Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Ms. Annie led us singing Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here

Ms. Jean… 

Pastor Ray called me last night because he had an unexpected meeting this morning at 8 a.m. He asked if I would lead today. Almost immediately, Holy Spirit showed me what we we’re going to be praying about today. He never leaves us without help. Its something that has been rolling around in my spirit for a while. And I love how Annie was singing that we become more aware of His presence and that we experience the glory of His goodness.

In Ezekiel we see how sometimes God talks to us in riddles or parables. I saw all of these puzzle pieces that were coming together for us here in this area but as they were coming together, they overflowed unto the nation and unto the world.

Thank You, Father, that right now anoint my mouth to articulate in a way that is easy to lay hold of and run with in prayer.

Think about the strategy of God and how personal our God is and how He already knows what’s coming to pass. But He wants us to get on board, using the authority He gave us in Jesus and just go.

A few months ago, we were talking about St. Paul having her Damascus moment. And a year before the tragedy of George Floyd’s death, Shawn Boltz was here. He prophesied at Redeeming Love Church that the Twin Cities would be known for its race relations and for its equality. That was before all of this happened.

Then, I believe it was this week or shortly after, Liz Write, who is associated with Sean Boltz’s ministry, sent out a Word that “many will now meet Me on their Damascus road.”

I’m want to first preface for you what I’m going to be going over so you can think about all there is.

A hundred years ago George Washington Carver came to Minnesota, and he prophesied that revival would come out of this region.

Twelve years ago, a woman named Constance prophesied that massive revival would come out of from here, where I-35 and the river intersect and would overflow to the rest of the nation.

And then, Billye Brim had a Word from God in 2019 that this was a major battle ground and that the light of God was going to invade the region.

And then months ago, we were praying here about Damascus, and St. Paul. And then Shawn Boltz prophesied a year ago!

I think God is up to something, in real time.

So, then I looked up, “how did St. Paul get its name?”

“In 1841, the settlement was named St. Paul by a French priest in honor of Paul the Apostle. But locals still commonly referred to it as Pig’s Eye. In fact, rumor has it that the city almost became legally named Pig’s Eye when Minnesota became a territory in 1849 and the city was named as its capitol.”

The locals (those that were used to the way things were) were just kind of thinking, “No, this is Pig’s Eye. It couldn’t possibly be named after Saint Paul.”

Here is the definition of “Pig’s Eye.” An exclamation of empathetic denial, descent, or disbelief that something will happen or be true.

So when we looked at Saul’s life and people that persecuted the church, people that are persecuting the church right now, people that the enemy is using to stand in the way of God’s plans and purposes, people everywhere, God is saying, “don’t be like the people that wanted to call it Pig’s Eye, those that are used to the familiar and it’s just going to stay this way. Don’t have that empathetic denial in your heart because this is all you can see. Don’t have that descent from My plans in your heart. Don’t have the disbelief that something will happen or be true.”

No! This place is called St. Paul and Saint Paul had a Damascus moment. He had a real time encounter with God, with the glory of God. He became a carrier of God.

Pastor Ray recently quoted Charles Spurgeon from July 17th, 1859, “What He has done once is a prophesy of what He intends to do again. Whatever God has done, is to be looked upon as precedent.”

He did it with Saint Paul. Even back then, He knew about this very moment right now.

He knew it a year before all of this happened. It all started here in the Twin Cities in the incident with George Floyd’s tragic death. He had prophesied before then and a hundred years before then He prophesied and twelve years before then He prophesied again. And last year He spoke again! And He’s speaking now! And He’s saying to us, “I mean what I say. (laughing) This isn’t Pig’s Eye. This is St. Paul.”

I want to read a Word from Liz Wright, associated with Sean Bole’s ministry. And side note, I love that all of these things are coming from different streams in the body. It’s time for the body to come together. Sure, we disagree on some things. But, okay… I mean, get married and find that out. I mean, whatever. Right?

The whole point is, let’s go! And He’s saying the same thing.

What if revival and an awakening in this region is related to equality and race relations? What if all the attention we received right away, is to be carriers of his glory and that those that have interfered with the plans and purposes of God are about to have a Damascus moment. He keeps talking about it!

The following Word is taken from Many Will Now Meet Me On Their Damascus Road by Liz Wright, Winchester, UK:

 In Acts 26:9-18 we see the apostle Paul sharing his powerful testimony as he addresses King Agrippa.

And I love how he’s addressing a king, the persecutor of the church, the one that held back the plans and purposes of God, the one that people thought, “there’s no way he’s ever going to turn.” But when the people prayed, God and His justice, He actually made the enemy of the church become God’s friend, become the greatest proponent of what God wanted to do.

He’s going to do it again! We have a namesake, Saint Paul.

I used to think that I should do all that was in my power to oppose the name of Jesus of Nazareth. And that’s exactly what I did in Jerusalem, for I not only imprisoned many of the Holy believers, by the authority of the chief priests,

By the authority of the chief priests, By the authority of religion!

I also cast my vote against them, sentencing them to death. I punished them often at every Jewish meeting hall and attempted to force them to blaspheme.

I’m reading about what is happening now, leaders in the Church, using their influence to blasphemy. That’s turning now! The justice of God is causing leaders, secular and religious, to become unreligious, to have a real time relationship and become carriers of His glory.

Let’s not be citizens of Pig’s Eye!

I boiled with rage against them, hunting them down in distance foreign cities to persecute them. For that purpose, I went to Damascus with the authority granted to me by the chief priests.

Isn’t that amazing? Think about the strategy of our God, how clever He is. Religion told him to go to Damascus and God met him at Damascus (laughing). That’s what’s happening now.

While traveling on the road at noon, Your Highness, I saw a light…

The light that shines in the darkness, the light that has no opposite and never has, the light that’s been prophesied that’s coming and has always been.

I saw a light brighter than the sun flashing from heaven all around me and those who were with me. We all fell to the ground, and I heard a voice speaking to me in Aramaic saying, “Saul, Saul!

Okay now, isn’t that cool! His name was Saul. Saint Paul’s name was Pig’s Eye.

The reason why they named it Pig’s Eye, there’s still a brewery around here called Pig’s Eye.  The reason why they named it Pig’s Eye was because the guy who owned a tavern in Pig’s Eye had a blind eye! Come on.

Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? You’re only hurting yourself when you resist your calling.

We release that over those that have been held in bondage. I release it over myself! That we no longer resist our calling.

I asked, who are you, Lord?

Isn’t that funny how we, how he knew it was God because the light.

And the Lord replied, ‘I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting…

He’s telling this to King Agrippa! (laughing)

Get up and stand to your feet, for I have appeared to you to reveal your destiny and to commission you as my assistant. You will be a witness to what you have seen and to the things I will reveal whenever I appear to you.

So, just the beginning. Even today we prepare our hearts to release those that have been in bondage and we declare over them that this is just the beginning.

Damascus moments all over the earth!

I will rescue you from the persecution of your own people and from the hostility of the other nations that I will send to you. And you will open their eyes to their true condition so that they may turn from darkness to the light and from the power of Satan to the cross of God. By placing their faith in Me, they will receive the total forgiveness of sins and be made holy to taking hold of the inheritance that I give my children.

Now this is God speaking through Liz.

They will come from across the nations, from a myriad of expressions of life; some hidden from view, some very visible; all deceived.

This goes right along with George Washington Carver’s prophecy about this region but then it spills over into the world.

This is for all of us. Just keep this in mind for when I read George’s prophesy.

They will come from across the nations, from a myriad of expressions of life; some hidden from view, some very visible; all deceived.

Yet, the church has been deceived and we just see them as deceived, Pig’s Eye citizens. That’s not who we are. We are citizens of the kingdom and we call things that are not as though they already were. That’s who we are!

The Lord is bringing them out from the gross deception that has held them. Many will come forth as global evangelists

Many! How about now? It’s time. It’s time.

They will be rough diamonds.

That’s me! Diamond in the rough. I’m taking this.

They will look messy!

That’s ME! There’s hope for all of us! Okay, I have to stay focused.

They will be rough diamonds, they will look messy as their characters are being purified,

Father, we’re willing to look messy as you purify our character! (laughing…) You know mess never bothered Jesus. If there aren’t any ox in the stable, there’s never a mess.

but they will love Jesus with a holy passion in response to His great love and mercy.

In response to His goodness, repentance takes place once and for all – finished and done!

They will walk in awe of God…

From greatly deceived to walking in awe of God because of an encounter with the Most High! And it all started with the Church praying. Let’s just camp on that for a minute.

Father, I thank You so much that You’ve called us to partner with You, for the honor and the privilege we have as messy diamonds in the rough. As we submit to You, You purify our character. We just submit to You and even now as we submit to You, Damascus moments are taking place all over the earth, Damascus moments in leadership, in the media.

They will walk in awe of God as messengers of power, yielded, sold out, and uncompromising faith.

Just like they wear when they were deceived! Yielded, sold out to deception and now they’ve had an encounter with Him. They will walk like Paul and they are coming home now.

Remember the Pig’s Eye citizens when they heard about Saint Paul? They were, “No, that’s not where we live. We live in an empathetic denial, in a dissent, in a disbelief that something will happen or be true.”

We’re citizens of St. Paul.

Jesus showed me how many have been destroyed through horrible abuse, subjected to incomprehensible suffering. He’s calling us to forgive them,

Jesus praying through us, Jesus the one that died for their redemption, we forgive them as we pray for them. We see them whole and redeemed as we pray for them by the power of Holy Spirit, knowing what we’ve been redeemed from, knowing what He took us out of. As we forgive them, we pray for them and we pray for them.

He’s calling us to forgive them, to overrule the enemy’s grip on their lives. He then said to me, ‘Satan has had his day (Past tense!). This is part of heaven’s great mercy and divine strategy…

The thing that’s restored give massive glory to God. Imagine the contrast in those days from Saul to Paul. That’s happening now.

This is part of heaven’s great mercy and divine strategy that is unleashing now, to turn the nations from darkness into light. We are on such Holy ground.

Ms. Jeani…

As together we respond to Jesus’ invitation to pray, He’s there ready to release them as Jesus visits each one!

Father we meditate on that right now. We repent from being Pig’s Eye citizens familiar with the way things are, familiar with the way we see them. We declare Damascus Moments and we just meditate on that what You’ve done before is a precedent for what You’re doing again right now in real time.

The prophesy from a hundred years ago, the prophesy from 12 years ago, the prophesy from a year before this all broke out, the prophesy from 2019 and there are many more! God will not let this go! And we refuse to let this go.

Let’s just meditate for a little bit, let’s watch.

Ms. Annie led us in Worship

Ms. Jeani…

Holy Spirit, even now, as we watch You minister Your plans, Your purposes to us, You remind us of what You’ve done, what You’ve already done…

We just thank You for Your Word.  We thank You for Your promises. Let’s just pray in the Spirit for a while.

We open our hearts, Holy Spirit. Hope rises up. The confident expectation of Your goodness rises up in Your people. She does not go by the familiar. Father bring to us examples of when the Church prayed from the finished work, knowing her authority, Your extreme fervent love for America, that St. Paul’s name is not an accident, it was a name change.

We thank you for Your goodness, Your manifested goodness. We strip off the familiar and we let hunger rise up! Passion for Jesus! Passion to experience Your goodness to see those things, take place in the youth, in the oppressed, and the deceived!

Father we take You at your Word! The Church prays at Damascus moments, meet those that You’ve called! Father, we acknowledge that it is only encounters with You that get this done.  For even after the encounter, Ananias was afraid to pray for Saul but he did! The church followed through! She followed through! And massive freedom broke out!

Father, we choose to follow through! We choose to leave comfort!

Sometimes believing a lie just keeps you comfortable! But when hunger rises up, you have to engage! The heart of the Church – renewed and restored! That we no longer look at those who are deceived with unforgiveness! But we look at them and we see them whole and restored and mighty in You! We follow through!

Then following excerpt was taken from The Man Who Talks with the Flowers, The Life Story of Dr. George Washington Carver:

He (George Washington Carver) had been invited to speak as the high point in a Crusade for Christ being put on in Minneapolis.” [The author describes the supernatural meeting in detail. In his introduction of Dr. Carver at the meeting, Glenn Clark ended with, ” …no one ever sees him without a flower in his buttonhole and the love of God in his heart.”]..

The next day I took him to the chapel in Macalester College. His address there was just as wonderful and carried us even further than the address before the larger group the night before. When he closed, they applauded till I began to wonder whether the next period classes would ever have a chance to meet. I finally raised my hand to still the enthusiastic boys and girls and said, ‘Dr. Carver has an encore. Great as he is as a speaker, he is still greater as a man of prayer… so I am going to ask Dr. Carver to put his blessing upon us in a closing prayer.

In a private college. We forgive the agendas coming out of education, right now! We call forth those Damascus moments! I repent of unforgiveness! This came out of Macalister College! Let’s get this.

As we rode to the station, Dr. Carver said, ‘Last night as I rode to the auditorium I was holding a little white flower in my hand all the way, and in the silence while we rode, I was talking to it and it was talking to me. It told me some wonderful things. And the flowers have never failed to tell me the truth. It told me that there is going to be a great spiritual awakening in the world, and it is going to come from people up here, from people connected with you and me, from plain, simple people who know-not merely believe-but actually know that God answers prayer. It is going to be a great revival of Christianity, not a revival of religion… a revival of true Christianity.

It is going to rise from the laymen, from men who are going about their work and putting God into what they do, from men who believe in prayer, and who want to make God real to mankind.

We have to have agreement in the church! And it’s upon us. No more religion.

A revival of true Christianity is going to rise from the laymen, from men who are going about their work and putting God into what they do. From men who believe in prayer and want to make God real to mankind.

For people that see people! That’s people God wants to be real to, God wants people to reveal Himself to. With a repentant heart, we see every person, everyone that the enemy has used as someone that God wants to be made real to! Damascus moments!

Ms. Jeani…

Okay so that was a hundred years ago. Then 12 years ago… In Isaiah 35 the Lord says, “And a highway we’ll be there and it will be called the highway of holiness.”

The highway of holiness, for God needs to bring a move of holiness and pour out His Spirit in this nation! Let us not take lightly that He trusts us to put us here during this period of time, right now, right now! The time of wandering is over. Glory to God.

“Where I-35 and the highway of holiness and the river meet, is the place where the revival will begin.” Word of the Lord given by Constance Fisher on October, 2002

Isn’t that amazing that everything the enemy want to do came on the scene in the area where I-35 and the river meet. Yet God came out ahead of it twelve years ago and said, “Uh, actually this is the place where revival begins.”

I’m just thinking of those that’ve been trafficked and how the Church is the answer. She’s the answer for city council. She’s the answer for trafficking. She’s the answer because the One with the answer, with the only answers that will last, the One with the answer where it came a hundred years ago! Then twelve years ago! Then a year ago! And just now! Is in you and is in me.

Okay, so that was a hundred years ago. I just read you the one from 12 years ago. And then Billye Brim in 2019. And I’m just going to be honest with you. When I read this, I broke into tears because I was so humbled by it.

The following Word was given by Billey Brim concerning Minneapolis on April 28, 2019:

Minneapolis is a major battlefield-an arena of great proportion for the soul of this nation.

That’s why I have stationed my strongest soldiers there-

Do you know what occurs to me?  I can just believe what He says, I don’t have, I mean really, that’s the only way we’re ever going to do this.

-most pointedly in the realm of prayer. This has been my mode of operation through many years.

The end of this age will reveal My victory through the saints in the Light

There’s the light again! There’s the light that invaded Saul’s deception and changed his name! And it started with the Church praying! And then the Church followed through and prayed for Saul! He’d been blinded! Even though the Church was afraid to pray for Saul and go to him! And then he got a name change – Saint Paul!

For darkness-which seemingly operates unchecked-shall not, and is not overcoming the Light.

Ms. Jeani…

Pigs eye: “An exclamation of empathetic denial, descent, or disbelief that something will happen or be true.”

But locals still commonly refer to it as Pig’s Eye.

Locals. I don’t know when I think of a local, I think of someone that just stays in their routine. You know, they’re a local. This is how we do it here. It’s not going to change.

That’s not who we are!

Father, You said that all the nations shall see and benefit from what I’m doing in Minneapolis.

Father, we will not forget Your benefits even as we pray. We call forth the benefits in real time. We call forth those people that have been deceived, those people that have walked in deception, and have opposed Your will, Your plan and Your purposes.  And through the forgiveness and the redemption of the cross we thank You for turn arounds, for shifts, for the justice of God that makes enemies of God her friend.

You’re making the enemies of God your friend! When God is pleased with the man He makes even their enemies to be at peace with her. And because of Jesus and the righteousness of God that we have through Jesus, You make our enemies to be at peace with us.

Father, I thank you that there eyes are open to see who their real enemies are! And even as their eyes are open they see the answer. The answer is You! That You’re good! That You have a massive plan for them and we call it forth right now! Thank you! We thank you for it! We thank you that we can rest in Your Word!

You talked about this a hundred years ago before we were even born! And then you changed the name of Saint Paul in the 1800’s, from Pig’s Eye! What an awful name. Named after a guy that was blind! (laughing) You changed the name!

Father, we receive the change. We receive it. And we put a demand on Your goodness and we enforce Your Word. The people of light. People of light are only people of light when they’ve come out of the darkness.

We’ve all been people that’ve come out of the darkness!

Ms. Annie led us singing Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here

Ms. Jean… 

Even as we sing this, keep in mind that hope is the confident expectation of good.

Pastor Folu…

Hallelujah. I thank the Lord for the way He has led our dear sister this morning.

Hallelujah! As I was sitting there as she has been ministering, I have just been quickened, all over my body, I feel the presence of God, the anointing of God. And I’m sure that those of you that are online, those of you that are here, that the Lord has just been speaking to you expressly about this time that we’re in.

Listen to the Word in Ephesians 2:1, “And you (that’s you and I) hath He quickened.” He’s already quickened us! When you’ve been quickened, you are not the same any longer. Your perspective has already changed. Your world view has already changed. Everything about you is now different.

She talked about this state and how Ms. Billye said last year, Minnesota is a battle ground for the soul of this country – this stage where you and I find ourselves, saints.

“And you and I hath He quickened who were dead in trespassers and sins.” And I’m going to jump to verse 4 – I love this saints! “But God…” You know everything she read about the apostle Paul everything else is, “But God!” This is what the enemy meant to do! This is all this and all that, “BUT GOD!” Hallelujah! Saints! If not for the “But God” in your life, you would not be where you are today in God! Hallelujah!

Let us shout from the rooftop! But God! You see that’s why we can rejoice! But God!

Minnesota is going God’s way. What God has spoken by His men and His women from different streams, it’s coming to pass right now because of people like you and me, men and women that know God! Men and women that are people of prayer! Men and women that have given their whole to the things of the kingdom.

Saints, I’m looking at men and women here and online, wherever your state is, I’m looking at Giants of prayer, because everything happens in prayer. Bless the Lord! Thank you, sister.

Ms. Jeani… 

Okay, so this is an awesome example of why we need the whole body! I mean how cool is that? I mean, really? We need the whole body. So, I’m just saying, are you part of the body? We need you. (laughing…) I super love that, by the way.

Father, we thank You that even those that aren’t in the body yet are now part of the body. Even those that we would say, that’s never going to happen! In fact, we hate them! NO! We forgive them! We pray for them. We remember where we came from. We remember what God said, that they are diamonds in the rough! They’re just diamonds in the rough! They’re just messy! Hello, are you and I messy? I would say yes.

Father, we thank you for Your Plan that you just see us whole, healed, delivered, restored, and continuing to enlarge the kingdom! We declare we will not back off, we will not back down. In fact, we encourage each other even right now. And the next person we see that the enemy is using, we refuse to believe anything other than “Damascus Moment.” Guess that’s what’s about to happen. So, we’re going to end with that. Thank you.

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