Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, September 28, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

A friend put something out about a pray-er in England, Reese Howells. In prayer, he came against Hitler. He had a prayer group and they would pray in the morning about Hitler. They would pray to “bend” Hitler. Hitler made weird decisions. The allies would take advantage and move in further. She was watching yesterday’s “spectacle.” When Diane Feinstein was speaking, it reminded her of how Reese Howell’s would pray against Hitler, for him to bend. Then he’d do incorrect things militarily speaking. She was watching all this and Diane “bent.” She could even finish her five minutes. Well, today there is a vote.

This is a continual battle. One commentator said yesterday that it seemed like Judge Kavanaugh was transformed into another man. Stood up boldly. His heart came through.

We’re going to cover it all today in prayer.

I went over something from McMillian’s book yesterday. It was authority. It was a declaration. But then I saw this today. This is the last thing in his book. It’s called “The Power of Evil.”

Christian, do thou see them on the holy ground how the powers of darkness rage they steps around? Christian, up and smite them! Counting gain but loss. In the strength that cometh by the holy cross. Christian, do you feel them how they work within, striving, tempting, luring, goading into sin. Christian, never tremble. Never be downcast. Gird thee for the battle. Thou shalt win, at last. Christian, doest thou hear them how they speak thee fair, always fast and vigil, always watch in prayer. Christian, answer boldly while I breathe, I pray. Peace shall follow battle. Right shall end in day.

When mountain walls confront the way, why sit and weep? Arise and say “be thou removed” and they shall be by the power of God cast into the sea. All power on earth, all power in heaven to Christ the son of God is given. And from the throne, He will endue and hindrances will flee from you. Or all the power of fiend and man say through the Lord, I surely can. Take from him power on earth to tread on serpent’s sting on dragon’s head. Whatever thou art, O mountain high, wherever thou art in earth or sky, whenever thou art, truth is the same. Be thou removed in Jesus’ name. Be thou removed. Faith bids thee start for yonder sea arise, depart. I may, I can, I must, I will. The purpose of my God fulfill.

That’s every obstacle against the will of God. We’re not just focusing on one thing here. It’s everything that’s coming against trying to come against the plan of God. For our country. We’re standing for our country.

Anne shared…

There are many scriptures that I’ve been praying about what has been going on. The Lord directed me about a verse from Isaiah, that the Lord of hosts will be a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate. When I first saw this verse, what I saw was the hearing with Judge Kavanaugh and all those on the committee sitting in judgment. They’re going to decide. In fact, they’re voting today on whether he will get a vote in the main senate. They’re sitting in judgment on him. But the media is sitting in judgment. The American people are sitting in judgment. With no evidence. No trial. No due process. People are sitting in judgment. So the scripture was very meaningful to me. “I will be a spirit of justice to those who sit in judgment.” I claim that. That he will come as a spirit of justice upon all these people who are sitting in judgment. Rather than listening to lies, the spirit of justice will rise up in them and they will know what is just and unjust. By the Holy Spirit. Because He said I will come as a spirit of justice to those who sit in judgment. Especially those who are judging now what is going to happen in this debacle that we’re witnessing. Why is it a debacle? Because if an innocent person can be destroyed by mere allegations and by the media spreading it, it can happen to any of us. Once the devil sees us as a threat, he could do the same to us.

That brings me to the second part of the scripture which is “and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” I thought right away, “Well, that’s us. The Church of Jesus Christ. We’re turning back the battle at the gate. We’re drawing the blood line declaring Be thou removed.” Then when I was praying in the night, the Lord showed me something about the gate. I was thinking about some of the stories in the Old Testament. The fighting was fierce at the gate. The city was besieged, the archers wounded. Why is the fighting fierce at the gate? Because they’re trying to break through, to bust through the fortifications. Well our constitution and even common law back to the Magna Carta has been a wall of protection against false accusations. You are innocent until proven guilty. You’re entitled to a trial. They can’t just destroy you like the reign of terror in the French Revolution or a Stalinist court. “We want to get rid of you so we’ll cook up something and out with you.”

What I saw was this is like a gate. If they are allowed to get away with this, the Devil will take it like he’s busted through the gate. And Judge Kavanaugh said that yesterday. He said whether I’m confirmed or not, the repercussions of what you’re doing here, this is going to go on for a long time because of the precedent it’s setting of demolishing an innocent person, just for political purposes.

Barb said, this has always gone on. This is just high profile. But we are looking at a high profile precedent. So anyway, what I saw about the gate. We’re holding back the battle at the gate. But then I saw it’s really coming down to four people who are going to decide whether the Devil gets through the gate this time. Or if the gate is slammed to give us mercy and grace as a nation. That the wicked would be put to shame and confounded in their plots.

The strength to those that turn back the battle at the gate. Then I saw I’m praying for a spirit of justice on those who are deciding this and I’m praying strength for those four people who are the ones who have to turn it back at the gate. Well, one was Kavanaugh but we saw how he stood up yesterday and was strong. He said, “I’m not quitting.” Why? Because he sees what it will mean, if you can do that to somebody. It would be different if he was guilty. They’re totally conspired, cooking this up.

Then the other thing I wanted to share is about when Pastor Ray was sharing about how Lynne and Patsy and Trina were asking people to pray. I thought of Esther and the death sentence that was over her people. But she wasn’t going to suffer. It wasn’t going to affect her. She was safe in the palace. But Mordecai said “if they get away with this, don’t think you’re going to be safe. God will raise up deliverance from another place, but who knows if you’ve come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” I took that. I said, “God, I have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. I’m not letting this happen. Maybe it looks like it won’t affect me today, but it will affect things. If they get away with this. I’m not allowing this. Be thou removed! So I got out my Bible and was reading my notes about when Esther went to the king. The king gave her this decree. He signed it in his name. And everything the devil planned against God’s people ended up coming on the ones who had conspired against them. I had written in the margin, “Jesus writes a decree and He signs it in His name. He gives it to me.”

Barb shared…

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” We’re not wrestling against Diane Feinstein or anybody else. It’s the power behind, the darkness, that spiritual influence that they’re yielding to and they probably don’t even know it. They’re in darkness. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re just yielding themselves. It’s our place for us to take authority in the situation. So we stand up and say, “In the name of Jesus, this is what’s going to happen. Justice will come forth.” We need to use our mouths and walk in the authority.


Lord, we thank You for all You’re doing. We thank You that You are doing a mighty work in this earth. We thank You that You’re doing great things in this nation. You’re causing this nation to go the right way. I thank You that we have the peace of God on the inside because we have the Holy Ghost. He directs us and shows us things to come. You are on the inside working on the outside. You make sure that justice is done. Your blood speaks today for this nation… we look to You for the answers… right now, we call for justice in this situation in the name of Jesus Christ… justice, come forth in Jesus’ name… we command you to come forth in this situation… in this judgment, that the right decision would be made today… we ask that You open the eyes of those that are making decisions today… those that have a voice of influence… we command justice and truth to prevail… light come into that situation… be opened up… we command this pattern of deception and darkness to be broken in the name of Jesus… you spirits of darkness that are influencing that court, that whole panel… we command you to stop … loose them and let them go… they’re our leaders under our authority… you will loose their minds… their bodies in Jesus’ name… let the thoughts of wisdom flow through them… wisdom and truth comes up inside of them… we demote you today in the name of Jesus… we put you down where you belong… you are under our feet… you will not rise up in the name of Jesus… we quiet your tongue… we command the truth to be revealed in this situation… exoneration for this man… we will not let you run this country or our leaders… it’s time for this nation to change… to come into alignment with the plan of God… this nation to step into the place of revival… this government functioning in the light of God… this nation together not divided… not separated but united under You… we call for unification and peace… come into order … release Your power and anointing into that room… break up that stony ground… soften now in the name of Jesus… melt those hearts… we lift up Washington DC… we ask You to move there… send laborers into the capital… invade that place… with Your presence… we’re taking over in the name… no more of that darkness in our capital… hidden and tucked away things will come forth… be revealed today… even that concerning Obama… be revealed in the name of Jesus … any evil plan or plot, be revealed… you are opened now… we remove every hindrance… clear a pathway…

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