Prayer Summary for August 25


The following prophecy was given by Creflo A. Dollar on August 14, 2011:

“These Are My Days”

“You are not here, hearing what you have heard, and it be a coincidence. I have called you this day to hear these words for what I am prepared to do, and for what you are preparing to say. I have desired all these days to have sons and daughters who will live My way, and not ignore the things I have instructed and given unto them, but to flow in what I say and in My way so that I may cause great things to come up into this world. And you, oh yes, you I will use. As you prepare to go on the battlefield, and yes it is,” saith the Lord, “a battlefield, I will cause you to have victory in every battle. If you will initiate and walk in this way, I will bring you to a successful day. And you will begin to understand and know how the power and My Spirit will flow. I am elevating and causing your grace to grow. These are My days, and everything is on My time clock,” saith the Lord. “But we will not win doing the things we’ve done in the past. For the victory is in faith. So, come and understand this day that what you speak and say, and what you do, I will flow with you, and we will have great victories in every area. And possessing the land, oh yes you will! For I have equipped you to do so. I have equipped you to go forth and take the territories as you have heard. But these are the days that are flowing with my ways, and it begins with you today so prepare yourself in great joy. And don’t doubt, don’t be frustrated, and don’t fear. I am with you. I have released angels to go and to prepare your way. Speak the words, and I will give you quick results. Know that I am God, and I will show up suddenly, and you will rejoice. And don’t do it in doubt, thinking it wouldn’t come about. For I will bring it to you soon. You are going to see it sometimes before you see the moon. And I am going to move on people who are your enemies. I’ll turn them around, and they will show you favor like you have not seen. For these are my days being done in my ways. Prepare yourself, for these days will not be days where you will sorrow, although the world will. You will rejoice as those in Goshen as you see my hand moving in every aspect of your life. Try me! I’ve already said that. Test me! I’ve already spoken that. Prove Me and watch and see for I am prepared to stand up strong in thee. Begin to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for these last days of poverty, sickness, and death are over and had. Rejoice and trust Me, and I’ll show you through. And you will see great power that you once knew,” saith the Spirit of the Lord.


Father, we thank You for Your Word that is dwelling on the inside of us
The power of Your Holy Spirit is enabling us to do all that we have been called to do
We praise and magnify You this morning, Lord
You have ordained us to walk in Your will, and You are preparing us for more
Thank You for Your distribution center in Heaven
We will never stay the same, but we will continually move higher and higher in You
Casting down all fear, worry, and anxiety, we put all of our trust in You, Lord
Your words that were spoken will minister in and through us
We have the victory, because of what Your Son, Jesus, did on the cross
Thank You for the abundance of Your Spirit
Open up our eyes and ears, Lord, that we may see and know the things of the Father
That we would speak words of life and not words of death
Jesus—Your name is above every other name!
We magnify, praise, and lift up Your name today, Lord
Asking You to give us a greater revelation of who You are, Father
We find peace and comfort in Your love and in Your presence, Lord God
Calling for adjustments, changes, and new beginnings from Heaven today!
You are revealing to us what we need to do, and the victory is ours
Receiving healing, wholeness, wealth, and prosperity of every kind!
The provision has been sent for every need!
You have called us to stand up and take our place of authority in the body of Christ
We will run the race You have set before us, Father
Your plans and purposes will be revealed and unfolded each and every day
Thank You for the oil of Your precious Holy Spirit
It is lubricating us and making those limbs move the way You have called them to move
Every body part coming in alignment!
Pain free and walking in victory in Jesus’ name!
We will continually move ahead in the will, plan, and purpose of God almighty
Calling for mandates and combinations from heaven today!
Pushing out boundaries and entering into more of the fullness of God
There is freedom and victory in those things You have called us to
Every detail is being lined up and orchestrated for the right plan and purpose of the Father
We will be at the right place at the right time, and we will finish our race!
Casting down every limitation in Jesus’ name!
All those things are being lined up and synced up right on time and right in time
Calling for supernatural alignments and strategies from the Father
Lifting our eyes, so we know what He knows and we see what He sees
We will continually be led by the Holy Spirit
Declaring for a move of God to sweep across this nation
Asking for greater demonstrations, greater understanding, and greater strength today, Lord
We are in the very timing of God, and we call for advancement in Jesus’ name!
There will be a supernatural alignment of pastors and spiritual leaders in these last days
Standing together with one voice and one heart for one plan and one purpose
We are on the edge of the greatest move of God that the earth has ever seen
Supernatural bridges are being built to connect denominations together
The army of God is getting stronger by the day, and it is in complete unity
God is speaking and those things are being changed and rearranged
He is moving, and His voice will be heard!
Doors are being opened, and the tide is being turned
Adjustments are being made: one is being lifted up and another is being taken down
Our Father has secret agents all across the world, and they are working on behalf of the body of Christ
There is a greater momentum of the Spirit today!
Calling for leaders that will lead, leaders that will grow, and leaders that will flow
You are revealing and uncovering our plan and purpose, and we receive it by faith
Be loosed in Jesus’ name!
Staying strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!
We have been called for such a time as this!
You are the secret agent and the great I am!
Holy Spirit, fall afresh on us, today
Calling for the Church to be awakened and to move out into what You have called us to do
Orders are being changed, and decisions are being rearranged
Those things will be loosed and set free in the name of Jesus!
We are speaking from the realm of the spirit
This is the time, and this is the hour of glory!
We open up our eyes to more of the new in You, Lord
Receiving it by faith and we chose to believe it

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