Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, August 19, 2019

Scripture Focus…

No Evil Shall Befall Thee – Psalms 91

Confess the following frequently:

Because we dwell in the secret place of the most High, we abide in the shadow of the Almighty, in the light of His glorious presence. We are a part of the family of God, those who are born again of His Spirit.

The Lord is our refuge and my fortress. He is our shelter and protection, my way of escape from all danger and harm. We walk in His Word, clothed in His armor. He is our rock and our fortress, our deliverer; our God, our strength, and our high tower.

He delivers us from all snares, traps, and temptations. In Him we turn away from evil and rise up over sin. He has given us power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.

My God covers me with His feathers, and in His wings we trust. He hedges us in so that the evil one cannot touch me. Because of our trust in Him, we walk boldly by faith so that we are not afraid of the terror at night, the pestilence in darkness or the destruction at noon. We fear no evil, but our reverent fear is in the Lord.

Because we choose to walk in faith and in love, no harm will come to us.  A thousand may fall at our side, and ten thousand at our right hand, but it will not come near us. No weapon formed against us will prosper.

With our eyes we will behold the reward of the wicked, those who are terrified at night, hit by arrows, destroyed by pestilence, consumed by fear. Because we are Christians, we do not expect the horrible things that happen to others to happen to us. Since we have made the Lord, the most High, my refuge and habitation, no evil will befall us, no plague will come near our dwelling.

The Lord has given His angels charge over us, to keep us in all His ways. They watch over us and act on our behalf, just as they watched over, guided and protected the children of Israel and the apostles. The angels of the Lord make up a hedge around us and around my family. They bear us up in the palms of their hands.

Therefore we will tread on the lion and the adder, the young lion and the dragon will we trample under foot. As a joint heir with Christ Jesus, all things – including Satan, the roaring lion, are under our feet.

Because the Lord has set His love upon us, and we have set our love upon Him – He delivers us and sets us on high. We call upon Him and He answers us. Satan can no longer hold us hostage because we have been delivered from him and his power.

With long life the Lord satisfies us, and He shows us His salvation. Before the foundation of the world, He chose us and set us apart to fulfill His purpose on this earth. He has a reason for us to live and not die. We have no fear of our life ending prematurely for the Lord has saved us from sin, sickness, fear, poverty and death and has delivered us into righteousness, health, peace, prosperity and life in all its fullness, joy, satisfaction and abundance. Thanks be to God!


Thank You for that Lord, thank You for Your Word and for the blood that was shed
Your name is the name that is above every other name!
We give You all the glory, honor, and praise, Father
Yes, You are the same yesterday, today, and forevermore
The Word lives and speaks today, and Your Word will never change
Thank You for righteousness and for health
You have given us peace that surpasses all understanding
Calling for prosperity of every kind – spirit, soul, and body
You have anointed us and equipped us with everything we need to fulfill Your plan
There is power in the blood of Jesus!
Thank You for abundance in every area, Lord
You have revealed unto us the ways to go and the words to speak
We call for restoration in the body of Christ today, Father
Casting down strife and division of every kind
Calling things back together, the way that You have called them to be
Thank You for the blood covering over the body of Christ
No, we will never let go or let down!
Yes, we will continue to contend all the way to the very end!
We declare those things to come forth in the name of Jesus
Thank You, Father, for the atmospheric conditions for You to move by Your Spirit


The following was shared during Morning Prayer:

When God Stepped Down From Heaven
By Rev. Owen Murphy


When men in the streets are afraid to open their mouths and utter godless words lest the judgments of God should fall; when sinners, overawed by the Presence of God tremble in the streets and cry for mercy; when, without special meetings and sensational advertising, the Holy Ghost sweeps across cities and towns in Supernatural Power and holds men in the grip of terrifying Conviction; when “every shop becomes a pulpit, every heart an altar, every home a sanctuary” and people walk softly before God – This is Revival!

Today the word Revival had largely lost its real meaning. Our present generation, never having witnessed the mighty movings of God in nation-wide spiritual awakening such as has taken place in past generations, has little conception of the magnitude of such a “visitation.”

REVIVAL is confused with EVANGELISM!

Heaven-sent revival is not religious entertainment where crowds gather to hear outstanding preachers and musical programs; neither is it the result of sensational advertising – in a God-sent revival, you don’t spend money on advertising; people come because Revival is there! Revival is an “awareness of God” that grips the whole community, and the roadside, the tavern, as well as the church, becomes the place where men find Christ. Here is the vast difference between our modern evangelistic campaigns and true revival.  In the former, hundreds may be brought to a knowledge of Christ, and churches experience seasons of blessings but as far as the community is concerned little impact is made; the taverns, dance halls, and movies are still crowded, and godlessness marches on. In revival, the spirit of God like a cleansing flame sweeps through the community. Divine conviction grips people everywhere; the strongholds of the devil tremble and many close their doors, while multitudes turn to Christ!

Continued Praying…

We need revival Lord, we are hungry for it!
Father, we surrender to You, to Your will, and to Your plan
America, shall be saved!
We welcome Your presence in this place, Lord
Jesus, we surrender to more and more of You
Thank You for Your precious Word
We lift and magnify You, Father
You are so good and You are so faithful
Yes, we ask for a greater outpouring of Your Spirit, Lord
Saturate us with more of Your Spirit
You have given us more than enough to fulfill Your call and plan
Thank You for the ministry of Your Holy Spirit working in us
You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
We are healed, healthy, and whole!
Thank You that we are protected by that precious blood of Jesus
Grant unto us a greater revelation of Your will, Father
You are working in and through us today!
We rest in You, Lord
Thank You for the peace that surpasses all understanding!
Giving You all the glory, honor and praise!

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