Prayer Summary for Friday, June 17, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read something by William Branham. He ministered in the 40s and 50s. He said “A pillar of fire is moving out again,” and in his time, he said, “Pentecostal people are so organized, they can’t move with it. That’s a problem.” He said, “God’s fire will keep moving just like it did in every age, so don’t ever draw boundary lines. It’s alright to say, I believe this but don’t end it with a period. End it with a comma, meaning I believe this and plus as much as God will reveal to my heart.” I like that, because we open ourselves for more. When we say, “More, Lord, we want more,” we mean in every area of our lives. When we start worshiping Him, there’s a higher way, an even greater way to worship Him. There’s more. We don’t want to be a Pentecostal people that put a period on it and say “We got it, we know it, and that’s it.” That’s like going into the home of a person that’s lived there for 60 years and in all that time, they never changed anything. They didn’t change anything because they just stuck with what they had. I’m not putting them down for that. Many times it’s beautiful things. But I’m just using that as an illustration to say that there is always more in God, there’s greater revelation. So I love what he said: “Just put a comma there because there’s a whole lot more for us, the Church.”

Barb shared…

And so we go with the flow. We go with the flow of the Holy Ghost. We don’t get stopped up. We don’t get stuck. But we go with the flow. In Jesus’ name, individually and as the body of Christ. We declare that we’re flowing with the river. We’re moving with the fire. We’re stepping in the places that He’s opening, in Jesus’ name. We go, we go, and we go with that flow. We go with that flow. In the name…


It might be flowing in a way that you’ve never seen, but it’s going to flow in many ways
It might be going uphill
It might be going sideways
But we’re going to go with the flow
It might cause you to stand and turn, upside down, but we will go with the flow
We will move with the cloud
We will not lose pace, we will keep up and we will go and we will stay in step and we will not miss
An appointed time and an appointed place
We will not miss it
They’ll move, they’ll move, it’s moving now
I’m moving, I am moving, get in with Me, get into the move, get into the flow, get into the anointing
I am moving in the earth
I am shaking things
Enter into that shaking
Father, forgive us for not recognizing it, for not seeing it
Open our eyes and clear it out so that we can see this movement
We turn that over to You
We stand up and we enter in, we take our place, we possess that place, that anointed place
We step into it in Jesus’ name
You are not withholding, Father God, but You have freely given to all
There is no limitation
We tear those down in Jesus’ name and we break out and through
Those are boundaries that have been set by the words of our mouth
We drive them out, we break them down in Jesus’ name
We will not be contained, we will not be held back, we will possess this land
We are a people called by Your name and we will declare Your name around the earth
We will have and we will see the miracles and signs and wonders
We walk as You walked, Lord Jesus—we do as You did
It’s time for a blackout
Be who you are—be who you’re called to be in Jesus’ name
Come up, come up, come up
It’s a process of elimination and we’re eliminating everything that would hinder or hold them back
In the name of Jesus Christ, we eliminate confusion, we drive it out, we eliminate discontent
We eliminate division and drive it out in Jesus’ name
We drive out intimidation, fear and we call for a boldness to come up
The fire of God
Get ready, get ready, get ready to run all the way to the finish and all the way…
Hold on, take hold
It’s not time to sit down, it’s time now to rise up
In Jesus’ name, rise up
Mass cooperation

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to read something to you that came from the Billy Graham Association that they put out about yesterday’s prayer event. Thanks to Pastor Folu and Pastor Steve, we had three busloads that went to the capitol from Living Word. They said, “The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was headquartered in Minnesota for over 50 years and today we were back there for the 29th stop of the Decision America Tour. We had a great crowd, more than 6,300 people came to the capitol lawn in St. Paul to pray for this country. God is the only hope for America.” He began his message by saying, “The Democrats will not save America.” And then he said, “If you Republicans out there are doing high fives right now, you’re not going to save it either.” Love it. But it was not a political meeting. It was a God meeting. So he said, “God is the only hope for America and we’re going state by state asking Him to heal our land. Will you take a pledge to God and country with others across the nation who are praying?” Then he has a web address: We’ll put it on GPAN and I encourage you to go on that. You have to put in your name and address. I’m fine with that. They can email me. I did that and many of the people that were there yesterday did as well. It was an awesome experience.

Mandy shared…

There were quite a few of us volunteers that went to pray. We had been praying for months now, over this event. I happened to run into Marilee, a precious friend of mine. But her husband, Paul, is a senator for the State of Minnesota and when I ran up to greet her, she was in tears. I said, “I felt such a peace over this place.” She said, “Amanda, I’ve been coming to the capitol for big events for years and this is the first time we didn’t experience the warfare and the opposition and the protestors. We felt none of that today.” Praise God for prayer.

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