Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ms. Annie led us singing More Precious than Silver

Pastor Ray shared…

It was as if we had coveralls on. You know what that’s like. We began to just zipper that thing down and step out of the coveralls. And let those coveralls lay behind us and we stepped into glory clothes. We stepped out of that and we stepped into the glory of God. Those coveralls represented the old natural ways and we stepped into supernatural ways. For in supernatural ways, we’ll be in supernatural days which will create more supernatural ways. It’s not us. It’s Him. It’s Him. It’s You, Lord.


Your ways are higher, Your strength, the anointing
Glorious times and glorious days, operations of the Spirit that will create a haze
Things that we couldn’t see will begin to be revealed as our eyes are opened
Spiritually speaking, we’ll begin to see things we hadn’t seen
And when we see those supernatural ways, those plans, those ideas, those concepts, those steps – we will never be the same again
For out of the old and into the new, we’ve been called to move
And we’ve been called to move into more and more and more of the light and the glorious presence of the Holy Spirit in these days
We purpose to not look back
Okay, thank You, Father, we’ll look back and remember the good things
But we’ll not look back and remember those natural ways, natural plans
But we’ll remember the supernatural or the move of Your Spirit or the changes that took place because of Your Holy Spirit
Thank You, Father

Pastor Ray shared…

It seems like just new shoes that are not natural and they enable us to walk or step or move ahead at a pace we couldn’t do in our own strength to keep up and walk out our race. Individually each one of us has a race and a call and a plan and a purpose from heaven above and we are making progress as we enter into the glorious presence of God almighty, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful precious Holy Spirit, living maybe we could say more and more in the book of Acts where the signs, where the wonderful things began to happen even in a greater degree than we have ever seen before. And in some ways, we’ll just step back and watch but in other ways, we’ll step in, take our place, and others can watch. For we have been destined to operate in and under and through the glorious good new Gospel light from heaven and almost, I don’t want to say blind but almost unable to see how we ever were back then and only have eyes to see how it shall be and how we’ll be in the future days that are to come.

Beginning when? Right now in this day, today, right now

♪ Taking our place so we can walk out our race
Taking our place so we can keep up the pace and run out our race ♪

To move, to be changed, to step into glory, glory, glory, glory
One degree to another and into change and into rearranging
Operations by the Spirit coming to pass left and right
Almost unable to keep track of the things that are taking place
The good things, the good days, the greater days, the greater ways
The plans and the proposes that God has for us individually
But He’s got it for us together, corporately, together
So we walk by faith, we walk by faith, hallelujah

Pastor Ray…

Ms. Annie is there a song about that, walk by faith?

Ms. Annie…

The one that is coming to mind kind of has a rock feel… (ha, ha, ha)

♪ Let your faith do the walking, let the Spirit do the talking
Let the love of Jesus shine in all that you do
Let your faith do the walking, let the Spirit do the talking
Let His Word come alive and dwell in you ♪

We walk by faith…

Pastor Ray…

Tell us some more. Talk to us.

Ms. Annie…

We walk by faith and not by sight. And faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the currency of the spirit realm whereby we connect our spirit with what God said because He created the whole world when He “said.” So, the whole world was framed by the Word of God and we frame our world when we say His Words and faith makes the connection (tongues)!

So, we’re looking to the things that are unseen. We are not looking at the things that are seen which are temporal. We’re looking to the things which are unseen which are eternal because everything that we see was made out of that which is not visible. What is not visible? The substance of faith. Yet it takes what is invisible and it pulls it into the visible realm.

Why is it of faith? That it might be by grace so that we can’t boast. We don’t make things happen with our faith. That’s works. And guess what? Works don’t work (ha, ha, ha). Have you ever tried to do that? I have, where I am like “I am going to work this faith thing!” Well, guess what. It doesn’t work (ha, ha, ha). What works is letting faith that God gives us, that it might be by grace, work. We let Him work, His working, His marvelous working, His wondrous workings.

You know, one time I was telling Pastor Ray this not too long ago. I was telling him how I was on this project and I had used my faith and I had spoken and declared and prayed and I had seen all these things happen. Well, now I had this other situation. I am like “Oh, I got this down. I am gonna work this thing.” Every night, all night long, praying on my face praying (tongues) declaring!

And one night I just felt the Holy Spirit lift off of me and He said, “I’m not coming to your prayer meeting.”
“What? You’re not coming to my prayer meeting! What!”

Well, You know what? He wasn’t pleased. It took me a while to kind of find out why He would say such an alarming thing to me (ha, ha, ha). My heart was right but my understanding was darkened by the belief, the false belief, that I could take my faith and make…. I still don’t fully understand it. I need to talk in tongues to explain it. Except that it began a different journey in my heart, the journey of understanding that He did it and anytime I get in there and think I am making it happen, I am just getting in the way. Because faith is the substance that He creates with and we can create with our words when we make that faith connection but we always have to make sure it’s by grace that we’re resting, that we’re resting in Him because when we try to make our own… When we take a graven tool to the altar… You know when He gave them the designs for the Temple; He wouldn’t let them use a graven tool on the stones of the altar.

I don’t even understand all this stuff… But faith is a walk. We walk by Him and let the Spirit do the talking. We let our faith do the walking! We let the Spirit do the talking! Then the Spirit talks and we say what He says to say. Jesus said “the Words that I speak are not My own. It is the Father who dwells in Me, he does the works.”

Ms. Jeani…

It’s almost like faith is coming from the place of belonging to Him and our faith being in His finished work not in what we are doing but just being led and knowing that’s the co-laboring, just being led.

Ms. Annie…

You know, I hesitate to even say all these things. I’m like, am I just piling up more burdens? That “okay, now I am not doing it right and I need to do it this way.”

Our flesh and in our soul we always want to get into works. And faith without works is dead but those works have to just flow out of that relationship with Him. I don’t want to make it sound like to anyone “Oh, I was doing it wrong and now I am figuring it out how to do it right.” That’s doing it wrong.

The Lord just wants to draw us to Himself. He wants us to be His children. Jesus provided everything we need by His love, by His blood. He wants to hold us close to the Father’s heart and the faith we have to be in Him not in ourselves.

♪ So, the Word of faith is nigh thee, even in thy mouth
So in your time of trouble brother speak your faith and not your doubt
Like Peter on the water walking out on God’s command
Just keep Your eyes on Jesus and He’ll give you strength to stand

Let Your faith do the walking, let the Spirit do the talking
Let the love of Jesus shine in all you do
Let your faith do the walking, let the Spirit do the talking
Let His Word come alive and dwell in you

So, when your bank account is empty and your money has all been spent
You call in prayer to find Him there and you wonder where He went
Just remember He’s still with you, all our needs to supply
Just hold on to His promises and on His Word rely ♪

So, Lord, we let Your Word come alive! We let it dwell in us!
We let Your Holy Spirit talk to us and we walk out on Your promises
Lord we trust You! Hallelujah! Glory to God

♪ Because when Abraham left His country, He didn’t know where it all would end
But He put His trust in what God said and God called Him His friend
No doubt or unbelief could make him stagger at the promise or fall
He was strong in faith and became the Father of us all!

Let Your faith do the walking, let the Spirit do the talking
Let the love of Jesus shine in all you do
Let your faith do the walking, let the Spirit do the talking
Let His Word come alive and dwell in you ♪

Amen, we let the Word of God come alive in us! We let it dwell in us!
And it is the substance of things hoped for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see!
So, we don’t stagger at what we see around us, we don’t waiver or doubtingly question concerning what God has promised us
We hold on to it!
I have set my face as a flint; I know I shall not be put to shame!
Hallelujah, glory to God! Hallelujah Lord!
We believe in You! We choose to believe Your Words Lord!
Hallelujah! Calling those things that be not as though they were

Pastor Ray…

Let our faith do some talking and pray in the Holy Ghost for a while
(tongues) Don’t in any old way but…
A man, I lift up that man – names, names, names!
Up, up, up, up!
Each one, all of those
And go on and go out
Illumine, illumination – a sudden manifestation, a spirit to enable to see it and enable to walk in
To take it by faith, to receive it in faith, to walk by faith, to speak by faith (ha, ha, ha)!
And bring the light, bring it!

I keep having this concerning Brother Folu’s revelation about “Going about doing good!” Praying in the Spirit, declaring things that are to come! Staying up! Looking up! Going ahead! Moving forth and doing the works of God! Today, in these days!

Pastor Folu shared…

Saints, I think it’s a good idea to testify, testify of the effects of the prayers we have here. Last night Brother Brian and I and Ms. Florence, we were just thanking God for the prayer groups here at church. We were thanking God because of all the prayers that continually go forward in this place to make it so much easier for us out there. You know yesterday we had the privilege of being at Popeye’s in Brooklyn Park. They actually allowed us to be outside. So, we were outside in the parking lot where the people were coming and going. And saints we had an amazing time. Brian and I looked at each other and said “We thank God for Living Word. We thank God for Pastor Ray and His leadership in prayer.” Because if not for what prayer has done, the path that prayer has already paved, we would not be having the success we are having out there.

Saints, last night was just unreal! I mean people driving up to us and asking “What is going on here?” We are sitting outside of Popeye’s in a tent and people are like “What is going on?”
“We are praying for people.”
“Oh, I need prayer. I’ll park my car and be right there.”
Six kids rode up on their bikes and said “We need prayer too.” And all six kids got saved.

It’s just amazing saints. And the other day we were at Five Dollar Pizza. The owner came up to us on Friday and said “Keep coming to my store.” And he is Muslim. That’s what God is doing out there saints!

Another thing, some of you might not know this. The Lord gave Brother Copeland this Word and we read it on Sunday for those of us who meet here to pray. We read about how a lot of Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus right now. Did you know that? In droves, right now. Is that being carried anywhere in the news? No. But those that spend time with God, those that are in the secret place, He is revealing His secrets about what He is about to do on the earth and He is doing it Saints. He is doing it.

You know, one of the reasons the Muslim extremists are so upset, why they keep trying to blow up things, because they are losing. They are losing on all fronts and this is the little way they can hold on to power because they see thousands and thousands of former Muslims coming to Christianity in droves. Saints, that is what prayer is doing right now all over the earth. Things have turned. Things have turned! Saints, it is our time! It is our TIME! REJOICE! IT IS OUR TIME!

Our time has come! It is time for us to go out and harvest like never before! The fields are white! Whooo! And I thank God for the prayer backing that has released us – unprecedented favor and access! And it is all because of prayer. Prayer is the bedrock.

I am so grateful to God that I get to be part of this and I thank God for our leader here Pastor Ray. For years he has been praying and praying and praying. You know I didn’t think I was going to have this opportunity this morning. I was talking to Brother Brian last night and said “Man, I want to talk to Pastor Ray and just thank him, just thank him for what prayer has done to give us such favor out there!”

Saints, everywhere we go we keep having favor. Last night after the event, we were done at 8:30 p.m., I was going to meet up with this guy to buy something he was selling on Craig’s List. It was a leather chair I was looking at. I met up with this guy and he looked at me and said “I like you. You can have the chair for free.” (ha, ha, ha) I am like “I should give you something..” (ha, ha, ha). God is so good and I am so grateful, so ecstatic to be alive right now.

Some of you know this. The saints of old, God gave some of them an opportunity to see right now, to see this time. And a lot of them wished they could trade times with us. But do you know what? They can’t. You and I, it’s our time! It’s our time! We are on the last leg and we are finishing strong! Amen.

Right now if you are depressed, if you are low in your spirit for whatever reason I want to pray for you.

Pastor Folu prayed…

Father, I thank You right now (tongues)
For Your joy, for Your strength, for everything that is of heaven that is needed in Jesus’ name
We cancel that handwriting against them right now in Jesus’ name
Satan you leave them alone, they are choice vessels for the Lord
In these last days, we all are going to do exploits for Jesus
And so we say “Thank You!” Thank You for these dear brothers and sisters
We come against pain in the body – Leave right now in Jesus’ name!
No more pain in the mighty matchless name of Jesus!
Be thou healed from the top of your head to the souls of your feet
And we say thank You for it in Jesus’ name, amen
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
That’s another thing we are seeing right now, quick manifestations of healing, not by and by. We thank God for the by and by but we thank God for right now, this moment, this second – hallelujah!
I am just FIRED UP Right Now! Whooooo!
You want some of this! You want some of this!
(Pastor Folu ran around the Chapel laying hands on everyone)
You want some of this?! Whooooooooo! Do you want some of this!
Over here brother! Do you want some of this?
Hallelujah! Whoo! Whooo! Whooo! Ohhhhhh Glory!

Pastor Ray…

Okay, let’s stand up if you can (ha, ha, ha).

Ms. Annie led us singing Let Your Faith Do the Walking

Ms. Jeani shared…

So, I got this because Brother DJ, one day I came to greet him at prayer and here is what he said to me: “Today! I hate that word tomorrow. It’s today!” And so Jesus said amongst a bunch of people that didn’t want to hear it by the way “These scriptures came true today in front of you.”
So, Father, we thank You that the scriptures are coming true today in front of Pastor Folu! And that’s for us too! And we thank You for it.

Pastor Ray…

So we will know what to do when they come true
We will stay aglow and stay on the go
For we are growing and we are not shrinking; we are above and we are not below
We are going and going and growing and going into more of the Holy Spirit’s flow
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place!
More of Him, He wouldn’t put it in there if there wasn’t more
We can’t thirst or hunger for a donut if they didn’t exist! Get it.
There is more

Ms. Annie led us singing Holy Spirit You Are Welcome in This Place

Continued praying…

All the way through, all of the steps, all of the new
Every detail, every part of God’s plan, the ways, the purposes, the ideas, the strength, the wholeness, the wealth, prosperity of every kind
We receive, we receive because You gave, we receive because of the blood that was shed on that day
So these days, we purpose to walk continually and flow upward, always moving up from one degree of glory to another until we exit this place, till we finish our race, and do everything You have called us to do, Lord
Thank You for it so much, Lord
Thank You for Your precious Holy Spirit, for the direction and the leadership of Your Spirit
Amen, so be it
Thank you for coming today, I appreciate it

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