Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, March 09, 2018

Pastor Ray shared…

Today, I wanted to go to the sanctuary to pray before the Pulse Event Prayer and Worship meeting tonight. I believe we should lay hands on every chair in there. Once we go to the main sanctuary, we’ll have to split up and some go upstairs and some downstairs. It’s been a long time since we’ve done that. We’re asking God for the anointing to be in the meeting tonight. But then there’s the bigger picture in May. If you’ve ever been to the stadium, you see how many seats are in there, whew! Over 60,000 seats. That’s a lot of people.


Holy Spirit, we know there is more of You… We know we can receive more… We know there are different dimensions of Your presence… thank You for your presence within us… but we know there’s a greater and there are different manifestations of Your presence in our lives that change us… they help us to help others… so we welcome Your presence here this morning… we are not doing this in a “religious” way, but by the power of Your Spirit, we pray in advance for Your anointing to be on the meeting tonight… every speaker, all of the music, everything that’s done be done according to Your will and purpose, in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Ray interjected…

Before I go down the praying points for our Pulse meeting, I want to emphasize 1st Timothy’s exhortation, “I admonish, urge, the petitions, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all men.” We don’t know all their names, but He does. Then verse 2, “for kings and all who are in positions of authority or have responsibility that outwardly we may pass a quiet and undisturbed life and inwardly and a peaceable one in all godliness and reverence and seriousness in every way. For such praying is good and it’s right and it’s pleasing and acceptable to God our savior. So He wishes all men to be saved and increasingly to perceive and recognize and discern and know precisely and correctly the divine truth.” Verse 8, “I desire, therefore, that in every place men should pray without anger, or quarreling or resentment or doubt in their minds, lifting up holy hands.” We could say the opposite of that “doubt” is what? Belief. We believe when we gather together He’s with us.

Prayer continued…

So, Father, before we do anything else, we pray for all those people, names that we don’t know, all over the earth, we lift up your name and pray for Your Holy Spirit to move across the face of the earth… we know it’s Your will that all men be saved, come to the knowledge of You… so we come against hindrances that try to derail Your Word… Elymas tried to make the straight ways crooked… we pray for the opposite… we pray the crooked ways would be made straight… the devil likes to turn it around and make those things that are beginning to be straight, crooked again… so we hold the blood of Jesus over every avenue, every resource of finances, over every direction, over every plan to reach those that need to be reached.

We lift up those in positions of authority whoever they are and whatever position they’re in, whatever party they’re in, whatever country they’re from, and we pray a blood covering over them… we pray over their minds that they would be open to Your Word… we pray over their hearts where maybe they had experiences or things that took them away from You… we pray for a turnaround that this would turn around and our leaders all over the earth specifically our own leader, our President, we pray over him and his family… we pray over all those that are around him speaking into his life… words from heaven, divine, supernatural words from heaven that will continually make a difference… we know we’ve not attained everything we are to attain for our country… so You put it within us to keep calling for more… we’re calling for more… we know there’s more of You… there are greater operations of Your Spirit and we know that one thing that will make the absolute difference in America and all over the earth is an awakening… revival… a move of Your precious Holy Spirit… so we pray for that, opening up our hearts… Father, thank You that the ones that need to be in positions of authority will be there… we declare that every lie, every hindrance, everything that would try to come against Your plan and purpose and will for the United States, these things shall not have an effect… but in Jesus’ name, the church is rising up and is on the increase… in advance, for tonight and for May, we declare that stadium to be filled up… not just with believers, but with a lot of men and women, families with children too, the need to come to You… Hallelujah! … we believe You for it… we call for it… we expect it… we expect to see the lost coming in… one of the shifts that we have spoken to us when Rev. Billy Graham went home to be with You, Lord, that there would be a shift… we believe there’s been a shift… we believe the shift is happening… we believe the changes are coming… we believe the increase is on the move… Hallelujah! Things are changing! … Thank You, Father.

Jesus be magnified, be honored, be given all of the glory…. no other man, speaker, entertainer, but in every way this event in May that Jesus would be glorified and magnified… that Your anointing would break bondages and holds on people… we take authority against the enemy and his plan and will and purpose that it would come to nothing.

We pray for every speaker… we lift them up that they’ll hold fast to this first plan to lift Jesus up, to magnify Jesus… to point to Him… every speaker and all those involved would have Your anointing on them… a power from heaven that will break things loose in that stadium and lives will be supernaturally rearranged and changed… we thank You for the anointing upon the speakers that will lead prayer… we call for people in the Twin Cities to be drawn by Your Spirit to come together to pray in the Stadium… and those from other states, that they would be drawn by Your Spirit to come together in this event to pray.

Hindrances that would try to hold people from coming, be removed… we pray people are making a decision to come… it’ll not be a secret, but it will be known that this is the event to come to… we pray for the younger generation, to reset their lives to Jesus through Pulse in the Twin Cities… all the young ones, the millennials… that they would sense something and be drawn to the stadium to You… a great cooperation with heaven… thank You for Your manifested presence and power in the stadium… we loose ministering spirits now and say “go, get the people and bring them in…” … we pray for the pastors that lead their congregations to be involved in Pulse… ministers from different streams that have never joined together before… by the Spirit, we pray for them that they would get it on their hearts to be part of this Pulse event… it will bring about a unity in these cities in the body of Christ like never before… not one stream over another, but unity with brothers and sisters in the Lord… we believe for the stadium to be filled… with those that need to hear the Gospel…

We lift up the laborers… those ministering to the people… that Your love would be manifested in the stadium… we hold the blood around it… we push back and take authority over the enemy that would try to disrupt or stop people from coming… we pray for the surrounding area outside in the parking lots and the parks… that there would be a free flow for people to come… joined together under one roof… under heaven…and be in unity… we give You all the glory and the praise and the honor… for all these things… for this event tonight… we believe for the anointing to be present… as we go into the sanctuary, we’re lifting up Your presence, believing for an absolute precious presence in the meeting tonight.

The group left the chapel and went into the main sanctuary to pray for the meeting that night.

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