Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Pastor Ray…

I want to read this about John G. Lake. He was called to the ministry over in Africa with his wife.

The following excerpt was taken from Defining Moments by Bill Johnson:

In 1908, Lake’s wife, Jennie, died while he was away on a trip to the Kalahari Desert. Although at least one account said she died as a result a stroke, her tragic, premature death may have had a different cause:

Most accounts of Jennie Lake’s death attribute it to malnutrition and physical exhaustion. When John was away, scores of sick people would wait on his lawn until he returned. So Jennie would feed them while they waited with what little food she could spare. And she tried to make their stay as comfortable as possible until Lake returned. But in doing so, she physically neglected herself?

Lake was devastated by Jennie’s death, but he continued to minister. The following year, he went back to America to raise support and to recruit workers before returning to Africa.

With a handful of recruits and some financial support, Lake returned to Africa in 1910 in the midst of a deadly plague. While Lake was busy ministering to the sick and dying, a visiting doctor asked him what he used to protect himself from the disease. Lake replied that it was the “law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.’ I believe that just as long as I keep my soul in contact with the living God so that His Spirit is flowing into my soul and body, that no germ will ever attach itself to me, for the Spirit of God will kill it.” To prove this, he told a doctor to experiment on him.

If you will go over to one of these dead people and take the foam that comes out of their lungs after death, then put it under the microscope you will see masses of living germs. You will find they are alive until a reasonable time after a man is dead. You can fill my hand with them and I will keep it under the microscope, and instead of these germs remaining alive, they will die instantly.

They tried this and saw that what he had said was true. Again, Lake told the doctors that it was “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.’ When a man’s spirit and a man’s body are filled with the blessed presence of God, it oozes out of the pores of your flesh and kills the germs.” Lake reflected that if his “soul had been under the law of death” or if he was in “fear and darkness,” then there would have been an opposite result. He believed that “the result would have been that my body would have absorbed the germs, these would have generated disease and I would have died.”

Pastor Ray…

That is faith in Him. You know the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. Really that is freedom from every sin, whatever flesh deal it might be. We are free in Him from all of that debris, all of those germs.

Brother DJ has some testimonies he would like to share.

Brother DJ…

We were catering and delivering food and setting up buffets for a high school teacher’s conference last week and there were over a hundred teachers. It took us like an hour or so. And there was a couple people in charge of setting up with me and then a teacher and another lady, she was Muslim with the head covering. We had set this up and we were about to leave and the food is smelling good and everybody’s happy. The teachers are doing their conference and they are going to come out and eat. So, we are about to leave and suddenly I felt inside “why don’t you pray over the food?” And this is all happening at a high school.

You know I have been coming to this Morning Prayer for 20 years. The prayer shouldn’t be that hard you know because you have been praying all the time. So, I said “Well this is what we are going to do.” I said to the employees with me  “You come over here.” I said to the teachers “you come over here.” And I said “We are going to pray.”

The Muslim lady stood there and said “Okay.” They bowed their heads and I just started praying for the food, and praying for the school, and praying for the teachers that you know everything would go well next year; there would be no drugs in the school. And we just started praying and suddenly I forgot I’m in the school (ha, ha, ha). So, the prayer turned into a tongues prayer, in the Holy Ghost. Yes, we pray in tongues. We pray in tongues all the time (ha, ha, ha). Of course the other teacher knows about prayer and stuff. She probably had gone to church or heard prayer. But this Muslim lady who was there, she was like “Man, we have never heard this kind of prayer.” She kept talking to me. She said “We were all so blessed. We were all so happy for what you prayed.” You know because it was about the school, and the protection, about the drugs. So it happened suddenly. Yes and I prayed in the name of Jesus many, many times.

It’s not anything special. It’s just a daily life, living. In my kind of business you are out there all the time and you are meeting millionaires all the way down. Your life is, when you come to Morning Prayer, it becomes a prayer life. You know after sitting here 20 years I should have learned something (ha, ha, ha).

The other testimony I might want to tell, it might help somebody, about how God can use anything that we have. So, I own a double bungalow not too far from here. I have tenants that come and go. They live a couple years and move. And every tenant that comes to my double bungalow, since it’s not too far from church, I ask them, “Hey, why don’t you come to church?”  And I give them our invitation cards and all kind of stuff.

The house is located on 36st Ave. And I remembered the movie Miracle on 34st Street. So, I have been saying “There will be a miracle on 36st Ave” since I’ve owned it. All the time bunches of people moving in and moving out every few years. The last one, I asked him “let’s go to church. I’ll pick you up.” This guy said “No.” I said “Well, let me know when you need me.” So, circumstances changed in his life and now he needs God. Guess what? He gives me a call. I said “let’s meet in church.” He said “Okay, I will come Sunday morning.”

He has 5 daughters from 3 to 18 years old and he is left alone with them to raise. So they all came and Pastor Jim was teaching and he said something that ministered to him about what he was going through, it captured his heart. He and two of his daughters are sitting in the sanctuary and others girls are in their classes. So, five daughters and the father all got saved that morning. The next weekend they invite the cousin who has two more children which makes a total of two adults and seven children that following Sunday. I was like “Man, this is good. It’s multiplying.”

That brings to mind what Pastor Paul said last weekend with the offering message. He said “When you give, you are not losing. You are gaining. You are multiplying.”

These seven came to church and they all got saved. So, things are getting better and now his kids want him to go to this church because the ministry is so good here for children. The children are telling him “Dad, take us to church!” And now he is saved and he knows the Lord is leading him here. Now seven children and two adults coming to church and I got the miracle I was looking for.

So, what happened last Sunday? He came last Sunday and brought all his children to the picnic and they all got baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire! This all progressed within the last 5 weeks. They came every weekend. And he texted me the pictures he took for the baptism of his daughters. And do you know what he wrote? “Here is your miracle on 36st Ave.”

Ms. Cindy…

I know DJ is out every day looking for opportunities because he spends time in God’s presence early seeking and listening. He shared an awesome testimony with me the other day. It was about a business associate and how his whole attitude turned around because DJ was operating in a Spirit of Seeing and Knowing that he received through a dream.

He has kept a dream journal for years. You know God visits us in the night seasons and shows us things to come, warns and instructs. And I know God uses him in this way. He will share things that God has showed him ahead of time and it helps change the way people see, brings correction. You know you could just in the natural offer someone instruction and they won’t receive it. But they receive it when it comes supernaturally through the Spirit. This particular man was being stingy in his business. The Lord was able to use DJ to bring correction to him because he had written out in his journal their conversation, word for word what this man said and then what the Lord said concerning it. And this man was able to receive it.

Brother DJ…

Whatever happens outside, whether its people coming to church or reaching out, it’s not us but it’s the prayers over here. Hundreds of prayer groups praying. And every opportunity that comes, we just like everyone else, we take them. Pastor Paul on Monday nights teaches healing school. I say “Well, I am not doing anything. Let’s take somebody to healing school.” And Pastor Paul will minister. It’s nothing special. It’s just using what we have.

Then on the other hand people will say “DJ, look, you are bringing people all the time. Look at your own life or your own children.” I’ve heard that too. “Your own children, are they in your church?” They’re not here. But we are still believing and still doing the work that God has called us to do. You keep going. We are just doing regular things like everybody else.

Ms. Cindy…

We do regular things daily, simple and natural. It’s easy to invite somebody or say a nice word here and there. But it is a question of practice, practicing doing good. I shared the testimony about your dream journal which was word for word the exact conversation you ended up having with this man almost a month later. That’s an amazing thing, to minister to somebody in that way. But that didn’t happen overnight. That came from practicing God’s presence and doing these things, these little things that God tells you to do. And then you get used to hearing His voice. You get bolder. What you are doing is exercising your spiritual senses so they’re sharper and you able to hear more accurately and able to minister in that way.

And DJ, you do it just the same. You minister little things and you minister huge things just the same because you know it’s not you.

Brother DJ…

Thank You, Father, we praise Your name
Thank You for using us in the earth – we know it is all You
Thank You for the time You have given us
You saved us through Your mercy and goodness
And now You are using us to reach out to others
Just because of Your love and mercy
Praying always in the Spirit at all times
Lord, I pray You use these testimonies to encourage others
If you can use me, You can use anyone!
Because Your love has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit
And we want to share that love!
Thank You, Father, for Pastor Ray for always ministering to people
It’s all about filling others with Your love
Thank You, Father, for Pastor Paul
For the preaching and teaching gift that brings change
You said we are the vessel You use, so we glorify Your name!

Pastor Ray…

You’re good, You’re gracious, You’re kind
You’re unchanging, You’re faithful, You’re great
Great are You Lord!

Seems like some things are opening that have never ever opened up before. Seems like doors of opportunity are opening more. Yes, they have begun. Yes, they will continue to open more. And so the details and the plans and the steps and the words, they shall be revealed unto each of us individually as we spend time resting in Him. So, we receive Your presence today. We love You, Lord.

We love the ways of Your Spirit, we love the move of Your Spirit.
Days of heaven right here on earth, right now
Days of change right here on this earth now
Things being rearranged, favor increasing like never before
Days of great glory, days of increase, and momentum as we move further into our destiny and into our race

Some things today we say “Calm down!”
Calm down, stop it, stop in your illegal ways, in your lies, in your inaccuracies
In Jesus’ name, be shut down, be removed
And we speak over the Truth; we speak over the right ways
We speak over the things that must be revealed and seen by the masses – missions
An end to some ways and a beginning of new ways
No, we are not desperate but we are hungry
We are desperate for God, Your ways, Your will, Your plan
We need it, we see it as a necessity but we are not desperate concerning the world’s ways
They have no place; they have no plan that will operate in or through us
But we look up unto You from where all of our help comes from

We don’t minimize what You’ve done, minimize Your Word, and what You said You would do
We believe to maximize it in Jesus’ name
To make a big deal of it! To cooperate with what You said
That Spirit of Seeing! That Spirit of Knowing!
That understanding that the world does not know about
But we know about and we see and we hear and we move
And we will continually move in the right way!

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Words, words that we speak shall bring about great change this week. That just came up in my heart “this week.” What will take place, the things that are about to take place this week beginning today but especially beginning tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The things that are new that will open doors and enable us to speak with greater clarity concerning the things of God on this earth. But individually concerning the things in our families that need to be change! Changed! So boldness and courage based on what the Word has said, and increase in a Spirit of Faith and a Spirit of Prayer and a Spirit of Seeing and a Spirit of Knowing will bring us up where we should be!

Continued praying…

Broken things shall be restored, broken things!
Whatever they were, they could be body parts, they could be natural things that were broken, messed up, not right, they shall be being restored and made whole just like the Word has said it shall be
Entering in, entering in, entering into greater, entering into
Words, we speak words of edification, words of help
Words of strength over our President – we lift him up!
Pray the blood covering over his mind, over his heart
Cover all of the things, all of the words, all of the plans from heaven above coming through that man by the power of Your Spirit and bringing about change in this land
We will not go back, we are not going back but we are moving ahead
All those that are in earshot of our leaders, we pray they would speak words of life, words of help, words of strength
We pray for more Spirit-filled people to be put in place and positioned around the President
Spirit-filled Holy Ghost men and women that will speak in TONGUES in the White House and bring about things that we do not even know about! Hallelujah!
Words, change, changes, rearranges
Thank You, Father

Pastor Paul…

When you began to speak, I was trying to record it so I can go back and visit it again. You were talking about opportunities that are coming. Before that you were talking about praises. And I have been hearing from the Lord how we can be catapulted into our destiny just by praise and worship alone.

Pastor Ray…

Actually resting in worship, lifting Him and resting in that, I believe it’s like what I read in the beginning about John G. Lake. The presence of God was so strong within him that those germs, when they were poured on his hand, died instantly because he had spent the time.

Like Brother DJ and Cindy too, it’s not just Boom! And there are changes like that. But we must spend the time in Him that we might speak forth, do the things, say the things, pray the things we don’t even know about. Many times we will be surprised at what we say. And we’ll be surprised because other people will put a demand on the gift that is within and those things will begin to come out and be spoken forth and they’ll bring about great change.

Pastor Paul…

Just to say this. The things that you released… I am hoping that everyone is paying attention. Not just being a spectator; coming to prayer for the sake of just fulfilling an obligation for the day. You are releasing things by the Spirit of Christ that are applicable, essential for the destinies of many. And really it’s with words that we enter into what God has provided for us. And once we hear them, we latch onto them. And once we latch onto them, we take them and go back to God and say “You said that.”

I am receiving from you as you are ministering and I’m taking them and making them my own. And so, it’s so essential for us to take these words with us. The Lord says “take with you words and approach unto the Almighty” And this is what he’s doing. He’s taking words.

Pastor Ray…

We are all taking words. We receive.
Do you know how powerful our tongue is? Whoa, I am having a Selah.

That’s how critical our words are. You’ve heard them. You’ve heard words spoken in a negative way over people speaking about themselves. And they are listening to the words that are being spoken by them. It brings about change but the change is going in the wrong way. And it’s putting up a stop sign to the plan and to the purpose and to the will that God has for us.

Sometimes we will move into the right place when somebody else actually invites us there. It’s not always that we… We do have the Spirit of Seeing and Knowing operating but sometimes someone else will encourage us or ask us or there will be something they’ll say and then we’ll go and we’ll move and we’ll be at the right place at the right time. It’s almost like this [Pastor Ray is pulling his own collar leading him forward.] And then we get there.

I am just going to give this short testimony. Several years ago Sandy’s uncle was in a nursing home not too far from here. She hadn’t seen him for quite a while. She calls me up and said “I think we need to go over and see my uncle in the nursing home this afternoon.” That seems simple right? We are just going to pay a visit.

We come in his room and his wife is next to him on the bed. Sandy’s mom was always talking to them about the Word of God and she didn’t want to hear it. But the first things she said when we walked in was “Please, pray for my husband.” He was having a hard time breathing, he’s desperate. I said “What do you want me to pray for him for?” I wanted to know if she wanted him to stay or go. And I already knew that Sandy’s mom had been there like two, three days earlier and prayed with him to be born again. So, I knew where he was going to go. She said “I want you to pray that he will leave.” She’s not born again. She just wants him out of his misery basically.

Okay, we get in agreement and pray over him. We pray that he’ll exit, get out of this thing he’s in and be in his heavenly home. As soon as we finish the nurse comes around the corner and asked us to leave. She was going to bring in the family and they were going to talk in the room.

Sandy goes out first to go sit down in the lobby. When I came out the door, there is a lady across the hall and she is in a wheelchair by her bed. She’s motioning to me to come over. I go over there and she said “Would you put me up in my bed.” You know I didn’t even think about it. I picked her up out of her wheelchair and set her on her bed. And when I did that, I looked up and there was a cross up on the wall behind her bed. I asked her if she had ever been born again. She said “No.” She didn’t even know what I was talking about. And so, she prayed to be born again right then. I exited out of the room and she is cozy in her bed.

I come out and sit with Sandy and all of a sudden there is a lot of skirmish and everything. We come around the corner and her uncle has passed. We say things, talk to the family, and all that kind of thing. We leave and now we are back at the church. Somehow we met with Pastor Lynne and told her what had happened. She said “You need to preach at that funeral.”

I was like “Awh.” Oh, man, I didn’t want to say no. I had to call up his wife and it’s a Lutheran church. We just said that we were there at the end with him you know and I had some things I would like to say at his service. So she asked the minister and he okayed it. During the service the pastor invites me up and I do an altar call. Because we were there when he exited, we had something to stand on and we knew where he was. And so I gave an altar call, prayed with everyone in the church to be born again. At the end of the service, a lady came up to me and said “Thank God, I was a neighbor of your relatives and I always prayed for them, for somebody to come, something to happen that they would be saved, born again.”

And here it is because of the man who exited and went to heaven, prayed to get born again two days before he exited, her prayers came to pass in the service. And I saw people. When you are standing in front of people and even in this light I can see your eyes. In that bright light, I could see people and how they are reacting. People began to cry and pray to be born again. Hallelujah. Could I orchestrate that? No way.

You could step out a little sure but you know sometimes you need others… Well, we need the body. And we need others to encourage us to be bold and speak what we should speak, like Brother DJ is speaking to these people, praying in tongues at a public school (ha, ha, ha).

I know when we speak in other tongues, we are preparing… Well, He’s the way maker. We prepare the way and we’ll get to places that there is no way, there is no way we could do it, but it will be prepared when we get there. Just like that lady in the wheel chair motioning for me to help her. I mean really she was calling to be saved and didn’t even know it.

Continued praying…

Hallelujah, Glory to God
We overcome by the blood of the Lamb
And we overcome by the word of our testimonies
And that’s not always “I had this happen or I had that happen.” It’s testifying to the goodness, to what God has done, how strong His Word is, the Truth of His Word, testifying that we are overcoming in and through the blood of the Lamb
Hallelujah! Thank you for coming

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