Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The following is a prophecy given by Billye Brim at the Awakening America Prayer Rally on March 18, 2009:

It will come. You will see. You are the generation that will see the great manifestation of Me. Continue in unity. Continue to cry. The coming of the Lord is very nigh. And ‘ere He comes to take you away, you will see an awakening in your very own day. You are now where you should be now, but there is a further work to be done in you. Do not shirk to obey the Spirit’s leading. Do not shirk to obey. Keep proceeding. Pray every day. Pray without ceasing. Pray as you walk about. Pray as you sing and shout.

I will touch your prayers and you will be more conscious of their doing good than you have been before. You will be more conscious even in your mind that the prayers are finding My ear in another realm and you will begin to walk there with Me individually. You will begin to talk there with Me individually.

Great change is coming to My Body. It has to do with My presence in My Body. The glory of the Lord that is within you shall increase degree by degree, but it is increasing in relative response to Me. I am your source and you rely on Me. I could not allow you to think that a leader on earth was the answer. I could not allow you to think that men can give what none can give but Me.

For the hour is late. Even on the horizon, My kingdom comes. Even on the horizon, you move into the next day and ‘ere you do I call My saints away.

You must give attention only to Me and mention My Name oft that you might see the glory that is inherent there. Mention My Name oft in prayer, oft as you meet together to pray. And you will meet more and more. You will, in your places of gathering, when you walk in the door, sense such a degree of the presence of God that you’ll want to come oft to the place. But you shall also sense My presence when you are before My face alone at the throne.

Great, great change has begun and will increase until faith turns to sight and you see the Son.

Pastor Ray…

I have noticed Billye Brim is always right on the verge of something bigger. And her daughter, Shelly, is the very same. They’re like two peas in a pod. They encourage each other all the time. Even though it’s mother and daughter, they are just continually moving. I noticed that about Billye though. At one point at the meetings, Pastor George put a microphone down by where she was seated because he knew that at some point there would be something else that would come out from her. I love that because it’s an expectation and it’s also, to me, really tuning into what the Spirit is doing right at that instant and not so much concerned about “Well, what are we supposed to do next? Or “What’s going to happen now?” or that kind of thing. But just tuned into the Spirit and watching and waiting.

And then, too, I like that she mentioned the presence of the Holy Spirit. We always want more of His presence here in us, in this room, in this church. I believe we are always calling for more because there is more. I know that not everyone is so set on the manifested presence of God. And sometimes people get so much over into the Word, the Word, the Word, the Word. The Word is true. The Word is awesome. But we need the two, the Word and the Spirit.

We are blessed beyond what we even know. We are so blessed. Not just in this church but in the nation, we are blessed.

Ms. Mary led us singing Hallelujah; You are Worthy of All Praise

Pastor Ray…

I saw a page turn just like you would take your Bible and turn a page. But on the page that was turned to, there was nothing written upon it, it was blank. What I heard in my spirit was that each individual member of the body writes their own page based on what the power of the Holy Spirit has preplanned. The Father has preplanned it, His will for you and for your life. And so it’s by faith that each one of us, members of the body, takes steps in faith and then those words are written on the pages. And they’ll turn one after the other after the other and they’ll be new, new stories, new paragraphs, new pages, new increases, and new momentum.

But it is the step of faith. It is in the believing where you’ll see the receiving. And so, more and more will be given unto you as you step out into that unknown territory, based on the Word, of course, standing on what the Word has said about you. Churches, ministries, pastors, head pastors, our pastors being led by the Spirit and walking by faith, turn page after page, pages after pages, more and more and more, stepping into new territories, moving the boundaries out further than they have ever been before.

So, new words are being written every single day as you listen to what I say and what I have said. I have said it in My Word and I am saying today by My Spirit. So, be led by Me, by My Spirit and you’ll see it come to pass and it will be a new book written concerning you. All the details will be in there. But you follow by the Spirit and then those words are written in the book.

So, that spirit of absolutely knowing and seeing, receiving and walking it out, I’ve given it unto each one of you. It works in nations too. Nation after nation after nation where the body rises up and declares and believes by faith speaks out and says this is the way we are going. And then that will be the way that you go and pray over the leaders and pray over those in positions of authority and it will go well. It not only will go well but it will go better and better and better. New stories are written every day. All of it is in alignment for the lost to come in.

Careful, careful, watch and pray
Some things it seemed like they were just blocking the way
They were difficult to… but as you step into it, the color will come, the clarity will come
And the reward will be great for you were led by My Spirit; you were not too late
We lift You up Lord, lift You up

Ms. Mary led us singing Be High and Lifted Up Jesus


It is from one degree of glory to another
So take it, take hold
Oh, the blood, the blood
Things that were shut, things that were closed up, things that were stopped
Opened by the power of the blood
A paradigm shift! a shift, a shift, a shift
A shift in seeing, a shift in knowing
It is that turn, that turn, that turn – turning in Jesus’ name
We do watch over, and watching over
Oooooooh! Whoosh! It will blow! Whooosh, it will move!
We declare that is true, we command it is so
We command these things to turn all the way through
It will not go that way, it is not going that way, it is going in this way
The body, for the body of Christ
Watching over the body, every part, every step, every door and detail too
The blood is there, the blood covers, the blood reveals
The blood opens, the blood stops
Names, names, we watch

We’ll take that turn
As we watch, we’ll move
Every hindrance has been removed for the blood of Jesus
Go forth in victory and you’ll see
Oh, the way is clear so command, so declare and it shall be

Words, words spoken by the Spirit,oh they bring that change
Changes, one right after the other and it will be and it is from a degree of glory upward. And each step is another step in glory. The presence, it’s My presence, it’s Your presence, Lord
We are strong in Your presence – moment by moment
Oh Thank You, Lord, for Your presence
Your presence is where we want to be, living and breathing, oh Your Holy presence in me
Oh the very atmosphere of Your presence, Lord
Thank You, thank You for Your presence

Thank You for these changes, these turns
These watches, the things that we see and will see and know
And the pages that shall be written in the Book
Concerning what You have called each one of us to do individually but together too united one body
We thank You and give You all of the glory and honor for it today in Jesus’ name
Thank you for coming today

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