Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 06, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I want to read something from Reinhard Bonnke’s book about his first missionary effort and how he got to the point of trusting in Him to do something beyond what he could do.

[begin quote]
As a young missionary in Africa, I sometimes preached to five people. Beyond our mission there were 450 million souls in Africa, most of them ignorant of salvation through Jesus Christ. Yes, they could all be evangelized by the way we were tackling it: but only if they stayed alive for about five thousand years! However, small audiences did not dismay us. After all, revival could come and save us a lot of trouble! This hope kept us patient and starry-eyed, for had not our spiritual great-grandfathers banked upon this with unquestioning faith? Later it struck me that the gospel is not Good News to people who do not hear it. An unpreached gospel is no gospel at all. Another small ray of illumination penetrated my heart: in the New Testament, we never read about God going forth on His own, but that “They went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them” (Mark 16:20). God acted when they acted. So, He was waiting for us and I could not get away from it. That included me!

I set up a Bible correspondence course, and fifty thousand people enrolled. So many! Like a periscope from a submarine, it revealed that I was submerged in an ocean of salvation-hungry humanity. Additionally, a vision followed me: night after night, I saw the entire African continent washed in the blood of Jesus, country after country. We had waited for revival, thoroughly and patiently, through a hundred long years of earnest prayer. Surely God must answer now! Seemingly on a wild impulse (which proved to be of God), I booked a ten-thousand-seat stadium for a campaign with a church of forty members… and ten thousand people came! The first ripe wheat. For the first time, I witnessed thousands running forward to respond to the call of salvation. God opened my eyes, and I actually saw a mighty wave of Holy Spirit power arrive in the stadium, invisible to earthly sight. A mass baptism in the Holy Spirit, accompanied by many healing miracles, took place. I wept like a boy, and vowed to the Lord that in obedience, I would move across all of Africa to bring the vision to pass. I reasoned that if God can do that to ten thousand people, He could do it to 50 million. That is the kind of aggressive evangelistic faith I hope to impart to you today. [end quote]

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Reinhard Bonnke was here a few months ago; his heart is so pure to the Lord and to the direction of the Holy Spirit. We’ve been blessed to be in his meetings; the anointing is tangible upon him. I liked reading that because this is how he started out. He realized that he had to do what God was calling him to do. I like his point that the Gospel is not good news if it’s not preached. If no one hears it, it’s not good news. He trusted to be directed by the Spirit. That’s for all of us.


This morning, Father, we trust in You because You said You would lead us and direct us into all truth
The truth of what You’re calling us to do, the truth of Your Word…
Each one of us has been called by You
We purpose in our hearts to say “Yes” to Your call
We answer by faith and not question You
We trust You, Lord, and bow our hearts before You
Thank You for the bigness of Your call… there is no call that is small
There is no call that is unimportant… every call is worth saying “Yes, Lord”

Pastor Ray… Let’s pray in tongues for a few minutes to stir ourselves up in the call. We’ve all got a call.

Continued praying…

There is a way… it’ll unfold… we must lean into it… yield to it… trust in it…
Even in our expectation, we push out those boundaries… and we expect more and greater and higher
We expect the resources to be there
Not to have a band aid here and there but a complete restoration

Pastor Ray… I want to pray for Hawaii. Jerre, when you began to speak in other tongues, you sounded like you were Hawaiian.

Continued praying…

Father, those islands… there are many that are in darkness there
They have never accepted You
We pray for laborers there in the Hawaiian islands
We cover the islands with the blood of Jesus
Rooting out godless ways
In Jesus’ name, we come against those false spirits
Be removed in Jesus’ name
Be set free from them
The traditions of men being exposed
A turning to the right… eyes to see
Light be there… light in Jesus’ name
No more the false
Not the ancient ways but the ancient of days
Light, light, light
A loud voice there in Jesus’ name
Of truth, of truth, a loud voice of truth
Turning, turning
No more led by false gods… get out in Jesus’ name

Pastor Ray… Now let’s go over to Japan. There are so many people that have come from Japan to Hawaii, but let’s go to Japan and cover that nation.

Continued prayed…

We apply the blood over the country of Japan
All those false gods, all those beliefs that are lies and deceptions
Deceptions, get out!
We come against deception in the name of Jesus
The blood of Jesus exposes, reveals
Those in the Hawaiian islands that are preaching the truth, those in Japan that are preaching the truth, we come right up alongside you this morning in Jesus’ name and stand beside you. We call forth utterance in the name of Jesus, that by the power of the Holy Spirit, directed by Him an absolute boldness and courage to declare the truth and let it go across these islands in Jesus’ name. Expose and reveal in Jesus’ name that the truth would come forth.
Heaven’s light
Your Word runs swiftly there
For those in authority in the name of Jesus
Turning to the light of the Gospel
Divine intervention… you make the entrances
Father, you restore the breach and bring it together again
You restore that which the enemy tried to destroy
There’s a breach that needs to be restored… be restored, be restored

Jerre led in song about the blood…

♪ We thank You for Your blood… over the islands, O Lord… We thank You for the blood of the Lamb… Your blood… For life is in Your blood… so we declare Your blood covers every heart… of those islands… ♪

Continued praying… was led to pray about hurricane Matthew in the southern US… the anointing was very strong

Thank You, Father, that the blood continues to speak today
We’ve been given access to Your throne of grace to obtain mercy and grace and help in time of need
We join our shields of faith and declare the blood of Jesus over the southern part of the United States and Florida, over the coastline of the Bahamas… we apply the blood and we declare that blood keeps the destroyer back in the name of Jesus Christ…
We loose ministering spirits to go, “work on our behalf… protect this nation in Jesus’ name”
We speak in the name of Jesus to the storm “be calm… be still… desist… fall apart… come to nothing… dissipate
We loose angelic hosts to work on our behalf and we plead the blood over property and lives
We declare the wisdom of God over leadership
Safety and protection in the name of Jesus
We pray for all those in authority, Father, grant wisdom… turn their hearts…
We thank You for the Church in that area that they rise to the place of authority
There is a front that opposes that front
We lift up the pastors and congregations today… no matter what the weather people are saying that it would be the worst ever… No! … We stand with every church and every pastor speaking and declaring it to turn away… the eye of the storm… we break it up… be broken up in the name of Jesus… up the coast… out, out, out… a turnaround… a shift…
We oppose that in the name of Jesus…
You are forbidden
Legions of angels, go! go to that place… go to those regions in the name of Jesus… go and assist the heirs of salvation… work on our behalf… hold back those waters in the name of Jesus…
We pray about other winds that would begin to blow that out… blow it the other way
Heaven’s wind…

Pastor Ray… I had Indonesia pop up. Let’s pray over Indonesia for a while, please.

Continued praying…

Ministers, churches, the plan of God for Indonesia
A release of change… shaking it
Separate, separate… seal it off, now
No more, no more… move out in the name of Jesus… no more

Pastor Ray… I don’t know what’s happening here today, but when you were praying in the Spirit, it sounded Italian. So let’s pray for Italy.

Continued praying…

Change in Italy in Jesus’ name
Much change and through the Church in Italy
From the top to the bottom and side to side
Naples, Italy in Jesus’ name, be changed… be rearranged
We hold the pastors up that are strategically located in Italy
Living their lives and doing that they know to do based on Your Word, Father
Ministers… utterance and boldness to come against that religious spirit
We stand with you and we say, “break up, come down, get out of the way, for God’s plan is coming through”
That is the God of breakthrough!
Breakthrough in Italy
It’s going out from there
From Rome all over that country

Group began to sing in the spirit…

Continued praying…

There’s ministry by the Spirit happening in Italy now
I see lights… bright lights where God’s plan is being declared forth

Jerre shared…

This morning I read Hebrews 5:7 and I just “sat on it.” This is talking about Jesus: “…who in the days of His flesh when He had offered up prayers and supplications with vehement cries and tears.” Vehement cries and tears. I thought about that and wondered, “Where am I?” Am I vehement enough? Am I stirred enough or am I praying “from the neck up”?

It says “with vehement cries and tears to Him who was able to save Him from death and heard because of His godly fear.” I looked up the word vehement. Vehement means showing strong feeling. When we pray, we are to be as Jesus on the earth, showing strong feeling. Forceful. Passionate. Intense. Remember the fervent prayer of a righteous man? It doesn’t say the wimpy prayer. It says the fervent prayer, so this vehement and this fervency is part of our DNA inside. We’re not to be lightweight. We’re to be vehement. And that vehement means hot, glowing, and burning, passionate, forceful, impassioned, heated, spirited, urgent, fervent, fierce, fiery, strong, powerful, emphatic, vigorous, intense, earnest, zealous.

That’s who we are in prayer. Is there a time for the gentle, beautiful peaceable presence of the Lord? Yes. But is there a time for vehement prayers against the principalities and powers of darkness? Yes! So take a look at yourself and stir up that gift that’s on the inside of you and let that vehement part of who God is become part of your prayer life.

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