Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, November 02, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

We’re going to have Miss Francis read a petition to the Lord.

Francis read petition to the Lord for this present time…

Father, we thank You for the privilege to gather as the body of Christ standing before You. We invite the Holy Spirit to preside over us. Father, we plead the blood of Jesus over every one of us here. We take our authority as the legislative body of Christ.

Father, in the name of Jesus and according to Your Word, we pray for those in authority in every area of our nation. Firstly, we lift up the workers of righteousness, those who labor tirelessly to uphold Your righteous standard and statues. Crown them with Your wisdom, discernment, strength, courage, favor, and success. And for those other ones, Father, we pray that You’d bless them with the fear of God in their hearts and a Damascus-road experience so that they may turn totally away from darkness and walk in the light and become mighty warriors for Your kingdom. As for the wolves in sheep’s clothing and those who are unrepentant, we ask that they’d be quickly removed from their positions of honor so they can mislead Your people no more.

We plead the blood of Jesus over President Trump, his family, his staff, cabinet members, and all who will join hands with him and with You to rebuild this nation. We ask for the 7-fold Spirit to rest upon them right now: the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of might, the spirit of knowledge, the spirit of the fear of the Lord, and the spirit of the Lord. Let your Word cling to them and let them not depart from Your plan. Strengthen them with mighty power by Your Spirit to stand against lies, wickedness, and deception. Guide President Trump’s decisions; let Your light shine upon his path and show him the path of complete reversal of every evil way. We hold the blood of Jesus against the root cause of these evil ways and command it to be uprooted and be removed. We decree and declare that time is up for those who are corrupt in all areas of our society: the judges, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, councilmen, those in all levels of our government, the FBI, CIA, DOJ, the State Dept., the Supreme Court, the White House, the law enforcement, the military, the schools, media, entertainment, businesses, and churches, etc.

We ask for Your divine justice to fall right now. We pray for their souls to come into Your kingdom but Your divine justice has to be done now in our nation and even throughout the whole earth and Lucifer’s kingdom to come to an end. We decree and declare it is over for the new world order. The army of God will rise up and take its rightful place. Father, let there be changes in politics, education, family, media, entertainment, businesses, churches, and all areas of our society, in Jesus’ name.

Continually surround our President with godly people who impart wise counsel to him. We bind any infiltration of Jezebel into his faith council. Father, crown our President with unprecedented unparalleled wisdom and discernment that come only from You. Speak to him in dreams and visions and even in Your audible voice. Cause the way of the wicked to be set to confusion and come to nothing. Deliver us from the traps and snares the enemy has laid for us and let the wicked be caught in their own devices and be brought to shame. Let prideful and lying lips be silenced in Jesus’ name. Slanderers will not be established in America. Let wisdom from above reign in our nation and be constantly speaking to our leaders and help them to humble themselves and submit to Your will.

We cast down and demolish imaginations and arguments against the knowledge of God such as global warming, manmade utopia, race and gender baiting, the right to the killing of the unborn, etc, and we bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. We bind spirits of deception, division, witchcraft, lewdness, perversion, violence, hatred, civil wars, tumults, hostility, lawlessness, blasphemy, and fires from hell that have burned in our cities. We decree and declare that we’ll have victory after victory in Jesus’ name. Father, we ask that You would open spiritual eyes and ears, hearts to be receptive to stand behind Your anointed and appointed President Trump and Your merciful will for our nation. We hold the blood of Jesus breaking every curse, hex, vex, incantation, voodoo, witchcraft of all kinds that was ever leveled at our President, every righteous rebuilder, their families and everyone who stands in the gap and prays. We bind every spirit of backlash, retaliation, retribution, revenge, hindrance, or delay that come against any of us. In Jesus’ name, we loose the judgment of God on all wicked spirits that are tuning in, that come against any of us or our President and his family. We loose warrior angels, mighty hosts of heaven, to go and pull down the strongholds and shred the platforms that the enemy has been operating against our President, our nation, and all the righteous rebuilders of this country. Mighty ones, go and destroy all the evil plots and plans, lies and slander, snares and blockage. Clear the way for God’s glorious light to break forth mightily into our antions. We speak grace over America. We pray and believe the voice of truth, salvation, revival, and restoration to be proclaimed and heard and accepted and firmly installed across our land. We pray for a mighty outpouring of Your Spirit with signs, wonders, and miracles which usher in a Great Awakening. Father, let Your mighty work in America become a beacon of hope for people everywhere. However, whoever wishes to come into this country shall go through the lawful way. We expect the voices of rejoicing to be heard in our antions for Your goodness, mercy, and prosperity in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Father, we pray for the mid-term elections. Lord, we humbly come before Your courts of heaven and petition You on behalf of our nation. As we Americans approach the mid-term elections in our nation, we are in jeopardy of Your purposes being thwarted. We come before You and ask that You would have mercy on our nation. We ask that there would be a sweeping election of representatives who will stand for Your agenda in the U.S. We bind the purpose of God to our nation, in Jesus’ name. We ask that from district to district, region to region, and state to state those who carry Your heart, morality, ethics, and desire shall be elected. We ask that President Donald Trump would have the men and women in Congress that are necessary to fulfill Your purpose in him and through him. We ask, Lord, that Your name would be glorified again within our country and the values cherished by You would be upheld and re-established in our nation.

We realize that we have granted the Devil the legal right to possess these seats in the spirit world. He has set within these seats those who will do his will. Lord, we repent for any and all our sins of commission and omission that have allowed this to happen. Lord, we repent for not praying for those who are in authority as we ought. We have been disobedient and have not taken our place in the spirit world seriously. Forgive us for our negligence.

May we take our place in the realm of the spirit in prayer and no longer abdicate it. May we be empowered by You to pray effectively for these seats and those who are to be in them. Lord, we repent for not being active in the political process and abdicating our rights to vote responsibly. We ask You to forgive us and even those before us. We ask for the blood of Jesus to speak for us. Lord, let the righteous be promoted and the wicked be removed so that Your purposes and Your will be done in the earth.

Lord, we have made money and greed our motivation and have allowed the Devil to possess these seats. We have been a people of entitlement and have voted for those who promised us the most, regardless of their worldviews and policies. We repent and ask You to forgive us. May the blood of Jesus speak on our behalf. We repent for being selfish and self-centered and allowing it to produce our worldview. Lord, we ask that You would deliver the culture of the United States of America from the socialist/communist mentality that is driving it today. We ask that the heart of the culture would shift. Lord, let the powers of darkness that are fashioning the minds of this people be broken, even as we repent on behalf of ourselves and this culture. Lord, we ask that the covering over the people’s minds to be destroyed according to Isaiah 25:7, “And He will destroy on this mountain the surface of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations.” Let every veil and covering, warping the minds of people in our antions now be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

Lord, we also repent for abortion and the blood of the innocent being spilled, which is empowering altars in the spirit realm that empower principalities over culture. We ask, Lord, that Your blood would speak instead. Let the altars and their voices in the spirit realm be silenced by Your blood and its voice (Heb. 12:24). Lord, allow every mindset created by these voices against You within the US Culture begin to fall. The powers of darkness that have created these mindsets in culture, let them lose their power and rights. As we repent, Lord, have mercy on us and revoke the rights of these demonic entities that have shaped our culture. Let the minds within our nation be freed! We ask, Lord, according to Dan. 7:25–26, that every intent of the antichrist spirit to change times and laws now be frustrated. Even as was promised, let the court of heaven convene and let this demonic power’s rights to be taken away and destroyed. Lord, we ask that the United States would be freed from this influence and its destiny be restored. We ask this, Lord, for the sake of Your purposes in America and the nations of the world. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. May his foes flee before him. May you blow them away like smoke—as wax melts before the fire, may the wicked perish before God. (Ps. 68:1-2)

Now, Lord, cause a stirring in the hearts of those who agree with you. Let them arise and vote in these midterm elections on Nov. 6, 2018. We ask that all passivity would be broken and removed. We ask that hearts are freed and moved to take a stand for You and Your purposes in America. Provoke the hearts of all, including the complacent, and let them arise and vote. And vote according to Your will. We ask, Lord, that there would be a decision rendered from Your court that would dissolve their rights of the adversary and cause his influence over the minds of the culture of the United States to now be suspended, and destroyed. All the midterm elections to seat people intent on upholding Your virtues and reclaim the destiny of America as it is written in the books of heaven. Arise, O God, and have mercy on us as we pray from Your courts. In Jesus’ name, amen!

And in regard to the caravan, Holy Father, You know that I am an immigrant. I came to this country in a legal way. And everyone has opened their arms and hearts to welcome me. And have taken care of me. So, Father, we decree and declare that this invading army from the south, their purpose shall be frustrated and destroyed. Holy Father, we ask for Your mercy. We lift up the precious people, the mothers and children in this so-called caravan that You would open their eyes and strike fear in their hearts. And that they would cease to subject their little children to this trauma of being human shields. Holy Father, that they would return back because Mexico has opened their doors for them. They promised to give asylum and take care of them with jobs and benefits. So, Lord, let them take the benefits that Mexico is offering to them. And for those who have armed themselves and even have killed people and armed themselves with malotov cocktails, Lord, these are violent men that intend to invade. This is more than the caravan. This is an invading army. Holy Father, I quote 2nd Chron, when the enemy from three different nations advanced and attacked Israel, Jehoshaphat fasted and humbled himself. Lord, they prayed to You, “O Lord will You not judge them. This great multitude, they are too great for us. And we don’t know what to do. But our eyes are upon You. And because our eyes are upon You, dear Lord, You have spoken thru the prophets that You promised them. Do not fear or be dismayed. Go out tomorrow for this battle is not yours but Mine. Go out. You will not have to fight this battle. But stand in your position and see the deliverance of the Lord.” And as they went out, they sent forth the singers, pray-ers and prayed. Bless the Lord for His mercy endures forever. And as they went out and sang, Lord, You sent ambushments out and destroyed them. And the enemies turned on each other. They did not have to lift one finger.

Right now, we proclaim three times: Bless the Lord for His mercy endures forever. Bless the Lord for His mercy endures forever. Bless the Lord for His mercy endures forever.

Father, send ambushments out ahead of us. For this great multitude is too much for us because they have division and traitors within, inviting hatred and division. Father, we need You because they are too great for us. They do not operate according to law and order. Lord, we are counting on You. We thank You that ambushments have gone out to take down all the demonics. We thank You, Lord, and praise You for Your goodness and mercy. Amen!

Group listened to celebratory music from Israel…

♪ Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered, and let the righteous be glad. Yes, let them rejoice with gladness. God has triumphed mightily. Let God arise. Let God arise. Let God arise… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

When Miss Francis was declaring about the people trying to come across our borders in the south, yesterday I heard a new revelation from the Devil, that the reason they are coming is global warming! They’re leaving their countries because of global warming. It’s so hot there! It’s just another plan of the enemy. Which is already defeated.

This came to me when Francis was declaring the petition, that we should not take all of our attention and put it on the southern border. Sometimes the enemy has a way of drawing attention to one area so that other areas are left unattended.

Woman shared…

She touched me when she said, “I’m an immigrant but I was received.” I’m one of them too. Americans, don’t worry. God loves you. Do you know that? The Devil doesn’t see your flesh. The Devil sees your spirit. Americans are givers. You’ve got the love of God. I’m praying for you. I’m an immigrant too. You know what happened to me when I came? My husband was sick. It was an emergency. He should have died. In Africa, if you go to the hospital. If you don’t have money even when they see your situation is terrible, the say “Money. Give us money.” If you don’t have money, they won’t treat you. That is what is happening in Africa. They charged me $900. I said “I don’t have it.” They said, “We can’t do anything for you.” I said, “My husband is in terrible condition.” They said, “We can’t help you.” When we came to America, it was an emergency. When we went to the hospital, they said “Come in. We don’t care about money. We care about life. We will see about the money later.” So that touched me. Americans, you are loved by God. Americans, I’m standing with you. Don’t worry about the enemy. When he sees you when you are doing good, he hates it. Do you think he loves you when you help people? You are givers. Out there you are known. Don’t worry about things. God is standing with you. God is with you. God is standing with our President. In the name of Jesus, I’m praying day and night for God to show His power, for Him to intervene. And He has done it. I thank You, Americans. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen1


We come by the blood of the Lamb and we know there is one thing that will save America and that is a revival, an awakening to the things of God almighty! So we call for that, an awakening in America from the north to the south and the east to the west. Every state of America. We pray for that to begin to manifest in the name of Jesus. That those that would speak against the Lord that they would come to nothing. Stop in your maneuvers, in Jesus’ name… desist in your plans… and the words you’ve declared against this country… they shall not work… for the blood of the Lamb is working… this is one nation under God and it shall not be divided… it shall fulfill what this nation was called to be… above and not below… going from one degree of glory to another… we pray over every inch of American soil… we pray over every ministry gifts… we pray for utterance… we’ve not come this far to sit down… we’re moving ahead and out… we take our place and declare this is the way it shall be… we command evil to stop in its maneuvers… come to nothing… fear, get out and leave!… by faith, we command things to turn God’s way… we do not come behind in any good thing… shake off the doubt… no fear in Jesus’ name…

Barb shared…

I keep hearing the word “sweep.”


Lord, You sweep through… through the government… sweep through this nation… You sweep through the Church… with Your anointing, Lord… You sweep out what is evil and You sweep in what is good… You sweep through this election… by the Holy Ghost… You cause that sweep to come in the name of Jesus… a sweep that only comes by Your hand… You set them up and bring them down… You sweep in that which You have called to come in… we reach out by the Holy Ghost and we take hold … we thank You for what You’re doing… that You’re working… that You have gone forth and You have heard our prayers… You are working and turning things for our good and our favor… You’re moving in the body, in the government, in this nation… You are bringing forth life and peace in Jesus’ name… it’s time to balance out our prayers with praise… it’s time to balance out and thank the Lord for what He’s doing… it’s time to praise His name because He’s doing what He said He would do… the righteous shall not be forsake and His seed shall not beg for bread… You bring us up into a high place… a place where we have influence… it’s time to step into the victory side… it’s time to see it as done… to see it as finished… to look back as though it’s completed… it’s a finished work… thank You, Lord… thank You, Lord… thank You, Lord… hallelujah… thank You for godly men and women serving in our nation… anointed, appointed people… in the right offices… thank You, Father… Your ministering spirits working and going forth… thank You for straightening out the crooked places… thank You for change…

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