Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, June 28, 2019

Pastor Ray shared…

Today, I have something I want to read to you about prayer. Also, I asked Dave to share something. This is from Kenneth Hagin’s book, “Praying in Line With God’s Perfect Will.” This is about the Holy Spirit is our helper.

Romans 8:26

Likewise the spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself [Himself] maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

He helps us. He doesn’t pray for us. If we’re just “in our brain,” that’s not where we should be as far as prayer goes. Of course, we need to use our brains. But the Holy Spirit is our helper, and He helps us. Sometimes people are not yielding enough, me included, to what He wants us and to pray out what He wants us to pray. Of course. I’m going to read a few paragraphs. And it’s a testimony about that kind of prayer. And brother Hagin had been going through some teaching on it. This is what he said.

I remember a testimony that illustrates this point about the Holy Spirit as our divine Helper in prayer. It was told by a denominational minister who had gotten filled with the Holy Ghost and come over to Pentecostal circles. We were both guest speakers at several different Full Gospel Businessmen’s conventions.

One day this minister said to me, “Brother Hagin, I saw something while you were teaching in speaking with tongues that I hadn’t understood before. My wife and I are still relatively new in this Spirit-filled life. But right after we both got filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues, one of the young ladies in our church—the mother of three little children—needed a heart operation.”

Serious operations like that weren’t always as successful back then as they are today. So in the course of this operation, some way or another, this young woman’s heart stopped. The doctors finally got her heart started again, but the woman remained unconscious.

The minister related, “Finally, the doctors told us that this woman’s brain had been deprived of oxygen too long. They said that even if she regained consciousness, she would be nothing g more than a vegetable and wouldn’t know anything; it would be better to just let her die.”

That night, this minister was awakened by the sound of groaning. He reached over to the other side of the bed and realized that his wife wasn’t there. Finally, he figured out that it was the sound of her groaning coming from the living room.

At first the minister thought his wife was sick. So he got out of bed and went into the living room. “Honey, what’s the matter? Are you sick? He asked.

“Oh, no,” she said. “I just have such a heaviness, such a burden to pray for this young mother and her three children. She’s not old enough to die. Those children need their mother.”

The minister continued, “All my wife could do was go back to groaning and praying in other tongues. I didn’t understand it; I had never seen anyone pray that way. I’d gotten filled with the Holy Ghost and I spoke with tongues, but that was different than what my wife was experiencing in prayer that night. When I got filled with the Spirit, there was a sense of joy and gladness in me. But his night my wife was feeling such a heaviness, such a strong burden in her spirit to pray, so much so that she was groaning deeply in prayer. So I decided, “Well, Since I don’t understand what’s going on, I’ll just leave her along.”

“Brother Hagin, I really didn’t understand what happened to my wife that night until you taught on it in the meeting today,” the minister said. “But my wife kept on praying that way for about an hour and a half. Finally, she got up and came to bed. She told me, “Well, the burden is gone. It’s lifted.” And when we went to visit the young woman the next morning, she was sitting up in bed, laughing and completely healed. It’s been several years now and the young woman is still well and attending church with her family.”

You see, the Holy Ghost helped this minister’s wife to pray effectively that night. She knew what to pray for, but she didn’t know how to pray as she ought. But the Holy Ghost came to her rescue to help her get the job done! She prayed out God’s perfect will in the situation with groanings and utterance in other tongues.

The Holy Ghost is our Intercessor. He helps us in prayer, just as He helps us in every area of our lives.

Pastor Ray continued…

I remember Pastor Lynne talking about that in France. There was some situation with someone in depression. She started feeling depressed, or thought she was. She was like, “Wait a minute. I’m not depressed. Oh! I’m picking up what is on him and praying it out.” I had that happened with Mark P. He was working outside and hurt his back. I was there and he asked, “Would you lay hands on my back? I hurt it lifting something.” So I prayed for his back. He left. I left. Guess what? For about two or three days my back hurt. And I don’t ever have back aches! But I had a back ache. Guess what I would do? Pray for Mark! I kept lifting him up. Anyway… that can happen. All kinds of things can happen if we’re in the spirit. Yielding and letting Him help us.

Why don’t you come up here, Dave? He shared something with me last week something about Jesus. Well, he’ll explain it to you.

Dave shared…

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been having this constant communion, visitation if you want to call it that. A kind of awareness. It happened two or three weeks ago. It happened right there and I had this experience where I became cognizant of Jesus. Not in the sense that I thought about Him in my mind, but it was a spiritual experience inside of me, a knowing inside of me. What followed that experience was a vision. And I had this happen before a few other times. Another time I was in prayer sitting in a chair and I was worshiping the Lord. The same thing happened. I had that presence, like Jesus Himself walks in the room and you know that He’s there. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience. A lot of people have, where you feel like you’re being watched. The awareness… and what he was talking about a moment ago about that woman praying through, she prayed to the point where she was aware of something. She became aware. They call it praying through, but when you pray through, there’s an awareness that happens after you’ve prayed through that something has changed. It’s different from the time you started from the time you finish. And when you’re praying through, that’s your spirit picking that up. There’s no natural thing to determine “Oh, I see. It’s different now.” It has to be a spiritual thing within you that makes you aware something is different.

So this experience that I had the other day was like that. And the Lord told me, “That is the thing that many Christians have a hard time coming to that point, because most of their faith and most of their ideas are in their head. And not in their hearts.” They’ll read the scripture and do things that they think are good. And they’re not bad. I mean the Word isn’t bad, right? But it’s one thing to have the Word here and it’s another thing to have the Word inside of you. There is a difference. The one inside of you gives you an assurance and peace and confidence. The one in your head, you’re just trying to keep the birds from nesting in your head, you know, the problems and challenges. There’s a difference. When you’re doing that, you struggle. You struggle when the birds are trying to nest in your head and you’re trying mentally to read scriptures. Or you have your Bible verses on your refrigerator and you’re going through your list, or whatever. That’s a battle of the mind. But when it’s in your heart, this goes along. It’s not the other way around. And one thing to keep in mind is that remember primarily the most important thing you need to recognize is that you are a spirit. That’s it. You are a spirit. The person you see in the mirror, there’s a spiritual person inside you, a spirit person. That’s really who you are. And this thing up here is fleeting because thoughts and ideas can come and cause you to have challenges. They can change how you feel.

Have you ever had this experience? Most people have. Where you heard some bad news and it was such that it physically made you sick. How many have had that experience? You lose your appetite. Thinking about it. That is a mental way that your mind is affecting you physically. So your mind can affect you physiologically. It can make you go into a cold sweat. Fear can do that to you. But just as that experience happened, that is also the case with sickness. If you get a symptom in your body and you start, “What’s that?” You go on Google and try to figure it out. You spend a couple hours reading about it. “I’ve got this. Yeah, this is what it is.” You start focusing. You can physiologically change your body. You can have a physical effect on your body.

Now what does this have to do with this visitation? Because the Lord was trying to show me that a lot of people have that effect on themselves and they think that there is something wrong with them. Really, what is going on is that they’re in here and they’re not in here. Because in here, “Himself bore my sicknesses and carried all my diseases. The chastisement of my peace was upon Him.” That’s what the Word says. When Jesus said it was finished, it was finished! There is no more work to do for your healing or your provision or anything. God cannot do any more than He did on the cross.

So if you understand that principle, then it’s how you are relating to the reality of that truth. And it’s causing you physical pain in your body, causing you stress, causing you challenges. And that’s all up here. That’s why when you’re praying in the Holy Ghost you disconnect from this and you connect with your spirit to God’s Holy Spirit. And when you connect to His Spirit, His Spirit doesn’t have “Oh you need to be concerned about that because your sister had that… it’s in your genes… everybody dies before the age of whatever and you need to get that checked.” You know what I’m saying? That’s all the natural things. Your spirit is not subject to that. What you’re subject to is life, more abundant.

So a lot of us struggle with that. We pray for healing or for things and we don’t see them. But it has nothing to do with whether God’s withholding. “It’s just not your time. You’ll get it at the right time.” What? That’s not the reality of God’s truth. What father do you know takes pleasure in seeing his children suffer? Is that a good father? Does that sound like the Bible says about your Father. No. That’s contradictory to what the Bible tells us about God. He is a God of love. He’s a God of healing, provision, all sufficiency. That’s the God of the Bible. Now that’s the image that is our image inside of us. The challenge is connecting with the Holy Ghost and getting that image inside of us so that it’s such that it affects the way we think. It’s the way we talk. Everything we do.

What the Lord was trying to show me was this. When you become more aware of Me and you’re more cognizant of Me, you’re less cognizant of the things around you. You’re not thinking about the fact that you have that bill due at the end of the month. You’re thinking about He has provided all my needs according to His riches in glory. That’s what you’re thinking about, right?

You say, “I can just normally think about that with my brain.” Yes, you can. But you’re playing with the birds up there. There’s a distinction between your spirit and your mind. Brother Hagin used to say this. When he taught how to be led by the Holy Spirit, he said to all the students, “Of all the classes you’re going to have here, this is the most important one that you’re going to need to know. I’m not saying that all the other classes aren’t good. But this is the most important class. Because if you can learn how to do this, you will become more effective as a believer and as a Christian.” Instead of just meditating on things and just thinking that it’s all about “If I can just get it in my mind and renew my mind,” I’m here to tell you… just knowing the Bible is not enough for you in your head. That’s important to understand. Because what happens is you’re disconnecting it from the reality of God Himself. And just like I am standing here in front of you, there is a God just like I am standing in front of you. You don’t see Him because He’s a spirit. But you can sense Him. And you can pick Him up. And if you thought more about, less about seeing him and more about sensing Him and you’re thinking about Him being with you, right? Whether it’s your time, you know, whatever you do. I kind of like working in the shop, working with my hands. But when I’m doing that, I’m thinking about Him. I’m talking to Him like He’s standing right here. Just fellowshipping with Him. Not praying. Just, “Hey, Lord, what about this.” Being aware of Him. As you become more aware of Him, what do you do when somebody is standing, do you ignore them? No. They’re right there. You sit down, you pull out a chair and ask him what he wants. If you’re aware of Jesus, you’re going to talk to Him. Have you ever noticed that Jewish people what they do, they make a chair and set a place… I don’t remember what they call that. The Seder meal? It’s one of their traditions. They make a place for Him. Because they’re trying to be cognizant and aware of Him. And that is the point of this time.

But the other day when I did that, he said that’s what you need to focus on. And when you focus on that, you become more aware of what’s going on when it happens. In other words, it’s almost like you’re tuning into the frequency of God. It’s like you’re on the radio dial and hear all the static between the channels. Pretty soon, when you hear a good channel, it comes in really loud and the speakers pump out the sound. That’s what you’re doing. And if you practice this and you become more aware of Him this way… try that. Do this. This weekend. Start focusing your attention on this. And watch how it changes you. It’s going to change you.

I started doing this and it started changing me. I’m not aware of the stuff. I’m more aware of Him. So then this is last piece is that He said to me that when you become more aware of Me, then you become more cognizant of everything of who I am. And what I provide. Everything within Him. It’s not just saying, “well, that’s Jesus. He’s my friend.” When you say, “Jesus,” you say healing, you say provision, grace… peace… joy… When you say His name, you say it all. And in Him is all. And as He communicated that to me, the more aware you become of Me, the more confident you are of Me. And the more confident you are of Me, the less you have of all the things that are around you. And the more reality, My reality becomes your reality. And His reality is that you have joy, peace in the Holy Ghost, all sufficiency in all things. And you think, okay, well, in Churches what we tend to tell people is “What you need to do is you’re a new born Christian, right? And what you need to do is read the book of John, then you need to start in the Gospels and read the book of Acts. That’s where you need to start to get your understanding about Christianity and who you are in Christ.” So that’s how they do that. But if you’ve ever noticed, people that get born again at the beginning, they have more miracles happen to them in their lives than people who have been in the faith longer. You ever ask why that happens? Why is there more miracles in the missions field than in the United States. It has to do with God making Himself manifest to these people. And once they are cognizant aware that something spiritually is happening, there is a transition and a miracle has happened within them, they are more cognizant and aware of that reality than they are the reality of the darkness that they just came out of. So their faith in their heart has switched over to that reality and that’s why it’s easy for them to get miracles to happen in their lives. That is what the Lord was trying to get me to understand. He says you know a lot about the Bible. You can quote a lot of scripture. But if you can’t have the reality of Me flourishing in your life, then what point is that? It’s a form of godliness but denying the power of God. So to be clear here, I’m not saying that the Word is not important because it is. It’s how the Holy Spirit speaks to you and keeps you on track. But if you think the Word itself is going to cause you to come out of darkness, you’re wrong. God is an experiential God. He wants you to sense Him. He doesn’t want you to know Him just because, okay, Jesus he was this tall and … whatever. In your mind, you’ve got this image of what Jesus looks like and you’re walking around with all the words that you’ve read and the commentaries. You got that in your brain. Jesus is right next to you going, “Hello? Anybody in there?” You’re ignoring Him. Because you’re more interested in what is in your brain than what’s in your heart. There’s a disconnect.

But if you can imagine with your mind… that’s what we tend to do. We try to imagine with our minds. The Holy Spirit’s job is to bring your spirit in communion with God’s spirit. That’s His number one job. So if we can understand that if that’s the number one goal, then maybe the way we’re approaching this is a little different. Instead of okay, let’s see today is Friday. Friday is book lesson. Thursday I have to read Romans chapter 7. Yeah, let’s not do that. How about we do this. We pray, commune with God. “Where do we need to be?” He says, “Last week they were preaching about Psalms 91 and while you were in the service, I told you to take this scripture and delve into it.” Now the Holy Spirit is going to fellowship with you on that subject matter. Because you’ve acknowledged Him and when you do that, He’s going to lead you down that path. And that revelation is what they call “rhema” revelation. That’s not head revelation. That’s heart revelation. And when you got heart revelation, that’s where the connection is with God. Then you’re not thinking about “how I feel.” You’re thinking about what does the Lord… I’ll give you an example.

The other day I got up in the morning and the Holy Ghost said that I needed to do something for my wife. Because she was important and I needed to think of her that way. So I said, “Okay, Lord, whatever you want me to do, just tell me.” I got up and told her, “The Lord just spoke to me and said go do something for you.” I left the house. That’s all. It gets better. So that day she’s on the Internet doing something, looking at this thing that she wants. Well, I’m out somewhere else, far from where she is at. I’m driving and I know in my heart I got a plan. So I’m working with Him and saying, “Lord, you let me know when I can do this and fit it in my schedule.” We’re going along, I stop and go buy something. The Lord reminded me of something that happened a week or two earlier. There was something in the store that she liked. I was like, “Whatever.” So I go in, get this thing and when I get home I give it to her. She’s like, “Oh! I was just looking at that today.” See? The Holy Spirit knows the needs for her. He’s got her grooving on that idea and all the while over here I’m in the corner and He’s helping me groove on that same idea to get in agreement with that. So the net result was that what she desired became a reality for her and all it was, was a desire. She didn’t even pray about it. Wouldn’t you rather have that reality where you just “oh, that would be neat to have a new Corvette,” then you get home and it’s in your driveway. Yeah! Right? Or I would like to see this person made whole, delivered from darkness. See what I’m saying? These desires you have. They’re like this [snaps fingers] and become a reality. That’s what the difference is in connecting with the Holy Ghost is. Just thinking about it in my your mind. If you just take that cue that the Holy Spirit is saying to you in prayer. He’ll pray you right out of the darkness. You pray in the Holy Ghost and he’ll hook up with you and bring you out of darkness. you’ll walk out of here filled with the power of God and say, “I needed that.” I got what I needed.

Now when you get what you need, you hold fast to it. Because that’s a spiritual thing. It’s not like this. Okay I want a new corvette. What does the scripture say about me … this and that… see what you’re doing? That’s a formula. You’re trying to get something by putting a quarter into the machine and pulling the lever and getting a candy bar. God knows your every desire. He knows your heart’s desire. He knows what is going to turn you on, bless you, please you. That experience is what He wants to share with you. So that all you have to do is have an idea and He goes over, “Dave, you need to go do this today.” Because I love you so much, this is what I want to do so you’re not trying to gain something from me, because I’ve already said that I’m on your side. So whether it’s physical sickness or financial issues, whatever challenge in life, recognize that your challenges are right in here. If you’ve been bought with the blood of Jesus and received Christ as your Lord and savior you are qualified for all sufficiency in all things.

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