Prayer Summary for August 27


A Word of the Lord came forth through Kenneth Copeland at Living Word Christian Center on August 24, 2018:

Word of the Lord:

Don’t be concerned at this time about the direction that the nation is taking. For you see, you are in transition. You are transitioning from a splintered sick and dying nation, swarmed and choked by political ideas and godlessness. You are transitioning to one nation under God, indivisible. Don’t pay so much attention to the news media. They don’t know much and all they know is what is already happened. For my angels are at work.

Thank You, Lord.

The prayers of My people have been heard on high, sayeth the Lord. This United States… (giggle). Is the only nation on this planet formed by people expressly because they love and wanted to worship Me, sayeth the Lord. I created the nation of Israel because I love them, but the United States was created because you love Me and I WILL, sayeth Jesus, never, ever forget it. I’m not bringing judgment and destruction upon this nation. It has already happened. And the healing of that judgment, the healing, has already begun, and for the most part the healing and deliverance from that judgment has just now been resolved, sayeth the Spirit of Grace. Because you have no idea how much prayer is going on in the White House. You have no idea how much prayer is going on around this President, at his request. You don’t know, but understand this, I put him in there and I’ll take care of him in there. (praising/clapping)

He has a lot of rough edges, but so do you. And My grace is being poured out on him and on his family and I am asking you, sayeth the Lord, I am asking you, I am telling you, don’t make your words stout against Me or against him. This is not a time to be critical, it’s a time to pray. It’s a time to stand in the gap. It’s a time to know and understand that I’m not about to let this nation fall. I’m not about to let it fail. Its greatest hour is yet to come and it’s very soon to manifest.

This nation is in the midst of being Born Again.

Word of the Lord for LWCC:

Now about this church… oh my… I hear many different languages from all over the world being spoken in this church. People coming from far and wide because of miracles that have been happening here and the outpouring that began. It began in one of Brother Hagin’s meetings. The glory fell and His power fell so strong on Pastor Mac that he supernaturally, he supernatur…I saw it. I saw it with my own eyes. This is me talking. I saw it. But I just heard the Spirit of God say, it began that night. He was picked up from where he stood. God picked him up and stood him on top of the pulpit and then stood him over on the other side of it. No way he could have physically done that. It began then. For I have picked this place up and I’m thrusting you into the place of your calling… You have entered… come up here, Lynne, right quick…come, come, come. You are entering and have entered into the next phase of your ministry and this one will not be as difficult a transition as the ones before have been. Oh, it will come so easy. You’ll just begin to preach things you didn’t even know you knew. (laughing) Oh, the flow, oh, the flow and things that you’ve prayed in the spirit over and over and over are now beginning to come to pass. And, Mac, you’ll step on over into the ministry of the prophet. And it will flow and you’ll say, “What has happened to me…?” and tonight is the night of transition. Tonight is the night where you step on the next rung of the ladder. Closer and ever closer to the dreams that you’ve dreamed all these many years in the miraculous, in the healings, in the finances. Yup, Mac don’t turn loose of that airline. Don’t turn loose of that, man. It’s so close, it’s so close. You can’t imagine how close that thing is.

Now, by the authority invested in me as a prophet of God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I anoint you for the next step and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, LAUNCH!

Glory to God! The nations of the earth will feel this impact and in the next few days, you will get calls confirming this from places around the world. So be it done unto you according to the Word of the Lord. Rest in Him and see that He will bring this to pass in the land of the living, sayeth the Lord.

Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

[Over congregation] Be blessed, be blessed, be blessed, be blessed, be blessed, be blessed, be blessed. Healing needs a receiver, anybody open? Be blessed! Be healed! Be well! Be strong and prosper! Hallelujah!


Thank You, Father, for the presence of Your Holy Spirit
It is a new day, it is a new time, and we open ourselves up to more of You
We receive an increase in revelation, comfort, mercy, and grace, Lord
Your presence is in this place, and we thank You for it, Father
You have called us to be one body
Thank You, Father, that You saw fit that we would live now, in these last days
You brought each and every one of us in the kingdom for such a time as this
There is transition and transformation taking place in each and every member in Your body, Lord
Your Word is going forth, and having free course in this nation!
Yes, Father, we will be co-laborers with You
You who have begun a good work in us will see to it to the day of completion!
No, we will not quit or step back, but we will contend all the way, Father
By Your mercy and by Your grace, we will continue to move forward in the things You have called us to
We will continue to stand together for our brothers and sisters in the Lord
You are perfecting us so that we can see as You see, and speak as You speak
Our heart is to be like You, to be sons and daughters of the most high God
We are transformed by Your Word and transformed by Your Spirit
The blood of Jesus is working today, bringing us more and more into the fullness of God
Yes, we will see and do as You would have us see and do!
We have been created in the Father’s image, and in His likeness
Calling forth believers to step into their positions, foreordained before the foundation of the world
You are calling us to greater responsibility and greater influence!
Yes, we will speak and declare of Your goodness and Your mercy!
We will be living epistles, written for all men to see!
Internal transformation is taking place today, Lord
Thank You for hearts that are transformed, hearts that are pure, clean, and holy
We are calling for even more; we want more of You, more of Your Word, and more of Your Spirit
You have called us to go about doing good, and healing all that are oppressed of the Devil!
Thank You for even greater demonstrations, operations, and manifestations of and by Your Spirit, O God
There is movement and there is motion in the church of the living God
No longer idle, no longer status quo, but there is a change and a transition taking place all across this nation!
Thank You for the word that was spoken by Your spirit over this nation, we receive it, Father
You are working in The White House, Your Word is having free course in this nation
The blood of Jesus is over our President, over his family, over his children and grandchildren
We plead the blood of Jesus over his staff members, over his advisors, and over his cabinet members
The precious blood of Jesus is keeping the destroyer back and it is bringing light and life to every situation!
Surround President Trump with godly men and women who will speak words that anointed from heaven
Strengthen them of and by Your Spirit to continue to resist evil!
Grant unto them supernatural energy, that they will finish the call and finish the plan!
Those things are moving more and more to the right!
Transition in that way, transformation in that way, there is a lifting up there, and a moving over there
We call for a separation and a cleansing of some things, Father
That anointing is operative on our President, and it is working to a greater degree and a greater level, O God
You ordained President Trump for such a time as this!
Calling for supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit
Yes, we will be the hands and the feet of Jesus
Some things are coming up, some things are coming forth, it is coming out by the Spirit
There is an inpouring and there is an outpouring!
Illuminate that Father; give us eyes to see and ears to hear
We declare no in Jesus’ name, there is no violation there!
The blood is working there; the blood is stopping those things dead in their tracks!
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf
Go, watch, guard, guide, and protect our President and his administration in Jesus’ name!
No, it cannot be stopped!
We call for wisdom from the highest kingdom!
There is a bending going on, there are changes taking place today!
Where there was darkness, we call for there to be light!
Unbound in the name of Jesus!
We release a supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ towards that transition
Father, we plead the blood of Jesus over Your words, and over Your plans
Thank You that we can come to Your throne of grace, unashamed!
We will pray out Your plans and Your purposes, Father
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today!

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Translations, translations, some will look like a dream, it will seem like you had a dream, but it wasn’t a dream it was a translation. If you’ll just check into your heart, and be aware, because sometimes translations cause that advancement in the kingdom of God. For those that move from one place to another and declare what they’ve been given in their hearts, those giftings that are within, they begin to declare up and out of their heart words that bring about great change and bring about advancements in whole groups of people. Changes and turns and a greater mobilization of the forces of God’s army. The more that we receive, the more that we will give, the more that we take in the more that we will give out, and the more that we give out, the more that we need to take in, and the more that we take in, then the more we give out even more, and it will bring about a great Holy Ghost show! Glory! That is the dunamis, the dynamic, the dynamite power from heaven operating through men and women that are willing to go, that are willing to yield, that are willing to flow! Oh, so there is a great flow, and there are greater connections than ever before, because the church is coming together! It is called restoration, hallelujah! All of the parts and all of the positions, and that one and this one and those. Hallelujah, hallelujah, thank You, Father, we worship You, we worship You, Lord. We thank You for Your presence, for Your goodness, for Your mercy and for Your kindness. Thank You, Lord. Hallelujah!

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