Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, August 01, 2019

Pastor Ray…

I’m really, really blessed that Rob has been playing the piano for us. It’s anointed playing. I wanted for us to “take some medicine” this morning. We probably all have a copy of Charles Capps’ minibook entitled, “God’s Creative Power for Healing.” In the middle of the book, he talks about “taking our medicine” three times a day. Or if necessary, you can take it more. You can’t take too much of the Word. You can’t overdose on it. We’ll do that in a few minutes. So as saw so often, we want more of Him, more of His presence. There are times when we could just sit in here and listen with our hearts and be changed by His presence. We want it. We need it. Our hearts are calling for more. We’re like those little birds in the nest. “We want more.” We know He is faithful, so we’ll lift Him up right now.

Rob shared and then led group in worship…

I was meditating on the names of God this morning. They’re just amazing. I printed out a few that ministered to me today. He’s our advocate. He’s the author of our faith. The beginning and the ending. He’s the bright and morning star. And our comforter. He’s our deliverer. The fountain of living waters. Isn’t that cool? He’s the God of our salvation. He’s God with us. He’s our helper and our intercessor. Of course, He’s our Lord and Savior. He’s our mediator. When we need a mediator, He’s there for us. He’s the Prince of peace. He’s our redeemer. And is a strong tower. And, of course, He’s our healer. He’s the way, when there seems to be no other way. Thank You, Lord, for who You are. To each and everyone of us. How we need You today, Lord. We lean in on You and trust You with every care. It doesn’t matter what is going on, You care. You’ll take us through to the other side. I need that today. ♪ You’re so good, you’re so good, so good. ♪ He never leaves us or forsakes us. He wants to be with us. He wants us to ask Him for help. So He can be our mediator, our helper, our intercessor through every situation. Let’s just rest in His presence. There’s healing in His presence. Deliverance in His presence… comfort…

Pastor Ray…

The last few days when we get into His presence, I keep hearing the word “shalom.” It keeps coming up in me. It’s a Hebrew word meaning peace, which is good. Harmony. Wholeness. Completeness. Prosperity. Welfare and tranquility. Shalom. Of course, you can greet people with “Shalom.” You can also say goodbye, “Shalom.” I love it that when you speak it, it means all those words to whoever it is that you’re speaking it to.

Several years ago, we went to Israel. We had several busloads of people. Sandy and I were one of the bus captains. Each bus has someone to keep track of all the people on that bus. What we would do is count down. Everybody had a number. You had to remember what your number was. So when we’d all, hopefully, get back on the bus, we’d count all the numbers. If we got to ten and no one said “ten,” then we couldn’t leave. We had somebody on one of our buses that had a problem. He had a problem going to places where we were told “Don’t ever go there.” He would just start wandering, so we’d have to go out and get him. So one of the times, the soldiers brought him back. He had gotten into an area he should not have been at that time. So we’re in the old city and we were going to go to the wall. Of course, you have to go through security to get even into that area. There’s a divider fence so the men are on one side and the women are on the other side. I had Elon on our bus. He practically works here. He’s been around Living Word a long, long time. He’s Jewish. I went down to the wall with him. He had a little book out. He’s praying at the wall. We all were praying at the wall. I asked Elon, “What were you praying?” He said, “I’m praying Psalm 20.” So I wanted to just start with that. Then we’ll “take some medicine.”

We’re in an army. If we were in a natural army, there are times when people that are in the military take a rest, a little break to “refresh.” I believe there is not one of us in this room that could not use a touch of His healing power.


Thank You for Your presence, Lord. It’s a necessity for us. I don’t ever want to take for granted Your Word or Your presence. You said if just two of us would gather together in Your name, You would be there in the midst of them. So we know You’re here. Thank You for the manifested presence. Holy Spirit, fall fresh on us right now! Fill us to overflowing. You said to be being filled. And be filled to overflowing. When those rivers of living waters are flowing through us, they will bring change to those that will receive it. Living waters from heaven. We’re grateful for Your Word. You are our intercessor, our help, strong tower.

Pastor Ray…

When Rob was reading the names of God, I had a sense that “everything is going to be alright.” So we’ll let go of everything that is not alright. And take hold of everything that is right. Let’s hear more of the names.

Rob shared…

Oh I have a lot of names. I only listed a few of them. There is advocate. Author of our faith. The anointed One. The alpha and omega. The beginning and the end. He’s the bread of life. He’s our bridegroom. The bright and morning star. The Christ, the anointed One. Our comforter. Our deliverer. He’s the fountain of living waters. He’s the God of our salvation. He’s our helper. Intercessor. Mediator. He’s the prince of peace. He’s our redeemer. He’s our strong tower we can run to. He’s God with us. Our healer.

Pastor Ray…

Another meaning of shalom is “wholeness,” so we’re whole. If I say, “shalom,” I’m saying wholeness, completeness, health, soundness, safety, prosperity carrying with it the implication of permanence. It’s not just a little touch. It’s permanent change. It also means peace of God that passes all understanding. Thank You, Lord.

This is Psalm 20 in the Amplified.

1 May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob set you up on high [and defend you];
2 Send you help from the sanctuary and support, refresh, and strengthen you from Zion;
3 Remember all your offerings and accept your burnt sacrifice. Selah [pause, and think of that]!
4 May He grant you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans.
5 We will [shout in] triumph at your salvation and victory, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners. May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.
6 Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand.
7 Some trust in and boast of chariots and some of horses, but we will trust in and boast of the name of the Lord our God.
8 They are bowed down and fallen, but we are risen and stand upright.
9 O Lord, give victory; let the King answer us when we call.

Now I’m going to go down through Charles Capps minibook about confession.

God’s Medicine

To be spoken by mouth three times a day until faith comes, then once a day to maintain faith. If circumstances grow worse, double the dosage. There are no harmful side effects.

Jesus is the Lord of my life. Sickness and disease have no power over me. I am forgiven and free from sin and guilt. I am dead to sin and alive unto righteousness. (Co. 1:21, 22)

I am free from unforgiveness and strife. I forgive others as Christ has forgiven me, for the love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. (Matt. 6:12; Rom. 5:5)

Jesus bore my sins in His body on the tree; therefore, I am dead to sin and alive unto God and by His stripes I am healed and made whole. (1 Pet. 2:24; Rom. 6:11; 2 cor. 5:21)

Jesus bore my sickness and carried my pain. Therefore, I give no place to sickness or pain. For God sent His Word and healed me. (Ps. 107:20)

Father, because of Your Word I am an overcomer. I overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. (1 John 4:4; Rev. 12:11)

You have given me abundant life. I receive that life through Your Word and it flows to every organ of my body bringing healing and health. (John 10:10, John 6:63)

Heavenly Father, I attend to Your Word. I incline my ears to Your sayings. I will not let them depart from my eyes. I keep them in my midst of my heart, for they are life and healing to all my flesh. (Pro. 4:20-22)

As God was with Moses, so is He with me. My eyes are not dim; neither are my natural forces abated. Blessed are my eyes for they see and my ears, for they hear. (Deut. 34:7)

No evil will befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling. For You have given your angels charge over me. They keep me in all my ways. In my pathway is life, healing, and health. (Ps. 91:10,11, Pro. 12:28)

Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses. Therefore, I refuse to allow sickness to dominate my body. The life of God flows within me bringing healing to every fiber of my being. (Matt. 8:17, Luke 17:6)

The life of First Peter 2:24 is a reality in my flesh, restoring every cell of my body.

I present my body to God for it is the temple of the living God. God dwells in me and His life permeates my spirit, soul, and body so that I am filled with the fullness of God daily. (Rom. 12:1,2; John 14:20)

My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. I make a demand on my body to release the right chemicals. My body is in perfect chemical balance. My pancreas secretes the proper amount of insulin for life and health. (1Cor. 6:19)

Heavenly Father, through Your Word, You have imparted your life to me. That life restores my body with every breath I breathe and every word I speak. (John 6:63; Mark 11:23)

That which God has no planted is dissolved and rooted out of my body ijn Jesus’ name. First Peter 2:24 is engrafted into every fiber of my being and I am alive with the life of God. (Mark 11:23; John 6:63)

Rob led group in worship…

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