Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, June 1, 2018

The following excerpt was taken from Don’t Limit God by Andrew Wommack

The Cares of the World

Acts 9:10 says “And there was a certain disciple at Damascus named Ananias and to Him said the Lord in a vision.” Most of you do not have this verse underlined in your Bible. The Lord spoke to me over forty years ago through this verse and rang my bell and it changed my life. The Lord spoke to me through this verse and said “Andrew, how many times have I called your name and you weren’t there because you were doing something else?” What would have happened if God would have called Ananias and he was in such a state that the cares of this life, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things were choking the Word and he hadn’t been able to listen to God?

It’s possible that God would have raised up someone else to minister to Saul. I am not sure how it would have played out, but I am sure we wouldn’t be talking about Ananias today.

How many of you has God spoken to and tried to keep you from making a mistake or tried to change your life and tried to do things in your life but you weren’t there because you were too busy or you were watching As the Stomach Turns? Our lifestyles in America are not conducive to knowing God. If we are going to take the limits off of God, we are going to have to start spending time with Him.

So, we are going to have to renew our minds. The Word of God is so important. The Word of God will focus our attention on the things of God. If we are going to take the limits off of God and begin to experience His best in our lives then we are going to have to start unplugging from this world and putting our minds on God and giving Him an opportunity to speak to us in that still small voice.

I consciously take time off; spend time thinking about the Lord. I spend time walking on the trail that I made outside of my house. I spend time just sitting outside, looking around, and thinking. If we want to be an inspiration to other people, we have to be inspired ourselves. We have to let God speak to us. We can’t give to somebody else something that we do not have. And most of us don’t have God actively speaking in our lives because we are too busy to listen to Him or give Him any time.

We should want to know God more. There is no telling how much I have missed when God tried to speak to me, but I was too busy to hear what He was saying. But I have also heard a lot because I have been available. There are many of you who are so talented that you depend only upon the talent and you don’t feel the need for God as much.

Pastor Ray…

We all have different talents or gifts in different areas. For me before I was born again I always thought well, everything will work out alright. That was just my mentality. I wasn’t praying about it. I wasn’t lifting it before the Lord. I just thought it is going to work out right.

That’s the way it is in France. In Nice it’s so beautiful and a lot of the artists that you would know about in times past would go to Nice, France, or other cities in that area. They are so beautiful and people are almost mesmerized by the beauty and they don’t even know that they need God. They have no clue about it.

Last week we met with this young man from Nice. He had just graduated from Charis Bible College in Colorado and was passing through because his sister lives up here. He is an awesome young man from Pastor Marie-Helen’s church. He will do some sort of internship for 6 or 7 months in the states and then the plan is to go and open up a Charis Bible College in Nice, France.

We visited with him at a restaurant here in Maple Grove. He is so on fire for God and what he could do by the power of the Holy Spirit in that city (Nice) which is not on fire. They are not hungry for God. They don’t even know they need God. But by teaching and having a school open and the other things that go with that, he could make a difference in that city for God, as a young man in his mid-twenties. And he has always served Him but he didn’t know what he was to do until he got to Colorado and all that worked out.

Many of you are so talented. You believe you can get things done on your own because you’re motivated and talented but I feel sorry for you. It’s a blessing not to have any great talent because it makes you dependent upon God. But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and God has chosen the weak things of the word to confound the things that are mighty, I Corinthians. God has not chosen the mighty, the rich or the powerful. He has chosen the weak things of the world, the things that are despised not because God is against people with money, education, talent, or ability. It’s just when people have it all in the natural, they tend to think they can do everything themselves so they don’t depend on God.

The people who make a difference are those that don’t have a lot because they are turning to God and they are seeking Him. Therefore He can speak to them. God still speaks to the mighty and to the talented but the vast majority of them don’t listen because they are not dependent upon Him. They are depending upon themselves. They are on a highway to destruction.

Pastor Ray…

God gave the talent. He gave us all gifts and so no matter what it is in the natural that we can do, we have to trust in Him. We get to trust in Him. It’s an asset to know that you need God. This is going on Brother Dave’s message last Friday about hunger.

It’s an asset to know you need God and the way of man is not in himself. If you would spend a few days or a weekend fasting and praying, not be distracted by food or anything else and focus your attention on God and ask Him “Is this all You have for my life?”

Pastor Ray…

That is a good question. That question for me, when I got born again and we started going to First Baptist church downtown Minneapolis, I got baptized there, and I thought I arrived. Put it this way, I was stoked out. That was back then (ha, ha, ha). I thought it was just awesome. But Sandy started saying “Is this all there is?” I was like “Wait, there is more?” And she kept saying that. And we would see things and we would know that’s not… I mean what is wrong with these people. Sorry, not the Baptists but just a couple people. While we were there, the head usher shot himself in the head. It wasn’t anything against the church. He had a personal problem.

For me I thought I really got somewhere. I got out of wherever I was, got born again, got in a church, got baptized, and everything is cool. But for her it wasn’t cool. She had already been there and she is calling for more. She was asking for more.

That is one of his questions. Another one is…

“Well, what do you have for me?” “Am I really where I am supposed to be?”

Pastor Ray…

“Am I on target” or “Am I off course?” Remember how Brother Kenneth Copeland said that sometimes when things are just not working, they are not working the way you thought they should work or the way you felt God would have it to happen, that you back up in the things that you are doing to when things were working and then you start going again because you probably got off course or you did something that wasn’t in alignment with Him.

If you gave God the total freedom, became still to let Him speak to you, many of you would be transformed. But the average person does not give God that kind of time and stillness or listen to His voice that much. We need to do this on a regular basis.

Proverbs 4:26 tells us “Ponder the path of thy feet and let all thy ways be established.” You need to think about the path that you are on. You need to ponder it. You need to meditate on it and be still. If you do, your path will be established. I spent a lot of time pondering and thinking about what God has done in my life. I spend a lot of time remembering where I have come from and what God has spoken to me over the years. He has done so much for me, I constantly ponder and think about how God changed my life and how much He loves me.

If you are going to remove the limits from God and see His will come to pass in your life, you are going to have to commit yourself to seeking God with all of your heart. You need to be still and let Him speak to you. You need to get quiet before God and listen. Some of you are looking for something more profound than this. But until you start doing things, there is no point in going on to the next step.

Pastor Ray shared…

Andrew Wommack and his wife were in Nice, France, the same time my son and I were there. We were spending a week working on the parsonage for Pastor Marie and her sister. They had furnishings but they didn’t know what to do with them. So, we spent the week there and it was blessed. Andrew Wommack was going to some other country in Europe and something happened with his passport and he couldn’t get to where he was supposed to go. So, he decided with his wife that they would come back to Nice and spend the time there. The only problem was they were going to stay at Pastor Marie’s house and we were staying there. There was only a two-day overlap. I had already finished everything. We painted, mowed the lawn, we did everything. And the last two days, he showed up with his wife. We had never met him and I believe that’s around the time Charis Bible college had just started in Minneapolis. When he came in the house, we could tell right away that he wasn’t into the visual like we were. We could have done a really bad job decorating and he would never have known it. To him it would have been “oh, what a nice place.” That’s not his deal. The thing he couldn’t figure out was “Wait, you came from Minneapolis to spend a week to work on this house?” Yes, because it’s important to us and it’s important to her. That’s why we did it.

So, he got settled and we visited a while and did a few things together with Pastor Marie. So, after we left, he stayed there. He mowed the lawn and I am sure he was picking tomatoes in the big garden (ha, ha, ha). I mean he is so normal. One morning, Pastor Marie comes down from upstairs and he is in the living room with his laptop open. He said, “Oh, a million dollars came into ministry last night.” Just like that. He didn’t say anything else about it. He wasn’t jumping for joy. Pastor Marie was like, “A million dollars came in last night? Don’t you want to go outside right now and jump in the pool or something?” He said, “No, I expect it’s going to come.”

You can see if you go look online to Andrew’s website all of the buildings that are being built and how many students and everything that is going on, it’s awesome. And they are sending out all of these men and women filled with the Holy Ghost full of the Word all over the world. And that’s how this young man, how he is going to go back to Nice and do what he has been called to do. That’s the whole thing, to do what God has called us to do.

In 1995, Pastor Mark Harper had a church right across the border from Canada. He invited me there to make the their stage look good. So, I spent two days there. Things were happening here when I left. Holy Spirit was moving. So, I took that with and ministered at the church. I ministered in the natural by setting up the stage and then by ministering the Spirit in the service. And then he said to me, “There are a lot of things happening in Toronto. Do you want to go there?” I said, “Sure.” I didn’t know anything about it. He said “After the service on Sunday, we will just drive up there.”

Here is the thing: if I had not said yes to “Yes, I will come to your church in Canada. I’ll do that work for the stage,” then I wouldn’t have experienced what I had experienced. And when I came back, I wouldn’t have been able to do what God was able to do through me. I am just saying that the way Ananias said, “What do you want me to do?” He heard the voice of the Lord, he said yes, and then look at what happened for Saul/Paul.

For all of us today, it is so critical. I know what I want. I want to spend time with the Lord. That’s what I want to do.


We love You,Lord, we worship You
We humble ourselves before You
The bigness of Your plan and Your plans for all of us
They are so big, so great that those that are around us will be supernaturally blessed too
Because that same power of Your Spirit will come through us and minister to each one that we come in contact with
If we spend the time, if we stay filled, if we pray in other tongues, stir ourselves up
If we are willing to obey and do what God has called us to every day
Directed, be led – the Bible says He leads us into by His Spirit all truth
All of the Truth – He will never lead us in ways that we should not go
That is the Devil trying to direct us and lead us into places or steps or a path that God has not called us to go to
Thank You for the leading of Your Spirit, the direction of your Spirit
For a step by step process – hallelujah

I am just reminded of how if you are in a plane and you miss just one little degree, you will not get to the place that you were going to. You will miss it by miles and miles.

Thank You for Your abundance in our lives
We trust You, and we yearn for more of You
We are desperate, if we are not – let’s get desperate!
The more we focus on You, Lord, the more we want of You
The more we get of You, still there is more that we want of You
Thank You for baptizing each one of us here in this room here this morning fresh and anew
A refreshing and a newness that can only come from You
Holy Spirit – You are so welcome in this place

Brother Dave shared…

Thank You for this hour of prayer that You have called us to draw near to You
To become one with You so that You are one in the this earth
That we as the body of Christ is You in this earth – the hope of glory

One thing that you said there that really turned inside of my spirit was… and this is for somebody here. The Lord doesn’t care if you have abundance or if you have blessing or if things are going well for you or you have health in your body. He doesn’t care that you don’t have those things. And that’s the barrier that is going to keep you from getting to a place where brother Ray is talking about, where you hunger and strive daily. Where when you wake up in the morning, your spirit is crying for the Lord, where it’s drawing from you; you are not doing the work…

Your spirit wants to be with God. Your spirit was created to be one with God. Your spirit was created to be with Him all of the time. And your spirit wants to be in that place but like he was saying, there are things around you sometimes that are not necessarily bad that can draw you off. You are not to take comfort in the things. If you have a full bank account, you are not to take comfort in that. If you have a platinum health plan that you know that if you ever got sick, you will be covered. If you have a good relationship with your spouse, you are not to take that for granted. All of this could stop in a moment of time. With your spouse, you have a great relationship, you are in love, and you guys never fight and everything is great. But do you know what? That person can contract cancer in an instant of time and be gone. And then at that time you are on your knees seeking God to receive. God doesn’t want that for His body. God wants cancer not to ever exist in your body. And it’s not God making these things happen. It’s that we are getting our eyes off of the focus of what’s important.

“Brother Dave, I have been believing for this one thing” or “I have been praying about this one member in my family” or “I got this thing that I have been trusting and looking for God on, this issue.” That’s a good thing but that’s not the focus of what God wants with you. Yea, you want healing in your body and that’s a good thing and God wants healing in your body but that’s not the focus. He understands you have a need that way. Whatever that need is, He understands it. The Bible says He is moved with compassion. He is a high priest who is able to relate with us in our need, our daily need. But most of us come to God with that daily need. Okay, I am going to pray and I am going to seek God about this every day, that child or that lost loved one or whatever that situation is. And God is trying to say this to you. We come to Him and we bring these things to Him. And remember He loves you, so He cares about those things. But you sit down before Him and you bring all your things and you put them on the table but in His mind, He pushes them aside because He wants to talk to you.

“Yea, but I need this, Lord. I need this healing or I need this provision.” Yes, you do, and He knows you have need but do you know what? In His mind it’s not a big deal to Him.

Well, why isn’t it a big deal? It’s a big deal to me. Yes, it is a big deal to you but consider this, He is the healer. So, do you think He has a problem with you if you have sickness in your body, Him thinking He can’t heal you. In His mind He thinks “Not a problem.” So it’s not your lack of healing, your lack of provision. It has nothing to do with if He cares about you or wants to heal you or wants to provide for you or any of these things. That’s not the subject.

In that conversation the subject is this: “I need you. I need you to need Me in such a way that when you need Me in this way, you are not focusing on coming to Me because you need a healing or you need provision. You need Me because you know every day and every hour and every breath you take, you need Me.” Then when I speak to you, you trust Me in a way that you were unable to trust Me before. Because you have an intimacy with Me in such a way that all I have to do is stand with you and say, “I am here right with you, right now.” And that’s all I have to say to you. I don’t have to quote all these scriptures, all these things and tell you how I am going to bless you and what I am going to do to get rid of that problem and how I am going to heal you and financial issues are going to be dealt with. I don’t need to tell you all of that. All I have to say is “I’ve got you.” And then a smile comes on your face because You know Him. You know Him in such a way that your spirit inside you has such a confidence that you are one with Him and when He says “I am with you.” When He says “I am with you,” you become with Him. And the faith that He has, you have. And the confidence that He has, you have.

Like Brother Ray said about Andrew Wommack. He gets a million dollars and he is not wigging out. He knows. That’s right. That’s why God doesn’t wig out when you tell Him “I am at stage four cancer and they say I got 2 months to live.” He doesn’t wig out about that. And what He wants you to do is become one with Him so you see it and feel it and you hear His voice, so that you know in the morning when you wake up or in the night, wherever you are in your day what happens is that unity, that oneness with Him, destroys the yoke of the Devil. When it comes to lack and doubt and fear, you have no fear. And when you have no fear, there is nothing that is impossible. Because to Him all of His promises are “Yes and Amen.”

When we take comfort in the things like the money, health plans, the things that we think we take comfort in, we take it for granted. The problem with that is we stop and think “Well, I am good.” But you were never designed to be good by yourself. You can’t be separate from Him. And that’s the part where we mess up.

None of the things I am talking about are inherently bad. You having a healing is not a bad thing. That’s a good thing. Do you understand that? But if all your focus is on this, this, this, this… God’ is trying to say “You know what, I love you. I do love you. I could tell you all the scriptures that I love you. Just push this aside and let’s do this because I promise you, if you do this, all of this other doesn’t matter because I am greater than all of this.” And if you see it, that unity and that communion, that oneness, that Jesus always went away with the Father. The Bible always said that He went away to a solitude place and He always had that time, that walk, that thing you are talking about, that pathway. He always went away to that place. He was able to do the things that we saw Him do because He wasn’t about Himself. He was about the Father. He was one with the Father. He said that, right? He became one with the Father. So, this is about being one with the Father. That’s what we are sharing here. And when you are one with the Father, I tell you what. Can you imagine a body of Christ that is one with the Father? Oh, my goodness. Don’t even think about the political stuff. Don’t even think about the financial ruins of the country. Don’t even think about, I mean none of that matters!

I will give you this last word picture. If Jesus Himself was on this planet, what do you think He would do if He was by a hospital? He would clear it out. He would walk in there and clear the whole place out. Wouldn’t He? Absolutely, sinner and saved alike. That wouldn’t even be a requirement because of His love. But I guarantee you that person in that death bed getting out of there that is not a saved person, Jesus shows up to him and He instantly has a convert.

So, the things are the distractions. That’s why “I need more. Can I get more?” Let me put it to you this way “You don’t have enough of God.” I will just say that right now. My perspective at least at this point is I don’t think you will ever have enough and I don’t think you were ever designed to have enough. And the reason why is the very fact that He is infinite and that you can spend a lifetime with Him and not even scratch the surface of who He is, indicates that.

Continued praying…

Father, thank You for the Word
I know this message, I know what Brother Ray is saying
You are inside of me, You are permeating my being, You wake me up in the night hours
You draw me out in places, Lord God, like You have never done before
You are moving in the body in a way that You want them to come into the fullness of the power and the anointing and the grace that You have provided for this body in a way that they can see You and be in love with You and need You in a way that changes the world!
Where there true voice is “If you have seen me, you have seen my Father.”
I am one with the Father, that’s right – one with the Father
We look to You to be one with You!
And I know last Friday we shared some of these things but that’s not enough for You
I know that! You want this permeated within body of Christ! This need, this understanding, and the importance of this relationship, this communion to the point that when You say something – It’s absolute to them! And they can go out and achieve the greatest miracles on this planet
The inventions, the creativity, yes! The money that is necessary to draw the lost, to preach the Gospel to every nation, the financial wherewithal to have every financial need met before it even exists!
And men and women able to yield to the Holy Ghost, to hear from heaven, to change this planet in a way, Lord God, that ushers in Your coming! For it is the body, it is the bride of Christ, it is that One that is spotless and without blemish that You desire for this hour! It is the body that needs to be in that place where she is ready, where she has her oil in her lamp and she is ready! She is waiting for the Master! Occupying! Going into the highways and the byways and looking for the masses and lost and living a life where the purpose is one with You!

Where our purpose is Your purpose! Where our money is Your money! Where our life is Your life!
What I have is Yours and what You have is mine! Where truly my body is Yours, my body is Your body
Okay, yes, Lord, thank You for that
My body is Your body and therefore My body is whole because My body is your body
And there is no sickness in My body, there is no sickness in My body

That the power and the anointing that is present to heal and deliver and set the captive free is within the hearts and the minds of men and women so much that wherever they go, even the shadow of their shadow cast on a person would cause them to come alive and set free!

In the churches, in stores, the businesses, wherever – they are dropping on their knees hearing from heaven!
Your anointing, Lord, Your glory being made manifest in this earth
This revival that we have been praying for is this!
This is that! This is the thing You have been calling us to, this is the thing that You have been drawing us by Your Spirit to pray
You have been saying “Come to Me, I will teach you how to be meek! I will teach you how to be humble! I will teach you how to look to Me! I will teach you how to be with Me in a way that you will change the world!”
Your desire will be such that you have to have Me every hour of every day
Every moment of every day You will look for Me
Oh, thank You, Lord, glory!
Every hour of every day, not just on weekend, not just on Sunday
Glory ever hour of every day, wherever you go!
Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, thank You, Father

Now this is going to be something and you need to take the spirit of this in the right way because I know the Holy Ghost. For some even their Bible is between Him and them. Their Bible, the scripture, between the relationship, between them and the Father.

And this is the stumbling block, a stumbling block. “The Word was never designed to be without Me.” That’s what the Lord is saying. “It’s never designed to be without Me.” The Holy Spirit carries those Words and brings a revelation to your heart. You can just read the scriptures and they not do anything for you. There is a day coming in the near future when men and women will come in the faith of God. Where when I speak to them, they’ll stand up and go forth. And when I say it to be done, it will be done. And when I say “Mountains to be removed”, they too will say “Mountains to be removed” and they will be done. The dead will come alive. Yes, the spiritual dead will come alive as well. Yes, the lame will walk. The blind eyes will open in such a way that it will be a daily occurrence. And it will be every single day that these miracles will come forth. And it will be such that it will be normal to see these things. It will not be unnatural and it won’t be extra natural. It will be normal just as it was when I was here on this earth.

Yes, you need it.

Alright, this is the last thing that He put in my heart about this. Thank You, Father. The Holy Ghost is saying this. “You don’t need healing. You need Me. You don’t need financial blessing. You need Me. You don’t need peace. You need Me. You don’t need joy. You need Me. Whatever Your need is, you have no need of. You need Me. Because I AM.”

I need You, every moment of every day I need You
The air I breath, the life I live, I need You
I need You in such a way Lord God that the things around me don’t matter anymore!
I need You! Thank You, Father

Pastor Ray gave a Word of the Lord:

So, the drawing that is within each one of us, that He by His Spirit put within us, that drawing to go to a place… It could be in the woods. It could be in the city. It could be by a lake. It could be by a river. It could be by the ocean. It could be in the mountainside. Whatever that drawing is within you, I will be there to meet you there because that will be the place where your heart will be softened and you will see and you will hear and you will know what by the Spirit I have in store for you. that’s why I just said through… it’s not just this and its not just that, it’s Me! And it’s My presence. In My presence, the power of My Spirit, the atmosphere is changed, the doors are opened, the windows are up and My wind will blow and it will blow in you but it will blow through you and it will blow out beyond where you ever could go on your own or do what you could do on your own. So, come and fly with Me! And watch My creativity in You move through you and the gifts that I’ve placed inside you unwrapped and brought forth that others might see too and know that it is Me.

Continued praying…

Hallelujah, thank You Father
I take authority, I just sense this, I take authority in the name of Jesus this morning
there is something, some kind of, I am just going to call it like I see it – it’s like a cloud
It’s like a cloud but it’s not heaven sent
It’s Devil sent! I take authority over that that would try and hold you back, that would try to derail the plan I put within you
I take authority over it in Jesus’ name and say “Get out! Get away! Leave!
This is a Holy Ghost Freedom day! Freedom in Jesus’ name by the blood of the Lamb, the blood that was shed on Calvary
That day when He said “It is finished!”
It was then, it is now, and it will be in the days, weeks, months that are to come
So, rejoice in Me and know I’ve led you, directed you, gifted you, anointed you
So rest in Me (ha, ha, ha) Oh my!

♪ So rest in Me, I’ve made you free
So jump and walk and run, I’ve set you free
So know it’s Me, it’s not you, it is Me that is taking you through ♪
(singing in tongues) Hallelujah, it’s looking up!
It’s moving up! The Church is moving up! Revival is here!
And the awakening is on the scene! Oooooohh!
Glory! Hallelujah!
I just see a fire hydrant when they open that thing up – there is a gusher that comes out!
Hallelujah! Thank You for it Lord
A lot of the prayers that were prayed 30 years ago and more, beyond that, are beginning to unfold and come to pass in these days that we are living in! We are blessed to be here in 2018! Hallelujah!
For the Lord is good! and we’ve overcome because He overcame!
And the blood is working for us today so we don’t just stay the same
We’ve been created to change and change and change!
He said He doesn’t change but He said we change from one degree of glory to another!
Transformed and made new – hallelujah!
Thank You Lord
Never called you to be the same, never called you to stay the same, never called you to be the same
But I have called you to be rearranged
I’ve called you to change, I’ve called you to step up
I’ve called you to step out, I’ve called you to go through beyond where you can go on your own
For there is a new level, I see it like a new speed, a new shift, it’s like overdrive – has come to your house
I am saying your house, this one (pointing to body), in Jesus’ name
So don’t sweat tomorrows, be at peace and be at rest – it’s all Me
Hallelujah, glory, thank You Father,

We lift up our country, pray over our president, over our nation
Not just as a little addendum here but we cover these leaders and declare absolute wisdom there
Thank God He doesn’t just try and make it on his own talents or his own gifts but that he has yielded himself out for more and more of You!
And those that are praying in the White House, the Spirit of God is making a difference there
Thank You for it Father, we are so thankful that our country is moving and moving and moving
Despite the cries of the enemy, the lies of the enemy
The country is moving more God’s way
We thank You for it today – God, thank You that things are changing more in Your way in Jesus’ name
Thank You for that joy that is internal that brings strength within us to do what You have called us to do
Today, tomorrow, on into the future in Jesus’ name, Amen

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