Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, May 10, 2019

Pastor Ray shared…

This morning, I want to go through a couple things on the authority of the believer. We’re believers. When we pray, we have to pray from that place of authority.  I read this morning in the Word about how critical our words are. They work one way or the other. They work to the good or they work the opposite way. Sometimes our words are right, speaking good. And then maybe we’ll say something that doesn’t line up with that. We render those first good words inoperative.

You know where it talks about the boat had a little rudder but it controled the whole ship. I’m talking about the power of the tongue. I want to read from McMillan’s book on “The Authority of the Believer.” In the beginning of the book, it has an anonymous declaration that’s really good.


When mountain walls confront the way,
Why sit and weep? Arise and say
“Be thou removed!” and they shall be
By the power of God cast in the sea.

All power on earth, all power in heaven,
To Christ, the Son of God, is given;
And from the throne He will endue,
And hindrances will flee from you.

O’er all the power of fiend and man
Say through the Lord, “I surely can”;
Take from Him power on earth to tread
On serpent’s sting, on dragon’s head.

Whate’ver thou art, O mountain high,
Where’er thou art, in earth and sky,
Whene’ver thou art, truth is the same,
“Be thou removed, in Jesus’ name.”

“Be thou removed!” Faith bids thee start
For yonder see—arise! depart!
I may, I can, I must, I will,
The purpose of my God fulfill.

Pastor Ray continued…

That’s our deal! The purpose of God that we’d fulfill His will. I’m going to read a couple things from his book.


The rapidly approaching end of the age is witnessing a tremendous increase in the activity of the powers of darkness. Unrest among the nations, more intense than at any previous time in earth’s history is due largely to the stirring up of the ambitions and passions of men, while the spread of an almost wholly secularized education is quietly doing away with the scriptural standards which formerly exerted a restraining influence among the so-called Christian peoples. Our wealth and social culture have not made us thankful to the Giver of all good, but have centered us upon the material things of the world, and have produced a self-sufficiency that quite ignores our dependence upon the Creator of all. Godlessness, which we have condemned so strongly in the Soviet Union, is almost equally as pronounced, though less blatant, in our own land.

These conditions are reacting strongly upon the great ministry of the Church of Christ, the giving of the gospel to the heathen world. War has closed many doors in foreign lands, and at the same time has cut off financial contributions in not a few countries which formerly took an active interest in missions. More serious still is the attitude of large sections of the Church toward the state of the heathen. No longer are these concerned about the lost souls which wander in darkness; their thought is centered on raising their social status and meeting their intellectual and physical needs They seek, in their own jargon, to “build a better world,” but the world they envision is one without a Savior. Christ, in their view, has degenerated into a Superman, an example which in their own feeble strength they seek to follow. To meet the situation, the Church of Christ needs a new conception of prayer. The urgent call is for men and women, wholly yielded to the Lord, whose eyes have been enlightened to see the ministry in the heavenlies to which they have been called. Such believers, whether as intercessors, or as workers at home, or missionaries on the foreign fields, may in union with the great Head of the Body, exercise  an authority to which the powers of the air must give place wherever challenged.

Pastor Ray comments…

This is based on Ephesians. So around verse 21, it talks about “in this age.” Then it talks about “the age to come.” And it talks about where he is, which is under his feet.

In This Age

He sits far above “every name that is named, not only in this world (1:21); the great names of this age are below our Lord. The writer of Hebrews took pains to point out to Israel that even Moses was inferior to Messiah (Christ), as a servant is less than his Master. But what an effort religious leaders are making today to show that Jesus was only a man, and as such to be ranked with the best men. Over the door of one of the great church buildings of New York, appear figures of some world famous men—such as Emerson, Einstein, Confucius, Buddha, etc., and with them the figure of Christ as one among many! Not so speaks the Spirit of Truth; in His setting forth of the majesty of the Divine Son of God, there are none that can be compared; He is “far above” all. In this continued attempt to exalt humanity, there is to be recognized the working of him who deceived our first parents with the falsehood, “Ye shall be as gods.”

The Age to Come

“but also in that which is to come” (1:21). The coming age also yields no name that ranks with that of our Lord. In that age, moreover, the now-dominant spirit forces shall be bound. Their successors, the glorified Church, shall recognize the preeminence of their exalted King. United with Him as head and body, they will have become manifestly His “fullness.” He fills “all in all,” but has chosen to do so through His body. Thus, in the age to come, the members of Christ shall have an active ministry for God throughout the limitless extent of His universe.

Under His Feet

“Hath put all things under his feet” (1:22). The feet are members of the body. How wonderful to think that the least and lowest members of the body of the Lord, those who in a sense are the very soles of the feet, are far above all the mighty forces we have been considering. Yet so it is. What need for the Church to awake to an appreciation of her mighty place of privilege. Exalted to rule over the spiritual powers of the air, how often she fails in her ministry of authority or grovels before them in fear.

Head Over All

“Head over all things to the church” (1:22). We have little grasped the force of this marvelous truth. We think of it as if it indicated that Christ was simply in all things and circumstances and places the Church’s Head. Let us reverse the words to bring out more clearly their deep significance: “Head to the church over all things.” His being Head over all things is for the Church’s sake, that the Church, His body, may be head over all things through Him. We need to sit reverently and long before these mighty truths, that their tremendous meaning may grasp our hearts. In this attitude, the Spirit of Truth can lift us into their comprehension, which the human mind alone will always fail to compass.

Pastor Ray comments…

The Bible tells us to pray for those in positions of authority. We know that. We do that. I want to just start out this morning and pray over a family, Paul G. He’s a senator in Minnesota, in case you didn’t know. He’s the majority leader in the Senate. So Paul and his wife and their family. I want to start in prayer by lifting them up. I don’t have English words to pray so I want us to pray in tongues for the position that he’s in. Right now, he’s in a position to hold back some of the absolute strange plans from the State of Minnesota. We’re going to pray in tongues first of all. Then we’re going to lift this family up in prayer. I first want to declare, “no weapon formed against them will prosper.” These are words from the Word. We have been given authority, so this morning we confess it again: No weapon formed against him or his family shall prosper. No weapon!

Father, thank You for the blood of Jesus… I declare it over them… no weapon… and the blood of Jesus is over each and every one of them… we take authority over any attempt to render him inoperative.

Now I want us to pray in other tongues for a while and cover them in the spirit.

Group begins to pray in the spirit…

We pray about mysteries… the blood, the blood, the blood… protection… we lift them up and declare strength… a contending spirit within them… steady in the Lord… strong in the Lord… steps, there are steps… we declare Father God an increase in influence… an increase in position… that would try to come against him, Father… I thank you that he increases with every attack… he prospers in every attack… he is able to stand by Your grace… You have anointed him and appointed him for such a time as this… thank You for Your anointing that flows his lips… the words he speaks… words of the Spirit of God… those words go right into the heart of a man… it changes their minds… their positions… it draws them in to a place of conviction and unity… it draws them to the right way… of thinking… a correct way of thinking… that Your will would be done in that place… we hold up his arms… we hold up his wife… we lift her up… thank You for the anointing on her to pray… and to intercede, Father… for those that are serving in government… thank You for that anointing… open her eyes… a revelation and an opening that she sees and understands what to pray… what to speak… by her spirit, the things that need to be addressed… so there is breakthrough in that place… we’re not limited here… our job is to reach out into every sect of this government of this society to have an impact in every area, Lord… we take off the limits for what you can do for that family… supernatural awakening there … in all those leaders, Father… that they come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ… thank You for breakthrough for that family today… for that branch… it flows down through the State… it comes to all the citizens in the State… finances released… we lift up the base…we call them to support him… behind closed doors and out in the open, You bring support to him… we thank You for unity and peace there… thank You, Father… every attack comes to nothing… destroyed… stopped in its tracks… no light there. In the name of Jesus, you are ended… you’re finished… the blood is against you… cooperation with the spirit of God… with His way and plan… every voice that tries to rise up against him… is condemned… it will not prosper… the blood of Jesus … confusion over those plans… we declare boldness, health, prosperity… spirit, soul, body… you cannot come against finances… we declare we are prosperous… we loose ministering spirits and say “Go”… be lined up with the Word… from the top of your head to the soles of your feet… alignment for prosperity… we put a stop to every attack of the enemy… this is finished… we break the hold of the enemy… I pray over your spiritual eyes to see who you are and what you need to do… your steps… into new territories… new realms… operations… (session turns into worship and lightness, singing in the spirit)… ♪ supernatural intervention… ohhh, You made a way where there was no way… all the way… all the way… this is the time… for your body to rise up… take her place… stand upon that platform… demonstrate His grace… it’s time, it’s time… to walk in those places of His anointing… calling those things that be not as though they are… using the power of the Holy Ghost… the anointing… ♪

yes, You have installed each one of us into our places… installed by the power of the Holy Spirit… for the plan, Father… with purpose… open our eyes to see what we need to see… let our ears be open to hear… all that You are speaking… let Your fire burn on the inside of us… let that passion burn, Lord… as we stand in You… from that place up high… far above… standing.. moving in dominion and the authority You’ve granted us… we lift up the pastors… walk in their places… protection and peace in that place… Your blessings are chasing us down… beginning to overtake us… for the sake of the nation, we take our place… as the way of the church so the way of the nation… as we rise up, so the nation rises up… as we walk in Your grace, Father, this nation receives Your grace… as we walk in revival, Lord, this nation receives the benefits of revival… and walks in the light… a light that was born in this nation…

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