Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mary led group in worship…

Erika shared…

I’m sure most of us know what transpired yesterday. Great man of God, one of the greatest, Dr. Billy Graham moved to heaven. We’re going to go over a couple things today about that. I want to read a prophecy from Dr. Billye Brim. How many of you could sense and know that something actually transpired with his passing? Actually felt a shift on the inside, a shift on the outside. I mean, I’m excited. I don’t know about you but I just feel it. You know how when we approach a seasonal change, especially if you’re in a region in the nation where there is a dramatic difference, you know that. Because you’ve been living here for a while and you know it. You can read the signs in the sky. You can know by the temperature. You can just know by the color of the sky. You know there is a change. So I’m receiving it, believing it, and welcoming that shift.

An example is, I have never heard the Gospel preached on TV just through the leaving of a member of the body of Christ the way that it has been in the last 24 hours. Is that phenomenal? I thought about it and it’s possible in God. I remember years ago Pastor Lynne told us a member of the body of Christ left and it, of course, always touches your heart and moves you emotionally. This person had great impact in the body. We talked about Samson and how the Bible says that in his death, he did a greater work. So we know the greatness of the work that Dr. Billy Graham did in his life, face to face with 210 million people and beyond. But is it possible that in his death that more will hear the Gospel than heard it before? It’s possible. I believe it’s possible. So we have entered into a marvelous time. And it’s not time to quit. It’s time to press on.

So Pastor Ray asked me to read this from Pastor Lynne’s Instagram and Facebook from yesterday.

Dear Ones,

The passing of our beloved brother, Billy Graham, into heaven has stirred some things in my heart that I want to share. Reverend Graham has made his abundant entrance into heaven and is now standing before the King of Kings. We are grateful for every soul saved during his 99 years and recognize his departure is not the closing of an era, but the beginning of the Great Awakening so many of us have prayed for, prophesied about, and received revelation on of the imminence of our soon coming King Jesus.

Over the years, many pastors have received a word from the Lord about the times and seasons, the Great Awakening, and the rapture of the church. We have seen many signposts along the way, but none so profound as the departures of our faith fathers: Kenneth E. Hagin, Oral Roberts, and now Billy Graham. There is a great shift in the heavenlies and an acceleration into the greatest outpouring on earth of the Holy Spirit—an ushering in of the Great Awakening. We know this, that when Elijah the prophet departed on the chariot, Elisha requested Elijah’s mantle. This is a time of great prayer and preparation; mantles of evangelism are being distributed for those who ask for the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen.

The rapture of the church is at hand! This past weekend, we were blessed with Pastor John Hagee ministering from our pulpit and over and over in each service, he spoke of the acceleration of events, especially in Israel on February 10 and the imminent rapture of the church! All of these events are heralding our Savior’s return. People be ready, have your lamps full and pray.

Billy Graham has always shared that “we do not know the hour or the day of the Lord’s return, but we are a heartbeat away from eternity… and whether you stand before God [tomorrow] or whether you stand before Him 50 years from now, is irrelevant in the scope of eternity. The important thing isn’t when you stand before God; it’s where you stand with God.” We pray you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior today and we stand in agreement with you for the salvation of your families and loved ones.

Mary led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared word…

I kept hearing this in my spirit when Mary was singing. “In these days, do not think it strange that shifts, changes, turns begin to operate in a greater degree of excellency. Do not think it strange for it is Me,” saith the Lord. “Some things you’ll see and you’ll think, ‘that’s naturally changed and it seems like it’s better.’ It is better,” saith the Lord, “because it’s Me that’s changing and rearranging and shifting things the way I see it should be. So when you see natural change, look up, look heavenward, and know that it’s your Father watching over you. And it’s not just for you individually but it is for the church, My body, to be ready… to be ready… to be ready. Today, even this day, changes… you’ll see it but remember to know, remind yourself to see it’s Me. It’s not just that you did something to change. It’s Me that did something to change you. Relationships will change. Churches will change. Pastors, leaders, directors, positions of authority will continually change. These are the hours, right now on this earth, for the things that I’ve planned, that I’ve made to operate in an even greater degree.”

I want to read you a page from Billye Brim’s latest book.

“On Sunday, June 29, 2008, in a corporate prayer meeting, it was interrupted not by human but by the Creator of humanity. The forty or more faithful people who regularly attended were praying up a storm. They were praying about the upcoming elections. Suddenly, something like a heavy cloak dropped on me from heaven. I’ve had this happen only twice since 1979. The Bible says that the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. (1 Cor. 14:32). The meaning is one can speak or not speak. This is further shown in 1st Cor. 14:28 “but if there be no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church and let him speak to himself and to God.” But on that Sunday afternoon as well as the time in 1979, the words came with such power it was almost like I had to speak them or die. These words shook us. They silenced us. Even rebuked us. “One thing will save America and it’s not the election. It’s an awakening to God. One thing will avail for Israel and the nations and it’s an awakening unto God.”

She said, “the best person in the world could be elected President and it would do no good if the people did not awaken to God.” She talked a little bit about the power of prayer in awakenings. And we know that prayer always proceeds any kind of revival or awakening.

These things are not natural changes that we’re seeing. In these last couple days, the networks are presenting the Gospel. It is a shift. As believers, let’s hold fast. We’re not shifting back. We shifted into high gear, so to speak. We’re not putting it in reverse. We’re keeping on, going forward.

Before I read what Billye declared, I looked up the word shift. It means “to exchange for or replace by another.” And then in capital letters CHANGE. I like that. “To change the place or position or direction of a move.” And then “to make a change in place.” One example would be the “wind shifted.” That’s natural. But there can be a supernatural shift in heaven’s winds.

Here’s what the Lord spoke through Billye in 2010.

Prophecy spoken through Billye Brim on July 25, 2010

The time and purpose for all of our lives are very important and, in fact, you are alive to meet those appointments, those people, and to pray those prayers. Listen and keep ever aware and alert to the voice of the Spirit and what He would have you say and what He would have you to pray. When you go around your house and you hear a word, repeat it, for it will be from Me.

If at the beginning of your day, you will acknowledge Me in all your ways, then I will alert you, for it is critical in this day that I have My body speak and say what I want it to say. Know you are on call—you are on call! Give me your all—you are on call! In the daylight hours and in the nighttime too, everything is speeding up, and will until you are through to the brightness of the new day.

And so, this is not the time to let the enemy keep you sitting in confusion, in darkness, and despair—wondering why you are alive or why even care. But this is the time to know of your import. This is the time to know, for it is short. Yea, give Me your thoughts, your words, and do not shrink for you are on the very brink of the most wondrous days that have ever been.

And yea, even before the brightness of the new day, you shall see upon the body of Christ the anointing come—the anointing of the Glorious One. And on in glory and in power you are going to finish this out, it’s your finest hour.

Do not center on the negative. Yea, be aware and alert and know it’s there. Focus on the light of My face and upon sureness of My glory and My grace. Who will begin to walk in a new atmosphere? You’ll begin to walk where things are very clear. You’ll hear a voice and you’ll turn around and say, “Who said that?” It is because your hearing is tweaked in this day.

Those plans that seemed hard to come by and you’ve known before, now they will be very clear. It is not like it was in days of yore. There have been some key moments, there have been some key happenings, and things have stepped up. And you will see the operation of the dunamis power. Spoke I not unto you and said when Oral Roberts moved to heaven there came a shift and there will be another. For you shall soon hear of the departure of another brother and know what when he goes, another shift will occur.

And it is not you that has been shaken, it is darkness. You receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. And though all around others might see darkness, not you—you’ll see Me. Hah! You’ll get another breath, you’ll get another pick up—even in your body, My very queen. So, rejoice and be exceedingly glad for days of rejoicing. Praise God.

Nothing is held back that you need in this hour. Every word that has been spoken concerns every person in this room. We thank You, Lord, that you have the wherewithal to do it. You have time—it’s measured, but you have it.

Erika shared…

As Pastor Ray was reading that, I heard this in my spirit “proliferation.” The proliferation of the Gospel, unfettered now in these last days.


Father, we trust You and believe You for that. Thank You, Father, that the light always overcomes the darkness. It always dispels darkness. Father, we thank You that, that shift has opened up a way in which there will be a proliferation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father, we agree with You and believe You and we receive it … thank You that more and more in this day, your vessels will speak and declare words of light and power… power to tear down… power to build up… to rearrange and to change… all by Your might power, Father… thank You for advancement and acceleration by Your Spirit… for supernatural increase and expansion in the body…

There is more, much more… Thank You for the steps, Lord, that You’ve prearranged and You’ve directed each one of us to walk out… by faith, we take that lift up… we see ourselves lifted up to another degree… enter in saith the Lord… we just read that the best is yet to come… forget about the frown… let the fear go… rise up and take your heavenly place… seated in heaven with Christ Jesus… what the President needs to do, we declare this morning, he shall do it… we lift him up… we put the blood of the Lamb around him… those words to be spoken into him… words… people that are around him that know Your Word, Father… we’ll not let go… we contend for him to say in the right flow… for the church is expanding right now… there’s an expansion, increase, momentum, expectation… every day… we lift up the church… every member of the body…

Yes, we seize the moment and opportunity… more collaboration and cooperation… in the spirit and in the natural… combinations coming together of and by Your Spirit, O God… one to the left and one to the right… all the ranks and all the orders filled in by Your Spirit… obedience… implicit obedience in the church… moving out… in cooperation and collaboration with Your great plan… supplies released now for the time… stepping into that anointing… the full revelation revealed and unveiled by the Spirit… the spirit of seeing and knowing… in greater operation in this day and hour… a boldness and courage… not caring what the world would say but implicit obedience to the King… desiring to please Him in all your ways… our eyes are on You… ears are attentive unto You… our hearts beat what Your heart beat… so Father, we’re thanking You for every part in their places… for this last leg of the race… each knowing by the Spirit… not comparing but knowing that they know “I’m in my place and I’m finishing this race”

Mary led group in worship…


Your cleansing blood from sea to sea, from shore to shore, from border to border in this nation and across the earth… that cleansing blood reaching and touching and transforming and bringing life and health and hope to the hopeless… we thank You that in this day, there is a great evangelistic movement… in every hamlet and every village, Father, Your people standing up and declaring “I am not ashamed of the Gospel” … it is the power of God… where there is no answer there is “the” answer… Jesus declared in the courtrooms, schools, hospitals, marketplace, homes… Jesus, be exalted and lifted high… we will not abdicate… we will only be persuaded of You and Your good work and plan for each of our lives… the great transition… the great transformation… the great translation of the glorious church… from degree to degree… take heed of these things… keep yourselves stirred up in that regard… give yourself more and more… unto My word and My Spirit… gatherings of the church… on the increase and on the rise… we stand in the power of agreement regarding Pulse and that movement… that gathering at the I35 and the river flow… it’s instrumental in the acceleration of this day and hour… of an increase of Your glory… and power… demonstrations and operations to be seen… so step in and participate with Me in the great plan… to see My glory… we do, we prepare the way… removing stumbling blocks in the way… we speak to obstacles… “we forbid you from raising your ugly head, in Jesus’ name” … every plot and conspiracy and plan of the enemy, we call you to naught… Pulse will go forth with great, great, great harvest in this region, in Jesus’ name…more and more will join in The Way… openings… avenues and venues opened by the Spirit … for the proliferation, once again, we say…

Mary led group in worship…

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