Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, May 13, 2019

Ms. Annie led us singing We Glorify Your Name

Pastor Ray…

Thank You, Lord. You deserve all of the praise, worship, thanksgiving – all of it. We give it to You this morning and welcome the Holy Spirit here in this room for more. We open our hearts, yield ourselves, humble ourselves; knowing we need You more because there is more. Thank You.

We are not giving up. We’re never giving in. We’re not satisfied for just status quo but receive more that we can grow into more that You’ve called us to do. Thank You for calling us (ha, ha, ha) hallelujah! And our answer is, “Yes, Lord.” That’s it (ha, ha, ha).

In Your strength, we’ll not back off. By Your power within us, we’ll not back off. We will not back away but we will continue day by day by day by day resting in You, at rest in You, encouraged by You, strengthened to walk into the new. Thank You, Lord. Hallelujah, glory, happy Monday, It’s a good day!

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers. I like those holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because it actually forces families together. If you miss that one, you are in deep trouble (ha, ha, ha). Sandy and I were out yesterday and that just blessed us to see different families together. We were together too with our family. I love it. That is the way it should be.

We should do it more. Why do we just wait for some holiday? Time is for sure moving. If you’re on Facebook, they will suddenly put a memory up from five years ago. You’re like “oh my gosh!” Our grandchildren were so little and now there are so big. Oh, well, hallelujah.

Friday, we went over some things on the authority of the believer and also on Sunday between the services at Prayer School. I have been going over some main line, platform things about prayer. I woke up Sunday morning early around 5 a.m. I was reading about Peter and John when they raised up the lame man and then they were in deep trouble with the leaders because they were getting too much recognition. So they call them in and called them on the carpet. But when they were released, they went where? To their own company of believers. It would be just like we do here. “Okay, that’s it. I am going to the chapel. I am going to get with my other believers!”

I just saw it in a different way. These people knew their authority and they got together. They knew it was important to be together. The Bible says they were in one accord. And when they got in there, they described all the things that just took place. And I mean to tell you, they took authority. They went for it and they went for it in such a way that the building shook!

When we are in here and this chapel starts shaking, oh boy! Actually this morning, Ms. Annie, you were singing that our prayers are like incense. I have had it happen where I come in the chapel during the day just to walk through. There is a scent of His presence. Okay, it’s not left over from some ladies perfume or man’s cologne (ha, ha, ha).

I like coming in just before we start in the morning too and oh, wow, it smells good. And it is all of the combination of everybody’s perfume and cologne together and then His presence. And that presence, it has a scent, you can smell it.

The following excerpt was taken from the Authority of the Believer by John McMillian:

To the seventy who returned to Christ with joy (Luke 10:17, 19, ASV), saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject unto us in thy name,” the Master replied, “Behold I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.”  Lest any argue that this authority was given to them in a special time and is not now operative, we will refer to Mark 16:17, ASV, the scope of which cannot be questioned: “These signs shall accompany them that believe; in my name shall they cast out demons,” etc.  All that went before is included in this commission and a wider range is given to it.  “Them that believe” is the only limitation; he who believes and obeys has a wider ministry open to him than the vast majority of Christians have understood or exercised.

Yet, while the foregoing is true, it is equally true that not all are called or equipped for the full performance of what is here outlined.  Nevertheless everyone who is named as a minister of the Lord and of the Word should examine himself as to whether he comes short of that to which he is commissioned.  There are not a few serving congregations who are permitting conditions to exist among their people that are displeasing to the Head of the Church.  There are others who face individual cases which need help and who realize that they are not instructed or ready for the task of deliverance.

The civilized world as at no other time in history, save perhaps during the period when the Son of God was on earth, faces a working of demon power.  The advance of so-called Spiritualism witnesses to this.  But, in addition, there is manifest in the very congregations of Christians great numbers who need special understanding and help.  Our national educational systems show the influence of what the apostle calls “doctrines of demons.”  To meet these sad conditions every minister of Christ needs a more intensive knowledge of what the Bible has to say about the impact of the unseen world on the seen.

In a Western city, at the close of the weekly prayer meeting, a young woman was brought to the pastor.  Her face was sullen and downcast, and her whole appearance that of despair.

Sitting down beside her, the pastor asked, “Can I be of help to you?”  Almost savagely came the reply, “I didn’t ask you to speak to me.”

“No,” was the answer, “but it is easy to see you are in trouble.  I am sure if you would open your heart we could find the cause of your distress.”

She burst forth bitterly, “God has left me!”

The pastor said, “Why do you say that?”

With the same bitterness she answered, “I sinned against Him and He left me!”

The pastor said again, “My dear young woman, that is not God’s way of doing.  If anyone has told you that, or it has come from an inward suggestion, it is not true.  His Word is, ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness!’  He never breaks His Word.  You are deceived by the enemy.”

To this there was no reply, and the pastor went on, “Now, in your inmost heart would you not like to be back in the same relationship with the Lord that you were before this took place?”

Eagerly she cried, “Oh, yes.”

He continued, “My dear child, you have been listening to the lies of the devil, and he has blinded your mind to the promised of the Lord.  The very fact that you long to be restored proves this.  If God had given you up, and withdrawn His Spirit, you would have no desire for Him.”

In a few minutes she was on her knees praising God in restored fellowship.  Her trouble, in the first place, had come from the seeking and receiving of subjective manifestations.  When these had left her, and could not be regained, she accepted the devil’s suggestion that God was grieved and had cast her away.

Obsession is a control of the human mind from without, similar in many ways to hypnotism.  The direct cause of it is not always easy to trace, but it invariably is the result of having at some time believed a lie of the enemy.  As a result the mind is blinded and the will comes increasingly under the control of unseen forces until the personality is quite swayed by them.  There is despair and hopelessness.  Usually, the individual fears that the unpardonable sin has been committed and that there is no possibility of again coming under the mercy of God.  This fear, however, may also accompany other forms of mental distress.

Pastor Ray…

We had a lady several years ago in our other building. She would come in and she wanted to be born again. I would sit her down in the lobby and we prayed a prayer of salvation. She was so thankful and out the door she went. Next day, she is back. “I don’t think I am saved. I need to be born again.” What? And that went on day after day after day. And the Devil was coming against her mind and she was obsessed with it. Every day she would come back in to be reborn again (again) until she finally got out of it. She finally knew that she was saved.

The Devil, in these days, he is always working against the plan that God has for us. He’ll even work out a plan to get us out of the places of prayer we should be: just staying in that presence, communicating with and hearing Him and then being able to carry out the things He has called us to do.

Did He say in His Word that by the stripes of Jesus we were healed? Yes. Are we above and not beneath? Is there room in us for fear? No. But there is room and more room and more room for the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the love of God. Hallelujah.

Lord, we yield ourselves, get in the river. We are not the driver. You are. We are not the leader. You are. We yield ourselves to the authority and the power of Your precious Holy Spirt this morning. We yield ourselves.

Thank You that You are the healer. You are the provider. Thank You that You are the Waymaker, making a way where there was no way. You made a way and even when we hadn’t really thought about it or maybe known it. You made a way for us today. So, we step up in Jesus’ name. Thank You.

We stir ourselves up praying in other tongues for a while as Ms. Annie plays. (tongues)

Today, today, ha, ha, ha, over, over, over it! Ha, ha, ha, we’re moving out in front. And the elements are lining up! A Rhema Word! Confidence, a word of strength! On the right road, leaning in, we contend, we call for more of Your will and Your plan, Lord! Open up that way!

We lift up Billye Brim Ministries. We declare this morning that ministry is coming up into an even greater level of expectation, a greater level of belief, a clearer way to walk! And greater resources are on the way; greater influence than ever before – greater, greater, greater momentum! We pray for every staff member of Billye Brim Ministry. We lift them up Lord! Plead the blood of Jesus over every one of them and their families. We declare this morning, “Every need is met according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus!” We get beside them, get behind them and call for the power of the blood, the Word of God, the plans right now, the destinations, the work – more, increase, more! I see more, a greater influence and just different than it was before. I don’t know what that all is. We lift that up, Lord. We hold it before heaven, oh God.

Now let’s go over here to Living Word Christian Center. Let’s move to this ministry. We come first of all and lift up our leaders: Pastor Mac and Pastor Lynne. We hold them before heaven and cover them with the blood of Jesus today. Protect them by that blood line around them in Jesus’ name. We declare they have overcome and they will continually overcome because You overcame at the cross at Calvary. The blood that was shed! They too have overcome in every arena, every step, every plan, every purpose from heaven above. I want to lift up the staff, which includes Maranatha Christian Academy, all of the leaders, all of the different department heads, all of those that are on staff full-time and part-time. Thank You, Father.

On Friday, we took authority over a lot of different situations and I saw an answer come on Saturday. I saw a change on what was planned concerning the media. I saw a change in the direction they went on Saturday morning, I saw it. I saw the answer. I saw the revelation. I saw that which was heading in one way, it did not go that way! For we have authority! We have the authority! It’s not us. It’s Him. Hallelujah!

And so from here, we rise up to see it like this, to head off, stop every maneuver of the enemy. I want us to go from this Monday morning, of course covering this day, but to go out in front and cover every staff member, all of the families of the staff like we said, Pastor Mac, Pastor Lynne, the associates, all of the different pastors, all of this ministry. So, we are moving out. We are going from Monday and we are going on out ahead.

And we take it! The strength and the authority by the blood it’s been given unto us like we read right at the beginning. We can put down. We can render inoperative. We can stop the enemy in his tracks. Where is he? Under our feet! We must believe it! We must declare it! We declare it! Devil, you’re under our feet! Those things that you planned, they’ll come to nothing. We destroy them! We declare this morning “A complete destruction of your plans! All messed up!”

Lines of communication, messed up! Messed up! And we plead the blood out front over the steps of this church, this ministry, the TV ministry, the online ministry, the online family, all of the teachers, all of the assistants! Oh, my Lord, thank You for the covering of the blood! We render inoperative the plan of the enemy! No way and no how in Jesus’ name! We declare confusion there and there.

And where you were trying to work against resources to come this way, we say, “No more!” Stop it! We resist you! We take authority against you and loose our ministering spirits this morning and tell them to go forth! Go to the north! Go to the east! Go to the west! And go to the south! Work on our behalf concerning finances! Bring it in in Jesus’ name! More and more and more and more! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Concerning favor, hallelujah, we walk in divine favor, all of this church! All that call this their home church, be it Rogers, St. Paul, and the next one and the next one and the next one… Let’s just go out front! Hallelujah! These things are coming to pass! We declare it and we believe for it! Hallelujah!

The finances, ministering spirits, go even further and bring it into a greater degree! High numbers! Millions upon millions upon millions come forth in Jesus’ name! Thank You, Father.

Pastor Folu…

North, south, east, and west believers, Father! Thank You, Lord, that the baptizer baptizes us fresh in the Holy Ghost and fire in the name of Jesus! Thank You for signs and wonders that You said would follow the believers! The signs and wonders follow us everywhere we go in the name of Jesus! I speak courage right now to everyone that needs courage! I speak courage to your spirit in the name of Jesus and I say my dear brother, my dear sister, be encouraged in the Lord in Jesus’ name!

Thank You, Lord, that the body of Christ this week, even today, we possess more of the land that You have given us. We walk in it more and more in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!

Saints, thank you! The Lord is showing even some of you right now, showing you how to possess the land, how to possess your family, how to possess already what He has given you in your heart! He is giving you even right now divine strategies, divine operations to bring to pass what you have seen in your heart. It is coming to pass more and more and more! And today, some of you will take a giant step, A GIANT STEP in the call of God for you! For you, for you, for you, even you in Jesus’ name!

Oh, life is so exciting! Saints, we are in the days, right now, some amazing days to possess the land for the Lord in Jesus’ name. Saints, this is exciting times to be alive that the Lord Jesus has reserved you, has reserved me! Oh, it is an amazing thing to be in the army of the Living God! To take the land for Him! Hallelujah! We give Him praise! We give Him glory in the name of Jesus!

Now if you have a wayward child in your family, somebody you have been praying for for some time, just lift up your hand where you are. If you have had a wayward child in your family and you have been standing for that man, for that woman for some time and you have not seen them come into the kingdom yet, just raise up your hand. Hallelujah! Saints, we’re going to join them for believing for their family members right now. Go ahead and put your hand on them and we are going to come against that now.

In Jesus’ mighty name, Father, right now we agree with everyone that has their hand up. We call forth their children, their loved ones to come into the Kingdom right now in Jesus’ name. We break every weapon, everything that the enemy has been using against them, and break it now in Jesus’ name! We see their children, their loved ones coming into the family of God NOW in Jesus’ name! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Thank you, saints, thank you for doing that. Father, we just see them right now. We see their loved ones with the eyes of faith. We see them coming in. We see them being not just saved but full of the fire of God and Lord, using them, using them to bring deliverance and salvation to many in Jesus’ name. We see it now with our eyes of faith and we give You praise, and we give You glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Lord has been speaking to me powerfully through this one verse lately and I am so happy about how Pastor Ray just led us. You know this. It’s 1 Corinthians 14:2 (NLT)

“For if you have the ability to speak in tongues, you will be talking only to God, since people won’t be able to understand you. You will be speaking by the power of the Spirit, but it will all be mysterious.”

Saints, you and I, we have this great ability to speak in tongues, to go forth into the future. We are stirring up ourselves in our most holy faith, praying in tongues, going forward into the future. No wonder the enemy stops so many of us from going into this and just really praying forth mysteries! The Bible says we pray forth mysteries and we go forward into the future, in our family’s future, in this nation’s future – we go into the future! And we begin to speak a thing and it comes to pass! And it comes to pass! And it COMES TO PASS! In the name of Jesus!

And even right now, saints, right now things are accelerating in the realm of the spirit! Accelerating as you and I go into that realm, start seeing manifestations quickly, suddenly, everywhere you go – see manifestations! Why? Because you have already gone! You’ve already! You’ve ALREADY GONE! Into the future!

So, saints, I just want to encourage you just like the Holy Ghost has been encouraging me lately “Son, pray much in the spirit!” Pray much in the spirit, pray much in the spirit! I said the Spirit of God has been encouraging me and I encourage you saints to pray much in the spirit! Give time to the things of the Spirit! Give more time because you know you and I are supernatural beings and the world that is lost needs to see the supernatural-ness of us coming forth!

A lot of kids, I am running into them even right here at church. Some of our young ones, they have dabbled in things that they should not have dabbled in. They need the power of God to bring them back in. They are so lost. I mean just a few weeks ago here in the sanctuary. Our kids have got into things they should not have tampered with. But now God is bringing them back. God is bringing them back in Jesus’ name! Amen.

Pastor Ray…

This is what I heard in your tongues “forget about it.” I kept hearing it over and over. “Forget about it!”

Forget about what you saw yesterday! Forget about what you were a part of yesterday! Yesterdays are over and gone so say it today “Goodbye yesterday!” We are moving into more supernatural-ness today and into the future. For things are looking up, things are changing up, we are hearing things that we haven’t heard before, and the supernatural mysteries are being revealed daily as we walk in Him. Thank You, Lord. Thank you for coming this morning.

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