Prayer Summary for Friday, February 19, 2016

Pastor Ray shared…

Yesterday after prayer, Jerre said, “If only people could know that prayer is not a drudgery. It’s not work.” So I made a list about prayer.

Prayer is a joy.
Prayer strengthens.
Prayer is a privilege.
Prayer stops things.
Prayer is a call. We’re called to pray.
Prayer opens doors.
Prayer is to God.
Prayer changes nations. We were praying for nations yesterday. Is that too big for Him? No!
Prayer is power.
Prayer brings revelation.
Prayer reveals things to come.
Prayer is a command.
Prayer lifts us.
Prayer is comforting.
Prayer transforms.
Prayer is life changing.
Prayer is communication with heaven.
Prayer is an honor to engage in, to be a part of.
Prayer is ordained of God.
Prayer advances the kingdom.
Prayer accomplishes His purposes.
Prayer is a responsibility.
Prayer heals.
And prayer changes things.
Prayer is fun.

That’s just my little list. Prayer is a joy. It’s comforting and helpful. It directs us. We get direction and revelation. We get more understanding. We get help. We don’t even know how to pray until we pray by the spirit. It enables things. It transforms us. It rearranges things. Okay, Jerre, give me your list.

Jerre shared…

Probably most of us in here have had the spirit of prayer revealed to us so it’s not a hard work anymore. It’s something that is thrilling for us. But when he was talking about it, I thought about prayer. Prayer is communion with the life-giving God. Then prayer is “communion” with the Creator of the universe. Then I thought how prayer is the “union of our spirits” with the Creator of the universe. Prayer is the “connection” of our spirits with the divine depths of the love of God. Prayer is entering in, being one with love, joy, and peace in the Holy Ghost. So prayer is a lifting, under girding. He’s the glory and the lifter of our heads. Well, He is also the glory and lifter of every part of us. Our minds, our bodies, our desires. Prayer is communion with eternal wisdom. We’re connected. We’re made one with the Spirit of God.

I remember this song He gave me. I was going upwards in the spirit, ascending. And it was far above the heavens, far above this song is a place I hunger for, the place I call my home. And so I went up another spot and drawing closer, hungering for His presence. And at the last verse, it was “now a place that’s new to me. We become as one and everything is finished. And everything is done. So connection with everything that God gave us. And we’re just getting to the point where we’re realizing that it’s done. We’ve been taught faith. And then He’s putting in that grace and I believe that the love of God will come in such manifestation that, that love will be the source in us that shed abroad in our hearts to bring us to that place that we just are thrilled to please the Father in every area. And that’s prayer.

I remember when we went to a prayer conference years ago in Washington DC. They were going to do a prayer group and I felt like, “I’m so tired. I’m just going to lay here and rest.” Lynne sweetly said to me, “Jerre, you got to get rid of that sleep.” I remember laying down in Washington DC and they were going to do the prayer meeting. I was like, “We’ve been going and going and going.” So I remember Dave C. calling on the phone saying, “Hey, we’re going to the mall. Want to go?” And I jumped out of bed! I went, “Oh my gosh. I am the most carnal person in the whole world.” I hit my knees by the side of the bed and said, “Father, you’re just going to have to change me because this is not right in me. I should want to be with You above anything else.” I remember praying and repenting vehemently. So the Holy Ghost said to me, “There will be a day coming when you will run to your prayer closet.” I pondered those things in my heart.

I was in another prayer meeting somewhere and Lynne said, “Jerre, you need to go to a prayer group.” I said, “I know, Lynne, I’ve been thinking about it. I just don’t know which one to do.” She said, “You need to go to Rod’s prayer group.” I said, “Okay.” I go to this prayer group and had gone three or four times and I was just being changed by the heart of prayer within him. He had the spirit of prayer on him. I had not gone into that depth yet. I remember being late for the group one night and I’m trying to get my guitar out of the car real fast and trying to get there and I’m running to the prayer group and the Holy Ghost said, “See. You’re running to the prayer group now because you want to go with all your heart and soul.” The beauty of the connection with Rod showing us his relationship connection and prayer was so fantastic. One time he sat in the middle of the group and he said I’m going to sit in the middle of the group. Close your eyes and don’t look at me. He began to pray and something dropped on the inside of me. He talked to the Lord the way he did privately: “Lord, I just thank You. I love it when you put that money in my bank account and I didn’t even know it was going to be there. Thank You for that. That was good. Lord, I just love it when you come all over me and it feels so good!” And from then on he tried to describe experiencing the anointing and the connection we have when we make connection with God.

Does it happen every time? I don’t think so because we’re to walk by faith. Not by looking for the manifestation but when they come like that, they’re like written on the tablet of our hearts and we continue. I realize that I’m talking to the choir about this. There’s a reason you’re here and it’s because of your relationship with God and that you know that there is a connection that is divine and it turns into where the devil will tell somebody who hasn’t experienced it that it’s a work. But when the spirit of prayer comes and when you’ve experienced Him, the heights and depths and the width and breadth of the love of God, experiencing Him by the Holy Ghost then it’s written on the tablet of your heart. And wow! Then it’s not something that you have to do anymore. It’s something beautiful and precious.

Morning Prayer was spent in worship…

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