Prayer Summary for Friday, March 24, 2017

Jerre led in worship…

Jerre began to sing prayer…

♪ ha, ha, ha… we just believe but You do the work, O God… miracles, signs, and wonders flowing from Your people, Lord… it is in these holy hands laid upon the people, Lord, it is as if You laid Your hand upon them Yourself… we lift up holy hands to heaven… when we do there is an exchange like the lightnings of God… ha, ha, ha… oh what a life that You have given us…it is the abundant life… spirit, soul, and body, Lord… what a life… ha, ha, ha… and the Gentiles come and the nations come when we show forth Your light… give Your church more boldness, Lord… we’re asking for more boldness for Your church, Lord… give Your church a supernatural boldness to do those things and to be the Jesus on the earth… let us live like You live… let our eyes move outward upon the people, Lord… let our holy hands, Father, touch… these holy hands… ♪


We thank You for the grace to establish us in our faith
Thank You, Lord, for the work You have begun in our lives
Thank You that you’ve begun a good work… You bring it to completion
You finish the work in us that we may glorify You in this earth

Dave shared…

Jesus said, “If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father. And I do nothing except what I hear My Father do it.” We are that reflection in this earth; the body of Christ is that beam of light… that beacon of salvation… that hope in the earth … that salvation… that hope of glory that the earth longs for…and waits for… and hungers for. Though they may not know or even understand what they strive for, what they strive for is this: to be what they were created to be… to do what they were created to do… to manifest that which they were created to manifest… to be apprehended by the Father and that which they’ve been called to.

Thank You, Father, for every person in Your body, that they come into the knowledge of the truth of these things.

When I was praying, the Lord spoke to my heart about “being” in this earth, what He created us to “be” and to focus on those things, and how important it is to do that. It’s not our responsibility to meet our needs. It’s not our responsibility to heal us, or to deliver us and set us free. None of those things are our responsibility. Those are His responsibilities. Thank God, we couldn’t do it ourselves.

But as I was praying, I saw this in my spirit. A lot of times, we focus on these things which are not really… to Him they’re distractions. If you were created to be a musician or an engineer or scientist or sales person… whatever it is, that’s more important than anything. He’s given that to us and we’re to be stewards of that.

I sense in my spirit that we tend to think that our path is to fight against the resistance we have in life. Everybody here has got resistance. You have resistance to your faith, whether you’re believing for finances or healing or a relationship restoration… wherever your faith is engaged in, it feels like it’s a battle. That’s why they call it the “fight of faith.” It’s not a fight against principalities and powers and darkness of this world because He’s given us authority over those things. But it’s a fight to stay in a place that we can trust God and put those things that concern us in His hands that we can be free of these encumbrances.

The enemy tries to keep you focused on those things so you’re not focused on the things that are important. So he’ll do something like put sickness on your body or put some difficulty on you… whatever it is, he’ll put that in your life for the purpose of getting you distracted and off the mark, to get you off what your purpose is in this earth, God’s plan for you. Every joint supplies… Every person has a purpose and a plan from God. You’re needed. You’re important to Him. That’s the most important thing in your life. Like an apple tree, we don’t have to try to be an apple tree. We are an apple tree. We are His body. We are His plan. You don’t have to force it. You don’t have to make it happen. This is who you are. And when you rest and trust in that and walk it out, everything that’s needed, be it grace, healing, provision, sustenance… whatever it may be, if you don’t feel like you’re capable of doing what you’re called to, you don’t feel you’re qualified… all of those uncertainties and doubts go away because it’s not you who made you who you are. It’s not you who gave you the plan for your life. It wasn’t your choice. Him and His infinite mercy looked upon you and said, “You are my…” (fill in the blank) “and it’s what I’ve created you to be.” And know this: whatever He’s called you to be, you’re going to be the happiest doing it. You’re going to be satisfied. It will give you pleasure and excitement. That’s His plan for everyone in their gifting.

We tend to focus on these natural things. That’s what the Lord has been dealing with me this last week. You must focus on what you are supposed to focus on, not what the devil’s trying to get you to focus on. Your mind is so captivated by these things, you don’t even pray about them anymore. You’re just praying about getting the devil off your finances, or this and that and beating the air. The Lord said, “If you focus on the thing that I called you to, grace is attracted to you and your gifting and your plan. Everything is needed for that plan. Healing is attracted to you. Financial provision, peace, joy… all those things will be like a magnet, attracted to you. But when we get focused on the natural things, the opposite happens. It repels. You repel those things.”

How many have had the experience of something that you’ve done that after you’ve done it, you walked away and it was like, “Wow, that was good.” It was like you didn’t do it, and you were like, “I couldn’t have done that any better. That was perfect.” How many have had that experience? You know what that is? That’s grace. That’s God’s anointing inside of you to accomplish His purpose in the earth. It’s not just for ministry. It’s for every purpose and every plan. Can you imagine the whole body of Christ operating at that level? This world would change drastically. Because God would be beaming His light through these individuals and God’s grace would be manifest over and over… ideas and inventions, manifestations of all kinds in all areas. “Wow, how did you come up with that?”

There was a guy called Nick Tesla. He did some things in this planet that to this day, I don’t know anybody that’s ever done as much as this guy has done in this planet as an individual in the area of science. He invented things that were not even thoughts in people’s minds. The reason we have lights today, electricity and all that is because of him. One man! He was a preacher’s son. He said something about his gifting. His whole life was devoted to the gift that God had put in him. He operated as one man in this earth that changed the world. I believe that’s what the Lord wants us to pray about today: That all of us come into our places and the fullness of what God’s called us to do. And that they would focus on those things.


We lift this body up in the name of Jesus to come into the knowledge of their call and purpose on the earth
That we as individuals manifest Your power in every areas
Whatever You’ve called people to do, that they come into that place
We all come into our places You’ve called us to
That we would be that driving force in the earth… for good… for righteousness… for all that You stand for that we would be that in this earth
I pray in the name of Jesus that each one of us, You would bring a revelation to us to get back to the basics we’ve been called
Our purpose is to flourish on this planet… life more abundant
That the blessing of the Lord surrounds us
That we are not striving after things that are not important that we work with You
That You get glory
To do what You’ve called us to… to walk out the plan and be excited about it
We are anointed and appointed
Nothing will hold us down because God has called us to these places

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