Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Ms. Annie led us singing I Want More

Pastor Ray…

Good morning, Lord. Good morning, Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your presence manifested in us and around us today: in our lives, our family’s lives, our churches lives, our country, all over the earth.

You said Your glory would cover earth. We thank You. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

First this morning, I want to cover the youth revival meeting with James Tan tomorrow. There will be youth and other people too.

The following was taken from Why We Need a Spiritual Revival Today by Angie Cleary:


The word “revival” is from the Hebrew word chayah and means “to bring back to life,” to “restore to consciousness,” or to “restore to a previous condition.”

As stated in the Bible, it means a restoration, rejuvenation, or renewal of interest after spiritual neglect, oblivion, or obscurity. It is a heartfelt return to God and His commandments.

Pastor Ray…

I got a revelation this morning. You know why in the book of Acts you will never find the word revival? You’ll never find revival because they were revived. And that’s where we need to be too. Get to the place… and then there is always more.

If we go back to the revival at Azusa street, the Spirit of God moved in such a way that it drew people from all over the earth and it started such a fire. It affected the whole earth and changed things and it kept going and going. Thank You, Lord.

KJV Dictionary Definition:


  1. Return, recall or recovery to life from death or apparent death; as the revival of a drowned person.
  2. Recall, return or recovery from a state of neglect, oblivion, obscurity, or depression; as the revival of letters or learning.
  3. Renewed and more active attention to religion; an awakening of men to their spiritual concerns.


  1. To return to life; to recover life; to reanimate
  2. To recover new life or vigor; to be reanimated after depression.
  3. To recover from a state of neglect, oblivion, obscurity, or depression. Learning revived in Europe after the middle ages.

I have given this testimony before. I won’t go into it in-depth, but Sandy and I ran into a person with our vehicle that was trying to cross the highway. She was drunk, probably didn’t really know where she was. She decided to run across the highway and I ran into her. I mean we were slowing down for a turn, but we were on a highway and she flew for maybe half the way down the chapel and landed flat on her face without any breathing. That’ll get your attention.

So both Sandy and I jumped out of our van and ran up and knelt down. We could see there was no breathing and it was just a pool of blood. We knelt beside that lady and all we could say was, “Jesus.” That was our prayer. We kept saying, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” And there were people that had come around but suddenly that person began to cough and began to breathe.

She was fine. She had no broken bones but our vehicle had to go to the body shop. It was miraculous!

It is miraculous when someone is dead… and they’re revived.

  1. To raise from languor, depression or discouragement; to rouse; as, to revive the spirits or courage.

Recovery from depression. Ah, thank You Lord. I believe that for tomorrow evening. There’ll be people in that sanctuary right across this hallway that will be recovering from depression. Depression has to go.

The presence of God will be there in a strong enough way that the anointing will destroy it and they’ll leave free in Jesus’ name.

Maybe even today there are people here or tuning in, where depression has tried to get a hold on them. And I know I experienced that with my father. He suffered from deep depression. As children, we couldn’t do anything about it because he was just depressed. He didn’t know about being set free or delivered. He wasn’t born again at that time.

That spirit of depression has to go. We curse you. We command you in the name of Jesus, take your hands off of people. Get out of their lives! Get out of their minds! Get out of them in the name of Jesus.

Whatever circumstances you’ve been trying to work against, in Jesus’ name we call for a deliverance from a state of depression! You got to go! Leave! We take authority over you in the name of Jesus. Whoever is listening this morning, been set back almost, been almost just sitting back and unable to go forward. We curse that state of depression that’s been holding you down or holding you back! You’ve got to go because of the name of Jesus. We plead the blood of Jesus and we push back with the power of the blood and the power of the Holy spirit this morning and curse depression! Go! In Jesus’ name.

By the stripes of Jesus, we were healed. So, therefore we are healed; we’re free in Jesus name. Hallelujah.

  1. To renew in the mind or memory; to recall.
  2. To recomfort; to quicken; to refresh with joy or hope.
  3. To recover from a state of neglect or depression; as, to revive letters or learning.

Pastor Ray…

If you’re depressed. You got no hope. Your future doesn’t look good.

Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? Psalm 85:6 (AMPC)

And we know that when the Spirit of God falls fresh, things will change. Our lives will change, and they’ll not be the same. Thank You, Father.

We pray the blood covering over the service tomorrow evening. We thank You for the plans that have already been made, the prayers that have already been prayed.

We thank you for those that must be in that service so that they can be revived, restore made new, encouraged, full of hope, full of desire for the future, full of a desire for more of heaven’s ways. Thank You.

It must be so. It shall be so. We declare signs and wonderful things, miraculous happenings, bodies being changed, limbs being changed, hearts being changed, minds being changed, a paradigm shift and seeing things in an absolutely new way, heaven sent encouragement in Jesus’ name.

We pray over James Tan. We cover him this morning. We pray that he’ll have divine utterance and what needs to be said and the presence that needs to come, he’ll operate in the fullness thereof. Hallelujah.

Let’s welcome His presence for tomorrow. Of course, we want it for right now but we’re talking about tomorrow evening.

Ms. Annie led us singing Holy Spirit You Are Welcome in That Place

Pastor Ray…

Heavenly Father, we pray over the music for tomorrow evening, the musicians and singers, that there would not be one word without the anointing and the presence on it, there would be no room for any kind of performance but there would only be room for Your presence coming right through the notes and coming right through the songs and the words that are being sung.

The anointing will break yolks, chains, and hinderances. Your anointing moving right over the sanctuary, over into the hearts of the hearers. We pray for open eyes, open hearts, ears to be opened and we declare lives will be changed and made new. Oh, thank You, Lord.

(Prayed in other tongues)

Oh, Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Oh. Oh. Oh, salvation. Many, many, many will be saved in that service in Jesus’ name, healed, made whole, and saved out of darkness and into the great light of the precious Holy Spirit. Delivered, delivered out of darkness, delivered out of wrong ways, delivered out of wrong relationships, and set completely free in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie do you have a song you can sing about revival?

Ms. Annie…

The first song that came to my mind was Send the Fire by William Booth. But I thought, that’s not a good song for a youth revival because it’s 150 years old.

But you know what, when William Booth started the salvation army, he was a youth. And when the salvation army revival swept through the British Isles, it touched the youth of the day as well as everyone else because God is no respecter of persons. He wants to touch the little ones and the aged ones and all the people in between with His fire. So, that’s the song that came to my mind and that’s a good sign. There was rampant wickedness everywhere. Right?

Pastor Ray…

But that song was sung in the Toronto Revival. And then Lindo Cooley took it to Pensacola Florida. It was the same scenario because of the anointing. And all kinds of different ages and types came to the Lord were revived.

Ms. Annie…

Because His Spirit is hovering over all of the people on the earth, like in Genesis 1:1. Everything that’s out of order, His Spirit is saying, “Let there be light.” He wants to touch each one of us with His fire. Hallelujah.

Ms. Annie led us singing Send the Fire

♪ Thou Christ of burning, cleansing flame,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
Thy blood-bought gift today we claim,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
Look down and see this waiting host,
Give us the promised Holy Ghost;
We want another Pentecost,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!

God of Elijah, hear our cry:
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
To make us fit to live or die,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
To burn up every trace of sin,
To bring the light and glory in,
The revolution now begin,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!

’Tis fire we want, for fire we plead,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
The fire will meet our every need,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
For strength to ever do the right,
For grace to conquer in the fight,
For pow’r to walk the world in white,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!

To make our weak hearts strong and brave,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
To live a dying world to save,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire!
Oh, see us on Thy altar lay
Our lives, our all, this very day;
To crown the off’ring now we pray,
Send the fire, send the fire, send the fire! ♪

Pastor Ray…

When the fire falls, the Spirit moves. If hearts are ready and in expectation, every one of those will be changed.

I know that some can be in a meeting where others are absolutely ministered to and they received nothing. But there are people that are in all kinds of meetings that maybe they just don’t expect it or believe it. But just that one in great expectation. You don’t know what, you don’t necessarily know when, you don’t know how, but expectation that He is moving. He is changing lives always.

Thank You for manifesting that great fire, the Holy fire to bring revival in the hearts that have just cooled off so to speak, maybe settled into a status quo kind of thing.

Thank You, Father, for stirring this up today, setting us on fire, new desires, greater expectation about what You’re doing and what You will do.  You’re doing it now and You’ll do it in the days, in the weeks to come. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. Thank You.

Ms. Annie led us singing All Consuming Fire Burn Within

The following is a portion of a prophecy, The Greatest Move and Manifestation of the Spirit of God given by Kenneth Hagin in 1980:

You are right on the verge, right on the verge of the greatest move and manifestation of the Spirit of God that this world has ever seen. You’re right on the edge of it; and like on standing on the creek bank about to jump in. And if you’ll give the more earnest heed unto the things which you have heard, not only those things that you’ve heard about faith and those things that you’ve heard about healing, but also those things which you have heard about the Holy Spirit, and the things that you’ve heard about angels, and the things that you’ve heard about Divine Visitation, (for remember that it was prophesied of Joel of old that in the last days, saith the Lord, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams, and upon My hand maidens will I pour out My Spirit, and they will prophecy), so not only will it be that the young men will prophecy, but the young women will prophecy, and the anointing and the out-flow of the Spirit of God shall be great and amazing in those days — for there shall be a visitation of angels.

And so in these days there shall come a mighty manifestation of the Spirit, and the work that God intended should be done in these last days shall be accomplished. For the time is short and things must be speeded up. And you’ll learn much faster spiritual things then those of yesteryear. And you’ll develop much faster and it’ll be said of some they just virtually matured overnight. And they shall go forth to speak in the name of the Lord, because they understood the principle of faith. They’ll understand the principles of the Kingdom. And they’ll understand the laws of God. And they’ll operate and minister in that area. And nothing will be hid from them. And though there are some who stand here now and have operated in a measure in those areas in times passed, and because they’ve let these things slip, they themselves in ministry and in life have slipped. And they shall be restored. Yea, they shall even be restored this night. And the manifestation shall come and the glory of the Lord shall rest upon it and rest upon thee. And His glory shall be seen round about and the cloud of God will come and fill the house. And, yea, it will seem as though the whole building is filled with smoke, because you see, the glory of God shall be in manifestation. And great, great shall be the noise thereof and praise and adoration that shall go up from His people.

And it shall be noised abroad. And men from afar shall here it. And men from afar shall here of it. And men from afar shall come to behold it. For the Lord shall be in manifestation in those days in all ways that He ever manifested Himself, both in the Old Covenant and in the New Covenant, plus the multiplying of the Spirit in the power of God of these days.

For you see, these are the last days, and this is the end time. And what is done must be done quickly. And it will be done. And the hearts of many will be cause to rejoice. So rejoice. Rejoice. Be glad and praise the Lord and prepare your hearts. And let Him prepare you for that which He has prepared for you. And so walk in it. You shall walk in it. And you shall run. And you shall fly, literally, spiritually speaking. And you shall enjoy the fullness of that which is provided for you.

Pastor Ray…

Thank You, Lord, for the anointing on these words, for what was spoken by Your Spirit through Kenneth Hagin concerning these times that we’re living in now. Pour out Your Spirit like never before. Send that fire. Send the rains, the oil, the wind. Let the winds of Your Spirit blow through services and sanctuaries, chapels, and places of prayer, homes, and businesses, and cars, planes, and trains, and ships – to lets Your wind blow like never before. We’re expecting it. We need it. We want it. It’s our desire.

Ms. Annie led us singing Send Your Fire

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah. We thank you in advance for the absolute supernatural unusual manifestations of Your precious Spirit. Where change looked like it would not come, but it did come, or situations were rearranged and changed by the power of Your Spirit. When that wind blew through, it blew in and blew through absolute change.

Thank You for the healing that we’ve received in and through that precious blood, power of Your Spirit. We are restored, revived, renewed. We are anointed to carry out, do what You’ve called us to do in Jesus’ mighty name. And everyone said. Amen. All right. So be it.

Thank you for coming and for tuning in today. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. See you tomorrow.

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