Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mary led group in worship…
Pastor Ray shared…

While we were worshiping, this came up inside me real clear: “The numbers are adding up.”

I don’t know what that means to somebody. But the numbers are changing and beginning to add up. It’s supernatural. Sometimes maybe it will not make sense how they’ve added up but the numbers are adding up.

Erika and I have been discussing a couple things. Lynne shared in the service on Saturday and on Tuesday where she spoke about the dimensions of the Holy Spirit. New dimensions. Greater dimensions. That’s really just more of His presence.

I’ve heard this in tongues lately: “more translation.” We were talking about being translated.

I had in my heart about the anointing. I’m reminded of how brother Keith Moore when he was at Rhema. Brother Hagin was teaching healing school and then gave it over to Keith Moore. He felt like any of us would feel if that happened to us. “I’m not anointed like Kenneth Hagin is anointed.” Keith confessed that over himself 100s of times: “I am anointed.” He confessed it until he got to the place where he believed it.

In the Bible there are many different phrases and terms about the anointing. Like “the Spirit of the Lord came upon me.” Or “the hand of God came upon me.” They’re all referring to the anointing of God. Or the presence of God, the hand of God, the power of God came upon me, the anointing of the Spirit. I know and believe that every believer is anointed. We all have an anointing. We’ve received it. But many times we’re not believing it so by the power of the Holy Spirit, we pray in other tongues and stir ourselves up. Maybe we need to confess it like Keith Moore: “I’m anointed.”

If you watch different ministers, not everyone puts an emphasis on using their faith for the anointing to work with them or through them. They don’t seem to put a high priority on it. To me, it’s pretty much all about the anointing. Remember how Kenneth Hagin would lay hands on people and the anointing would come through him and to that person. But if they were not open to receive it, the anointing bounced right back to him. He’d move on because he knew it wasn’t going to work. You can sometimes feel the anointing when it’s resident. The atmosphere changes. It’s change. And that can be one word from heaven. Somebody says something, BOOM! The atmosphere is different and His anointing is present. We shouldn’t measure God’s hand or anointing by what happened in the past and use that to assume it’s going to be like that tomorrow. We don’t measure the future on what happened in the past. We’re believing to move up to another level, a step up.

It’s His will to give us a new and greater anointing. That way, we can fulfill what He’s called us to do. It’s time to believe it’s on the increase. It will enable us to do what God has called us to do. Jesus is our example. Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has anointed Me.” David knew about it. Ezekiel testified about it. Ezra. Nehemiah. Without the anointing, Jerusalem’s wall would not have been rebuilt. It was the prayers of the people and the anointing. They all knew the hand of God. To me, the anointing is the divine enabling for activity and ministry done in the name of Jesus and for His glory. Not for man’s glory. It rests upon the life and ministry and blesses Christian ministry.

Have you ever been to a meeting and sense, “There’s no anointing here.” If there is an absence of anointing, it’s dead. Every been in a “religious” service where there is no anointing? Ugh… We can do things because of His anointing. The anointing will help us in our jobs. Help us do things that we couldn’t do. It brings out the gifts He’s put within us. We all have gifts. Let’s say it: “I am anointed to do the works of God, to carry out the plan of God, to pray, to declare, and to believe.”

This is a prophecy from John Osteen. It’s in an older book called “How to Flow in the Supernatural” from the 70s.

I believe there is coming a day in our evil, adulterous, wicked generation when God’s people, filled with His Spirit will fill the streets of our cities in multitudes. They will lift their hands and speak in tongues, praising God. They will pray for the sick and cast out demons. They will shake the cities of the nations of the world by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Hear this prophetic Word of the Lord:

Thus saith the Lord, God is moving in this day in which you are living. He will continue to move and the Holy Spirit will continue to rise in intensity and in power. He is doing a work that no man fully knows and understands.

But there will come a time that he will manifest Himself and His power to this generation. He will call them as His army and they shall come forth. They shall wonder and be in amazement at the power and the glory of God that shall be upon them. They shall lift their voices and their hands and they shall shout for joy.

The Lord God will cause great amazement to come and great victory to come because of the power of the Holy Ghost.

Do not sit and say “I have arrived. I have it all. I know all that there is to know.” Do not believe that you have all that the Lord desires to give you, but enter in.


Be determined to enter into a greater and deeper revelation of the Word and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. You have not yet arrived. Go forth and let the Lord give you the full anointing for your life. Then you will wield the sword of the Spirit and drive the devil away from you, your family, and your friends.”

Pastor Ray continued…

That’s the anointing working through us. Then there is translation. That’s another dimension of the Spirit. We were talking about that we believe a lot of times, we move when we get in the spirit, the things that are natural to us fade out and then we’re into another realm and we can go places. Sometimes we just see it in our hearts and we begin to pray some place and it’s a form of translating. It’s moving out to another place in another realm, where we’re enabled to declare things there and believe they’ll come to pass. I’ll give you two examples. Both have to do with Vicky Jamison Peterson. She’s in heaven now.

She would get up to the podium to minister and bring with her books, Bible translations, and just a pile of stuff. She would end up never looking at it. She would start moving in the Holy Ghost. She let Him move through her.

Sharon Stromley ministered in music with Vicky and traveled with her for years. She said one time they were traveling together going from one meeting to another meeting. They were in a conversion van where they had a glass bubble on the top where you can open it up for air. They were late to their next destination which was Boston. They were so late that it was impossible to make it to the meeting on time. It was before cell phones so they couldn’t inform them they’re late. Suddenly, they find themselves entering the outskirts of the city. They looked at their watch and were shocked. There was no way they could have traveled that distance in that amount of time. They arrived “suddenly,” and the glass bubble popped! I guess that’s what happens when totally translating  a van and all the people in it. They were moved by the power of the Holy Ghost and arrived on time which was impossible in the natural.

Another example. I was in a meeting of hers in Ozark, Alabama. She was flowing with the Holy Ghost. Many times she would begin to sing out symptoms that come against bodies. ♪ Hearts are being healed. Legs are being healed. ♪ We were at one of her meetings and then suddenly, I went to New York City. I had my eyes closed and the spirit of God was moving. That’s all I could see was New York City. I was looking into an apartment and praying. All of a sudden, Vicky said, “All right, whatever city the Holy Ghost is given unto you today, continually pray over that city and lift it up.” I was like “Oh! I’m in New York City right now.”

What I’m trying to say is that the dimensions in the spirit are greater than what we’re experienced before. He’s calling for us to move into the new.

Erika shared…

We have to have it. When Pastor Ray was talking about the anointing, we have to have and believe for an anointing that is equal to the task we have right now. That’s the harvest. The varieties and manifestations and operations of the Holy Ghost are so tailor-made to individuals. You can’t lock people into a place or position where you’ve see them operate before. An example. There is an awesome minister of the Gospel. Many know him for his humorous stories. But on the inside of me, I was always calling for a depth that was not displayed through him. Many people like to be entertained. But on the inside, I would always call for this depth I would see that was true ministry of the Spirit that went beyond the jokes. Are you with me? So we can’t lock people into a certain way saying, “that’s the way they always operate.” Wrong.

Along those lines, years ago we had a staff meeting. We gathered together. Pastor Ray and Sandy. It was the three of us. Pastor Mac and Lynne had a place they stayed at. We were at another place. Pastor Lynne called and said, “Come over here.” We got in the car and put in a cassette tape of Rodney Howard Browne. And BOOM! Before we knew it, we were pulling into the driveway where we were going! We were translated by the Holy Ghost. Because of the unity of the Spirit that we walked in and we had been in such a place together, it was all Him. We weren’t “Let’s get into agreement so we can do this.” No. It was all Him. Kind of like Jesus, we went over to the other side.

Years ago, when I first got saved my children were little. My youngest wouldn’t sleep. He never slept through the night. It was exasperating to say the least. I wasn’t saved that long. I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I seized every moment of opportunity that I could when he was asleep because most of the time, the moment I opened my eyes he would cry. I began praying in the night. One night, I went to Russia. I know that sounds incredible. But I went to an airport in Russia. Went through the check points in Russia. That’s a lot of years ago. When I woke up, or “came back,” I was very much puzzled by what transpired. I pondered that in my heart for a long time before I even spoke to anyone about it. Then as you mature in the Lord, understanding and revelation comes. People of understanding said, “Yes, definitely, this is an experience that you can have.”

Lastly, sister Billye in her meetings, there was a gentleman that would attend her meetings. He was a cowboy. She tells this story. He was translated from Oklahoma to Africa. It was quite an experience. He didn’t have dirt on his boots before he went, but when he got back, there was mud on his boots. They had the mud on his boots tested and it was from Africa.

Pastor Ray interjected…

He ministered to someone he met in Africa. Then later in one of Billye’s meetings, that man that he ministered to was at the meeting!

Erica continued…

There is no limitation in the Holy Spirit to accomplish the task of God. Right? Don’t put limits on Him. If we just continue to yield our hearts to the Word and the Holy Spirit, we’ll accomplish what He has for us to do.


Father, we’re thankful to be living at this time… that You are unfolding revelation concerning the operations of Your Spirit… we are a blessed people… we don’t take it for granted… we are expectant to see more manifestations of the Holy Ghost… greater degrees to be experienced… that we would stir ourselves up in the Holy Ghost… to see the new and higher way… yes, and that is possible… there are more things possible… anointings to shape the future… to shaken the future… men and women going forth with the anointing … from every walk of life… set in place for such a time as this… we’re calling for more today… illuminate that by Your Spirit… God-given steps… and you go and you go and you go… release that anointing…

And it will bring great joy… and it will bring great comfort… and it will bring the peace that passes all understanding… unable to actually understand how it worked but knowing all the while that it was by the Spirit of the living God that enabled it to work out… so come forth… it’s a call… in Jesus’ name, Father, we say yes…

Mary led group in worship…

♪ We say yes to Your will and ways… we say yes, Lord, to Your Spirit… we will obey… we say yes, Lord… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

The opposite of that is saying no.


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