Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ms. Jeani shared…

I have a certain massage therapist that I have been going to for years. She is pretty new age-y and really careful about the kinds of churches she would attend. And the church that she goes to now is like that. But every time that I see her and I have seen her throughout the years, I am just completely who I am all the time (ha, ha, ha). So, we talk about God a lot and what He has said and what He is doing and things like that. So, yesterday I went in and we sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes just talking. And I was sharing a few things with her, just certain things that He had told me different times when I have had conversations with Holy Spirit. And then at the end she looks at me and says “You know, I really want to know how to pray in tongues.” I said “Okay, let’s do that when we are done today.” And she said “Okay.”

So, after she was finished with the massage she accepted Jesus and then we welcomed Holy Spirit. But first she asked “But why would I even want that?” She said “I really want it but I really don’t understand about it.” And then I told her a story about my grandma when I was a kid. I had stayed at my grandma’s house. And my grandma used to get up every morning at 5 a.m. and pray over the family. And I was a teen at the time and I asked her “Grandma, don’t you get bored praying for the family every morning?” She said to me and this is what I told my massage therapist “No, because the Holy Spirit knows what you need. And so I just pray in the Holy Spirit and that’s it.” And that just settled it for me. And when I told her, she completely understood.

I started praying in my prayer language with her and I could tell she was nervous. You know sometimes when a person receives their prayer language they feel pressure to get it done or somehow find a way. Then I just stopped and I looked at her and I laughed. I said “Look, this isn’t a pressure thing. Let’s just enjoy it. Let’s just have fun. Let’s just see what He does. Even if you think of a dialect, like a Spanish dialect, a French dialect or whatever, just start…kind of letting yourself talk. And that’s all it took and she received her language. And what I loved the most is she was amazed at how comforting and easy and non-weird it was.

Pastor Ray…

It’s not weird. That’s the word for today. Praying in tongues is not weird. It’s right.

Sandy was baptized in the Holy Ghost because her mom got baptized in the Holy Ghost. It took me a year after she was baptized to even agree to go to Living Word. And I thought I could go incognito. But we met at the Community College and there were less than 90 people there. Pastors Mac and Lynne would stand at the door and there was only one door. You couldn’t get in and you couldn’t go out without them saying something to you.

We have three children and our oldest son was around 10 or 11. And I remember exactly, I was driving our conversion van and I asked him “Do you pray in other tongues?” He said “Of course.” I thought wait a minute. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

That was the way it was for me. Once I decided that was it. And I decided in a service that Pastor Willie George was doing at Living Word. He had a call for men that needed to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. And there weren’t that many men in the church! So, it was obvious. But I could not do it. It was like my feet were in cement. But I made a decision. That evening at home I asked Sandy “Could someone get baptized at home or do you need to be in church?” She said “No, you can do it right now.” And Pow! It was the easiest thing and the most life-changing thing. Don’t you agree? Yes. It just changes everything. So blessed.

I love how that lady asked “Why would I even do that?”

Scripture focus…

26) So too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness (or our inability to know what to pray for); for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance. Romans 8:26 (AMPC)

How can we miss it if we have the Holy Spirit working on our behalf?

The following excerpt was taken from Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Praying in Tongues Eliminates Selfishness in Prayer

If Christians took the time to analyze the prayers they pray with their understanding, they’d realize a large majority of those prayers are selfish. Too often their prayers are like the old farmer who always prayed, “God, bless me and my wife, my son John and his wife—us four and no more!”

Christians may not use those exact words, but if they would examine the sum of their prayers, they may see that the old farmer’s prayer represents the extent of their “praying with their understanding.” In other words, most of their prayer time is devoted to praying about matters that concern only themselves and their loved ones.

This leads us to another benefit or value of praying in tongues according to God’s perfect will. Since praying in tongues is Spirit-directed prayer, it eliminates the possibility of selfishness entering into our prayers.

When you pray out of your own mind, it is possible that your prayer may be unscriptural or selfish. And I don’t know if you realize this or not, but it is possible for you to pray out of your own natural way of thinking and actually change things that are not the will of God and not His best plan for you.

Pastor Ray…

If we are down here on earth and praying out of our own understanding, and the Lord is going “oh, no.” Isn’t that right? You get what you say or what you pray and if you are not praying in the right way… So, there you go. You get his second best or something else.

The Bible says there is a good, an acceptable, and a perfect will of God.

2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that GOOD, and ACCEPTABLE, and PERFECT, will of God.

If you persist in praying selfishly out of your own carnal thinking, you may find yourself asking for only the acceptable will of God, not His perfect will. On the other hand, we’ve seen that when you pray in the Spirit, you pray out the perfect will of God.

If God’s people pray and ask for things to be a certain way even if it is not God’s best for them, nor His perfect will—God will often permit it. I want to prove that to you from the Bible, because a lot of folks doubt that statement. They claim, “But if God granted something, it has to be His perfect will.”

I’ll give you an illustration from the Scriptures to show you that God sometimes answers prayer that isn’t His perfect will. It’s found in First Samuel 8.

God didn’t want the Israelites to have a king like all the surrounding nations. God wanted to be their King, but the children of Israel wanted to be like all the rest of the nations, and they kept persisting in their petition for a king. Finally, God said, ”All right, go ahead. You have My permission to have a king.” But from that point on, the Israelites were never in the perfect will of God again, even though God blessed them and helped them as much as He could.

This is where a lot of people have missed it. Many times God has dealt with them and told them what His will is for their lives. But they keep after Him, praying out of their natural understanding for something they want. Finally, God says, “All right, if you want it that way, go ahead.”

Pastor Ray…

Ah, it’s just disturbing. I mean, did you used to be in a church that didn’t believe in praying in other tongues? They would have prayer meetings and all they could do was pray out in the natural. I am telling you what, it’s difficult staying in that prayer group. It’s religious.

But I’d rather be in God’s perfect will than in His permissive will, wouldn’t you? It’s just so much better!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not satisfied with God’s permissive will or with His second best—I’m going after God’s best! That’s why I value so highly the gift of praying with other tongues. When I pray in tongues, I am fully assured that I’ve left behind all possibility of selfish praying. Thank God for the ability to pray out the perfect will of God!

Pastor Ray…

Here is another classic prophecy from Brother Hagin also for us about maintaining our glow. Sometimes our glow goes low (ha, ha, ha). We need our glow to rise up and continually shine bright like the Word tells us.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on January 24, 1988:

Maintaining the Glow

For He is high, and He is holy and you cannot worship Him with man’s means. Yea, you dare not come into His presence in your own holiness or righteousness. But you must come into His presence robed in His righteousness. Come into His presence clean and holy but thou canst not make thyself clean neither can thou make thyself holy. For man alone is an utter failure. But you can come into His presence because His blood cleaneth you from all sin. You can come into His presence because His blood has atoned for your sins and all are washed away. And you are made unto your God kings and priest.

So, put on your robe of righteousness and enter into His presence with thanksgiving and allow the Holy Spirit, Who dwells in your spirit to teach you to be reverent.

Pastor Ray…

Don’t you want to be like that? Just reverent before Him, not casual, not so familiar because we’ve done it, come before Him thousands and thousands of times over the years. But be reverent.

Yea, come not with the clamoring’s of the flesh. There shall come a time, in fact the day has now arrived, that you will learn to worship Me, saith the Lord of Host, on a different level in which you have worshiped. Even learn to praise Me on a different level in which you have learned to praise. For so much of that which has been in that manifestation among you has only been in the flesh. But now you will come into the broad place of the Spirit. Come with a reverence. Come with a humility. Come with a desire to fellowship with me. Come not in arrogance. Come not in the energy of the flesh. But rather come with a humble spirit. Crucifying the flesh, not letting it dominate you or even endeavor to worship Me as such. But come in a spirit and oh that can only be as you respond unto to the Holy Spirit.

For the Holy Spirit knoweth the mind of God and He will lead you in the way even in worship as the Father would have you to worship Him. For He is high and He is holy. And You come not unto Him as you would come unto man. And you give not Him applause as you would man. But you must not bring Him down on the level of man but you must come up on the level where He is in holiness and reverence. Worshipping Him and Him alone. Worshiping Him and Him alone. Worshiping Him and Him alone. And then shall the Spirit of God descend upon you like mighty rain from heaven. Mighty rivers shall flow out of you and you shall be known as a reverent worshipful people. And you shall be known as a supernatural people. For the supernatural will be ordinary with you. And it shall be said of you as it was said of those in days gone by they that have turned the world upside down are come hither also. Hallelujah.

Continued praying…

Let’s take a little time now know who we are in Him
Let’s get our robes on, our robes of righteousness,
Knowing that just a split second ago, a minute ago, an hour ago or whatever
It’s over, it’s covered in the precious holy blood of the Lamb
The past is way over, finished
And we have been given robes of righteousness to come before Him in heavenly places
We humble ourselves this morning, we trust in You
We worship You, we Lift You up
We come out of our minds and into our hearts
And take steps into Your presence, thank You for Your beautiful presence today
You’re leading, You’re guiding us, You’ve covered us
We’re protected, we’re directed, and we have ears to hear and eyes to see
We want to see You lifted up high, magnified, and glorified

Ms. Annie led us singing I Worship You, Oh Mighty God

♪ Lord I thank You, Lord I thank You
Thank You Lord, thank You Lord ♪

Ms. Jeani…

So when the Father says He loves us, He literally can’t help it because He is love
It’s not just a verb but it’s a noun—He is love
If we were to look up love in the dictionary it would say God
So here is God, love
Our Father is a person and that person is love
And He cannot not be love—it’s impossible
For Him to not be faithful, to not be steady, to not be solid
It is impossible because He is love
And what’s even better is that love is a verb
It is action, it produces results
All He asks, all He requires is so simple; it is just that we receive that love
And once we have received it, we release it
Thank You, Father, for being an Abba, a Daddy that we are always Your children
And that Your church is walking in the simplicity of belonging to You
Thank You for giving us Your Holy Spirit that comforts us into relaxing into You—that is love
Holy Spirit, You comfort us into mightiness, You comfort us into boldness
It’s out of Your comfort that we are bold!
It’s out of our weakness that You are strong!
The contradiction of His goodness is something it will take eternity to comprehend
And that lives in us, He is in us
There is nothing that He has put in front of us of which we do not have victory
That is absolute, it is absolute!
There is no wiggle room church—only victory, only grace, only goodness

Ms. Annie led us singing For He is Love, He is Jesus

Pastor Ray shared…

I noticed while we were lifting Him, singing in other tongues, the best we could to lift our worship and honor to Him, He kept bringing to me a face of a man that Sandy and I have had opportunity to minister to over the years but we haven’t seen him for a long time. He just kept bringing his face before me. So, I just began to lift him. In that ministry of His love coming through us, when we are lifting to the best of our ability, by and through our spirit, lifting up our worship to Him, He reminded me that He will use those words that we would sing in other tongues to do things that needed to be done this day, now at this time. Do you agree? Amen.

So, I thought maybe this morning we would pray in tongues the whole time
Thank You Ms. Annie—I love that we can come corporately like this and lift Him up
And give Him praise and worship
We are changed in that presence, Amen
Thank You for coming this morning

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