Prayer Summary for Friday, August 21, 2015

Jerre sings prayer and worship

♪ Lord, You’re wonderful, so wonderful… We taste and see that You’re wonderful… Hallelujah… You’re wonderful, so beautiful for every situation… Oh so many times, we’ve tasted and have seen that You’re so beautiful for every situation… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I was thinking that there is no other place that I’d rather be than in His presence, at this place, at this time right now. In the natural, we think about places we love to go—trips, vacations, maybe a cruise. There is nothing that matches the beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit. Nothing. There is nothing that measures up to it. Not one thing. “Lord, You always give us direction. You always help us. You saved us. You’re so good.” Jerre, let’s sing in the spirit for a while.

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

As we were singing and worshiping the Lord, I heard the Lord say this: “Many times you think you’re worshiping Me but really the tongues that you’re speaking are declarations given by Me. When you think you’re just worshiping, you’re actually declaring and speaking and calling things that are not as though they were and straightening out things that were crooked! Sometimes, you’re poking holes in the enemy’s ways. You’re making crooked the path he thought was straight!”

Jerre shared…

The more you yield to the Holy Spirit and sing in other tongues, the fresher God can make it if you let Him. One time when I was singing in other tongues with my guitar, I saw this in the spirit. I saw this line going up and up and then down and them up and then down. So what I did was I followed that line with my tongues. When the line would go up, I would go up. [speaking with high voice] When the line would go down, I would go down. [speaking with low voice] And when it would go straight across, I would go straight. I followed that line for a long time. And what happened is that it kept me in the spirit. But the Holy Ghost was teaching me diversity and freshness of the Spirit. Remember in the earth days, it was only [singing in tongues in same note]. Remember that? But there’s more. There’s a diversity of tongues that can happen. There’s that and then there’s areas you go in the spirit. One time a Hawaiian tongue came forth. It was so refreshing. For a couple days, I was praying in a Hawaiian tongue and then a month later I was in Hawaii. It was a ministry trip. I used to laugh (not in a disrespectful way) when an Asian tongue would come forth. It was new and fresh and diverse. So I just encourage you to let that river be diverse. That would be a good prayer to pray, wouldn’t it?


Father, let our praying in tongues be diverse and fresh and alive, hooking up with You, Father. So we can go places in the spirit and it’s not a heavy burden. Your burden is easy and Your yoke is light. We thank You for that today. Diversity. Places and people and nations. We’ll not shut that down but take off the limits. Father, help us not to hold to a tradition of just the “same old same ole,” but be open to lifting our eyes to heaven and having You come and connect. When that happens, Father, we could pray and sing for all eternity because You are the God of time in that instant. We love You, Father, and we love Your ways. Holy Spirit, we lean on You. We lean in close to the Holy Ghost.

Jerre singing in the spirit and in English…

♪ “Accomplishments” I hear in my spirit as we sing today… Accomplishments, those things are accomplished, Lord… Oh taste and see today, that You are so wonderful… In Your presence, O Lord, we taste and see… You are so very good, so very good… Wonderful… ♪

Barb prayed…

Have mercy, have mercy
Great and mighty God, in whom there is no shadow of turning, let Your light shine
The reality of Your resurrection power that we would no longer deny the power of the cross
But we would embrace the riches of Your glory
Truly that we would experience the days of heaven upon the earth
A light unto this world, a light unto this world that can not be hidden
But that great and mighty spirit on the inside cannot be hidden away

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw a new kind of missionary for the days we’re living in. A new breed of missionary. Barb, when you were praying, you prayed “a way and resources—pray out the way and the resources.” And I saw in the front of the chapel big double doors opening. Opening and opening and opening. Missionaries in the place of prayer believing God to go there. He’s called us to go. To be open to receive the power of translation and move out of here and move there, be it a temporary time, days and weeks and maybe months. But taking our place and praying those positions by His power and grace.

I saw a table so long I could not see the end when Miss Jerre said, “Taste and see the Lord is good” and people were lined up sitting and they took the oil and put it on their foreheads and continually tasted how good and faithful He is. These are days of great change, but the Church has to rise up and be willing to not stay the same. If the doors had never been opened, we couldn’t go through. So sometimes He’ll show us ways and plans and words to declare and pray out every detail. Just be willing to go and speak and be a demonstration. “Fear, get out of the way.” Walk free and take our places…

“You see, I’ve never called you to be the same old way or be in the same old plan. Yes, declare it and speak it forth and receive it when you speak it, and not wait to see it to receive it. But receive it when you speak it. You shall see it. You shall receive it.”

Barb prayed…

It’s time to get out of the stagnant waters
It’s time to come out and be delivered from that place and step into the river that’s moving
Moving, moving every day
Where the anointing flows, where visions come, where the provision is—it’s in the river
The full supply, more than your eyes has ever seen
Get out, get out, get out and get in, get in, get in to the right river
It’s time to forsake the past, forsake the ways that have kept you bound and held in place
It’s time to step up and step out and move and join the race
You look at this one and you look at that one and you say, “Why is it that they overcome?”
Well, because they are in the river and that is where the grace of God is flowing
Move, move, move yourself today—move over, take a step
And you will see change, an amazing change, an incredible change
Let those things drop away; let them fall off of you
Don’t hold onto man’s ideas—let them go so you can flow

Pastor Ray spoke…

Miss Jerre, now you lead us in the flow… Not one of us want to stay out of those waters. We jump in. We jump in by faith and take our place

Jerre prayed…

Open, open, open the vista… the vista, open the vista… Open, open, open the vista… The doorways to the supernatural… Those prayer missionaries… going to the nations… opening, opening up those places… Preparing the way and straightening the paths… I see that, Lord… Opening, opening up the hearts of Your people… There is a new pathway… Actually it is the pathway of the ancients… The rhema words, Lord. Translations I see them. I see the translations… Father, we plead the blood of Jesus over the translations… Father, the laborers… increase… the vista… the pray-ers, the pray-ers, they go, they go… Missions from You, Lord… on a mission to this place and to that place… cutting through the darkness… in the spirit, ha, ha, ha… Translated there, Lord… And translated there, Lord… Open, open, open… Open the hearts and minds of Your people, Lord… There is more, there is more… There’s a going in the realm of the spirit… There’s a going in the natural and there’s a going in the spirit… Goings, goings, goings… they work together… Laborers, laborers, laborers… Those laborers, no hindrances… The soul opens… Over there, touching that… I see it, Lord, those translations… They put their foot there. Those missionaries in the spirit, they put their foot there… And Your Word is true, Father… Every place we put our foot, You give it to us… Those translations, Lord, they are real… Right there, right there… Now declare there… We declare that this is the territory of the Lord Jesus Christ… This territory, Jesus is Lord… A great turning in that place… You give it to us, Lord… It is our inheritance, that place is our inheritance… You do it by Your Spirit, Lord… Devil, you thought you shut us out there… You thought you could shut us out of there but you can’t shut us out because of the supernatural power of God… And translated, we go to those places that are shut up. Father, thank You that You open them… by Your Spirit… Real… It’s real, it’s real… The people see it… The laborer… In an instant from one region to another. One will lead to another. There’s no border that can hold us back… An army, there’s an army that can get in by Your Spirit… Strengthen Your laborers…

Barb Prayed…

It’s the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead
He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever
He’s the same one on the inside of you
Jesus Christ the hope of glory—it’s the same in you that was it was in Him
It’s time to possess the land and take back what the enemy has stolen
It’s time to take our authority and our place in this earth
It’s time to rise up, stand up
Way up, we’re coming way up
We’re standing to see things the way He sees them
We’re coming up—it’s a whole different way of seeing
Obey, obey, obey
We are seated with Him in heavenly places and we say, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that would try to come against the armies of God? Who is this?”
With the tiniest pebble of God’s power, we defeat the enemy’s plan
Not three stones, but one stone by the Holy Ghost
He is removed, for he is a defeated foe and he cannot stand against the Church
He cannot stand against the body of Christ
He is brought low

Jerre led in worship…

♪ Taste and see that the Lord is good. We taste and see that, Lord, You are good… ♪

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