Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, February 24, 2020

A Word of the Lord came forth…

The spirit of seeing will come about now in these days in a greater way than ever before. And My church will begin to see things that I have wanted them to see for years, and years, and years. And that spirit of seeing will begin to cause a knowing, in My church, and My church will continue on into a greater degree of growing than ever before. More, and more, and more of the lost shall come into My light. So see it, believe it, receive it, know it, and continue to contend for it, the things that shall come in these days that you are living in. It is the church, saith the Lord. The church, the body, My body about to enter into a new position, or place of seeing things the way I want My church to see it.

Scripture Focus…

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; (2) For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. (3) For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; (4) Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
(1 Timothy 2:1–4 KJV)


The following excerpt is taken from The Art of Intercession by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Jesus said, “There will arise, unless the Christians pray, not for the same purpose that the other riots came – but there will be riots, tumults, and disturbances all across the nation.

“Second, something is about to happen to the President that should not happen – and will not happen if you will pray.

“Third, something is about to happen again that will bring further trouble in the economic scene, the financial structure.

“But you can stop all three. You can stop the upheaval in the social structure. You can stop the upheaval and the activity of the devil in the political scene. You can stop the devil from disrupting the financial scene of your nation.

“You can change all three through intercessory prayer.

Reviving the Art

You see, I have said—
It has been prophesied by the Spirit of God, spoken by the Spirit, given by prophecy, given by tongues and interpretation; men speaking out of their hearts that burden, that word, that conviction that was put into their spirits by the Spirit of God, concerning these days… concerning a great move of God and a great move of the Spirit.
But those things cannot come, even though that is the will of God (unless)…
You see, God is speaking forth His will;
God is speaking forth His plan;
God is speaking forth His purpose.
But, you see, you are the Body of Christ.
That great move of God that is just waiting there, cannot come unless the Church gives birth to it. Remember that Paul writing to the Church at Galatia said, “My little children of whom I travail in birth again, until Christ be formed in you.”
The way that you will give birth unto the move of God and unto that which He has planned, that which is His highest purpose, and will for your land and for this day—
The way you give birth to it is to bring it about through soul travail and intercessory prayer.
So the Spirit of God is enlisting men and women today to volunteer to be one of those who will say,
“Lord, You can depend on me to be one of those who will sacrifice even the legitimate pleasures of life, and come aside from fellowship with others that they enjoy so much, and spend time on their face in intercession.”
He is seeking out those today who will respond to Him.
Thank God, my heart answers back, “Lord, I am one of them. I am one of them.”
And others will enlist, and will enter into the greatest ministry there is— the ministry of intercession.
And so it shall come. It shall come.
The darkness that hovers on the horizon of time,
The darkness that hovers on the horizon of our own nation,
Will be dispelled and driven back. For the light of God will shine through;
And the rivers of the Spirit will flow;
And the blessings of God will come;
And it shall break – break upon us like a mighty dam has broken.
And the flood waters will rush forth,
Sweeping before them all that is in their path.
So the flood waters of His blessing and His goodness and His Spirit shall sweep forth like a mighty flood.
Not to bring devastating results—but to bring glorious results.
Not to bring death and destruction—but to bring Life, and Peace, and Health, and Healing.
And glorious shall be the day thereof.
Giving yourself unto intercession, then you shall be on who will see the fruits of your labors.
So labor on—pray on in persistence and in faith.
And the flood gates of His blessings shall be loosed upon the world and upon this nation.
And it will be so,
And it can be so,
And it shall be so,
That the Church shall yet see her finest hour in this time and in this day!


Yes, Lord, we surrender to You, to Your will, and to Your plan
Thank You, Father, we worship and honor You
We believe that Your will is coming to pass in these days
Calling for those words to be spoken out and declared over this nation, Lord
Yes, we will contend all the way to the very end!
There is a marching force and a prayer force like an army!
Calling for the co-laborers to come together!
Miracles are on the way, and we thank You for it, Father
Signs, supernatural happenings, and turnarounds are taking place today!
Every lie of the enemy shall be exposed and uncovered
Staying stable and fixed, staying, and declaring that this is the way we will be blessed
We call those things not as though they were, Father
Yes, we are setting out toward those uncharted new territories!
You are preparing the way for us, Lord
Low places be made high, high places be made low in Jesus’ name!
Thank You for those Spirit-given operations
We will cut those things off and be thou removed in the name of Jesus!
Pressing ahead, and we unfold those things, and we call for multiplication
Grant unto us a greater revelation of Your Word, Lord
Praying over those connections, all of the connections, Father
Greater connections, greater revelations, and greater wisdom
Thank You, Lord, we worship You
The blood of Jesus is cleansing, and washing, and making us whole
We are overcoming in, by, and through that precious blood
Surround us in Your blood, Father
We call forth that blood over our leaders and our families
This nation is covered with the blood of Jesus today!
There is healing in that blood, and there is safety in Your blood
We apply the blood of Jesus over the nation of Israel
Covering every border of that nation, Father
We pray for the peace of Jerusalem
Calling for safety over every leader of the nation of Israel
We plead the blood of Jesus over the north, south, east and the west
Every piece and part of that nation of Israel is covered by Your blood
Nothing broken, nothing missing, but everything made whole!

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