Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, July 31, 2018

Pastor Ray…

While Rob was playing, I heard in the notes, “This is time to step up. It’s time to step out and step out.” When I heard that, I thought “Yes, by faith we have taken our step, we’ve moved into that place out of the barely enough race into more than enough.”

So time is moving, times are changing. It seems like maybe a little something that would to try to have us question if we are really in the land of more than enough. It might be different natural things we see or things that we hear. But we don’t question that because we have the plan, the will, and the purpose of God which we know is over into nothing broken, no symptoms, no sickness, no disease, wholeness, health, prosperity.

It’s the will of God. It’s the plan of God for us. So, when we say we’ve stepped into that, we are stepping into the perfect will of Father, God. It’s His perfect will for you and for me, for us.

Maybe there are those that you know that need to, by faith, take a step into that land. So, we lift them up. We lift up those that have questions, those that maybe are having a difficult time to see themselves in that place, in the race that God has called us to walk out. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Father.

Father, we lift up Landon today. We’re standing this morning by faith in agreement with his parents, grandparents, family, and with him in Jesus’ name. That his mind is strong and that Your Word, Father, is working within him. And so when he thinks about things that have taken place, he’ll think on the goodness of the Father God in heaven and power of the Holy Spirit actively working in him, the miracles, the sign that he is. Thank You, Father, for prosperity in him, spirit, soul, body. Every part of him whole, rejoicing, strong, strengthened, equipped, enabled, restored, made new in Jesus’ name.

Thank You, Lord, for the power from heaven that’s working, it’s working in us, it’s working through us. We lift up other men, women, those that are part of this church that are walking through situations. Maybe it’s lack. Maybe it’s symptoms. Maybe it’s some other kind of attack. The point is, we believe we’re walking through on the victory way. There’s a victory way and there’s a way of defeat. No, we take authority over any kind of defeat or words that the enemy has spoken over these people which would cause or attempt to cause doubt, lack, questions, fear. We take the blood and declare that blood of Jesus! We hold it against fear of any kind. Strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Not man’s might but God’s might, God’s strength, God’s power working in these hours right now that we’re in.

So, we’re declaring over this body, Living Word Christian Center, maybe all those that come up on Sunday morning, all those that are moving through situations, we declare “wisdom, answers, solutions from heaven, miracles, signs, and wonders in Jesus’ name.” Never, never, ever to stay the same but changing one degree of glory to another or we’ll say it like one step to another step to another step; more and more of the glory of God.

In all of these lives, thank You for changes. Thank You, Lord. Things are changing.

When we are in our prayers, it’s so good to have the Word. We need it. We base everything upon what this Word tells us, shows us, reveals to us. And we’ll see if there is something that just really sticks out here. I am going to read down through Psalm 145 just to remind ourselves of some things.

Scripture focus…

(1) I will extol You, my God, O King; and I will bless Your name forever and ever [with grateful, affectionate praise].

We praise You, we praise You, Lord. Grateful, affectionate praise, we offer it up to heaven this morning. For You are good and Your mercy endures forever. You Word is the same. You’ve never changed. Your Word is working. Thank You, Lord!

(2) Every day [with its new reasons] will I bless You [affectionately and gratefully praise You]; yes, I will praise Your name forever and ever. (3) Great is the Lord and highly to be praised; and His greatness is [so vast and deep as to be] unsearchable. (4) One generation shall laud Your works to another and shall declare Your mighty acts.

We declare them today, all of the things that You have done individually for each one of us, for the generation that we’re in. We’ve given it to our children and our children’s children – going on down through a legacy of You, a legacy of Your Word, a legacy of the changes that You’ve brought from generation to generation to generation!

(5) On the glorious splendor of Your majesty and on Your wondrous works I will meditate.

♪ You are good. For the Lord is good. You’re good Lord. You’re good in the morning. You’re good in the evening. You’re good in the afternoon. You’re good in the night. Hallelujah, hallelujah. We mediate on Your goodness. For the Lord is good, hallelujah! Your mercy endures forever. Hallelujah. Thank You. For the Lord is good. (tongues) ♪

I just heard this in my spirit, “while we are lifting our voices, singing in other tongues, the Lord…” It’s not like He just reminded me, I heard it in my heart, “That even in this small short segment of prayer, because we lift up our voices in other tongues, He is answering some prayers that some people have been praying today, today.”

He is the Great I AM. He is the beginning and the end! He is the Alpha and the Omega! He is our answer or answers in a time of need or times of need. Answers, solutions, help when it seemed helpless, whole, healthy, prosperous (singing in tongues)

Thank You, Lord. We love how You work. We love that Your Word works. We love that the blood has been given unto us, that we overcome through that precious holy blood of Jesus, where impossibilities are turned around, changed, rearranged! Things are restored and made whole—body parts, restored and made whole, healthy, prosperous in every way in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord.

We meditate on it, Your Word. We meditate on You, what You’ve said, Your presence, Your power, the blood, the authority You’ve given us—thank You, Father.

(6) Men shall speak of the might of Your tremendous and terrible acts, and I (we) will declare Your greatness.

You are great and greatly to be praised! Hallelujah! Glory! We’re not defeated. We’re not down under. We’re not the tail. We’ve been made the head! We have a seat in heavenly places above and we take hold of it, take it, see ourselves there—seated in heavenly places above, thank You, Father, where some things on earth will grow dimmer and dimmer and disappear, hallelujah! Thank you, Father, You are great! We declare it, speak it, believe it!

(7) They shall pour forth [like a fountain] the fame of Your great and abundant goodness and shall sing aloud of Your rightness and justice. (8) The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and abounding in mercy and loving-kindness.

You’re good! You’re great! Your beautiful! You’re wonderful! Wondrous! Oh thank You, thank You, Thank You.

(9) The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works [the entirety of things created]. (10) All Your works shall praise You, O Lord, and Your loving ones shall bless You [affectionately and gratefully shall Your saints confess and praise You]! (11) They shall speak of the glory of Your kingdom and talk of Your power, (12) To make known to the sons of men God’s mighty deeds and the glorious majesty of His kingdom. (13) Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations. (14) The Lord upholds all those [of His own] who are falling and raises up all those who are bowed down.

We believe for that today, a straightening up and a straightening out! Restored and made new in Jesus’ name (tongues).

Up, stepping up, it’s stepping out, stepping up out of the old and stepping forward into more of the new! New days, creative ways, new ideas, new revelation in Jesus’ name (tongues).

And there are those who might be bent down, not in a place of prayer but bent down under pain or symptoms or some kind of attack. Be straightened up today! Straightened out, be made whole, be restored in Jesus’ name! Internal parts, we declare, call you normal, normal, normal in Jesus’ name (tongues).

(15) The eyes of all wait for You [looking, watching, and expecting] and You give them their food in due season. (16) You open Your hand and satisfy every living thing with favor.

Your favor goes before us, hallelujah. The favor of God is on the Church. Your favor goes right before us and we have favor, not that we deserve it. But by Your grace, and Your power, by the blood You have made us to be righteous and Your favor goes before us. It makes a way where there was no way, hallelujah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Thank You, Lord.

(17) The Lord is [rigidly] righteous in all His ways and gracious and merciful in all His works.

Like we have said, like we’ve sung, even when we don’t necessarily feel it, we know that You are working. Even when we don’t necessarily sense it or see it, we know You are working because You said You would. We see this here that Your righteous in all Your ways and Your gracious and merciful in all Your works. So, we know that You are working. Thank You.

Personally, think on the situations that you personally have where you need a touch, where you need a furtherance, where you need a wholeness or wellness or a new step. Thank You, God.

The Word says that He is working. He is working on your behalf. He’s working on my behalf. He is working from generation to generation to generation. Thank You.

Your goodness, Your mercy, Your kindness—oh, thank You. We welcome Your presence. We welcome more of Your presence, open our hearts, Lord. We call the things that are not as though they were.

We believe we’ll walk in the fullness of Your presence when it comes to this nation, the United States of America. We know Your working. We believe Your working. We believe Your working from shore to shore and we declare from the north to the south, east to the west, all across this country—You are working.

And we declare this morning “Jesus is Lord over America!” This nation was founded in You! For liberty, for freedom, for justice for all! Oh, thank You for freedom and victory in You! Thank You that Your Word is reaching across our country state by state by state in Jesus’ name. No weapon formed against us will prosper.

We know that You promised in Your Word that there will be the former rain and the latter rain and it will be poured out together. We believe for it, an awakening like we’ve never experienced before! Revivals, the presence of Your Spirit saturating Your people, moving out into the communities, out on the streets, in the businesses, in the schools, in the universities, neighborhood upon neighborhood. Thank You, Father.

We lift up Minnesota, pray over our own state, Minneapolis, St. Paul, all of the communities in Minnesota. We lift them up, plead the blood of Jesus over each and every one. Oh, thank You for the blood. Thank You that the blood is working today in Minnesota. And we can declare this morning “Minnesota is continually moving in the right way! God’s way—we are moving in that way in Jesus’ name!” Thank You for it, Lord.

(18) The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him sincerely and in truth.

(19) He will fulfill the desires of those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him; He also will hear their cry and will save them.

We know it’s Your plan, Your will to save every man, every woman, every child. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord, for the laborers. We pray over them in Jesus’ name. Laborers that go out from this ministry, we pray over their steps, their families, finances, bodies. Thank You, Father, for a fresh wind, a fresh fire, for an even greater desire. Thank You that You are leading and guiding.

(20) The Lord preserves all those who love Him, but all the wicked will He destroy. (21) My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord; and let all flesh bless (affectionately and gratefully praise) His holy name forever and ever. Psalm 145 (AMPC)

I want you to see that. It is all in that presence. When we walk in it, when we speak it, when we know it, we sense the presence of God. Hallelujah, thank You, Lord.

Brother Rob led us singing about His Presence

Pastor Ray…

Every care whatever it might be, little cares, big cares, the Word says “Give it unto the Lord.” That has to be a willful by faith giving. See the cares and see them go and see Him take them. He said He would take them. If He took them, we’re care free.

We’re free of cares, free of anxiety, or any kind of fear about how it will turn out. Oh, my, we turn in our fear and we take a greater touch of faith, stir ourselves up speaking in other tongues, stirring up our faith, eating the Word, drinking the Word, speaking the Word, receiving, believing and acting on it in Jesus’ name.

So, we press into all of the new. No, no shortages, no lack. No, we are covered in the precious blood of Jesus and we see it as a line of protection around us.

The blood is behind us. Thank You, Father, for the past being finished, over with, done, gone. We don’t have to go back, rehash, rethink – it’s over. We remind ourselves of Your goodness, Your mercy, what You’ve done for us in the past. And we know if you did it for us then, You’ll do it again. Thank You, for Your mercies are new today. Thank You for Your grace, Your goodness, for the race You’ve called us to. We believe to keep it up, keep up the pace, run the race.

Free, we’re free to walk in victory up above, out front You’ve prepared the way. Thank You for the ways, the steps, Your plans in these days. We will continually exalt You and lift You up for Your name is above every other name.

Thank You for Your peace that passes all understanding. I’ll put it this way “take a deep breath of more of You.” Ahhh, Your presence, Lord, changes hearts, minds, bodies, internal parts. Thank You for all of the new today, now, right now. Thank You, Lord.

I saw this. Well, first I smelled it this morning. I was on the way here and on the exit I always take off the freeway. I smelled something and I looked ahead and there was a car going about 5 miles an hour. So, I hit the brakes. This lady was driving on a flat tire and the smell was terrible but she wasn’t going to stop. Guess what? We don’t have flat tires. We have everything functioning the way it should function. No flat tires. We don’t have to drive on a flat tire! All our needs are met. We might as well go ahead and declare it.

All of the needs this church has are met. We are above and not beneath and we’d better believe it when we speak it. By faith we take hold of it this morning again to remind ourselves we’re not driving on a flat tire. That’s not even barely getting by! But we are over and exited out of that realm and into wholeness, prosperity of every kind, the purpose and the plan that God has for us individually but then corporately.

We’re blessed. What we set our hands unto, that’s blessed. We thank You for it today. Give You all of the glory and honor. You get it, Lord, for what You’ve done, what You’re doing and will do in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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