Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, April 1, 2019


Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence in this place
Thank You that You are directing, leading, showing and revealing things to us
We open our hearts to You, and yield ourselves before You, Lord
Yes, we humble ourselves before You, and we trust and rest in You, Father
Casting all of our cares, anxieties, and questions upon You
We let those things go and we tune into more of You, Lord
Thank You, thank You, thank You!
Lord, we are hungry and desperate for more of You
We want You to move, Holy Spirit, the way You want to move
Yielding our hearts and humbling ourselves before You, Father
Yes, we trust in and we yield to all that You want to do in our lives
We open up our hearts and our minds to You; You are welcome in this place


The following excerpt is taken from Revival – God’s Proven Method of Awakening His Church by Edgar H. Lewellen:

Defining What Revival Really Is:

Revival is a powerful visitation of God which falls upon a people or community. Let us note that God, knowing the hearts of men, does not always visit His people in the same way, although the end result will be the same – producing a pure and holy people. God knows what knowledge a person or group of people has about Him or even if they know anything about Him – whether they know anything about the Scriptures, what their background is and especially if they have been brought up in some other religion and steeped in false teachings. To these He may reveal Himself through visions, dreams, an appearance of angels, and other unusual phenomena, which may seem strange to us who have the Scriptures for our source of Truth and don’t need those things. Therefore, we need to be cautious so we do not judge these evidences wrongfully as these may be the same God reveals Himself to them.

Genuine revival is the extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit upon lives.

The following are a few definitions given by men of God who have seen with their own eyes the wonderful working of God in revival, and share with us from their first-hand experiences what they have seen and what God revealed to them:

Charles G. Finney says that revival “is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God, getting down in the dust before God with deep humility and forsaking sin.” (II Chronicles 7:14)

Duncan Campbell says that “it is an entire town gripped by the fear of God, causing an awareness of God coming over the whole community.”

Acts 2:12 – “And…were in doubt, saying one to another, What does this mean?” Revival affected all that came to Jerusalem, when the Holy Spirit was given. More than the local church was affected. They were shaken and amazed.

Arthur Wallis says that Revival “is God revealing Himself to man in awful holiness, and irresistible power. It is such a manifest working of God that human personalities are overshadowed and human programs are abandoned. It is man retiring into the background, because God has taken the field – that state when He becomes everything, and I become nothing before Him.” It is then that God becomes the speaker and Central figure.

Ord Morrow says, “To be revived is simply to return to the place where the Christian knows nothing stands in the way to hinder his relationship to God and with his fellow man. The child of God must make sure that everything is right with God, first of all, and then tend to his relationship with Christians and non-Christians alike.”

Other Definitions:

1. It is God’s finger pointing at me. See John 21:21 when Peter says to Christ, “Lord what about him?” pointing at John. Jesus replied, “Peter, that’s none of your business. That’s my responsibility. Your business is to follow me.”

2. It is something bigger than the local church! A church cannot contain God when He begins to work. It goes beyond the church and touches the community “…not in a matter of days, but hours, and churches become crowded with people seeking God.” – Duncan Campbell

3. Revival is God pouring “water on him who is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground” (Isaiah 44:3).

4. Charles Finney suggests, “Revival breaks the power of the world and of sin on Christians, and when the churches are thus awakened, salvation of sinners and the unconverted will follow.”

Note: God works through His Church. Therefore, if we are not touched by God, the world will be lost!

5. Revival is the awakening of the Church, making it holy and alive once again.

6. Revival is the inrush of the Spirit into a body that threatens to become a corpse.

7. In short, revival can only be experiences when there is total, unconditional, and immediate obedience to the voice of God. These three elements are absolutely essential.

Continued Praying…

Thank You, Lord, thank You for Your anointing in this place
Recover, recover, recover, recovering, and recovery!
We must be moving, and continually move beyond where we were
Praying over the orders, they must be carried out and carried through
Yes, we take that place, we take our position!
Calling for dramatic change for men to know and men to see
No, we close every loop hole in Jesus’ name
Grant unto us a new sound from heaven today, Lord
It is a new territory, a new realm, and a new advance, Father
No, not in that same old way, but there is a new way, a new move!
A move in the nations, a move in the cities, and a move in the country!
Yes, there is so much more and there is so much greater!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the openings and over the numbers
We will cooperate with You, Father
Staying steady all the way through to the very end
Showing and a revealing, and arise to the call, arise to the plan!
Calling for changes, calling for a release of it, Father
You have called us to go further than we have ever gone before!
Yes, You are encouraging us to go further, to speak higher and to contend for greater
We will fulfill every call, every purpose and every plan You have for us, Lord
Hallelujah, glory, glory, glory!
Thank You for heaven sent orders and plans!
We take hold of these things by faith today, Lord
Yes, these things will come our way, the right way in the name of Jesus
Thank You for the blood that was shed on the cross for us, Father
We take and magnify the precious blood of Jesus
There is power and authority in the blood!
Those things that were stopped, we call them to be restarted!
We are looking for the changes, and we yield to those changes Lord
Calling for hearts to be changed, out with the old and in with the new!
Thank You that we can contend for greater, and we can contend for more
We lift up pastors, and churches, Father
Grant unto them wisdom and strength from heaven today
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every one of them, Lord
We will go where You have called us to go, and we will do what You have called us to do
Thank You for increase and momentum, and thank You for daily resources
Things are moving up, the numbers are on the rise
We hold the blood against every evil plot of the enemy against this nation
Thank You for the wind, thank You for the rain, thank You for the fire, Father
Send a fresh, holy fire down from heaven today, Lord

A Word of the Lord came forth:

So there is a change in the scenery that you will see and you will partake of, a change in the way you have seen things in the past, will be changed into new things that you will see concerning these days into the future you shall see in a greater way. And it will cause, and it is causing a change in the scenery of this nation The United States of America. And there shall still be those that are in positions of authority that will exit suddenly and there will be others that will be inserted in that were preplanned by heaven above to take that place. So the scenes are changing, the scenery, yes it is changing naturally, but these are supernatural, God-given changes for this country which will affect the Church. And so as we have continued to lift up and pray over our President; we must continue and contend and declare and believe and send the supply of the Spirit toward him, for him, for the call, for the plan, for the purpose that he stands in, in this time, in the United States of America. Thank You, Father, hallelujah. And some things that were broken they are being restored. They are being restored as we speak, and we speak it, and declare it, and we believe it, that these restored things, these things that needed to be restored, restored ways, restored plans, restored situations, connections, relationships, a change in churches, a change in ministry, a change in the call of God coming forth in these hours, these days of awakenings. In Jesus’ name!

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