Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Pastor Ray…

Maybe you saw it on the news. The man that threw Landen over the balcony was being sentenced yesterday, with no remorse. He wouldn’t say anything. He received 19 years. That seems short to me for trying to kill a little boy.

The parents were not at the sentencing but they had written out something that was to be read. His mother wrote, “You chose to think about yourself that day, what you were feeling and wanted to do to someone else,” Landen’s mother wrote. ”I’m sad you chose anger and hatred. Something really bad must have happened to you for you to want to do this to a sweet, innocent little boy. I’m sorry for whatever you’ve gone through. I hope God can save you and show you what His love is all about someday.”

Landen’s father said in his statement. “You chose evil over good and chose to take your hate and hurt out on my precious boy. That is where your impact on us stops, you will take nothing more from us.”

I love that. That’s it. And they had a statement about Landen and he is recovering and there are some things that he needs to go through.

There was more to that. And the one big thing was that they forgave him. They just forgave him. They didn’t want to forgive him but they forgave him. They did what believers should do. They forgave him. They are praying for him. They are believing for him to be saved. But I like that they drew a line and said “that’s it. Your effect on us is over.” And “Landen will be completely and totally restored.” Love it.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Hagin in 1980:

You are right on the verge, right on the verge of the greatest move and manifestation of the Spirit of God that this world has ever seen.

I just want to go Selah, Amen. We are on the edge. So many times we are like “We are going through the door! We are at the door!” (ha, ha, ha) I like it if we are right on the verge.

You’re right on the edge of it; and like on standing on the creek bank about to jump in. And if you’ll give the more earnest heed unto the things which you have heard, not only those things that you’ve heard about faith and those things that you’ve heard about healing, but also those things which you have heard about the Holy Spirit, and the things that you’ve heard about angels, and the things that you’ve heard about Divine Visitation, (for remember that it was prophesied of Joel of old that in the last days, saith the Lord, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams, and upon My hand maidens will I pour out My Spirit, and they will prophecy), so not only will it be that the young men will prophecy, but the young women will prophecy, and the anointing and the out-flow of the Spirit of God shall be great and amazing in those days — for there shall be a visitation of angels.

Be not afraid, but yet take heed even in these areas, for Satan himself has at times come as an angel of light. But examine things in the light of the scriptures and walk in the light of the Word of God. And sometimes the angel will give you direction, and even in your finances, and the direction that would save you life, as in the case of the shipwreck of Paul, and direction concerning ministry, as the salvation of Cornelius and his household, and Philip as the angel spoke to him to go down to Gaza and the Ethiopian was converted.

And so in these days there shall come a mighty manifestation of the Spirit, and the work that God intended should be done in these last days shall be accomplished. For the time is short and things must be speeded up.

Ms. Jeani…

Do you remember when you were in France and you cut the red ribbon. Why did you cut the red ribbon?

Pastor Ray…

To announce the beginning of what would take place in the prayer conference, like you would cut a ribbon for an grand opening, big event, a highway, a building…

Ms. Jeani…

So that ribbon is the blood that cuts through all of the bureaucratic red tape that would hold back what God wants to do in France, specifically what He is going to use Marie to do. Immediate, immediate, immediate cutting through all the red tape because the blood does that already.

Pastor Ray…

It does, it did, and it will.

Sandy read something yesterday from Terri Savelle Foy. She has the nation of France on her heart and ministers there. One of the places she and her team always go to is Paris. They go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and pray over the nation and they have done it several times. They were in line waiting for tickets to go up and this man comes up to them and said “Thank you for coming to France!” He was a security officer for the Eiffel Tower. He said “My personal life has changed because you came here to France and you came and prayed up on top of this tower.” He actually made a way for them to avoid waiting in line. He took them to the elevator and straight to the top – just like that. When they reached to top they were praying over the city and over the nation of France. Then they decided to go down to the level where the restaurant is but they didn’t have a reservation. They showed up and the person that was in charge of the restaurant said “Oh, welcome. Thank you for coming back to France! Here have a table.” What she was saying was the favor of God was going before them and operating and the people showing up that their lives have already been changed because they were faithful to come.

He is the Waymaker! So things are opening up. So we are on the verge, and on the verge of a greater move of the Holy Spirit than we have ever seen before!

I am just going to skip down and read the end of this.

But as you walk with the Lord, as you prepare your heart, as you feed upon His word, as you listen to what the Spirit of God says, your heart shall be prepared, and your mind will be changed until you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as a bird flies through the air. And you’ll flow in the super natural as naturally as a fish will swim in the water. And you’ll flow in the supernatural as naturally as you breathe the very air. You’ll not be conscious of your faith.

You’ll not be conscious of what’s going on around you. But rather, you’ll be conscious of the flow of the Spirit God. And He will manifest Himself. And He will accomplish that which He desires. For you see, these are the last days, and this is the end time. And what is done must be done quickly. And it will be done. And the hearts of many will be cause to rejoice. So rejoice. Rejoice. Be glad and praise the Lord and prepare your hearts. And let Him prepare you for that which He has prepared for you.

And so walk in it. You shall walk in it. And you shall run. And you shall fly, literally, spiritually speaking. And you shall enjoy the fullness of that which is provided for you.

Pastor Ray…

The fullness of it…What do you need? It’s already been met, the fullness that He has prepared for each one of us individually. But if it’s the church in France or wherever, it is the body of Christ, all member of the same body with one head. Amen.

So, we are in agreement for missionaries all over the earth, people who are out on the fields. They are working, working, ministering. Father, we just thank You for the power of Your precious Holy Spirit. It’s not just so we can say, “Wow, Holy Spirit, You really moved in that service!” But it’s so that we can see all over the earth the moving of Your Spirit that would bring the lost in, not just by the hundreds, not just by the thousands, but millions and millions of people coming out of the dark places and into the light. That’s what we see. That’s what we believe. That’s what we’ll have. We are having it! We are having all of the fullness You said we would have so we can do what You said we could do or what You’ve called us to say and called us to pray. Hallelujah.

You are good and Your mercy endures forever and ever and ever and ever! For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!! Thank You for Your mercy today. They are new every day.

We are going up, stepping up, moving ahead, calling the things that are not as though they were, speaking by faith, declaring those things to turn and change in the right way and restoring everything that was lost seven times greater! Restoration, wholeness, health, wealth, prosperity of every kind: spirit, soul, and body!

Strength, we take strength this morning, strength for our natural bodies and strength for our spiritual bodies, that we would command the things we should command, that recoveries, we declare recoveries are happening right now! Oooohh! Recoveries, new, changes, changes, changes, still time for changes. Thank You Father.

We just take that Word now! We are right on the verge, stepping right on the edge, stepping on into more. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord.

Ms. Annie led us singing in other tongues

♪ Oh, it’s new, it’s new, it’s new

It’s what I want to do, it’s what I want to do

Oh, I want to do it in you and you and you

It’s what I want to do, it’s new, it’s new, it’s new

Open up your heart, open up your life

Open, open, open for the new

I want to do it in you, I want to work it through you

Marvelous are the things I want to do

Allow Me to move in you ♪

Ms. Jeani…

Jesus says “I put before you life and death. Choose life.” And I just looked up the definition for life “The capacity for growth and continual change.”

Today, we choose growth. Today we choose continual change. Today we speak to France and say “You choose growth. You choose continual change!”

Change in the right way. In fact the Living One is in charge of you, France. So, rise up and be encouraged. Choose life. Choose growth. Choose continual change. See the red tape being cut away by the blood of Jesus in real time! The residue of delay has been dissolved today! The red tape has been cut away! Has been cut away!

Even today I would say to you, “Do you think that I had Pastor Ray cut that red ribbon just for display? I knew what you were going to be dealing with! I am cutting away the red tape on your behalf! And you may feel backed into a corner thinking there is nothing you can do. You are right. There is nothing you can do. I am coming through for you in a massive real time way! In a massive real time way I am cutting through that red tape and you can rest, you can be restored, you can grow and you can change. In fact, that’s all you need to do: rest, be restored, grow, and change!

Father, we thank You for that. We thank You for Your goodness. We thank You that You know it all and that You’ve already done it all, and now we agree with it and call it finished.

Pastor Ray…

I had this Ms. Annie when you were singing new. Yesterday, Cindy sent me an email about the Word that the Spirit of God gave in January: “The numbers are adding up.” But that just came up when you said “new” and I heard it like this: “The numbers are adding up and they are new!”

New numbers… Whoa! Wait a second. That just gave me goose bumps (ha, ha, ha). The numbers are adding up and they are what? New, greater, bigger, further, whatever the number. Hallelujah.

Ms. Cindy…

It came back up in my heart yesterday. I had been talking with my co-worker, and she was giving me her testimony about the numbers adding up for her and her husband in a couple unexpected ways. And DJ and I can testify too. We refinanced and even got into a property that we purchased together. We had specifically sowed a seed toward that, but last January I believe that was a Word in season. And this is what came up in my heart “That word is still working.”

That word is still working, and I believe there are testimonies and that we need to hear these testimonies to stir it up even more. I thought of the 10 lepers and how the one leper came back to thank Jesus and He was made whole. But I just had this feeling in my heart that we need to thank God for that specific Word by testifying. I mean He was doing something. He’s still doing something and He wants to do more. And I think the more we thank Him… It’s like He is saying “Yes, thank you for acknowledging the fact that I am doing something here with the numbers.”

Just in my area at work, there are six people who have testimonies. And I have been ministering it to people because it’s so stirred in me.  I was telling Pastor Ray that anytime people come up to me with a need in their lives, I minister that Word. They say “I need this.” I say “Well, guess what? The numbers are adding up for you in Jesus’ name!” And then I take them to that Word from January and stir them up with the testimonies. I say “God is doing something!”

When I was talking to my co-worker, she said “You know what? There are some amazing things that have happened with the numbers. It came in here. It came in there.” And then she got really quiet and said, “You know, I just feel like I need to thank Him.” I said, “Wow, I was just feeling that same thing.”

Part of our call is to testify. When you testify, that same anointing is present and available at that moment for others to receive. The Word just becomes alive, stirred up again. And I felt that was the heart of God, to just stir up that Word again. He was like “Come on, don’t let it go, don’t forget about it. It’s alive.”

Brother DJ…

Three weeks ago, I was leaving my house to go to my morning Bible study. I was praying and seeking the Lord. Suddenly I heard, “What are you going to share?” And then the Lord spoke to me, “You are going to share on the wisdom of Solomon.”

In the scripture, the Lord asked Solomon, “What do you want?” It was like the Lord was giving him a blank check and He said “Write down whatever you want.” Well, when He said to Solomon “Ask me for what you want” he was a child. He humbled himself even though he was a king. He said, “Lord, you know I don’t know much. Would you give me wisdom and discernment so I can guide these people well, so I can teach them and minister to them?” And the Lord said to him, “Since you ask me this, I will give you what you ask for but not only that. I will give you a lot more. Because you didn’t ask me for the riches and the wealth of the world, you didn’t ask me to defeat your enemy but you only asked me for wisdom and discernment, I will give you all of that.”

But what happened was the numbers caught my attention. Before He asked Solomon “What do you want of me?” guess what Solomon did? He went to the temple and he gave a 1,000 offering to the Lord. Right after he gave the 1,000 offering, the Lord appeared to him in a dream. And after he woke up, all of what God said happened.

Right after that, he had a test with the two women with the two babies and one died. The Lord tested him and the whole of Israel was amazed at the wisdom in the judgment he made on that court case. So, that pointed out to me how God respects the number. And I feel the Lord has been telling for me personally for a few months that thousand is the measure I give to the Lord. That is personally for me. So when I was driving at 6 a.m. that morning and that’s the scripture that I received and that the numbers matter.

Back in January, I was thinking about how much interest I pay every month on the properties I own. But then I looked at our church annual report and written out was the interest we pay on the building. It was more than seven hundred thousand a year. I was also meditating on Psalm 91 and I started figuring the numbers. I was just reminded of that when you were talking about “the numbers are adding up.” In Psalm 91, it reads 1,000 may fall at your side. I was reading and heard “1,000 people in 91 days.” If 1,000 people gave $12 a day, in 91 days you would have 1 million dollars and you would save around 30 to 40 thousand dollars in interest in a year.

I asked the Lord, “Where is the million dollars?” I checked in my account and it wasn’t there.

But the Lord said, “You do have that million.”

I said, “Where is that million?”

He said, “The million is 1,000 people for 91 days, give $12 a day.”

It’s not much. I can spend more than that on coffee every day. But the Lord said, “There is breakthrough in that number.” That’s me. It’s probably not for everybody. Maybe it could be something different like 1,000 pennies. I thank You, Lord, that You are the God that speaks in numbers. Your Word says that he who sows bountifully, will reap bountifully.

Father, I am going to pray and ask this morning for everyone here. Morning Prayer people, we talk about how God is about to do great big things through this chapel. Not only will people walk in and get healed but they will get healed immediately just walking through these doors. Not only that, but God will use people from this chapel to turn debt into abundance!

Father, in the name of Jesus I ask You, would you release creative ideas through this Chapel? You don’t need thousands of people. You just need 300, like Gideon. Would You release ideas, witty inventions that Your people invent something, have an idea! Father, we are asking and thanking You for creative ventures, businesses that will change the finances not only in this church but all around, breaking people out of debt. I do believe, Lord, we are swinging that way, getting ahead. We receive the plans and the purposes, creative ideas, and businesses today. Let this world see, these are the people of God. They are not only healthy but wealthy as well.

We speak in the name of Jesus the debt cancelation, paid and paid and paid—fully paid! That Your people would say, “Yes, I need a new thing“ and they will go and buy it!

We break poverty and lack and declare abundance! Abundance! You said You came that we would have life and in abundance, not lack!

♪ You call unto Me, call unto Me ,I will answer thee

And show you great and mighty things

I will show you My love, I will show you My mercy

I will be to thee, thy salvation

Jehovah Niisi, Jehovah shalomn, Jehovah Jirah, El Shaddai

Jehovah Niisi, Jehovah shalomn, Jehovah Jirah, El Shaddai

Call unto Me and I will answer thee and show you great and mighty things

I will show you My love, I will show you My mercy

I will be to thee, thy salvation ♪

A Word of the Lord came forth…

The Words that I speak that you will speak, those words will bring about changes that you never ever thought would come forth. And the steps, they have been ordained, preplanned. So, your words, the things that you speak, based on what I have said about you, these words will cause the increase and take authority over every decrease so that you can confess and declare “The numbers are adding up everywhere!” Over the top in some cases, overflow in many ways, but your words continually show you the way to walk as you declare it.

So, that spirit of seeing and that spirit of knowing is in operation in these days. Don’t quit. Don’t settle back, sit back, turn around, don’t allow yourself to look down but continually look up from where all help has been sent from.

Thank You, Lord. Holy Spirit of the living God, fall fresh, fall fresh on us this morning. We do yield. We do open our hearts.

Ms. Annie led us singing Spirit of the Living God Fall Afresh on Me

Pastor Ray…

Heavenly Father, we are in agreement for our President and for all the things that are happening in these days as he is in England and France, remembering all those lives that were given on D-Day, the many, many, many soldiers that gave up their lives that we would be free. We lift up our President, pray the blood covering over him and those that are around him. We pray that words of life, words of light are being declared over him in the places that he goes in Jesus’ name. And we put a stop to every lie that would try and be spread about what he is doing, what he is to do, and what he will do.

We declare this morning that he will do what our Father, God almighty has called him to do in this time, these days, and theses seasons and years. We thank you for the covering of the blood, protection that comes through that precious blood. You order his steps. He’ll be where he needs to be. We pray the words that he speaks will bring about safety, healing, direction not just for our country but for the earth. We thank You for it, Lord.

We lift up and pray over every step we will take today. We believe they are ordered from heaven, directed by You just like You said You would do; show us and reveal unto us the things that are to come. Thank You. Thank You for the changes. We receive. We receive. We receive.

♪ We receive. We receive. We receive the changes. We receive the change. ♪

We receive that. We believe to walk in Your changes, Lord. Thank You.

This is the day You’ve made and we will rejoice and be glad in it for it is Your strength working in us and through us, prosperity all the way through this day in Jesus’ name. And everyone said, Amen.

Thank you very much for joining together today.

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