Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 07, 2019

Pastor Ray shared…

I have some things I want to go over. We’ve been talking a lot about the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how important and an absolute necessity it is to yield more to His presence. In the past few days, I and my wife, Sandy, have had things happen where His presence comes and you can’t do anything else but weep. It’s a good weeping. When that happens, we have to be experienced enough and bold enough to just enter into it and not try to do what our brain is telling us to do. Just yield to it. I’m sure all of us could testify that the biggest change we ever had in our lives came when the presence was so strong. I remember services where we would sit there. A heavy presence would come. Sometimes there would be an afterglow time after the service. After the service, people would stay for the afterglow. We’d stay in the sanctuary and we’d sit in His presence, being saturated with Him. He’s doing things inside of us that sometimes we’re unaware that He’s doing them. One time it took three days until I realized a change happened in me. After three days, suddenly, words of prophecy came out of me. Sometimes, we’d be melted in His presence. A lot of it is expectation and not being so quick to fall into the rut of “this is what we do.” Just let Him do it.


Holy Spirit of God, fall fresh upon us right now… move out into homes and places where people are tuning in… Go, Holy Spirit, and move through these gifts… open them up… the gifts and supplies where in some cases they are dormant and never loosed. We declare by the power of the blood and the anointing upon us, we declare a loosing to come forth… that the body would not be status quo… locked in a specific way but unlocked and revealed… loosed… we’re yearning for it… hearts! Yearn for it… there’s more… encouragement, joy, peace… there’s increase, revelation concerning the days that are to come… a peace that passes all understanding… melting … move with You, walk with You, come to You, require you, yield to You, expect… we speak to our expectation and say, “Expectation, get up, stop lollygagging around and be lifted up out of the doldrums and move up into a greater place of expectation.” … Holy Spirit of the living God, fall, fall, fall, fall upon the Church… the Church, Lord, Your body… the body of Christ… Now, now, now… a new sound and a new song, new words… Your anointing going forth… as members of Your body would show who You are… yield and yield that the world would say, “What is happening? What is it?” We’ll say, “It’s the Holy Spirit… we’re filled to overflowing and this is Him, the One you’ve been looking for.” Fresh baptisms… fresh power and anointings… a fresh flow all over the earth… in stadiums… hospitals… schools… businesses… in ministries all over the earth… flow, Holy Spirit…

Group began to sing in the spirit…

Continued praying…

We yield our hearts to You… open, open and yielded… we adore You… we step out and enter into what You’ve called us to… it is illuminated… it is revealed… we rush ahead and step forward… new keys to open new ways… we soak in Your presence… Your presence, Lord… ideas will come and they’ll move up and will be spoken forth… ways, steps, details, plans, new ideas, new ways and enlightenment by the Spirit… thank You for it, Father… the blood, the blood… places where the blood has been set aside and put on a shelf… it will come off the shelf… that blood will be given the priority that it should be given… the respect and declaration about what was done on the cross through that shed blood… the blood of Jesus will be magnified all over the earth… there will come a time when whole churches will be on their knees… they’ll stop and the pastor will be stopped… the Presence will permeate the room… lives will be changed because of the Presence… ♪ Holy Spirit, you are welcome in this place… ♪ boldness and courage… and a strengthening, enabling the Church to step into the center of God’s will… a new house… a new place… of glory and great grace… we’re open… we’re expecting and open … do it, Lord… we say, “Yes, Lord”… Your will and plan… thank You, Father… I know You’ll show us if we expect to be shown… the mercies of God are new today… we pray for pastors… a molding and shaping and changing and lifting… to the altar… fresh fire on the altar… get on the altar… be the sacrifice… be the living sacrifice…

That’s unusual… people will say that’s unusual… even some in the church will say, that is unusual… but it is not unusual… it’s right… it’s Holy Spirit given… supplies from heaven… sounds from heaven…

Undeniable proofs and manifestations… operations and diversities of My Spirit to be seen and experienced for all… for all… for all… for now is the hour where, once again, He will fall afresh…

Thank You, Father… even when it looks like there is no answer, you’ll begin to laugh and those things will begin to change right before you… and it will be in you… and it will come through you… the anointing… and a mighty move… it’ll be dramatic… it’ll be unusual… unusual is the new normal… book of Acts… sounds from heaven… people will hear it… they’ll receive it… they’ll know it’s You, Father… by Your Spirit… thank You, Father…

Pastor Ray shared…

I’m reminded of something that happened years ago at Living Word in our old building. There were no steps in the front of the platform. They were at the side. Pastor’s preaching and all of a sudden, he took off his suit coat and jumped off the platform and ran down to the end of the sanctuary, turned around and ran back and jumped up on the platform. And there were some in the church that actually left the church because he took his jacket off and ran down the aisle! Do you think we can enter into a place of “religion”? Yes. It’s not like he took his shirt off. He only took his coat off. There was power present. He was preaching a message on clearing out the pipes toward heaven. Clearing things out so we would be able to hear what He’s saying and then do what He says.

Sandy and I were about halfway back in the sanctuary. We never saw anything like that.  I don’t want to be in a place where we’re so “religious” we cannot be open to what is new.

Lester Sumrall would always say, “Whatever move the Holy Spirit is doing, whatever wave that He brings in, I want to be in it. I don’t want to be stuck in the muck.” There’s always the new. Are we open? We’ve all been in a service where there was “flesh.” Brother Hagin used to say that we eat the hay and spit out the sticks. The point is to keep moving and flowing with the Holy Spirit.

Speaking of brother Hagin, I wanted to share a prophetic word he gave entitled, “New Breed.” It’s from 1975.

Kenneth E. Hagin
The New Breed
February 17, 1975

The Word of the Lord came unto me further saying: Prophesy thou unto this people and say thou unto them, Like a mighty army, like a mighty army, like the tramping of a mighty army, the forces of evil are tramping down the road to Armageddon. Yea, like a mighty army gathering force as it goes, joined on one hand by these people and on that hand, the other hand, by other people. The army of the enemy is marching on. Marching on though they know not where. Marching on, for they march in spiritual darkness and there is no light in the tenement of their dwelling. Even in their spirits for their spirits lieth in darkness and they are under the control of the wicked one.

But be not fearful of the tramping, tramping, tramping of the armies of the wicked. Be not fearful of the sound of war. Be not fearful of anything that the eye can see or the hand can feel or that which is brought to you through the ear gate of this evil world. But look ye into the Word. Yea, into the perfect law of liberty.

And know ye this, that the Lord has an army. Yea, He is preparing His own. No! The church will not grow weaker and weaker and weaker and lie down and expire. But she shall grow stronger and stronger and stronger for a fresh visitation of heaven is at hand. Yea, a new revelation of truth shall burst forth in all of its glory unto those who are called by His name. And they shall realize that in their grasp, in their hand all the while, was that mighty name that is above every name. And they, with that name upon their lips and with faith in their hearts, will speak forth unto the enemy and say, “Thus far shall ye go and no further.” And he shall desist in his maneuvers and stop in his operations.

And the hand of the enemy shall be stayed. And the harvest that is to be reaped shall be reaped. For the harvest is plenteous, and the laborers are few. Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest.

And so men. Yea, if you please. Some would call them a “New Breed,” shall rise up and go forth. They shall not be afraid of the Devil. They shall have no fear but with boldness shall they speak and shall challenge the very strongholds of the Devil. And there shall be a great shaking. But those who are settled in upon the Rock of Ages shall stand and shout above the storm. And see above the darkness the might on the horizon of time and they shall be reflectors of that Light that shall shine forth into the darkness.

And the blinded eyes of Satan’s kin shall be opened by men. Men inspired of God, equipped by the Spirit, called by the Lord. Set in the body of Christ to shine, to testify, to preach, to minister. And so like a giant that body shall rise, shall shake off those things which would hinder and break asunder the bonds of tradition and religion that has them bound. And go forth with the pure revelation of truth that’ll cause the lame to leap for joy. And the blind to see both spiritually and physically. And there shall sound throughout the land the cry and the hue of “Hosanna to the Lord! Hallelujah! Great is His name and greatly to be praised.”

And the last souls shall have been won. And the last spirit shall have been saved. And that body shall have been completed. And then the cry shall come forth, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh. Go ye out to meet Him.” And in the ages to come, eons upon eons, that body of believers shall show forth His glory and majesty forever and forever.

Continued praying…

Lord, we thank You, that You, Lord of the Harvest, thrust forth laborers into the field… for such a time as this… with time-released anointings… going to the very fields that You’ve ordained they should reach… they shall reap in the name of Jesus… that marching army going forth… bringing forth the harvest… into the highways and byways… into the places the Devil said you could never go… “that’s too dangerous… it’s never work there” … No! by the Holy Ghost, sent and commissioned by the Holy One, Go, laborers, into the harvest field.

Pastor Ray shared…

We see it! We can’t have our spiritual eyes closed so we don’t see what He’s doing. God, by His Spirit, is moving. The more we yield, the more we’re changed. The more we’re changed, the more we’ll yield.

Erika shared…

From glory to glory, isn’t that what He said? I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. In my spirit, I could see something that took place in the past.  Back in 1995, we were in our old building for a morning prayer group. We used to hold the morning prayer group sitting on the floor in the sanctuary in the dark. We were waiting for Pastor Lynne. She came and threw a book down on the floor. She began to read to us from this book. I saw this book in my spirit this last week. I could see it. So we’re going to go there. This is John G. Lake’s book. I’m going to read from the chapter on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. At that time, we began to sense some stirrings in several services. We kept praying and believing that the Holy Spirit is working. There were things in our hearts that we were crying out to God for. We spent much time travailing in the Spirit concerning His plan for the church. She began to read from this book.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is the greatest event in Christian history. Greater than the Crucifixion, of greater import than the Resurrection, greater than the Ascension, greater than the glorification. It was the end and finality of Crucifixion and Resurrection, Ascension and glorification. If Jesus Christ had been crucified, and there had been no resurrection, His death would have been without avail, in so far as the salvation of mankind is concerned. Or if He had risen from the grave in resurrection, and failed to reach the throne of God, and receive from the Father the Gift of the Holy Ghost; the purpose for which He died, and for which He arose, would have been missed. It is because there was no failure. It is because Jesus went to the ultimate, to the very Throne and heart of God, and secured right out of the heavenly treasury of the Eternal Soul, the Almighty Spirit, and poured it forth upon the world in divine baptism that we are here tonight.

Birthday of Christianity

The day of Pentecost was the birthday of Christianity. Christianity never existed until the Holy Ghost came from heaven. The ministry of Jesus in the world was His own divine preparation of the world for His ultimate and final ministry. His ultimate and final ministry was to be BY THE SPIRIT. The ministry of Jesus during His earth life was localized by His humanity. Localized again in that His message was only given to Israel. But the descent of Holy Ghost brought to the souls of men a UNIVERSAL ministry of Jesus to every man, right from the heart of God. Heavenly contact with the eternal God in power, set their nature all aflame for God and with God, exalted, their natures into God, and made the recipient GOD-LIKE. Man became God-like!

There is no subject in all the Word of God that seems to me should be approached with so much holy reverence, as the subject of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Beloved, my heart bleeds every day of my life when I hear the flippancy with which Christians discuss the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. When Moses entered into the presence of God at the burning bush, God said, “Put off thy shoes from thy feet; for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground” [Exodus 3:5]. How much more so when the individual comes into the presence of God, looking for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and remembers that in order obtain this gift, Jesus Christ lived in the world, bled on the cross, bleed on the cross, entered into the darkness of death and hell and the grace, grappled with and strangled the accursed power, came forth again and finally ascended in heaven in order to secure for you and me. If there is anything under heaven that ought to command our reverence, a reverence beyond anything else in the world, it is the subject of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes my soul is jarred when I hear people flippantly say “Have you got your baptism?” Supposing that Jesus was on the cross, and we were privileged tonight to look into His face at this hour, I wonder what the feeling of our soul would be? Supposing we were to follow tonight behind the weeping company that bore His dead body and laid it in the tomb, what would our feelings be? Supposing we were to meet Him in the garden as Mary did, in the glory of His resurrection or supposing that God in His goodness would let us look into that scene of scenes at Throne of God, when the heavens lifted up their gates, and Lord of Glory came in. Oh, if we could, beloved, we would have a better comprehension of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

I love that dear old word “Ghost.” The Anglo-Saxon is “Ghost” a spiritual guest, heavenly visitor, spiritual presence, the Angel One.  And that Angel One that comes to you and me, comes right out of the heart of the Eternal God, breathed through the soul of Jesus Christ! When it came upon a man originally, as it did upon the hundred and twenty at Jerusalem, no one went around saying: “Brother, have you got your baptism?” They were walking with their shoes off, with uncovered heads and uncovered hearts before the Eternal God!

I believe that the first essential in the real Holy Ghost church and a real Holy Ghost work is to begin to surround the baptism of the Holy Ghost with that due reverence of God with which an experience so sacred and that cost such an awful price should be surrounded. …

The baptism of the Holy Ghost is peculiar to the Lord Jesus Christ. “I indeed,” said John, “baptize you with water unto repentance: but He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire: whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge His floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” Jesus Christ, the glorified, must lay His hands on you and on me and bestow upon us all His own nature, the outflow of God, the substance of His will, the quality of His mind, the very begin of God Himself. “Knew you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, which is in you? A temp of God, a house of God in which God lives!”

Sometimes I have tried to get it clear before my soul that God lives in me. I have tried to note the incoming influence of power of that pure, sweet, living Spirit of the Eternal God. I have tried to realize His presence in my spirit, in my soul, in my hands, in my feet, in my person and being—a habitation of God. God equipping the soul to minister God Himself to the world. God equipping the soul of man that he may live forever in harmony of mind with God. God furnishing the soul of man, the power of His personality by which man is made as God. For all the God-like qualities of your heart is due to the fact that God by the Spirit dwells in you. What is it that you look for in another? It is God. You look into the eyes of another to see God. If you fail to see God in the other life, your heart is troubled. You were looking for God. I am not interested in the form of the figure or the name of an individual. I am interested in seeing God. Is God there? Is God in that man? Is God in that woman? Is it God that speaks? Is it God that moves? Are you seeing God?

You May Have God

The baptism of the Holy Ghost was the incoming of God in personality, in order that the man, through this force, might be moved by God. God lives in him, God speaks through him, God is the impulse of his soul, God has his dwelling place in him.

You may have God. That is the wonder of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It is not a work of grace. It is God possessing you. Oh, your heart may have been as sinful as the heart of man ever was sinful. But Christ comes to your soul. That spirit of darkness that possessed you goes, and in its stead, a new Spirit come sin, the Spirit of Christ. You have become a new creature, a saved man, a God-filled man.

The Requirement

The requirement is a surrendered heart, a surrendered mind, a surrendered life. From the day that a man becomes a child of God, baptized in the Holy Ghost, it was God’s intention through Jesus Christ that that man should be a revelation of Jesus, not of himself anymore. From that time on the Christian should be a revelation of Jesus.

If you were looking to know whether a man was baptized in the Holy Ghost or not, what would you look for? You would look for God in him. You would look for a revelation of the personality of God. God moving in him, God speaking in him, God speaking through him, God using his hands, God using his feet, a mind in harmony with God, a soul in touch with heaven, a spirit united and unified with and in Jesus Christ.

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