Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Father, thank You so much for the power of Your Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence this morning
Not casually but respectfully knowing we need Your presence
We want to have our hearts open to more of Your presence in our lives in every area
We just thank You for it

Scripture focus…

(1) For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation.
(2) He only is my Rock and my Salvation, my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be greatly moved.
(5) My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him.
(6) He only is my Rock and my Salvation; He is my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be moved.
(7) With God rests my salvation and my glory; He is my Rock of unyielding strength and impenetrable hardness, and my refuge is in God!
(8) Trust in, lean on, rely on, and have confidence in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is a refuge for us (a fortress and a high tower). Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
(11) God has spoken once, twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God.
(12) Also to You, O Lord, belong mercy and loving-kindness, for You render to every man according to his work. Psalm 62: 1-2; 5-8; 11-12 (AMPC)

Continued praying…

Father, we come before You this morning
We are lifting up our hearts, we want to do what You have called us and told us to do
First of all lift up and pray over our leaders, so we do that this morning
Lifting President Donald Trump, his family, all of those in positions of authority
We cover them with the precious blood of the Lamb
Thank You for wisdom and understanding, revelation for them
Thank You for creative ideas, new ideas
We pray and agree that they will know exactly what to do and when to do it
Thank You for that supernatural direction of Your precious Holy Spirit upon him and the anointing that You have placed within him to do the things that he is doing in these days
We pray protection around him – around his mind, around his body
For supernatural strength to do what You have called him to do
Thank You for it Father – we lift all of these leaders
Thank You that this nation is going in the right direction
Thank You that things are moving – we are not moved but the nation is moving – hallelujah!
The things that need to turn or change or be rearranged, that shall come to pass
And we pray divine direction for those positions around him and around his family
Godly men and godly women, those that know what to say and when to say it
We pray over all of the pray-ers that are praying in the White House – we are in agreement with them
Thank You, Father, that White House has opened its doors to Your will and to Your plan
Your Word is having its way in the White House
Glory to God! Thank You Father, for the changes that have already taken place
But then too, all of the things that will still come
That our connection with Israel is totally, completely locked in in Jesus’ name
We thank You now for all of the different things that are coming in the next few weeks
Things that will make a difference in the world – we lift them before heaven
We pray the blood covering over them and declare “no weapon formed against these shall prosper”
We bind confusion, lies, and inaccuracies in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for the truth, Your truth
That You are leading us and You are leading our country, one nation under God
We pray over every state, over every governor, over all of the mayors, over those in positions of authority throughout the country – hallelujah!
Thank You, Father – today we lift it all up!
We don’t look just in the natural but we look in the Spirit – the plans from heaven, the purposes that You have for us
Thank You, Father, that it goes well with us when it goes well with our leaders
For wisdom and direction for them and wisdom and direction for us
We take authority over any kind of complacency in the body of Christ
Thank You that the body is rising up and stepping up: ministries, churches, ministers, pastors, evangelists, teachers, all of the fivefold gifts are in full display – hallelujah!
Even today we open them up more, open up those gifts and let them flow
Let them go, let them go forth!
Confusion, lies, deception we bind you in Jesus’ name – you cannot operate in our country, you cannot operate in the Church, hallelujah!
Thank You for it Lord, thank You Father

Ms. Annie led us in worship

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on January 24, 1988:

“For He is high, and He is holy and you cannot worship Him with man’s means. Yea, you dare not come into His presence in your own holiness of righteousness. Come into His presence clean and holy but thou canst not make thyself clean, neither can thou make thou self holy. For man alone is an utter failure. But you can come into His presence because His blood cleanseth you from all sin. You can come into His presence because His Blood has atoned for your sins. You can come into His presence because His Blood has atoned for your sins and all are washed away. And you are made unto your God kings and priests. So, put on your robe of righteousness and enter into His presence with thanksgiving and allow the Holy Spirit, Who dwells in your spirit to teach you to be reverent.”

“Yea, come not with the clamorings of the flesh. There shall come a time, in fact the day has now arrived that you will learn to worship Me,” saith the Lord of Hosts, “on a different level in which you have worshiped. Even learn to praise Me on a different level in which you have learned to praise. For so much of that which has been in that manifestation among you has only been in the flesh. But now you will come into the broad place of the Spirit. Come with a reverence. Come with a humility. Come with a desire to fellowship with Me. Come not in arrogance. Come not in the energy of the flesh. But rather, come with a humble spirit. Crucifying the flesh. Not letting it dominate you or even endeavor to worship Me as such. But come in a spirit and oh that can only be as you respond unto the Holy Spirit.”

“For even in worship as the Father would have you to worship Him. For He is high and He is holy. And you come not unto Him as you would come unto man. And you give not Him applause as you would man. For you must not bring Him down on the level of man, but you must come up on the level where He is in holiness and reverence. Worshiping Him and Him alone. Worshiping Him and Him alone. Worshiping Him and Him alone.”

“And then shall the Spirit of God descend upon you like a mighty rain from heaven. Mighty rivers shall flow out of you and ye shall be known as a reverent worshipful people. And ye shall be known as a supernatural people. For the supernatural will be ordinary with you. And it shall be said of you as it was said of those days gone by, they that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.” Hallelujah!

Continued praying…

When is that? Right now things that needed to be turned around, turned upside down
In these days as we lift Him, as we worship Him, as we give Him the glory, as we get out of our own ways, out of our thoughts, out of our own minds, and out of the flesh and get into the Spirit and lift Him up and worship the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, the Healer
Oh, Thank You, thank You Jesus – the Healer, the Provider
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! We lift up, we magnify, glorify the King of kings and the Lord of lords
Holy, holy are You! Holy are You Lord! Holy are You! Ha, ha, ha!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord

Ms. Annie led us in singing Lord, I Worship You

Continued praying…

Thank You, Lord – we worship You, we worship everything about You
We worship and bow before You
So, Father we walk, we march, we move ahead in You, we march with You, we come before You
We humble ourselves before heaven, bow our hearts, bow our lives
Every care, every anxiety, every doubt – you all must get out! Out! Out! Out!
Oh, because we are free! We are free! We are free!
So we push ahead, so we march ahead, so we take our steps
We call those things straight – every crooked way “be straightened out today!”
Oooooooh hallelujah! Ha, ha, we see it, we take it, we seize it!
Increase, increase, increase – stepping into it, stepping up, stepping through
Moving, moving, moving, moving with You!
Today, today, today we move, we move – we’re moving, we’re moving
The Church is moving, our country is moving, things are changing, things are being altered and rearranged
New days, new operations, new ways, new testimonies, new steps, new authority, new wisdom, new understanding
Mounting up, standing up, rising up, staying up, moving up
Open, open, open, opening up those ways
For the Church is coming through! The Church is moving through!
Oooooooh the army of God! The armies of God! Contending, calling, declaring, receiving!
Numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers – there are multiplications in these days, operations, assignments
Okay, thank You Lord, new assignments in Jesus’ name! Hallelujah – individually and corporately, assignments
We believe to see it, to see them to walk out into those ways that You set for us
And wholeness and wellness and strength and abundance and authority and wisdom
Calling things that were wrong, right
Calling things that were turned around to be turned back around
Calling things that were down, calling them up!
Oh thank You, Father, by that blood and through the name You are making a way!
You are the great Way Maker! Hallelujah!
Things that we cannot make, things that we cannot do, words that we do not know how to say but we speak up in our spirit man!
Steps, steps, it’s “One, two, three, like that.”
Step after step after step – not moved over to one way or to another way but straight ahead – step after step after step
Calling others in, calling others up, calling others ahead
New, it’s new, it’s new!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Scripture focus…

Look around among the nations and see! And be astonished! Astounded! For I am putting into effect a work in your days [such] that you would not believe it if it were told you. Habakkuk 1:5 (AMPC)

Ms. Jeani prayed…

Father, we look around! We see among the nations and we are astonished, we are astounded!
We continue to be astonished, we continue to be astounding!
Because You have now put into effect and You are continuing to put into effect a work in these days such that we would not believe it if it were told us
But we say “We believe it!”
By the Spirit we believe it! By the Spirit we receive it!
Accelerated astonishment! We look around! We rise up and we behold the goodness, the greatness of the Most High God! God! God in us the hope of glory!
Father, You are doing it! You did it! It’s happening! We are in it!
Thank You! It’s in the White House!
You astonish President Trump! You astonish Melania! You astonish his children!
You’ve already done it! You’re doing it now!
We thank You for today! The highest praise to the most high God!
That’s You Abba! We love You!

Pastor Ray…

I just heard this in my spirit “Some that have been absolutely the worst in a critical way against our president will begin to turn around and will begin to actually support him because they will see… They will see what’s been happening and what can happen! They will turn around and be on his side!”

Continued praying…

It is astonishing! It is new but it shall come to pass! Hallelujah!
It is a new day! It is a new day! It is a new day today!
It is the DAY that You made! Oooooooh!
You are turning it up! We are rising up!
The former and the latter rain together! Together! Together! Together!
Like never before! You are up to something that has never been done before!
We Thank You!
Astounding – that’s what it is
Do you hear the walls tumble down?!
We hear the walls tumble down! They are tumbling down!
Do you hear the chains fall?! Do you hear it?!
Do you see it?! It is the seventh day when the walls come down!
When the Church goes in and she takes her place – it is the seventh day!
And that would be – TODAY!
The walls haven’t just tumbled down but the bricks have been crushed – every bondage brought to dust today – TODAY!
Not even remembered anymore! No longer in your remembrance!
No longer in your thinking – for President Trump!
We wipe off all the words, all the curses, all the drama over President Trump!
We call him free to operate in the massive anointing that he operates in – today!
You are free indeed President Trump!
Church! Church! Church! I have massive favor for you! It goes before you as a shield – My shield of massive favor goes before you and makes the way TODAY! Go out there in confidence knowing My Favor, My MASSIVE FAVOR is before you and it’s already made the way!

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, now let’s all stand up. Ms. Annie is going to lead us in singing over our nation all these: the rain, the wind, the fire, the oil. And that’s us, this is where we are. This is our country and we are the Church and we are asking, we are requiring as a necessity these things to begin to come forth in a greater degree. And we open our hearts to it.

Ms. Annie led us singing Send the Fire, the Oil, the Wind and Rain

Continued praying…

Father, now we know that one thing, one thing will change America and that’s a revival that leads to an awakening
So, we are asking, we are yielding, we are opening our hearts for it
We are calling it forth across our country – from the top to the bottom, from side to side
Hawaii – all the islands
Father, thank You for these things that will break loose
Churches, ministries out on the streets, in businesses, in schools, in colleges, in hospitals
Holy Spirit, we are asking, we are yearning for more!
We are opening all the doors, the hearts, our hearts for more
For more than ever before that that latter rain and the former rain; this rain together would be a great, great outpouring which will bring the lost in by the droves!
We thank You for it
Thank You, Father, for what You have done, Your faithfulness, Your goodness to send Your Son
Thank You for what was done on the Cross when Jesus said “It is finished.”
Thank You that it is still done, still finished – Your Word is still the same
We lift You up this morning; give You glory
And we are not taking a care or any anxiety out of this place
We are free, we are walking in victory, things work out right, things work out on time
What we need to have, we already have been given – what’s necessary, it shall come
Our bodies are whole and healthy – we are prospering in everything that we do
What we set our hands unto – prosperity is there!
We thank You for it, give You glory for it in Jesus’ name and every one said “Amen.”
Thank You for coming this morning – appreciate it

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