Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ms. Mary led us singing Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here and I Need You More


Hallelujah, we do – when we sing that, let’s really mean it
I just got a glimpse out ahead, the place or the plans that we’ve been called unto
We need them more, we need more of Him enabling us to do these things
To go there, to do that, to say that, to pray that
We need You more, more in our hearts
Let’s just sing that again

Ms. Mary led us singing We Need You More

Continued praying…

I am just thinking about our country right now, the new ways, the new days, and the changes, the different steps and the new plans, all of the things that are changing
We believe in You for the right changes, the right turns, for a mighty move of Your Spirit, O God
Holy Spirit, more and more and more of You – wonderful presence of Your Spirit

It seems like our eyes to see the new, to see out front
And know that these things that the Church is called unto
That the Church is rising, that the increase is coming, the breakthroughs have begun, that the doors are open for the Church to go right on through
And it’s the body, it’s not just a stream or a couple streams but rivers of living water
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, we lift and magnify Your name
Expanding our perception of what that name means, the power that is in it
Jesus, we magnify Your name
There is power in the name, authority in the name – Jesus

All authority, all power is in that name
As we lift it and magnify it in our own lives
Knowing that even just the least of us, the authority that is in that name works for every single one of us
Each one, the power of the name – be glorified, be magnified, be lifted today
Sometimes that is just our prayer – Jesus
We declare it over our country
Jesus, Jesus is Lord, You are Lord, You are beautiful, Jesus
Turning it around, turning it around, things are turning
I just keep getting that “turnaround, turnaround, turnaround, the turning it around, turning it around in the authority of the name that is above every other name. Things that have tried to stop, things that have tried to turn it in the wrong way, but in the name of Jesus today, we declare it over our country, over our president, over our leaders in Jesus’ name and declare “Turnarounds there in Jesus’ name!”
Decisions to be made, plans to be carried out
Mr. So and So, Ms. So and So – different one, they have not known You but they will make decisions that will carry out Your plan! Oh!
Ha, ha, ha! It’s a race, we’re in the race, and by the power of the Spirit, we’ll keep up our pace!
And run our race! And run our pace! And take our place!
And bring these things together again, join things that have been cut aside or put aside or divided off
And restore! Restore! Be restored! Made new!
And the plans of the enemy are derailed, cut off, cut out, destroyed, hit the road, leave go!
Be gone in Jesus’ name – no more, not any longer!
Things that were broken up, mended up – restored made new – Shalom!
And the churches and the body of Christ brought together – restored
Division of every kind we hold the blood against you
We will not be divided off, or divided off, or divided out
No, in Jesus’ name but the reverse, those different rivers or streams together, together, together in one accord
Cooperation with the power, the manifested power of the precious Holy Spirit today, in these days
They are unusual days, they are different days but they are great days
Days of more revelation, days of quickenings, changes
Open that and open this, turn that and change that
A boldness in the body, an authority in the body, dynamite power from heaven
Ooooohhhh! Do it! Do it! Say it! Command it! Demand it and watch it change
It must change, it will change, it is changing
It’s a recipe for advancement; it’s a recipe for increase and momentum
We’re bending now, we’re bending now
Bring it on! Bring it on!
Bring on that recipe – move into it
We watch over that

Just for a minute, go with me over to France, over to Nice
And we are going to demand and we are going to command a space, a building, a place for the church over there, Eglise La Bonne Nouvelle – the Good News Church
And we come in agreement with Pastor Marie-Helen and Pastor Elizabeth and Pastor Mark
We come into agreement with the Church, Eglise La Bonne Nouvelle, and we move around that city of Nice
We just take our spiritual eyes of faith and take a trip over there
And we unseat some situations and we derail some plans of the enemy that have tried to stop the increase, that have tried to stop the momentum and say “No!”
No more in Jesus name! No! In Jesus’ name
And then over on the other side we say “Yes!” to a new place
Yes to God’s plan, yes to God’s will, yes to God’s increase
And we move out some, what we would say here “We drain the swamp!”
There we would say “Drain out some buildings, some occupants and make room for the Church to enter on into it!”
Oh, we prepare, by the power and the name of Jesus, we prepare the way today and declare “There is a way!”
And these are the times, and these are the days – enough is enough!
The Church is moving in! Ooooohhh! My! It’s a mighty move! It’s an expansion!
Favor with the city, favor
The favor of God – Father, we pray that Your favor goes before them in every way today, tomorrow, the weeks that are to come
We cover the very conditions there
Where people would make decisions that favor the Church
That favor the Church! There is favor there and it will be right in the right place
And it will be the right situation and it will be at the right price and the finances will be there
And the finances will come and be ready
And what needs to be fixed up, the things that need to be put in there, every resource necessary to make that God’s place
Even now today we clear out the very atmosphere in that place
Not knowing what is the address, not knowing the exact location
But, Father, we know that You know and we know that the authority has been given unto us
And we are sending our agreement with them, agreeing with them in the authority that they have in the city
We call these things that have not been so, we call them so
Provision of every kind, favor goes right before them
The glory of God, Jesus, the blood
Okay thank You, Father, the blood of the Lamb – there is power in that blood
And that blood is making a way! Clearing out for one reason or another those that are there will fold up and leave – get out of there and be removed and make a way for the Church in these days
Increase, increase, increase like never before
And others will begin to join on up in and there will be those that are in positions of authority that will favor them
And they will see to it and shake up some things! (ha, ha, ha)
And it will be right where it needs to be to be the most effective ministry that it could be
And so we pray in the name of Jesus, that favor goes before them and the peace of God is their strength and the power of Your Spirit, the joy internally inside them, that also is strength to them
Oh my, no cares, no anxieties but knowing that these things shall come to pass
For the time is now, now is the time
Let’s welcome the Holy Spirit right in that area by faith
They don’t have the place yet but we are welcoming His Spirit in the place where they shall be
It’s a space, it’s a territory, it’s rooms
Blow in that place, Holy Spirit move in that place

Ms. Mary led us Singing Send Your Fire

Pastor John prayed…

We pray over the US Bank Stadium on May 18 to be the Church
To be filled with the Church, filled with those hungry for God
From the north to the east to the west to the south
A great gathering glorifying Jesus Christ
From that event the fire spreads, the anointing flow, a fresh rain
A fresh anointing comes upon our city
That is God’s city, the city of the Gospel
The city of the anointing of the Holy Spirit – Revival City in the north
Going, going, going – the Church on the move being sent to all the nations within this country and all the nations around the world
Fresh anointing upon every and upon every church – the fire of God will burn in Your people and they will say we just can’t sit here in our house
We just can’t sit here in our church – we’ve got to go down the street, down the neighborhoods, go into the city, we’ve got to go to other cities, to the high places and the low places and the clean places and the dirty places, every place, every place
For this city will be known for rescuing the lost, saving the unsaved, healing the sick, setting the captives free, breaking the yoke of bondage, proclaiming the name of Jesus everywhere
We say hallelujah! Halleujah!
This is our city, devil, this isn’t your city
The witches don’t own it, the Masons don’t own it, the human traffickers don’t own it
We put you all on notice – your power is broken over this city, this place is holy ground
Every street, every building in this city, every gathering place has the touch of God upon it, has the blood on it, has the name of Jesus on it, has the Holy Ghost on it
We say it’s already taken place for Your glory
Those in authority in the name of Jesus
We say to you “serve the Lord”
We say to you “serve righteousness”
We say to you “serve the Word of God”
And then you can remain, God will use you – otherwise there will be a change
For God raises up kings and authority, He raises up princes and He puts them down
And the hearts of the leaders are in the hand of the Lord in this city
There will be no strongholds against God but there will be strongholds for the Lord
For the name of the Lord is a strong tower and they that run into it will be safe
And that is our city in Jesus’ name

Pastor Ray shared…

Before you started praying about going into the city or going out onto the streets, I felt directed to go down into the city. I don’t mean right now but maybe once or twice a week just go in and park and go where the Spirit of God leads me to go and just keep praying in the Holy Ghost. You know in this building before we had this building we would circle around the building. We were in our other building. We didn’t have access to the building. Then we got access to the building. Then we had a meeting in the building. We had Reinhart Bonkke right where we are seated right now and the Holy Spirit was in that meeting and we began to take the space. And so that just reminds me for each of us. I know we don’t have to go but we can go. We get to go. And we can go and take space, take our place in the city. This is our city and in the same way in St. Paul and the connection between the St. Paul church which is so close to the St. Capitol. Maybe you would be directed to go to that city. Maybe you’d be directed to go to the Depot and pray through that building and keep that anointing coming on up and preparing the way for what needs to be done through that ministry – the vision of that church.

Continued praying…

Hallelujah, we just thank You for these things, give You all of the glory
Thank You for God ideas, the authority that You have put in each one of us
We have the authority, You have given us the authority and it’s up to us to use it
It’s up to us to use the name that is above every other name – Jesus
That name is above every other name in these cities – thank You for it, Lord
We purpose to do our part to lift up the things that You bring up in Jesus’ name
I am thankful just this morning – He brought up the church in France
I didn’t have any new communication with them or anything but it just came up
It kept coming up “Take the space! Take it and occupy it!”
And I love that we began to sing and welcome the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit there
Thank You for it, we give You glory for this day in Jesus’ name, Amen

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