Prayer Summary for April 18


Father, we pray that Your will and Your plans would be done in our lives
Thank You for open eyes this morning, that we would see in our spirits, show us the way, Lord
We believe to see and hear those things You are showing and speaking to us
Seeking Your will today, we hunger and thirst for more of You
There is victory in the name of Jesus!
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place


Quotes on The Importance of Praying in other Tongues

John Osteen:
No manifestation of the Holy Spirit is so universally despised as speaking in tongues. The religious world will tolerate praying for the sick, prophecy, and many other like things but one mention of speaking in tongues and united persecution begins. This universal attitude is abnormal and is fostered by the supernatural power and influence of the devil. Why does Satan hate speaking in tongues?

• Satan hates speaking in tongues because he knows it is the scriptural sign to the believer that he has received the baptism of the Holy Ghost (see Acts 2, 10 and 19, Mark 16:17).
• Satan hates speaking in tongues because it is God’s ordained way for the believer to be supernaturally edified in the inner man (see 1 Corinthians 14:4).
• Satan hates to hear speaking in tongues because he knows that through tongues and the interpretation of tongues the Church is made strong (see 1 Corinthians 14:4;5).
• Satan hates speaking in tongues because he knows man can speak divine secrets to God and no man—no devil—can understand him (see 1 Corinthians 14:22).
• Satan hates speaking in tongues because he knows that by this gift the Holy Spirit enables the believer to pray with groanings that cannot be uttered otherwise and it is always according to the will of God. (see Romans 8:26, 27).

Therefore, every Christian the devil turns against this scriptural manifestation of the Spirit is in a very sad and powerless state. The believer who does not speak in other tongues has no sign of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He cannot supernaturally edify himself or the Church.

The believer cannot speak divine secrets to God, be a sign to the unbeliever, or have the supernatural aid of the Holy Ghost in praying according to the will of God.

Continued Praying…

Thank You, Lord, for the baptism of the Holy Ghost
We will continually draw from Your Spirit, Father
Fresh anointing fall on us, today!
Fill us, and empower us, refresh us with Your Spirit, Lord
Moving ourselves out of the natural realm and into the spiritual realm
In Your presence there is momentum and an even greater expectation
We are overflowing with love from heaven today!
Leaving and letting go of some old ways and moving into the new
The Church is moving up into brand new ways, steps, and passageways
Give us a greater yielding, hearing, and seeing for the times we are living in
The Church is being called up and called to reach out further than we have ever been before
Reaching beyond our own capacities, and we yield to the Holy Ghost in an even greater way
Moving outward, outward, outward!
There are so many more days to walk in
Believing for Holy Ghost happenings!
We are flowing in the rivers of the Spirit, today!
Stepping out into the waters, Holy Ghost waters!
Step by step, He is leading us deeper and deeper
We say “yes” to Your will and to Your ways!
Continually moving ahead to the new—new steps, new ways, new days, new plans
Abandoning the old ways and fixing our eyes on You, Lord
Stepping out each and every day, walking in the new ways!
By faith, we lean into and trust in You!
We are coming up, walking in, and accelerating into all that is new
You are revealing to us the steps and the signs of the times
Combinations, show us those combinations, Father
You have a great purpose for each and every one of us
The body is pressing into that combination that unlocks those things
All a blazed!
There is a busting out; there is abundance in that!
Cling to Him, move in the Spirit!
Combustion, cooperation, go all the way!
Words to set free, words to restore, and words to heal!
Divine and anointed words are being spoken
We receive those answers, help, and solutions today, Father
This is the day of assignments in Jesus’ name!
Rolling off every care
Moving up, moving out, and moving ahead and beyond
You are the way, the truth, and the life!
We will stay on the path that You have set before us
There is more, there is greater, the way has been made
Yes, we believe it, Lord!
We will step into the way; by faith we will step into that, Father
Jesus—Your name is above every other name, and we call upon that name today!
By faith, we will take a hold of those things, and we cover them with the blood of Jesus
Expansions are taking place; those things are being pushed out further and further
It is supernatural, but we have the power and the authority to terminate some things
Hindrances, be removed in Jesus’ name!
We terminate those wrong turns, wrong plans, and wrong words with the blood of Jesus
Calling for bold steps, greater steps, and for a crossing over into the new
By faith, we will walk in those things You have called us to
Move, Church, move! Move, Church, move!
The One that has the word, has the authority
By the power and through the Word, we stand firm!
Moving into it, take a step by faith, take your turn, and take your position of authority
The people of God must rise as one, and as one represent the kingdom!
No, we will not grow weary, but we will stand on the Word of God!
We seek You with all of our hearts, Lord
Give us our marching orders, Father
Our hearts will not fail us for fear, for we will stay steadfast on the truth of Your Word!
You are providing us with everything we need to finish the race in these last days
We are rising up into an order of operation that the world has never seen before
No, we are not ashamed, and we will boldly declare that You are our God!
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise, today!
By the Spirit, we are anointed to preach the Gospel, on such a level that this world is unfamiliar with, all to the glory of God!
You have anointed us for such a time as this
Thank You for Your presence, we will walk in the fullness of Your Spirit, Lord
We lift this day up to You, and we ask You to bless it!

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