Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pastor Ray…

Do you know the more we ask and require His presence, the more we receive more of His presence manifested in our lives and then we can give it out. We are givers of that presence. It’s not just so we can bask in it. Although we can, of course. But in His presence is everything. Everything is in His presence.


Thank You for Your presence this morning, Lord
We do, we welcome You, we need more, we open our hearts for more
We know we have Your presence but we want Your manifested presence on us and in us and through us and around us and over us, in everything that we do
We humble ourselves before You this morning
We purpose, make a decision again to not quit, to keep contending, to keep moving, to keep moving ahead and doing what You’ve called us to do which is to receive more and more and more of Your manifested presence so we can do more and more and more for You
To make a difference in those we are privileged to come in contact with
Thank You, thank You, thank You

The following prophecy was given by Patsy Cameneti on September 17, 2007 at Living Word Christian center:

(addressed to the pray-ers in the chapel)

Praying is not just what you do, it’s who you are. It’s a part of who you are. And because it’s who you are, it’s what you do. To not do who you are, leaves off a part of who you are. To have a full expression of who you are, those of you called to pray must pray. But because you have been faithful to pray over a period of time, in obedience to God, not because of works, not because of anything forced upon you from without, you have simply responded to the Holy Spirit. HE has called you. HE has drawn you. HE has even appointed you in the prayer groups that you work in. The harnesses that you get into. The plows that you put your spiritual hand to. It is very important to Him. You have been responsible not just to the prayer work here … you’re responsible directly to Him.

And because of it, I saw that there was a, you know how different people have prayer towers in different places and it’s a physical place that is built. I saw that there was a spiritual edifice that has been built here. It could not be built in a year. Could not be built in two. Could not be built with a few great conferences. It was built line upon line, precept upon precept, day by day, brick on brick. And it has risen very significantly in God. And this prayer that comes from this place, and I know there are other people perhaps joining here, but I have never in the time that I have come here felt such a message for this prayer team. And the strength of God to fortify what you are doing and the importance to God that you continue what you do.

And I saw a tower for beaming messages must be high in order to do that. There is a place in the spirit that all of us have at the right hand of God. But some people don’t take that place, they don’t work in that place but you have. And from that place then there is light and I see it. It goes all over this world. Your prayers go all over this world. Now that sounds simple. I saw your prayers and they go all over the world. And angels go all over the world by your prayers. Your prayers commission heaven, and heaven longs to be commissioned. Because there are things it cannot do unless it is set in motion by someone on this earth. And there are things that it longs to do every day. Every day. And that is why this prayer ministry is a daily ministry. It was set so by God, and it must be maintained by the Holy Spirit in your life in response to Him.

We were in many different countries and it’s interesting how your prayer notes go everywhere. They are printed out. The light from those… in power. Whole prayer teams in nations. They use it like something to war with. It’s a daily deal for you. They look for it, and they read it, and they use it. Jesus wants you to know that.

That’s awesome that she saw that by the Spirit but she also went on to say that she saw it increasing. She saw the influence of it increasing more and more. You know Cindy here in the second row, she types out a lot of the notes, a summary of everything that is given here and prayed here every morning. I have seen that too. When we have traveled to France there are people that come to the meetings there from different countries on the earth that look at, read, and use that as an example, things to declare and pray and every prophecy, or whatever we would read, or a Word of God comes forth, it goes out. And I like to see it like that. It goes up to the tower and it’s beamed out all over the earth. Angels move out. It’s blessed.

So, we don’t want to quit. Why would we stop? We shouldn’t.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on February 24, 1999:

Demonstrations of the Spirit III
It has come to pass, it is coming to pass, and it shall come to pass. It shall come to pass at last and there shall be much cause for rejoicing. Ha, ha, ha, and laughter in the Spirit. For the Lord Himself shall manifest Himself through the Spirit in the lives and ministry of His people and in His body which is the church, and there will be a great manifestation beyond that which you have seen. You will stand in awe and be expressly glad and joyous for the Lord is at work. Praise Him, worship Him, honor Him, and His glory shall be made manifest unto thee and His glory shall be made manifest through thee and great, great, great, shall be the results thereof.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. That’s what the Holy Ghost is saying. Praise God forevermore, praise God forevermore. Praise God forevermore. Hallelujah. I heard the Spirit say it’s not time to give up. It’s not time to turn back, but it’s time to move forward. For you’re about to move into the greatest move of glory that you’ve ever known or seen. So, take steps with Me, saith the Lord and know that I’m leading and guiding and directing and enter in, enter in. Do not stand back as some do and wonder and say could this be true? Can this be so? No, be pliable, be yielded unto the Holy Spirit and He will guide thee and He will speak to you. And in the nighttime you’ll hear a voice speak unto you at times telling you exactly what to do and great shall be the rewards thereof.

Moving, moving, moving up, moving, moving forward, moving, moving on, moving, moving into, (tongues) moving, moving into a dimension of the Spirit that you’ve not been in before and you’ll be overwhelmed, overwhelmed with holy awe, filled with tears of joy. Oh, oh, oh my, oh my, my, my, my, shall we? Shall we, Lord? Shall we enter in to that holy place? Oh, to that place where the supernatural is common place, where the supernatural is an everyday manifestation. Oh my, my, my it is awesome, it is awesome, it is awesome, it is awesome, awe, open their eyes, open the eyes of Your people that they may see. Like the prophet of old said to his servants when the city was surrounded and they were in battle and surrounded, open his eyes and when his eyes were open he saw chariots of fire and horsemen of fire all around about the city and the prophet said, “more of those that are with us than those that are with the enemy.” And there was deliverance. Open their eyes, oh God, of this congregation, of these ministers, of these pastors, that they may see. I know they couldn’t stand it, they couldn’t stand it, they couldn’t stand to see all of it, but a glimpse, a glimpse. They can stand a glimpse, a glimpse of Your glory, a glimpse of that realm.

Pastor Ray…

We can stand for it. We are looking for it. It’s a necessity to us. We need it. We have to have it. We’re not like a broken record but we say it from the bottom of our heart, “Lord, We want more.” We want a greater manifestation. We want to see those limbs grow out. We want to see the eyes that were closed be opened. We want to see bodies made whole, healthy, and restored in every way. We want to see the resources that are necessary for the Church to do what the Church has been called on to do. We are calling for these things to come forth in these days and in this hour, hallelujah! We want to see!

We declare we will see that this nation will be one nation under God, under You, Lord, and it will be indivisible! “More of us than there are of them!” We take that Word, we use that Word. There are more of us with the Church than there are in the world against the Church! There are more of those that are lined up with the Church and with heaven and with the Word that has been given forth from heaven, words of prophecy, words that prophets have declared over the many years up until these times and in these hours. There are more!

But there is an increase of the more! There are more and more and more lining up and getting in one accord to call this nation to be the nation that You have called it to be “One nation under You, undivided!” Thank You for it, Lord!

Continued praying…

We are encouraged, not discouraged
We’re joyful and expectant and we shall receive as we read right at the beginning of that
We will receive, there shall be, there will be!
Greater cooperation in the Church every day, more and more and more and more and more and more!
More of the supernatural – supernatural move of the Holy Ghost!

Ms. Annie led us singing Glory, Glory to the Lamb

Continued praying…

Holy, Holy, Holy
So we do see, we do hear, we do know those things that You have revealed unto us
Day after day, week after week, and year after year, a continuation of more of You
That spirit of seeing, that spirit of knowing showing us the things that are to come
Thank You, Lord – You have made us to know
You’ve made us to see there are more with us than there are with them

And as we walk and as we speak and talk and give forth under the authority that You have given us, declaring “This is the way it shall be! This is the way that it shall go!”
Taking our place, taking our seat in heavenly places high above and declaring “No, no, no more! Not that way! Not that other way but this way!”
God’s way and purpose and will on this earth!
And not just in this nation but nations across the face of the earth turning, turning!
Turning more and more toward heaven!
Ooooooh the awakening, the awakening
Things are turning, things are moving, chains are broken
Hindrances are called down and out
Every lie exposed, revealed, and uncovered, wrong plans, wrong ways
We declare the blood covering over this nation, our leaders, our president, his family, our vice president, his family
All those in positions of authority, we line ourselves up with those that are in the White House praying today in Jesus’ name
That things continually move in Your right way, Your right ways, right plans, right days, right times
Changes, changes, changes! In Jesus’ name
We put a stop to all of the hate in Jesus’ name
We stand against the plan of the enemy, we don’t stand against man or come against men
We stand against the plan of the enemy and we come against him
We rule you ineffective because of the blood, because of the name that is above every other name
What’s that name? JESUS!

Ms. Annie led us singing Break Every Chain

Continued praying…

Where sickness tries to speak and have its way we say “No!”
Broken off by that precious holy blood of the Lamb in Jesus’ name!
Steps, for today we’ve taken steps that will determine the future and how those things will be walked out. So we step steps of faith, steps of belief, steps of expectation into the new
Where symptoms, sickness, lack, whatever negativity tries to attack and have its way
We shake it off! We shake it completely off! In Jesus’ name
It’s not our strength, it’s the anointing, the power from heaven in the name that is above every other name – JESUS, hallelujah

Ms. Annie led us singing Jesus, Jesus, Holy and Anointed One

Continued praying…

We walk this day under the authority and in the authority of that name
The name that is above every obstacle, every wrong plan, wrong way
We take that name, walk with that name, and overcome in the name of Jesus and by the blood that was shed at Calvary at the Cross over 2,000 years ago
That blood and the name is and will work on our behalf today
It will shape things that need to be shaped up
It will open ways that needed to be opened
It will shut down, close up doors that needed to be shut down and closed up
For we overcome because You overcame on the Cross at Calvary
We do this day!
We believe for things we’ve been called individually to do, we will do it on the authority and in the authority of Your precious holy name
Words that we speak will have an effect, a change, a turn, will move
We are moving from one degree of glory to what? Another degree of glory up! Up! Up!
We lift You, Lord, magnify, glorify
Thank You for the overcoming power of the blood
We walk in victory; we do not walk in lack
We have overcome and we will continue to because You overcame for us here in these days
This day, we call it blessed, call it holy, anointed in Jesus’ name
And everybody said, Amen


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