Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 21, 2021

Annie led group in worship…
Pastor Ray has word…

Hallelujah. I keep getting this and I’ll see how it see how it sounds. It’s in my spirit. I keep hearing in me, “Nothing has changed.” That the first thing when you started singing. “In Me, nothing has changed, for I’ve not changed. For My Word is still the same and things all around may look like they are changing and they are but in Me, I’ve never changed. So I’ll change things and work things and be where I need to be in situations that I should be in the center of and I’ll bring about My change, saith the Lord. So don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t turn around and sit down, but rise up. Because I’ve called you from within. I’ve anointed you. I’ve equipped you. I’ve given unto each one of My children more than enough anointing, more than enough strength through Me that will create in you a joy that you’ve never experienced before. Don’t even turn around. If there are limitations that you sense, I’ll take care of those because I am the God of more than enough and the God of breakthrough. So I’m not through. I’ve never been through and I never will be, and you’ll never be through in Me.

Thank You, Lord. Thank you, Father. Hallelujah.

I had the scripture from Isaiah 43:16–19, the Passion Translation. And then I’ll read it in the Amplified.

“Yahweh is the one who makes a way in the sea, a pathway in the mighty waters. 17 He destroyed chariots and horses and all their mighty warriors. They fell, never to rise again—gone forever, snuffed out like a wick. This is what he says: 18

“Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things. 19 I am doing something brand new, something unheard of. Even now it sprouts and grows and matures. Don’t you perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and open up flowing streams in the desert.”

And then in the Amplified, this is how it sounds:

“Thus says the Lord, Who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters, 17 Who brings forth chariot and horse, army and mighty warrior. They lie down together, they cannot rise; they are extinguished, they are quenched like a lampwick: 18 Do not [earnestly] remember the former things; neither consider the things of old. 19 Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Pastor Ray…

And even in the dry places and even in those situations that we have no clue how it is that we could go through. But today, Father, we lift up your name. We lift that name. We declare, Jesus, You are Lord over us. You’re Lord over the Church. You’re Lord over America. You’re Lord all over this globe. We lift up your mighty name this morning and thank You that You’re working in situations that we know nothing about. You’re working out and working on plans that are Your plans, not man’s plans. So we’ll take heed. We’ll watch and see for we know that You are good and You’ve given unto each one of us liberally. Hallelujah.

Thank You, Father. Ms. Annie, would you mind playing again? Just start playing a little bit. I want to read this.

As the Church… I’m not talking about just this church, but the body of Christ. The enemy wants us to lie down. The enemy wants us to sit down, but we’re not going to sit down where the Church has a call. It’s bigger than any Devil plan. We’ll put it like that. So a lot of the things that have not changed since yesterday, there was change, but many things have not changed as long as we stay on the things that God has called each one of us to declare, to believe, to expect to come to pass.

I liked that part about “I’m doing a new thing.” It’s something bigger, something greater than you’ve ever experienced before. But this word from brother Kenneth Hagan from 1994, a Spirit of Knowing.

1994, A Spirit of Seeing and Knowing
Kenneth E. Hagin

A spirit of knowing… a spirit of knowing which, of course, is the Holy Ghost will come into manifestation in a greater measure. It was by the spirit that Peter knew. Ananias and Sapphira had lied against the Holy Ghost and judgment fell upon them. A spirit of knowing will be in manifestation in the church in these last days in a greater measure than any of you have ever seen it before.

A spirit of seeing where the prophet in the Old Testament was called a seer because he would see and know things supernaturally. A spirit of seeing will be in manifestation in the church in these last days in a greater measure than you’ve ever seen heretofore. You’ll enter first of all into the knowing and then proceed into seeing. The days are upon us, for the last days are here and the work of God, it must be accomplished. The plan of God must be carried out. The truth of God must be made known. And it shall be. And it shall be. It shall come to pass. That which your heart has hungered for, that for which some of you earnestly sought. It shall come to pass. Right on the verge. Yes, we’re in it in a measure but we’re right on the verge of an outbreak of the spirit and power of God. An outpouring of the Holy Ghost not seen by this generation. Right on the verge. And it shall surely come to pass. Say it with your voice and heart. And say it with your voice and heart… that is with your voice and let your heart agree with it. Say it: “It shall come to pass.”

It shall come to pass… at last! No man can keep it from coming. No powers of hell, evil spirits of the Devil can gainsay it. It shall come to pass. Hallelujah! Now thank Him for it! 

Pastor Ray continued…

Lord, these things that you put in our hearts, these things that you’ve shown us in Your Word, we declare that we get in agreement with You and with Your Word. And we say it today: they shall all come to pass at last. Hallelujah. So we’re going through, we’re not going under. We’re going up. We’re not going down. We’re moving ahead. We’re not moving back. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for what you’ve done for each one of us individually, all in the past. Thank You for Your faithfulness, Your goodness, Your mercies that are new every day. Thank You for what You’ve done for our families, for our loved ones, for our churches, for our pastors, for pastors all over the earth. Thank You for your faithfulness for missionaries, evangelists, prophets, teachers. Thank You for what You’ve done, Lord, but we see it this morning, and we know we can take that principle that now You’re doing a new thing.

So we choose this morning to step over into the new. Step over into the greater. Step over into more of the things You’ve promised would come true. We’ll not give up, we’ll not quit. We’re not going back. We’re not just going to be a church that looks back. We are the church that will look forward and march ahead and contend for the things that You’ve called for the Church to walk into. Thank You. (tongues)

Let’s pray out in tongues. I just feel like it’s such a critical time and an hour and a day. So many things that we don’t know, but we do need to pray them through. (tongues)

Leading others into the truth… calling the things that are not as though they are… illumination and a greater revelation about these things… Shalom, nothing broken, everything restored, everything made new… open, open up those right ways… we’ll lean on way over into you Lord… and we’ll keep looking up, we’ll keep calling these things for that You’ve told us to call forth… words that were prophesied even years and years before, they shall all come to pass… open, open, open, open… open up those doors of opportunity… for the Church is marching… more are coming in… more and more are coming to the light in the name of Jesus… oh, but you might say these are rough days. these are hard days. the Lord would say unto you, These are My days. And I’ve made a way where there was no way… so keep on calling. keep on declaring, keep on believing and expecting… thank You, Father.

Annie, sing that song you were singing at the beginning—we just trust in You, Lord. Do a little bit of that again.

Annie led group singing, “We Trust in You, Lord”…

Heavenly Father, we learn your ways. We watch your ways. We pray for your ways. We choose your thoughts, not ours. For we know that Your ways are higher than our ways… Your thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts. we choose Your wisdom and Your words. we choose them. we choose to believe. we choose to pray. we choose to contend. we choose to be covered in the precious blood that was shed at Calvary. we choose it. we choose these things. we choose life. we choose health. we choose prosperity of every kind. we choose to keep looking up to continually to call on the name that is above every other name. And what’s that name? Jesus! be glorified. Jesus, be lifted up. we lift up and magnify Your name. be Jesus in us and through us. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

We choose that wisdom from heaven. We do continually choose what you’ve said. And stand on those things, those words, those ways we will now. We choose not to walk in the counsel of the world, but stand on Your Word forever, which is true. We delight ourselves in You and in Your precious Word; in your laws we meditate upon them day and night. For You, Father, watch over the way of the godly, but the way of the wicked will vanish and come to nothing.

We can see it. We see it now. We see it in the days and the weeks that are to come, the ways of the wicked will come to nothing, for your ways are higher. The name of Jesus, that name is above every other name and every knee will bow and every time will confess “Jesus is Lord.” Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord.

Annie shared…

The Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked, He turns upside down.

Sorry for interrupting you. That just came up like a fire. The Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked, He turns upside down.

Pastor Ray…

I liked that picture. Have you ever felt turned upside down?


He’s watching over the ways of the righteous. He’s watching over us. Not because we’re righteous. I mean, we’re righteous because of Jesus. We always have to straighten that out. But He’s watching over our ways. And the ways of the wicked, He turns upside down.

Annie led in worship…

Pastor Ray…

Thank You for your precious, holy presence. The power of Your Spirit that’s working in us right now, transforming and changing us into a different man and into a different woman. I know that You’re changing us. And I know that we’ll never be the same. I know the way we are today will be different tomorrow. And I know today we’re different than we were yesterday, for we are ever on an ascending upward way and Your ways are higher and Your ways are much, much, much greater. So we choose to continually walk with You, continually lift You up and lift our eyes up unto you. And we continually choose to use the blood that was shed for us and the anointing that You placed within each one of us as Your children. Lord, we worship You, we honor You and magnify you.

I like the last part of Matthew chapter 28. The 11 disciples went to Galilee to the mountain, to which Jesus had directed and made an appointment with them. So He set up an appointment, told them where to go and He’d come. Verse 17.

“And when they saw Him, they fell down and worshiped Him; but some doubted. 18 Jesus approached and, breaking the silence, said to them, All authority (all power of rule) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. 19 Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 Teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you all the days (perpetually, uniformly, and on every occasion), to the [very] close and consummation of the age. Amen (so let it be).”

Thank You for your presence today. I know that brings an ever-increasing strength within us and a hunger to actually have even more and even greater. We hunger for that presence. That manifested presence today. Fill us, restore us, strengthen us, heal us. We know all these things, Lord, You’ve promised and given to us in Your Word. Thank You for what was done on that cross. We lift up the blood that was shed there.

We pray over every ministry on the face of this earth. And we declare this morning ministry, after ministry, after ministry is on the increase. For the Church as has been prophesied years ago is not shrinking, but the Church is on the increase. More and more and more of us than there are of them. Thank You, Father.

Annie, start playing again and I want us to pray just a little bit more in other tongues.

It seems like a turning, if I could put it like that, turn it. Maybe it’s a shifting… maybe it’s a sustaining… Okay, thank You, Lord, it is a safe way…. safe, safe, safe way…  different territories… it’s different realms and regions… limitations have already been removed…. we get it… we choose it… we believe it…  we pray over all the sheep… You know the shepherds… No. No. Thank You, Father… pride goeth before the fall… just in the same way where the Devil thought he won when Jesus was put in the grave, oh, but the Devil didn’t win… for he lost the battle for the blood has caused us in these days to win and win and win… just when the Devil here in these days thought he had won… change is coming… turnarounds are coming… new days are on the way… So we’ll stay steadfast, we’ll stay speaking the right words… It’s a dramatic turn… some things will be turned completely around and as Miss Annie said upside down…  Lord, You’ve said through many of your servants that the best days are ahead… we receive that. we receive those words and many other words that have been declared… we know words declared by Your Spirit will all come to pass… we’re watching… we watch as we pray … a marked change… the Church will know and the Church will… the Church will wake up… the Church has risen and the Church will rise… oh, the numbers, Lord. Yeah, the numbers… Ms. Annie, would you mind start singing out in another tongues? Play if you want, but just start singing in tongues.

Annie led group singing in the Spirit…

Pastor Ray…

Heavenly Father, we know that Your Word is settled in heaven, and it’s settled on this earth. And that blood has reached us and that blood is working. And their blood will continually work as we, the Church, Your body continually decree, speak it and believe in. That all powerful blood and the name that’s above every other name… the power that the Holy Spirit has brought into us and the anointing that’s working through us, these things will bring God’s things to pass here on this earth. His will and purpose, and plan… as long as we decree it, we know we’ll receive it… when we decree what You’ve decreed, when we use that double-edged sword of Your Word, we know without a doubt, what we’ve read and what we’ve heard, we will see come to pass. So we’ll hold fast, stand up straight with a joy that brings great strength in us and the peace that passes all understanding. We know we don’t have to understand it all, Lord, but we do know to bring it all to You. And let You do the work that’s already been accomplished. Thank You for a greater manifestation of Your Spirit today for each one of us, for everyone tuning in today for an even greater, just a refreshing the Holy Spirit, which continually lifts us, keeps us in that place of faith. We thank You for it in the name of Jesus. And everyone said together, “Amen.” Meaning “so be it.” Hallelujah. Thank you for coming today and for tuning in. Appreciate it. Thank you.

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