Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Father, thank You so much for Your Word, the power of Your Holy Spirit
We recognize and realize Your presence
We are hungry, we are thirsty for more
You put that in us—that we would contend for more of You
Not being so satisfied, we would not sit back and do nothing
But continually watch, pray, contend for more of You
Your ways, Your plans, Your presence
Hallelujah, thank You Father

Pastor Ray…

The Word makes it clear that we are to remind the Lord what He said. And then you think “Why does He need to be reminded of that?” But when we are reminding Him, we are reminding ourselves what He said. So, I was going through some old prophecies and I found this one from Morning Prayer in 2007. It was when the outside of the building was being changed. And I will read it in the light of just reminding the Lord “Father, You said this by Your Spirit and we are holding fast to it.”

The following prophecy was given by Pastor Ray on June 27, 2007 at Morning Prayer at Living Word Christian Center:

And so you think the portico (that’s the covering out front) is just being removed to build a new portico? But no, it’s a demonstration of My power for change. It’s a demonstration of My power for the new. So each and every physical, normal, natural thing you see changing before your very eyes! Is a reflection of My changes that are about to take place! In this place! It’s a new day! It’s a new hour! It’s a time of change and Holy Ghost power!

Some things in the natural are a reflection of what’s taking place in the spirit. And so if (laughter) you’ll jump up with your eyes, so to speak and see change right before your very eyes, these are not just changes in the natural, but they are changes in the supernatural which will bring forth change in the natural. Ah, not the changes you see in the natural right now, but they’ll be changes that will take place in the realm of the natural because words that were declared 20 years ago are being carried out right now. I’ll tell you right now,” saith the Spirit of God, “Words that were prayed by the Spirit, in the spirit, in the Holy Spirit 20 years ago from today are being carried out now and being (tongues) they are being (tongues) yeah, they prepared 20 years out front. (tongues)

Sit yourself down in My power! Sit yourself down in the spirit given power because you are a demonstration of the future! (Tongues)

Oh yeah, you’ve got a leg to stand on! You’ve got ground to be stable (tongues); no it’s not quicksand! It’s stable ground! It’s ground formed on My Word. Stable ground! Real fixed.” (tongues) (laughter)

Scripture focus…

(13) Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place].
(14) Stand therefore [hold your ground], having tightened the belt of truth around your loins and having put on the breastplate of integrity and of moral rectitude and right standing with God, Ephesians 6:13-14 (AMPC)

Just watch over the body now. Watch over everyone that’s called to this body. That’s right, the ones who are called as watchers up on the wall! No, no, don’t go that way! Just speak it! Declare it watch over with the blood! Declare the blood over that family and over that family! That doesn’t mean ooooohhhh! Hallelujah! Oh my! Oh my!” (tongues)

So some new ground is being plowed up right now in the realm of the spirit. Don’t give up on praying in the Holy Ghost. Don’t give in to (tongues) sitting back in your rocking chair, so to speak, letting someone else do it. Don’t give up! Don’t give in! But do that what you’ve been called to. Speak with boldness! Speak with clarity! Speak with the unction of My Spirit!

New seeds are being sown right now as you speak, you speak, you speak it! You plant it and it shall come up with a surety. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We worship You and honor You. (tongues)

Continue praying…

Father, You told us in this Word right here to stand our ground
Stand strong, be stable, and be fixed
And to watch over Your Word knowing You will perform it
Your Word is the same, it will not return back unto You void but it shall do what it said it will do
When? Now, now, now—this time is the right time
This time is My time for My Church to open up, to lift up, to expect Me to do what I said I would do

Turnarounds, changes—thank You Father
We respect You, we respect Your Word, we acknowledge the truth of You Lord
Thank You as members of Your body, as Your children, we are reminded to continually stoke up the fire or coals that are within us, that You placed there, to contend for the greater, the higher, for further, beyond where we have ever been before—the new
New days, new ways, we thank You for it Father
We worship and honor and magnify Your name
It’s a perfect fit! It’s a perfect fit!
Sometimes in the natural we put on new clothes and they fit just perfectly
It’s like that in the realm of the Spirit—it’s a perfect fit!
We are not having a fit but it’s a perfect fit
So what we declare, be it positive or be it negative, it will be there
Thank You Father, hallelujah, thank You Jesus

Ms. Helen shared…

I have been a member of Living Word for nineteen years. Some of you may know I used to sing in praise and worship. But four years ago I moved to Georgia. I work my regular job there but I don’t do a lot of singing there. I work in a hospital and rarely get long stretches of time off. The Lord had worked it so that I had time off. I looked at my schedule and I got six days off. I was like Lord, if you work it out, I am coming. I am like, I am going home. I am going home. And everyone wanted to visit with me. I was like no, if I am going home I have two things I need to do. There is something here for prayer. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what I am seeking. But I am just going to make sure. So, yesterday I came to prayer. I was a little late and sitting in the back. Ms. Erika was reading about fire, a blaze. We got into prayer about that and I got into speaking in tongues. You know we do that, hallelujah. Next thing I know I was singing in tongues. There was a gentleman in front of me and I couldn’t stop singing in tongues. I was thinking okay, just go with it and be a little quiet. But then it was getting louder and louder. And I thought okay, shhh, quietly with this one. But then all of sudden the tears started coming and there was no more speaking in the tongues.

There were notes. It was in my spirit but a deeper spirit. And I though oh, I have to sing this out. I got up from my chair. I didn’t want to disturb anybody. So, I started walking the back and I went back and forth. But they were just notes and it was so angelic. And tears just kept coming, they were just flooding. I was like, Lord? But it was like just keep doing it. And it seemed to me if I sang a group of those notes at a certain time it’s like they were hitting the walls, hitting the ceiling—Keys. I don’t know how to describe it. If I went to a certain section of it and I got that, it was like okay, “Go deeper.” And the tears were just flooding. I couldn’t stop them. I kept going back and forth and back and forth and they were getting louder and louder.

And there was a gentleman walking toward me and I thought “Lord, am I out of order?” So, many be, is he coming to tell me to quiet down, it’s prayer (ha, ha, ha). And I kept going and I kept going and I finished up. I thought Lord, I think I am out of order. You know I am just going to sit down. And it was still there. I said “Lord, I apologize if I am not doing what You want me to do.” But I have never done that before you guys. You were just talking about change and I don’t know what the change is. It’s not for me to know. I don’t know if that was just my assignment just to sing those notes and release something. And I don’t even know what the release is. I don’t know. So, I just wanted to share that with you because that’s an interesting change. It was just notes, like trumpets. It was like an opening. Like a portal. Does that make sense? I am not trying to freak anyone out or anything like that. How many of you are musicians in here? Well, maybe I am just sharing that with you. If you get to that point where you are just singing out notes, don’t feel funny about it because you may have never done that before. And it wasn’t like I was making up a song or anything because I write music. They were different notes, they were different chord changes. It was like something you wouldn’t normally put on a keyboard. To me it was angelic. And the tears, the tears, it was almost like a moaning and a groaning into something.

Pastor Ray, I shared it. I don’t know if you guys understand what I am saying. I maybe it will be months or years and it will start happening. Maybe it will start happening here where it is just notes. It was in the back and then it hit that wall and I would go a little this way and it hit another wall and it started going upward. It was like it was bouncing like one of those rubber balls, like shooting. And it’s hard to explain and that’s all I can do in the natural to explain it. And you talked about changed today so maybe that’s something different that is happening in prayer here. I did what I was supposed to do. I got on a plain.

And then you spoke of someone in an office next to the President and I just kept say “The fire, fire, not just fire but a blaze.” Like heat it up and tear it up. And then you said “A clear understanding.” And then I said to myself “Okay, I am on target.” So, that’s all I need to share.

Ms. Mary shared…

That really encouraged me because I was sitting up here and I had a strong urge to sing but I didn’t want to be out of order. So, I was over here really quietly singing. But I didn’t hear you necessarily. But I wanted to sing but I was afraid I was going to offend everybody because they weren’t singing. They were just praying and talking. So, it really encouraged me. I was receiving and projecting and quietly because like you said I didn’t want to be out of order. It does happen to me frequently that I want to sing but nobody else is ever singing. I am not a singer necessarily. The only place that I can sing is here because it sounds better here (ha, ha, ha). But when it first started I asked the Lord to not let me offend anybody or be distracting.

Pastor Ray…

I actually felt like when you were saying that, that they were announcements. They were like declarations being made through the notes. And when you said keys, it was like they were opening ways. We know that there are already shifts that are happening because of Reverend Billy Graham exiting. It’s happening. It’s happening in you. Hallelujah.

Pastor Ray…

Helen would you like to sing something?

Ms. Helen shared…

Since I left I did a lot of singing here. When I went to Georgia I went to different churches and let them know I was in praise and worship. They would go “That’s great.” And they were just like “Go sit in the back and do what you need to do.” And I began to talk to the Lord about that. I told him “Well, You have given me this gift. What do I do with it?” I did a project for my daughter. It was a music video. The Lord gives me music but it isn’t necessarily the kind of music you think about singing in church. It’s music that will grab people’s attention to bring them to church. After they listen they go “Oh, she is singing about Jesus. She is singing about the Father.” But I just got to the point where I said I am just going to sit down, stop singing. And when I was here I told the Lord every time I went on stage I would say “Oh, Lord, if John can preach of Your first coming, I can sing of Your second coming. You give me the music, I’ll sing.” But I got to this point where I said “Lord, I am in the wilderness.” So, I thought it was very odd when I was back here. So, I wouldn’t even know what to sing. What would you like?

Pastor Ray…

Just start singing in the Spirit.

Ms. Helen led us singing in the Spirit…

Yes, there are keys to command and to call things to turn in the right ways, to move, and to grow, and push out the boundaries that you know, the stakes that need to go forth out further. So, brushing ourselves off and moving ahead into the grow! Thank You, Father.

Pastor Ray shared…

Ms. Helen I keep getting this picture for you, about you. When you said you weren’t sure exactly why you came here, why you took the trip—what happened, what I saw was you surrounded with kind of a box with a big bow on top. And when you entered into this place, just yesterday, the Holy Spirit took ahold of that bow and yanked it off! And the top flew off and you entered into some new territories. But it’s not just about you but it’s about others that you will do the same thing to. Grab hold of the ribbon. Grab hold of the bow and pull it off and see those gifts. They are in the river for sure but there is more. There is a further place and a further plan to go.

So, for you this day know for a fact, within you is the call to open up others too to their call, to their plan, to their purpose. It’s not just about music but it is about music. And it is about notes and it is about keys. For within you is the anointing to bring others through too. They are waiting. They are looking. They are expecting others to come forth. For each one of us to come up and come out of our old places and step into the new which God has called us to. This day, this day, now is the time to recognize the King of kings and the Lord of lords within us, the power of Holy Spirit within each one of us.

Continued praying…

Keep the joy up for it will bring about great strength within each one of you, each one of us
And it will bring about an encouragement to press ahead and do what He is calling us to do
No we are not called to just blend in
But we are called to stand out
Thank You, Father, thank You, Lord

Ms. Helen led us singing Hallelujah, for Our Lord God Almighty Reigns

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