Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, September 2, 2021

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Peg led group in worship…


There’s no prayer on Monday, because it’s a holiday.

I heard Kris Vallotton talking about the body of Christ wanting to be on a cruise ship, but we’re really on a battleship. When I heard that, I thought that’s awesome. Holy Spirit, I thank you right now that with the things that I’m going to share, we will get the revelation that “in You, the battleship can be just like a cruise ship.” Because His perfect love casts out all fear. So use your imagination right now of what fearlessness looks like in your life, in your relationships, in your daily walk. Because you know He loves you and because you know the height, the length, the depth, and the breadth of His love. No fear! Zero… Zip… Nada! That’s like being on a battleship that seems like you’re on a cruise ship. Having the truth, which is Jesus living in you, that guides your steps and makes you free and freer and freer, indeed.


Father, I just thank you that you minister revelation to us this morning, that your perfect love casts out all fear. And we want to be on the battleship because it’s like a cruise ship. It’s a pleasure to be in the battleship. It’s a pleasure to be in the war. In fact, on that battleship, He’s setting a table for us in the presence of our enemies. And it’s not a stupid table with really bad, ridiculous, dumb food. It’s His table!

Father, we thank you for joy. We thank you for the honor and the privilege to be in the battle. Because you’re not in the battle to lose. You’re in the battle to win! I thank you that you minister that revelation to us today. And right now the Promised Land has giants in it. But we are giant killers.

I don’t know, I think those giants are afraid of us. Father, I thank you for that revelation, that those giants are afraid of you. They don’t have the truth on their side. The only thing they have is deception. Father, we thank you for it right now that we’re on the battleship. We’re partaking from your table in the presence of our enemies. Fearless people because they know your love.

Holy Spirit, you minister God’s love to us right now. It makes us literally fear free. No fear zone! Victory is the only possibility.

The cruise ship, which is the battleship called Victory. Yes! Just let Him minister His love to you right now.

Father, I thank you for your perfect love. Your absolute perfect love that casts out fear… It’s doing the work in the Church right now. And it is literally, not figuratively, literally casting out all fear. What do we do? We receive His love. We’re in the arena. We’re in the fight. And we’re miracle minded in the arena. We’re miracle minded in the fight. We’re miracle minded on that battleship. That’s the only thing we keep our minds on… the goodness of God. We stay at that table and we proclaim, “We’re not going anywhere. We’re staying at the table.” The massive table of His unending eternal goodness. And you minister victory to us in the presence of our enemy. You minister plans, strategies to us. You minister joy and fun.

I declare right now by your leading that the battle becomes a total blast. It becomes one of the most fun things we’ve ever done. I thank you for unity at that table. Unity in the Church. We are the army of the most high God that has never lost.

Father, we recognize that the giant seeks to intimidate and lie and tell us there’s no way. We already know it and so do the giants that we’re here to kill you. Teeny, tiny David, great big giant. Goliath. The armies are terrified. And David has a massive righteousness attitude. “Who are you? You circumcised Philistine?”

And by the way, before he even got started, he wanted to know what the reward was. He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. God loves that we want to know about the reward. The reward keeps you going. Victory is our reward. Jesus is our reward. The kingdom here on earth, culture shifting is our reward. He is our reward and encompassed in Him is blessing, healing, wholeness, prosperity.

Welcome to the kingdom! You’re on the battleship. But the good news is, that battleship is a cruise ship in Him. It’s the best time you’re ever going to have.

Years ago, He said to me, “Jeannie, you’ve been in warfare lately. But you haven’t been fighting. You’ve just been in warfare. That’s really not kingdom.” So if you’ve just been in warfare and you’re not fighting, that’s why you’re tired. Because in Him, we rise up. In Him, we know victory belongs to us. We don’t just sit in the pit. The Word says He took us out of the miry clay and He put our feet on solid ground. Every one of us has a story and a battle that would make other people’s jaws drop. Every one of us have a movie for a life. Because God designed you to overcome. He designed you to represent Him as the God of miracles.

So right now, we encourage the body to stop being in warfare and start winning. And start winning in Him. How do we do it? We first start by receiving His love because it casts out all fear. Are you afraid? Then receive His love. I’m talking to myself too. If there are areas where you’re afraid, simple solution! One plus one equals two. Receiving God’s love means you’re fearless.

Father, we thank you that you’re so gentle and mighty. You’re the Lamb and the Lion. We thank you for revelation today that your perfect love literally makes us fearless. And when you’re fearless, you terrorize your enemy. This is why he uses fear, because he knows the second you’re fearless, he’s done. Don’t you want to be the one to be a part of the victory? No matter what, the victory is going to happen. It has to. It’s who God is. But get on that battleship and start. Get at that table and partake of His love for you today. And the enemy has to watch.

So as Peg keeps singing and as you’re led, start praying in the spirit. We’re just going to let Him minister victory to us. Let Him minister His love to us… His plan to us… that He’s the God of miracles… that we are miracle-minded people. It’s our DNA. It’s who we are. That’s why you can’t give up. That’s why every time you try to give up and move on, God’s like, “It’s not over until you win.” But the deception is, is this is going to be a long drawn-out battle… it’s already been long and drawn out. It’s time to win now.

Father, I thank you right now. You minister to us the urgency of the time to receive the win. You minister to us the receiving of the win. The receiving of the glory of God covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. Receiving our assignment with joy. Holy Spirit utterance that breaks down walls and opens doors and shuts doors in the hearts of the people of God.

Jeannie shared teaching… “The Deception of Delay”

I’m going to talk a little bit about the character of God and the “deception of delay.” I’m going to talk about two examples of how delay can be deceiving. God’s character regarding Jairus, and God’s character regarding the woman with the issue of blood.

Jairus had something that was precious to him, his 12-year-old daughter, his only daughter. Then there’s the woman with the issue of blood, when the enemy has cost you everything.

I’m going to read Luke 8. In verse 42, it said, “He had an only daughter about 12 years of age and she was dying.” And then verse 43, “And a woman who had suffered from a flow of blood for 12 years.” So we’ve got Jairus daughter who is 12, and we’ve got the woman with the issue of blood who suffered 12 years. What’s with twelve? And they’re squished up right against each other. Even the events are squished up right against each other. I looked up the Hebrew meaning for 12, and it represents a “authority, appointment, and completeness.” Are you marveling at Him?

So here comes Jairus. “And there came a man named Jairus who had for a long time been a director of the synagogue. And falling at the feet of Jesus…” He knew Jesus was the one who had the authority.

“Authority, appointment, and completeness.”

So he knew that Jesus had the authority for the precious thing in his life, his daughter. He begged Him to come to his house. But what I love is Jairus didn’t realize that he was actually entering a divine appointment and completeness was upon him. And neither did the woman with the issue of blood. And you’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Luke 8:41 “And now when Jesus came back, the crowd received and welcomed Him gladly for they were all waiting and looking for Him.” So think about the press that Jairus had in getting to Jesus. It’s the same for us. Sometimes we have to press through to get to Him. It’s not because He’s not right there, but we have to press through doubt and unbelief. But He’s always there.

“And there came a man named Jairus who had for a long time been a director of the synagogue and falling at the feet of Jesus…” Just falling at His feet, knowing Jesus had the authority. “He begged Him to come to his house. For he had an only daughter, 12 years old and she was dying.” For those things that are dying, Jesus has the authority. And since He’s in you, He wants to minister His authority to you.

Okay, so He’s falling at His feet. And he tells Jesus the story. And it says, “As Jesus went, the people pressed together around Him almost suffocating Him.” Okay, if I’m Jairus, I’m thinking… Let’s just imagine that crowd being doubt, unbelief, fear, exhaustion, delay. Okay? So I go to Jesus and I’m thinking, “Okay, Jesus heard me. He heard and He’s coming to my house.” And then all this crowd comes and suffocates Jesus. We experience that when we pray; we know it’s done and then we get out there and fear … just… “Argh!” We’re like, “I don’t know if He’s coming.” But He’s coming.

Remember 12—”Authority, appointment, and completeness.”

The second you go to God and you know He has the authority, He sets the appointment. And He’s keeping that appointment. Twelve, meaning “authority, completeness, and appointment.”

So here’s Jairus, laying out before Jesus his only daughter, 12 years old, “Please come to my house.” I’m sure there was an agreement. “Yeah. I’m coming to your house.” And then all of a sudden, the crowd presses in again.

And then there’s a woman who suffered from the flow of blood for 12 years who had spent everything she had with her physicians. So I’m sure Jairus was wondering, “Hello, what’s going on here? You said you were coming to my house and now there’s this woman with the issue of blood.” And you’re so glad she got healed. Right? But you’re like, “Uhh, my 12 year old, my only precious daughter is dying.”

When delay lies to us. When it looks like something else is going on that is more important to God than what you were pretty sure He was going to deal with.

And then it says, “She came up behind Jesus and touched the fringe of His garment and immediately her flow of blood ceased. And Jesus said, “Who touched me?” When all were denying it, Peter, and those who were with Him said the multitude surrounds you and presses you on every side. And Jesus said, “Yes, but someone touched me for healing power went forth from me.”

In the middle of all the clutter, Jesus knows your need. He knows that you know He has the answer. He knows that you know He has the authority. He wants to minister His authority to you. And that appointment being set regardless of the crowd, regardless of the pressing…

The appointments are being set for America, for Afghanistan, for the persecuted Church, for our government, for your family appointments have already been set.

Look what Jesus does. “Jesus would not be deterred by those closest to Him that said, What are you talking about? You don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s so much going on. Everyone’s touching you. You’re not going to be deterred either. “And when the woman saw that she had not escaped notice, she came up trembling and falling down before Him.” She wouldn’t have done that if Jesus hadn’t made such a point to find her. He made a point to find her in the middle of all the clutter, in the middle of all the pressure. Pressure did not break Jesus’ focus. And the pressure of circumstances will not break His focus on your victory. It’s not His character. It’s not who He is.

And the pressure of what’s going on right now is not breaking His focus. So it’s not going to break ours.

One situation where it’s super precious and it has to come back and it looks like all is lost, Jairus with his only daughter… another situation, a woman absolutely exhausted and broke and can’t do it anymore unless Jesus does it.

We’re in a great position. We’re in an awesome position right now. And Holy Spirit is ministering that to the Church right now. We are in an awesome position because we are at rock bottom… the rock of Jesus.

I love what Jesus did here with the woman with the issue of blood. In front of everyone, in the midst of all the pressure, it wasn’t enough for Jesus that she was healed in her body. He had to have her healed in her identity. He had to have her healed in her heart, in her soul. He had to have that because He knew that that’s what wholeness looks like.

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith, your confidence and trust in Me has made you well.” And then I love what He does. He gives her next steps. “Go enter into peace untroubled and undisturbed wellbeing.” Because the daughter knows the love of her Father and is fearless.

I am pretty convinced the woman with the issue of blood is going to be giving chats, classes, seminars on what happens when you know you’re His. That was after 12 years of being worn out, spent. She had nothing left.

So Jesus had to get that done. And He got it done quickly. “While He was still speaking a man from the house of the director of the synagogue came and said to Jairus.” Jairus is the director of the synagogue and a friend of his says “your daughter is dead, do not weary and trouble the teacher any further.”

Jesus was completely aware of what was going on. “But Jesus hearing this…” Jesus knows what people are saying. He knows the people that are trying to influence you. He knows. But He comes in and says, “Do not be seized with alarm.” He knew what Jairus was going through. In the beginning of this whole thing, Jairus had come to Jesus, had prostrate himself and said, “You’re the only one.” Jesus said, “Okay, you’ve got an appointment.” And then the scene changes. It’s a brand new book. I’m sure Jairus was just like, “Did you forget about me? Did you forget?”

And then another miracle happened and you’re like, “I guess that miracle must be more important.” And then it looked like it was over because God was busy doing something else. And I love what He does. “But Jesus on hearing him answered him, Hey, I know you’ve been seized with alarm and struck with fear. Don’t do it. Just believe. She shall be made well.”

And by the way, it was the same day, probably the same hour. That’s where we’re at right now. We are in an hour of being made well. We’re in an hour of restoration. There’s been a ton of struggle. There’s been a ton of pressure. There’s been a ton of distraction. But He says don’t be seized with alarm. Just believe! This thing is getting well.

The weariness of waiting, the deception of delay is leaving today! It’s leaving right now. It’s walking out that door. We’re killing that giant of delay. And we’re saying, “You do not agree with my God because victory is now because faith is now.”

I will no longer allow delay to deceive me. I will no longer allow pressure to deceive me. And when I’m afraid, I get with God and He ministers fearlessness to me. I let Him do it.


Father, we let you do it right now. You minister fearlessness to us. You minister truth to us. You minister now to us. And in this process, we’ve been strengthened. So we do not relax our hold when we’re winning, but we keep winning. We’re not going to be lazy when we win.

No, we’re going to stay on that battleship until it becomes a cruise ship.

Teaching continued…

So Jesus knew what He was walking into when He went to Jairus’s house. He knew that his friend that had been working with him for years said, “Don’t bother Jesus. This is over.” Jesus said, “Don’t listen to him. Let’s go to your house.”

We proclaim God’s goodness over the White House.

I love what Jesus does. Jesus gets the mockers out of the room and He refused to cast the pearls before the “swine of the familiar.” Do you hear me? Do not cast your pearls before swine. The stakes are too high.

“And when He came to the house, He permitted no one to enter with Him except Peter and John and James and the girl’s father and mother.” Wow. Jesus must think He’s got authority in this situation. How dare He! All these mourners, all these people crying over the situation. He’s like, “I don’t want you around. I don’t want to hear about it.”

“Authority, appointment, and completeness.”

He only wanted the people in the room that absolutely knew that Jesus was the only answer and the answer was coming to pass. Even if it just was a fingernail of faith. You’re still getting in the room. But if you’re going to mock and if you’re going to give in to the pressure, don’t be in the room. Just leave the room.

“And all we’re weeping and bewailing her, but He said, “Do not weep for she is not dead, but sleeping.” You know, that would really seem like Jesus doesn’t have any compassion. Sometimes the truth doesn’t sound like compassion. Are you ready for this? “Then they laughed at Him and scorned Him knowing full well that she was dead.” When we start to mock… you’re disagreeing with God. If we’re mocking victory…

“And grasping Her hand, He called saying, “Child, arise from the sleep of death.” I feel like God is saying that to us. You’ll notice He called her “child.” He called her daughter and told her to arise from the sleep of death. Just right there is a prophetic picture for the Church. Arise from the sleep of death.

“And her spirit returned from death. She arose immediately. And He directed that she should be given something to eat.” There’s the table! Was she going to be part of the victory? I think she is. She’s probably right there with the woman with the issue of blood.

“And her parents were amazed, but He charged them to tell no one what had occurred.”


Father, I thank you right now that you minister victory to us. What is the result of receiving your love? What is the result of walking in truth? Victory! What is the result of obedience, which is believing, trusting, and faith? Victory!

Is delay a part of the plan? Is delay a part of this whole scene? It’s not! It’s not to Jesus. We thank you, Father, for authority, appointment, and completeness.

He has authority in our country. We give Him full authority in the Church. We give Him every appointment He would ever want with us. And we thank Him for completeness.

Father, I thank you that we are a miracle-minded people, and we’re thankful that we’re in a place where that’s the only thing that’s going to move this thing forward. Miracles. And you are a God of miracles. And we thank you for miracles.

It’s a miracle that your plan is to have the kingdom of God here on earth… as it is in heaven.

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