Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ms. Annie led us singing Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace

Pastor Ray had a call for anyone experiencing wind and waves today to have hands laid on them for agreement to enter into a greater degree of peace.


The Power of the Holy Spirit is the chief minister of peace
The peace that passes all understanding – oh thank You, Father
Declaring that same peace over America this morning
Praying over our president, vice president, those in authority in Washington DC
All the way through every state of this United States
The peace that passes all understanding upon these leaders
That they would begin to declare Your truth and Your truth would be like a bell ringing all across this nation
Where this nation would begin to be revived and restored
To be what we have been called unto
That those blockages that have gotten somehow in the way
We Declare this day “Out! Out! Out!”
“Be shut down! Be shut up!” in Jesus’ name
We receive for our leaders Your peace, Your strength, Your grace
Thank You for revival and an awakening in America
That we will be awakened, alert, on assignment to do what You have called us to do as a nation
One nation under You, indivisible
We take authority over every kind of division that has tried to work its way
No, we’ll not have you – No, in the name of Jesus
That name that is above every other name
Every hidden thing be revealed, opened up for what it was trying to be
Every lie come down – be exposed – no more, no more, no more!
The truth of Your Word be revealed and restored
Church by church by church!
We speak Your peace, declare Your peace that passes that
Can’t be explained – but we know and call for
We know You did it on the Cross
We thank You for the wind of Your precious Holy Spirit again
That wind would begin to blow like never before
There would be rain – former rain, latter rain together
Revivals would begin to pop up all over this country again in Jesus’ name
Won’t be like it was because it will be a new thing
Today You are doing a new thing! Hallelujah!
We use our faith to believe, we come under the blood and by the blood
Declaring that blood covering over our country
We are saying “No weapon formed against us will prosper in Jesus’ name”
Oh but we’ll stand up strong for the Church will be the Church!
An awakening, a supernatural awakening of the Church!
Come on Church, rise up! Be strong! Take your place! Run your race!
Permanent change – we are not going back the way it every was
But we, representing the church today here in this city, this part of the body, we will declare “We are not going back, but we are moving ahead, and we are moving through into new territory, places where we have never been before, out-pourings that have never been poured out before, stepping over and into great days that are ahead in Jesus’ name!”
Strength over our president, every member of his family
Strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!
Oh, we thank You for the Words of faith that are being spoken into our leaders today
Boldness and courage for those that are around him and those that around them
To speak, to declare what Your Word says, the truth of Your Word
That they will be led by the truth
Freedom in Jesus’ name

The following prophecy was given by Rodney Howard-Browne on October 20, 2003 at Living Word Christian Center:

For many have wondered and said, “How come is it that we have only in times past seen limited manifestations of the Spirit?” But the Lord would say unto you this night “is because that is the room that they gave Me to work with,” saith the Lord. “They allow Me certain times and certain places within the framework of what they were doing in their ministry—an opportunity to move. So I took whatever opportunity was available unto Me, even just a crack, I slipped in through and came in and touched and did what I could, but in a limited way.”

Pastor Ray…

In the back of the room we have the door open. We don’t have it just open a crack. We are open to the move of the Holy Spirit. Just like this morning. All of a sudden there was an opening for Him to touch people.

“But in these last days, men and women shall not just allow Me just momentarily, but there will be those that I raise up that will be totally yielded unto the Voice of the Spirit of God to do whatever Heaven says, whatever Heaven’s purpose, and whatever Heaven’s planned. So all they will do is just yield totally unto My Spirit and whole services from the start to the finish will be totally orchestrated by the Spirit. Even from the songs that are sung and even the notes the musicians play shall be totally orchestrated by Heaven. Nothing will be done within the framework of that service that would be done out of any motive that is not pure, but it shall come out of hearts that are yielded to Me. Oh, wonderful things and amazing things and glorious things shall be made manifest. So that from the start to the finish of that meeting, it would seem that Heaven painted a glorious picture and it was a beautiful tapestry that was woven and was Heaven made manifest on the earth.”

“Men and Women shall just stand in amazement and say ‘My, surely the hand of the Lord was among us this night, surely the hand of the Lord made manifest among us.’ People will begin to speak out and there will be greater manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit, the gifts of utterance, the gifts of revelation, the gifts of power, and greater operations of the gifts of the Spirit. These meetings will not just be few and far between, but shall become commonplace. You will not know where the one finished and the other one begun. It shall all seem interwoven into one. For in the Spirit, there is no time. Some would say ‘Oh, this happened last month.’ But it would seem like it was today.”

“Oh, you shall be caught up into realms of Glory that has just been prophesied and said of old it was coming. But know this,” saith the Lord, “it is even now, it is even nigh, it is even at the door. There must come a greater yieldedness from the hearts of My people to yield unto My Spirit, to yield unto My voice, to hearken unto My purpose and My plan and to make the choice that this is the way ‘walk ye in it.’ That this is the way that we will see the glory of heaven revealed among us and great and wonderful things shall be done. Whole meetings from start to finish orchestrated by the Son. The glory of Heaven’s light shall shine and the darkness shall flee. Oh, you shall walk in great power and great victory. Yes, rejoice even this night, for these things are upon us these things are at hand. You will see the glory of the Lord manifested in the land.” Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord Jesus. Hallelujah! Whole services, whole services, orchestrated. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

It will be in these meetings where it will be dreams, revelations, and visions. Yes, just like the book of Acts. But these things must now come again to the body of Christ and come with greater frequency and greater manifestation. For it has been a vision here or a dream there – it has just been now and then. No, this must now become commonplace. The Supernatural must now become natural. You have heard much teaching and you have heard much teaching, but now is the time to be put into manifestation and put into practice. So, when you come together with one accord and you come together with one purpose – to come and magnify the Son of the living God – these things shall come into manifestation.

Pastor Ray…

So, what do we do? Come with purpose. Come in one accord. Come expecting from the beginning, the music begins to start and we begin to pull from heaven. Isn’t that right? That’s how Pastor Lynne would always talk to us about that. It didn’t necessarily matter who it was that was speaking or praying or whatever, keep pulling from heaven.

Hallelujah! Glory to God! Thank you, Lord Jesus! Get ready! Caught away into the heavenly realms. Caught away into the glory realms. Thank you, Lord Jesus! Hallelujah! I feel it in this room tonight. I feel the Glory of God in this place tonight.

Many will come in with needs and they will be sitting there. They will need direction and they will need wisdom and they will need to know the way of the Lord. But while they will be sitting in their place of worship, suddenly their eyes will be opened and they will see things to come and they will see things a week, two weeks, a month from now. They will leave the services with divine revelation/divine direction and they will make divine decisions. Hallelujah! Nothing shall come upon them unawares. Nothing shall come upon them to where it would be a surprise. For they will be forewarned and they will be forearmed and they will know the ways of the Spirit of God. Hallelujah!

For too long people have read about history and these great happenings that have taken place and said “Oh, to have lived in those days and those times!” But you live in even a greater day and a greater time. You live in the greater day of greater glory and greater manifestation and greater signs and wonders that have come to tell His story. This is the day of the harvest where the souls of men shall come in and find the light of salvation because they have been walking in darkness and it has been so dim. These are the days when the glorious lights shall shine from heaven above and many shall be swept in by multitudes into His glorious light and love. Oh, the glory of Heaven and the joy supreme and divine shall be yours and mine. This is it. It is time.

Say no more that it is coming. Say no, even now it is at the door. These are the days of the great outpouring and there is more, there is more. Hallelujah!

Even down to the little children and the youth flowing in realms of glory with the miraculous and signs and wonders that no one will be able to gauge. Children overcome by the Glory. Yep, it is now. It is at the door. I hear the sound of Heaven saying, “There is so much more.”

Pull back the blinds of the flesh and the blind of time and enter into the realm of Glory, Glory divine. I hear the sound of Heaven like a mighty rushing wind filling the hearts of men, setting them free from sin, breaking the chains that bound them, breaking that which has held them back, bringing them into a place of supernatural provision, a place where there is no lack.

It is about yielding, you have yielded some but now it is time to yield more. Because that which others have said for fear, many have drawn back. So, the church has operated in a loss and they have run at a lack. These gifts are given so that you might profit, that you might not be at a loss. For God is not nonprofit.

Everything that you need is in His Presence divine. Everything! Come eat at His table, come drink of the wine. Come drink of the heavenly bread and the oil from above. Nothing lacking, nothing lacking. There is an answer for you to every question.

Pastor Ray…

Speaking of the children, there was a testimony the other week during the midweek service. A family that has come to church here for 16 years or more they had a three-year-old and a new baby that had serious physical problems and almost didn’t survive. But through prayer the baby made it through. In their home they had company and there was a lot of noise like dishes dropping, enough that the people in the room were taken back by the noise. They noticed the baby did not respond to the sound at all. The baby was tested and they found out he could not hear anything. They began to pray for the baby, of course. The mother had it on her heart to fast and pray. And so they came to a service and Pastor Mac stops and says “I just feel this right now, that only through fasting and prayer will this be changed.” And he just went on with his message.  So, they took that for herself because it confirmed what she had already received. They took it from that day forward and in a few days their three-year-old was listening to music on her ear phones and walking around the house. The baby is in the crib and the three-year-old goes over and kisses the babies ears, kisses one ear and kisses the other ear. Guess what? Healed (ha, ha, ha). Healed and whole and the parents are asking the three-year-old “Why did you do that?” She said “Jesus told me to do it.”

When I read that about the Holy Spirit moving through the children, and sometimes children are more sensitive than their parents or adults. Sad but glad, you know what I am saying. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

Continued praying…

♪ You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful
These days we purpose to take our place, run our race
To move with You for we know there is a lot more that is new
We’ll take our place, we will run our race
We know it’s new, we’ve not been here before
We receive today, we receive
A greater expectation, a greater revelation concerning the assignments You’ve given us to do
For we know You’ll take us through
Oh, You’re beautiful, You are beautiful to me♪

Ms. Annie led us singing Oh Lord You’re Beautiful

Continued praying…

Thank You for it, Lord, thank You for Your presence, Your grace, Your peace
Your joy that brings strength within each one of us
We are strong in You
We have overcome by that precious blood because You did
What was done on the Cross finished it, completed it
In You and through You each one of us, we overcome
today we have overcome and we walk in victory
In Jesus’ name. Amen

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