Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, August 13, 2019

GPAN 8-13-19


Ms. Annie led us singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Pastor Ray…

I want to read one portion of that song that was written in 1855:

What a friend we have in Jesus

All our sins and grief to bear

What a privilege to carry

Everything to God in prayer

Oh, what peace we often forfeit

Oh, what needless pain we bear

All because we do not carry

Everything to God in prayer

Wow. He had a revelation.

So we often take the care instead of giving it to Him, taking it to Him. I love that concept and there is a scripture I’ll read that connects with that. But remember Smith Wigglesworth said concerning prayer that he hardly ever prayed more than 20 minutes. However, he hardly goes 20 minutes without praying. I feel like that could be called abiding in His presence.

Prayer is connecting with heaven. It’s connecting to the Lord through His Word by the power of His Holy Spirit. And I believe when we connect with heaven, we’re connecting with wisdom for every part of our walk with God.

It’s basically changing our self-talk. You know we’re talking to ourselves all the time. Did you know that? And so exchanging at least some of that self-talk, changing that around to divine conversation and continual connection to heaven.

A recent psychology study suggests that the average human being speaks to themselves at a rate of 4,000 words per minute. That kind of surprised me. And then I started to listen to myself (ha, ha, ha). Whatever we see, wherever we go, we are talking. We are talking to ourselves. So, let’s make a point of exchanging some of that time, part of a minute, and talk to God, connect with Him, connect with heaven. It should be a continual conversation with heaven. If we can talk to Him instead of talking to ourselves all the time, then we can have a continual conversation with Him. I believe we have to stay tuned in to heaven’s channel.

If something happens with my computer, I am going to do something. I will get it fixed one way or the other. When we don’t have our natural connections, we do something about it. Sometimes you are watching TV and it goes out. You have to reset it or whatever. We’ll do what we have to do to keep those connections. Really, we should do that with heaven, with the Word.

It’s not just us talking. He’s talking. I had this older receiver and speakers that were stored in my mother’s house. When she went to heaven, we put those in my garage. I thought, “I am going to try that out.” I hooked it all up and plugged it in and it would not function. I tried playing some radio channels. The radio channels didn’t stop declaring and speaking or playing music but my receiver wouldn’t receive it. So, what did I get out of the speakers? A big fat zero.

But that’s a key. We have to stay tuned into heaven. And He’s speaking. I don’t want to ever say “I can’t hear Him.” I know we can hear Him. And I know one way in prayer is to not always just be like a motorized machine and boom, boom, boom. But that we’d listen.

One thing I love is when Ms. Annie is playing and lifting Him up. In that time I can be lifted up but I am not saying anything other than worshiping Him. But I can hear Him more clearly and you get revelation because He is bringing forth revelation. I think it’s called practicing His presence.

The scripture that goes along with that song is I Thessalonians 5:16–19

(16) Be happy [in your faith] and rejoice and be glad-hearted continually (always);

(17) Be unceasing in prayer [praying perseveringly];

(18) Thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will].

(19) Do not quench (suppress or subdue) the [Holy] Spirit;

Sometimes, have you ever been in here and it seems like two hours? Or sometimes, have you ever been in here and it seemed like 15 minutes? When we really, truly get out of our minds and get in Him and begin to listen… Yes, we are to speak out things. We are to pray. We’re praying unto Him not unto man. Unless we are declaring some things and saying what needs to take place here on this earth because we have the authority.

I like that song. It’s so clear. Really it’s our problem a lot of times if we don’t take it to Him and tell Him about it, speak to Him about it. I am speaking to myself of course. “Take it to God in prayer.”

Ms. Annie led us singing again What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Pastor Ray…

Brother Hagin said that America would never had gone through the rebellion of the 60s if the Church had stood up and taken its position of prayer. And we don’t want that to be the case in our days, these days, to miss it and just not take something to Him.

I know we are to do this. I know we are to lift up our leaders and positions of authority. But let’s not miss things that we should lift up concerning those that are in authority, our leaders, our president. So, let’s pray in other tongues about America just a little bit and then we’ll just wait on it a little.

First, let’s pray in other tongues and experiment a little. Now you see, get a visual of the President, America, all of the states, all the borders, all north, east, south, west. You come with me. The best way we could come up with the things that we should pray (tongues).

Let’s wait over this. Let’s watch over. You know we are to be up on that wall watching. We watch over the states, the operations that are happening in the states of America (tongues).

I heard this one word in tongues, Hamas. We know that’s a terrorist organization, specifically they come against Israel. We take authority and hold the blood against them, over any operation that they have planned, will plan, thought they’d plan, and hold the blood against them and call them down and out! Out and away in Jesus’ name today! And we pray over the leadership in Israel, the military, those in positions of authority in the military in Jesus’ name that they see things they hadn’t seen before, know things that they had not known before, and before the enemy could operate, they would cut them off, cut them out, stop it in Jesus’ name. We could say they would be uncovered, revealed.

Come on over to the United States. No terrorist operation will have its way in Jesus’ name. We hold the blood, plead the blood, use the blood, and hold it against any kind of terroristic operation that would try and come against this nation. No! No! No, in Jesus’ name! No! We hold the blood and declare those things will be revealed. Those plans will be uncovered in Jesus’ name.
We pray over every form of transportation, the airlines, trains, buses, trucks, cars, boats, over the waterways—internally and externally around our borders in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Father.

We plead that blood around the schools. The schools are covered in the blood of Jesus! No weapon formed against these children can prosper in Jesus’ name. No! No! No! No! No! A thousand times “No!” By the blood, in the name that is above every other name we put a stop to you.

No Way. Not some other plan we hadn’t heard about, not some plan we didn’t know about but the authorities will know because they will see it before it takes place. In other words, you know how they say “If you see something, say something, do something.” We believe for that spirit of seeing, spirit of knowing to operate in our land, in the United States in Jesus’ name. Oh, my!

All those containers that come in to our shores, we hold the blood against any evil plan in Jesus’ name. No! No! No! You cannot come here! No! Ooooohhh! No! Any kind of explosives – No, in Jesus’ name! Can’t come into the schools! Can’t come into the malls! Can’t come into the businesses! Can’t happen out on the streets! Can’t happen in the state fairs! Can’t happen where people gather together! Can’t happen the churches in Jesus’ name! Can’t happen in the Synagogues! Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord.

Ms. Annie please led us singing in tongues

Pastor Ray…

We plead the blood of Jesus around the borders of this ministry, meaning the parking lots. If you were to look down on the property and go along each side. No weapon formed against this ministry will prosper! No! Not any one! For prayer shall not be stopped in this place. The call of God shall go forth from this place, not just this chapel but the Word of God, the plan of God, the preaching and teaching of the Word, the move of the Holy Spirit, the school.

Okay, thank You, we cover the school. We cover every student that will be coming in. We cover the teachers, leaders, Pastor Brian, all of those in positions of authority in the school. Same way with the staff here, we cover the staff in Jesus’ name. We are putting a complete covering over the ministry so that no plan of the enemy can come in in Jesus’ name.

I just had that thought yesterday when I came in the back side of the building. When I opened up the door early, I just had that thought “these doors are open.” So, the blood of Jesus must be continually applied for protection over this place so that we can fulfill God’s purpose and the race He has called us to fulfill (tongues).

Any other property that is connected to this church, we cover with the blood! We plead the blood of Jesus around the borders! Oh, No! the land up north. The hanger – No! No weapon formed against this church will prosper. Thank You, Father.

Thank You for all of the other churches in the cities. We cover them with the blood, plead the blood of Jesus over these churches, not just in our own stream of ministry. But churches that call on the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. We pray over the cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul.

Ms. Annie…

I saw horses and chariots of fire all around this property and all around the synagogues in these cities and all around every house of worship to the true and living God in the state of Minnesota.

♪ Open our eyes Lord, that we may see

There be more with us, there is more with us because of Thee

Oh, we see horses and chariots of fire, the hosts of the armies of the Lord

All around the synagogues and the churches of our God

No weapon formed against Your people can stand because Jesus is Lord

The Mighty God of Abraham and Jacob is Lord in our land ♪

Pastor Ray…

The stadiums, sports arenas, we plead the blood of Jesus around the doors, the parking lots, trains, the light rail system on it’s way to the Mall of America, to the airport. We cover the airport, the surrounding area with the precious holy blood. The hotel there, the blood of Jesus over both airports in Jesus’ name.

Let the eyes be opened up, ears to hear, hearing, knowing in Jesus’ name. We pray for every authority, all of the police, the mayors in Jesus’ name. We cover the state capitol, all of the capitol buildings. The blood of Jesus is over all that are in authority there, the governor all the way down in Jesus’ name.

Ms. Annie…

♪ We declare and we decree in Jesus’ name we will never have a mass shooting in Minnesota! No! No! No! We forbid it! We forbid it in Jesus’ name and say it will never happen in this state. We see and hear clear. Jesus’ is Lord. Every murderous plot and plan is brought out into the light because it’s not with natural weapons that we fight. Oh, there is peace and joy and righteousness moving in our land. ♪

Pastor Ray…

Thank You for what happened on the Cross, that blood of Your Son is working today on our behalf. We see it out front, we see ourselves completely surrounded by it, our families, loved ones, relatives, this ministry, pastors Mac and Lynne, the call, the vision, the plan, the purpose, and the purposes that You have for Living Word Christian Center. Thank You for it this morning.

All of the glory, all of the honor, all of the praise, You get it, Lord. You get it. We give it unto You and today we purpose to keep speaking, keep listening to what You’re saying and have that continual conversation with heaven and receive wisdom from above to help us through to do what You’ve called us to do. Thank You for it in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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