Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Ms. Annie led us singing The Love of God

Pastor Ray…

I left home and on the way I stopped at Starbucks. I was just about to say to the lady that was helping me “did you have a good weekend?” But I thought “Wait a minute, this is not Monday!” It was interesting because I knew it was Wednesday when I woke up. Anyway I realized it before I said that to her. Yikes. So, I am back in time (ha, ha, ha).

I have a couple scriptures about finishing.

“Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we’d better get on with it. Strip down, start running—and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed—that exhilarating finish in and with God—he could put up with anything along the way: Cross, shame, whatever. And now he’s there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. When you find yourselves flagging in your faith, go over that story again, item by item, that long litany of hostility he plowed through. That will shoot adrenaline into your souls!” Hebrew 12:1–3 (MSG)

Have you ever recognized the adrenaline when it comes? I was just talking to someone yesterday and they moved from one place to another. It’s like that when you get fired up. You know that this is the time when you are going to finish this and go all the way. It does something in you to press through and not quit.

That’s my favorite way to do everything, when you have an unction to do it now and you will do it, praise God, no matter what. You’ll do it and get through it and finish it all the way through. That’s the best way.

“…the basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being. So nobody has a good excuse. What happened was this: People knew God perfectly well, but when they didn’t treat him like God, refusing to worship him, they trivialized themselves into silliness and confusion so that there was neither sense nor direction left in their lives. They pretended to know it all, but were illiterate regarding life. They traded the glory of God who holds the whole world in his hands for cheap figurines you can buy at any roadside stand.” Romans 1:21–23 (MSG)

So we have to reverence Him. You know when we say we glorify You, or magnify You… Have you ever taken a pair of binoculars at a stadium game and you might be in the back row but it’s like you were in the front row. It magnified what it was you were looking at. But sometimes we’d turn them around and it was like these tiny little whatever. It shrunk everything.

So, when we’re saying we are magnifying Him, we are not making Him bigger but we’re making what He did, what He’s doing, what He will do BIGGER in our lives or in us. We see Him in a grander way and we don’t want to do what these people did. They knew Him but they started to not reverence Him or glorify Him or lift Him up and magnify Who He was. If we don’t do that, it’s like turning that binocular around and we see things not even the way they are.

But we need to see Him the way He is: magnified, lifted up. We have a call and the Word backs us up not just to start the race, not just to be in the middle of the race but to go all the way to the finish just like He did. And we just read that. He went through all kinds of things but He knew the end deal. He had the picture. He knew where He was going. Nothing could stop Him. That has to be the way we are. We are that way but we can be tempted sometimes to sit back.

It says in Hebrews 12:2 in the Amplified “Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith [giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also its Finisher [bringing it to maturity and perfection]. He, for the joy [of obtaining the prize] that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising and ignoring the shame, and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Thank You, Father, that you have seated us right there too. We have His Word on it. We take our seat this morning in heavenly places. If there are things that before you came in the door that were being magnified that were not Him, let’s just close that out. So we begin to magnify Who He is.

Always I love it when we start worshiping, lifting up our hearts, get sort of out of our minds and get more into the spirit. Of course, that’s where our prayers are effective, heartfelt.

We’ll do that now and have a fresh empowerment by the Spirit to declare what He wants us to this morning, right now.

Ms. Annie led us singing Lord, We Magnify You

Ms. Jeani…

I saw a wide open place that had been cleared out because of victory that had already been attained by the blood of Jesus. And then I saw something rise up that represented darkness. It was wrong. So, the person that had attained that came with a sword and immediately the thing had to go.

I asked God about it and He said “He whom the Son set’s free is free indeed.” And then the definition of indeed is “without any question, truly and undeniably.”

Any victories that you have had, any victories that the Church has already attained even when that thing tries to raise it’s ugly head again, whether it be a symptom, an unbelief, whatever it is, all we need is the sword of the Word because we’ve already been freed. So, even now, we declare over the Church “territories that have already been won, all they need to be is enforced.” We just enforce it because it’s undeniable, because it’s already true.

Father, we thank You for that land that has been taken, territories that have been taken in our country, on behalf of our country, on behalf of our children, on behalf of education, on behalf of film, media, libraries, whatever it is! It does not matter what would try and come in and tell us it hasn’t been taken because He whom the Son has set free is free, truly and undeniably. And we will not, we will not, we will not be denied!

Pastor Ray…

Thank You, Father. I am reminded of something that happened yesterday. I received a message from someone telling me his wife had a heart attack. They both went to Living Word for years and years and then moved a couple hours away. He said his wife was at Wal-Mart checking out and had a massive heart attack. She fell on the floor and started turning blue but there was a person right there that knew how to do CPR. He started working on her. She did die but he kept working with her until the ambulance arrived. Then they shocked her and brought her completely back.

She is in the hospital and awake thanking God she is alive. So, her heart was working 50%. I want to agree with both of them today for it to be 100%. Whatever the Devil meant for evil (symptoms, sickness, whatever), there was a man, someone present able to do what needed to be done until the medics got there and she is alive and alert.

Today, we speak directly to the heart of this lady, her natural heart, declare the blood of Jesus over her heart, her blood, her heart beat, everything! We declare it to be normal, to be completely and totally restored and whatever else needs to be done to help that along with what the Word has said about her.

For she was healed by the stripes of Jesus, she is healed, and she will remain healed, whole, restored in Jesus’ name. Thank You for it this morning Lord. As we magnify and glorify Who You are and Your Word, how it works for us and with us and through us. Oh, thank You, Lord. We lift up that family, her husband; hold the blood of Jesus’ there in that hospital room. We declare “she will be coming out whole, restored in every way in Jesus’ name.”

Thank You for it! We give You all of the glory, all of the honor as we magnify Who You are! The King of kings, Lord of lords, The Healer, Provider, Great I AM, The Beginning and The End! Hallelujah!

When we came in here, remember when I said I thought it was Monday. I just totally thought it was. But when we started worshipping Him, He said to me in my spirit “There were some things on Monday here in the chapel that you didn’t finish.”

I don’t know what that was. I don’t even know what we prayed about on Monday or even yesterday. But that’s just what I heard in my spirit. There are some things that still need to be covered and prayed out. And the only way I know how to do that is praying in other tongues back to Monday.

What needed to be prayed out on Monday, we’re going to take care of it here on Wednesday. Can we do that? Yes, we can! What if it was something we didn’t do two years ago? We can go back. There is no time in the realm on the spirit, no distance. He is timeless.

Father, we lift this situation whatever it was and we’ll begin to pray in other tongues, pray it out from our hearts (tongues).

I just see this. We prayed around something. We kept praying around it but we didn’t take authority against it. That’s just what I get. We prayed around a situation. I do not know what that was or what that is or what it was planning to be. But what I get is we did not go to the full extent and take authority and hold the blood against whatever that was and it was a darkness. It was some kind of darkness trying to derail, trying to stop, trying to maneuver its way or ways into what the body of Christ is called on and put in these places today to do it!

So, we take authority this morning by the blood of the Lamb and in the name that is above Every Other Name! We hold that blood against darkness and we call it out and call it down! Every kind of darkness in Jesus’ name! And we come at it from different sides of the mountain so to speak. We call it down. We call it out. We call it away. We say “stop in your maneuvers against the plan and against the plans and against the will and against the purposes of God for the Church in these days that we’re living in!”

No! No weapon formed against us can prosper! We have the blood. We use the blood. We have authority! We use the authority that’s been put within us and take it! We take authority! Hold fast! We’ll not give in or give up! We hold our ground in Jesus’ name. We go all around this situation, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood of Jesus causes us to overcome! And so we declare it this morning “The battle is won!” (tongues)

Freedom, victory, courage, boldness, words of life, words of faith, words of belief in Jesus’ name. No, no way. That is… no, no, no, a thousand times no! I take authority over doubt of any kind. But I have this. Pastor Mac declared “We’re over in that land of more than enough,” on July 14, and somebody said “well, what if it doesn’t work?” He said “there is no room for ‘if’.” This is the way it is and this is the way it will be.

What just came up in my heart were words that already have begun to come out of some people’s mouths questioning if the church is really in the land of more than enough or if the power or if the momentum or if the belief would settle back a bit and go back a little bit where we used to be? But no! No! We take the authority. We declare it this morning “Only words of faith! Only words of belief.” Only words that line up with the words that were declared back then. And that line will not be crossed back over into barely getting by in Jesus’ name.

Not that we have authority over what people say but we do have authority over what the Devil says or what he’s trying to say or what he’s trying to do. No! We’re not coming down! Why should we come down? Why should we go back? We’ve been called to stay on the attack! And this is just one part of it! This is just one place in the land of more than enough! It’s all in there! But we’re called to move up from one degree of glory to another degree of glory. There’s momentum in the house of God! Thank You, Father (tongues).

And we do not have authority over other ministries or other churches or other pastors, what they’ve been called on to do. But we do, we have been called to lift up this ministry! For this is where we’ve been called up and into and we are NOT going back! We are NOT settling back down! We’re stirred up (tongues)!

There is joy in this place of more than enough! And that joy is internal but it brings strengthening like we said at the beginning to finish – begin, keep going, never quit, and finish! Even calling things that are not as though they were, beginning to see them with the eyes of our heart. Oh, thank You for that spirit of seeing and that spirit of knowing. We know it. We know it. We know it. Doubt, you can’t come in. There is no room for you. We are not open to you. No fear, no questions, steady. So, we declare it this morning “we’re staying steady on it. We’ll stay steady with it.”

We lift up our Pastors Mac and Lynne, hold them up. We pray over them that dunimas power, dynamite power! We plead the blood of Jesus around them. Today we declare “Living Word Christian Center is staying over there in the place of more than enough!” We’re connected together. We’re going in the same way. Doubt has had to leave. Questions or fear has had to go. Strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! Thank You, Father.

Ms. Jeani…

In I Kings 6 it says “And Solomon built the house and finished it.” So, we thank You right now that Pastor Mac, Living Word, has the wisdom of Solomon, the resources of Solomon, and it’s finished. It’s finished. It’s finished and nations just like the Queen of Sheba came to Him, nations come here. It’s been prophesied. It’s been declared. We thank You for it now.

And Living Word built the house and finished it!

Brother DJ…

Pastor Ray, I have a testimony about the heart. A week ago you prayed for baby Levi’s heart and then today while you were talking about the heart, I remember my son who is 31 years old now. He was born with an irregular thing in his heart. He went to different hospitals and the Mayo Clinic. They said there was nothing wrong. But he couldn’t sleep and his heart was giving him problems. Years ago one of the pastors from a different campus was having a prayer service. My son and I decided to go. The pastor was praying in tongues and the only thing the he prayed out in English was “heart, heart, heart.” Now my son, sitting in the back is hearing “heart, heart, heart.” We heard it so many times. That was the last day he had problems with his heart. His heart was healed through praying in tongues.

I remember what Ms. Jeani said one time. She said she received something she wasn’t even asking for. Then she paused and said “She must have prayed for it in tongues.”

Father, thank You for the hearts. You said above all to guard our hearts. We plead the precious powerful blood of Jesus Christ over the hearts of every man and woman, every boy and girl, every Church member and come against ever form of heart disease. Our arteries are strong and shall not be clogged! We have a mind and a heart where Jesus Christ lives and out of our heart flows all the issues of life.

Today, as we are praying and believing and seeking you for someone, hearts will be healed! Lord, You are the same One Who healed my son’s heart many years ago just through speaking in tongues!

(tongues) We come against any attack! There will be no heart attacks! No more! I thank You, Lord. You fill our hearts with joy! The One who searches the hearts knows the mind of the Spirit. So, Father, whoever came this morning with any heart issue, they are leaving today totally healed, delivered, pain free, and everything goes well with them in the name of Jesus.

Ms. Annie sang…

♪Thank You for perfect hearts, Thank You for perfect hearts

You create in us perfect hearts ♪

Pastor Ray…

Our hearts are normal, healed whole. Our blood pressure is right 120 over 80. If it isn’t, we say “Line up, get right, be right, be normal.”

Heart, be normal in Jesus’ name, to fulfill, go all the way through to the very finish of what God has called each of us to do and He has called us here at this ministry to do it together. Hallelujah. Thank You for it, Lord.

Lord, You receive the glory, get glory today for whatever it is that we might do. We do believe to be where we need to be. And we’ll have those words You said we would have and be obedient to speak them forth. Thank You for it in Jesus’ name.

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