Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, August 26, 2021

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Kathy led group in worship…

Pastor Ken…

Thank you, Lord, that you cause us to be aware of your presence. We give our hearts to thank you for your graciousness. We thank you for your goodness. We thank you for the beauty and the aura of your presence here. We lift you up above how we might feel at the moment. We lift up the name of Jesus above our nation and the chaos that seems to be unlimited.

Welcome everybody who is online if you’re joining us. We’re so blessed.

There’s something that’s just really prominent in my spirit this morning that I want us to pray about. But it has to do with what’s playing out in Afghanistan. How many of you know that the world is watching? It seems like it’s playing out in slow motion in Afghanistan. Sadly, both our enemies and our allies are watching to see what happens next. I’m not here to preach doom and gloom. Not at all. I’m here to say that God has us on a mission each and every day and today to insert us in the realm of God to turn things in the right direction. Amen.

Yeah, the enemy is on the move and there seems to be unlimited chaos. But God has a plan. You can’t just go hum drum through life and just think, “Everything’s going to be fine.” And just go about our business. I was reminded this morning that God put us here on purpose. It doesn’t matter what you do, or what your title is, or where you find yourself presently in your life. The truth of the matter is God’s original intention is for us to pray. Our ministry is to know Him, as I’ve said before, and to let His divine utterances, His divine sentences and paragraphs that come right from His playbook, if you will, His purposes and plan to come through us in our understanding and in our unknown prayer language.

He’s called for us to pray, to cooperate with Him, to allow Him to get His way in America and around the earth, and in the Church. Prayer has the ability to reroute the trajectory of nations. Not only individuals, as I’ve said before, but very nations and what’s going on around the globe.

I feel it this morning that God is looking to us. Yes, we’re to look to Him, but He’s also looking to us. And it would be amazing if the whole Church responded to Him in prayer. But even just the remnants gathered together, praying and intent on seeking the face of God and allowing what is in heaven to be reflected into our hearts and to flow through us. Amen. That it might be established, that it might be accomplished in the governments of nations, in our own leadership, in our own military, in our own cities and states and regions.

I’m reminded of a vision the Lord gave brother Hagin years ago. Shortly after all of the crazy things that happened in the late sixties and early seventies. And the bottom line of what the Lord highlighted to brother Hagin was that it was a failure of the Church to pray that caused certain things to leap onto our shores. Yes, there was need for change in a lot of ways, but there was a lot of upheaval. There was a recession at the time. There was a fuel shortage. There all kinds of things happening.

And if you haven’t noticed on the news in America, they’re predicting some of the same things. Some of the things have already happened. Some people are saying more things are coming, and we don’t need a fret or cower. We don’t need to be like Gideon trying to hide from the enemy, just eke out an existence until Jesus comes back. This is our time to shine. This is our time to stand up, rise up, be counted, step into our place… to bind and to loose … to exercise our authority … to use the name of Jesus against the forces of darkness, against the principalities and powers that have been arrayed against us in the spiritual dimension. The giants that are seeking to take over, so to speak.

God is giving us an anointing now. You individually. Us collectively strategies… divine strategies to bring change, to devise strategies.

To be conscious of His presence and wait before Him causes you to be sensitive and responsive to that other realm … to the realm of God. So when the right moment comes, He puts a word in your heart and you speak it out. One of the things I’m convinced we don’t know enough about are the keys of the kingdom of binding and loosing. How significant that really is that Jesus would take the time to teach on that in His earthly ministry… there’s so much more of authority… there’s so much more authority that has been placed on us by the Spirit of God to exercise and to flow through us spiritually speaking, that we first realized beginning a journey of faith.

Ephesians 1:3 says we’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly arena in Christ, not only with abundance and goodness and purpose and meaning and direction and what you need personally, but in addition, He’s given us divine weaponry to not just go through the motions. To not just acquiesce to the status quo in our daily lives. To not just watch the news and just to, “I guess that’s what’s happening.”


Prayer is a calling and an assignment on each and every blood-bought, blood-washed believer. An assignment to pick up our weapons, to pick up our divine instruments of spiritual strategy and weaponry and march into battle. Like we are here today and every day! To not just cower in the face of giants … to coward in the face of evil that seemingly is on the rise. But, instead, to put it on the run … to run the enemy out of our lives… really learning how to live and move and have our being by faith, to operate under faith principles. You know, doing that and learning how to get your needs met and receive healing, that’s just a training ground for you to enter into some higher assignments, to learn how to use your faith and your authority in the name of Jesus and the keys to the kingdom of binding and losing and prayer and so on and so forth.

To now go to the nations … to now go to the White House … to now go and insert yourself in this situation supernaturally and bring change… to pray is to bring change and to make and to set and to determine history.

I said this last night at the Wednesday night service. But the truth be told, much of the will of God for your life and for America and for the Church around the world is determined by whether or not the Church will pray and bring the change necessary. Because sadly, I don’t think we realize just where we’re at. Even in the Church. And I’m not speaking of this church, but just at large in America. Not a lot is being said because so many churches are more concerned about attendance than about sounding the alarm. And calling people to the place of prayer. I mean, it doesn’t take long to realize when you flip on the TV or watch what’s going on in culture, that it’s a sad state of affairs.

Again, I’m not preaching doom and gloom. I’m just highlighting the fact that Church… it’s time. God is sending us into battle. God is sending us on assignment each and every day. God has put in our hands heavenly tools and weaponry to dispatch the enemy, to deal with supernatural evil, to deal with what’s going on in the various arenas that are trying to take over in our politics, and in the nations, in our economy, and perhaps a coming fuel crisis if we don’t pray.


Lord, we just turn our hearts and our attention to you this morning

We pray that you would heighten our sensitivity all throughout the body of Christ, that you would draw our attention and cause us to in a moment sense and be aware of what the spirit is saying

Lord, we desire all of your will and all of your dreams and purposes to come into fruition and into reality in our lives and in America and around this world

We lift up what’s happening in Afghanistan… we lift up that nation today, Father, and we call for rain. We pray for the rain of your Spirit and for the mercy of God to fall on that land, to fall on that airport, to fall upon its borders and its regions and all the realms throughout that nation today

We speak mercy and grace to the people of Afghanistan

We undergird and support and pray for wisdom and inspiration and insight, understanding and strategies for those who are believers and pastors and leaders… to help keep them safe… to help them order their steps supernaturally every day…

We pray you would strengthen the Church like never before in Afghanistan

And we just hold up the blood of Jesus over that nation

Lord, we declare no weapon formed to fashion against them will prosper

We speak grace to that chaotic assembly at the main airport there

And we pray for mercy, that you would supernaturally protect

We lose angels and ministering spirits… “Go forth, ministering spirits! We send you on assignment overseas… to go and to guard, to go and to minister to and for almighty God… to stay the enemy, to hold back forces of darkness”

Lord, we pray that you would supernaturally reveal yourself and visit, just like you knocked Saul of Tarsus off his horse, so we pray that you would knock those leaders of the Taliban off their horses

Those who were inspired with a strategy from beneath, we pray today, Lord, that you would show up for a visitation of the spiritual dimension

We pray for a sweeping awakening and a revival in the Church and for a harvest of precious fruit throughout that land

We lift up leaders and in particular our own leaders who are making decisions regarding what’s happening there and how to get people out and what to do next

We stand against the forces of darkness and confusion

We come against the wicked schemes

We push back the forces of darkness in the realm of the spirit

We dispatch with the enemy and we say, “No, you won’t, Devil. You will not have your way”

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