with you and your children, we could come to your house and pray.” So that’s what we did. Back and forth until one other lady joined us. So for years, just the three of us ladies would rotate in our homes. Not every day. We didn’t have a rigid schedule to pray, but as we would have time, if our husbands were not here or there, we would call and say, “Let’s pray.” So that’s how I was born into intercession.

I loved to pray but I did not speak in tongues. And the premise of my saying all this is that we really do need one another. And do not look at “he’s a pastor” or “he’s an elder” or “he’s an usher” so he can lay hands on me and God will answer my prayer. Anybody in the congregation can do that. Anybody can be used to do that.

One day as we were praying, this one lady said she saw in the spirit fire on my head. She was not looking at me and seeing fire, but she saw cloves of fire on my head as we were praying. She stood up and came and laid hands on me and I spoke in tongues for an hour after that. I never stopped. It was one of the most beautiful things that ever happened.

Why am I saying that? I just sense that in these last days, every single one of us, you need to know your position in Christ in this battle. Because we are prayer warriors. We are! So you need to know your position as a prayer warrior. What are you supposed to do? We need to be led of the Spirit and my prayer in these last days is “Holy Spirit, what should I be doing? What should I be saying? What should I be praying for? I want to be so in tune with what the Spirit wants to do in this hour so that I may not miss my reward.” That’s my thing. I don’t want to miss my reward for what I’ve been called to do. And I am encouraging every one of you that every single one of us has a gift that God has given. And we need to complement the pastors. We’re not just here to pull from them. We are also here to supply to them. So we need to bring a supply.

And it doesn’t mean that we are on the same platform. We have to respect their offices. We have to respect who they are and what they do in our lives because the anointing, like it says, it flows from the head, down. But before God, we are all the same.

This is what I saw. I saw revival coming but you know it’s not going to come when only two or three people rejoice or when two and three people pray. It’s going to involve every single one of us. Our hearts have to be ready to receive what the Lord wants to do. So don’t just bring your bodies here. Bring your spirit and be so ever ready to listen and do what the Spirit wants you to do. I just don’t want to see bodies. I want to see the spirit. It’s so beautiful. The spirit is so beautiful! When you bring your spirit, it is so awesome in the presence of God. So forget your bodies, forget your hair, forget how your hair looks and all that and just bring the spirit man.

And this lady walked so closely with the spirit it was amazing. She would sit in her house and the Spirit would tell her, “Go to such and such a place, you will find a man here and this is what I want you to do.” She was so amazing. One time, her car wasn’t functioning. She didn’t know anything about cars. Her husband drove her to work. But an angel showed up one time and said, “What do you think is wrong with the car?” She said, “I don’t know. I wish I knew because if we knew we would have fixed it.” The angel said, “Do you want me to fix it for you?” She said, “Well, if you can.” She told me that the angel was in the car with her. She could see with the natural eye and so he went to the front of the car, opened the hood of the car and just …whatever he did. And the car was perfect. They never took it to the mechanic ever again!

Why am I saying this? Because the Spirit really wants to involve Himself with your day-to-day activities so that you’re not stressed. His is burden is light and His yoke is easy. He wants it so easy. He doesn’t want us to be stressed. So involve Him in your not having hot water, involve Him in your not having tomatoes in the house, involve Him in not having a vacuum cleaner not working in your house. Involve Him in everything so you will be able to function as the Lord wants you to.

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